Summer Solstice: Sun Celebration

Summer Solstice: Sun Celebration

June 21, 2017


Celebrating the Light



Sun celebration

the brilliant light divine

creation, elation, endless duration

that lives in the heart

beating, illuminating, the depths of the soul

a keyhole

sun graces the sky infinite

the sky of your life, innocent, magnificent

all glory & humble honor

hour after hour

bursting in warmth & truth

resurfacing of youth

 here,  there, in the air, nothing to compare

golden joy swirls & spirals around me

& on the earth in your holy union

the sky, the sun, the heart in deep communion

nowhere else to be, in the light, for the light,

sacred sun enveloping me, shining rivers of delight

searchlight, daylight, moonlight, first light, spotlight

magic held tonight, new sight, forthright

opalescent shimmers  glaring white light

 filling ~ moving ~ sparks of awareness ~ flashes of light

Celebrating the Sun

Victory has won

uniting & unifying all as One

mystical knowing, solar power, alchemical sun

the new earth has just begun


Blessings of the Light Divine 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thank you for reading & viewing!

Have a Blessed Day!!! 🙂 !!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

digital art & poetry by Leslie Sue Photo 🙂

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Cosmic Light of Awakening

Cosmic Light of Awakening: the soul’s journey

#museawakening #souljourney #union

🙂 Awakening Within 🙂

The cosmic light of awakening

dreamlike state

gentle unfolding, in your oneness make no doubt

sacred light from the heavens join the light within

you dream ~ you be ~ as if no movement, yet a cosmic spin

entering higher levels, particles ~ star dust ~ source stream~ light beams

Center of the galaxy, portals opening

feeling ~ breathing ~ alive

all realms synchronize ~ unity realized

fully awake, each soul unto its own

for you, for me, & the birds up in the trees

Source light shining ~ all embodies ~ all will see

non changing ~ ever changing ~ the souls circle

eyes filled with light, heartbeat emitting divine purpose

great golden immortal

all deep knowing

sweet scent of roses

The cosmic light of awakening

enlightenment ~ the light inside you & me

rediscovery ~ awaking ~ realization

divine spirit descending

it is here

sending & always attending

receive now

your holy birthright

supreme glorious light

ever lasting & unending

we move forth ascending

into our

cosmic light of awakening

Blessings of cosmic light of awakening 🙂

Thank you for viewing!!! 🙂

Have a Blessed Day!!! 🙂 !!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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4 Days: when the rains fell

4 Days: When the rains fell

A shower of blessings………

Garden Watch

#rainsounds #eternalobserver #heavensent

4 days the rain did fall

ceaseless, seamless, endless  sight

unbridled spirit, linking day to night

moment to moment lingering around

each drop reverberating

natures playground

the heavens poured wide ~ reaching out

filling & thinning  both high & low

music in divine timing

I listened both day, afternoon, & night

I watched the garden, receiving its sacred love from above

feeling its refreshment I smiled thereof

winds heavy & movement strong

4 days when the rains fell

all nonstop, rain like the door bell

who’s there ~ who’s there?

a divine showering ~ wings drenched ~ answered prayers

spirals of knowing ringing in the air

a higher awareness ~ holy aware

4 days when the rains fell

Within Within Within

the mind at a deep place of observing

the heart still, quiet, peace amidst the downpour

a new chapter  about to unfold

most certain paths of gold

as the earth drinks gifts from above

 rain 4 days on

time vanishes, but not fully gone

4 days when the rains fell

deep cleansing, fortifying, speaking to anyone that will hear

a grand time for the seer

being the eternal observer

Oh, yes, when is the pinnacle?

I thought & pondered

the garden is moving mystical

 the chorus rises louder at intervals

pure notes moving across time

like keyboard strokes, or pen, the rhythm the rhyme

4 days when the rains fell

sometimes so sleepy ~  my heartbeat in sync with the rain

as I lay myself down

a showdown, a countdown

returning then fading

gifts are unfolding…….

Up to rise & gaze through my window

how is the garden? I watch & I stare

all of nature speaking in One

all unity, all whole ~ no parts

nature knows indefinitely

 a grand conversation all respectively

connecting all, connectivity

I am so happy with what the garden will bare

fruits, flowers, & green everywhere

4 days when the rains fell

surrender, releasing, letting it all melt away

4 days when the rains fell

cleansing & healing through & through

4 days when the rains fell

I watched & listened to the sky, wind, & earth

4 days when the rains fell

newness & freshness was to be

4 days when the rains fell

I knew it was a grand plan

from where it all began

4 days when the rains fell

everything merging & aligning ~ harmony dwells

I looked through my window, I looked inside of me

4 days when the rains fell

casting a benevolent spell

the garden allows all

4 days when the rains fell

I watched the garden

from early morn’ & through nightfall

4 days when the rains fell

Ty for reading & viewing 🙂

Have a Blessed Day!!! 🙂 !!!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

digital art & poetry by Leslie Sue Photo 🙂 🙂

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7 Cat Magic: Hot June Day

7 Cat Magic: Hot June Day

Samantha Pearl makes her entrance #newearthkitty

#3yearsago #freshstory #nyop

Today we celebrate!! One hot South Florida June day….on the driveway in front of our house…..under the car……..the P’s (parental units) found my cute self 3 years ago today!! A few meow’s  later…..

….and the celebrating continues……….

Ty for reading & viewing

Have a Blessed Day!!! 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

digital art by Leslie Sue Photography & Design 🙂 🙂

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On the Wings of the Sunrise ~ Sun devotional

∞On the Wings of the Sunrise∞

Devotional to the Sun Within

∧Experience Your Sacred Brilliant Sun Within∧

⇒Tune into the Brilliance that you are⇐

#wingofthesunrise #goldenwings #gowithin #shine

heat of the sun ~ blazing ~ glowing

*Experiencing the warmth & golden nature of the sun held within*

As a practice  ~ consciously I attune within to my inner sun (of course we have our inner moon as well to pay honor to) ~  summoning forth my divine sun to commune directly with it. In great fervor, reverence, & holy communion ~ knowing this is me ~ a real living aspect of me ~ having a direct knowing & experience with my inner sun ~ allowing it to burn bright ~ shine bright ~ be bright. Warm me inside out with its eternal golden shine. Many benefits ensue ~ on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual levels. As well as a means to move towards unification, wholeness & balance of our Divine Masculine (sun) ~ with our Divine Feminine (moon) as individually & collectively they are invoked with sacred rituals. Sometimes I like to feel stillness within my inner sun ~ as if basking in its brilliance ~ sometimes it is like a rising within ~ emulating the outer sun that rises each day. As if a progression & building ~ into its full crescendo of mighty rays pouring out. I stay open to new ways as well to experience & journey with my inner sun.

This inner sun honoring can be practiced any time ~ not just at sunrise. You can be facing our planetary sun ~ or in direct recognition of it ~ if it helps ~ indoors or outdoors ~ however, remember it is about the sun “spot” within you that you are consciously melting into to experience as a viable tangible life force energy that already exists within you. You can begin with visualizing warm colors with eyes closed ~ golds, yellows, oranges, sienna, etc….that evoke a sun like glow ~ going into your heart & solar plexus regions ~ just feeling & experiencing. If you have a strong advanced sense of smell you can enliven the scent of warm spices such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, nutmeg, etc….There is no right or wrong so you can’t mess up 🙂 If you are having issues focusing, you can ask your Higher Self for some assistance. These are just some starting off tips as you become situated with what works for you. You will be guided to what elicits a divine resonance with your inner sun ~ such as what to have in your physical space, or do before conscious attuning, as well as other practical ways that will benefit you to access this life force energy residing within you. Beautiful sun filled memories may sweep across your conscious awareness, or seeing or sense seeing a bright light, or warm filled peaceful feelings circulating within, or just a sense of relaxation & an emptying out of worries as the mind takes a welcomed back seat, or perhaps warm filled sensations, etc… Many potentials exist, what is right for you in each connected heart felt concentrated moment of inner sun deep presence awareness is just perfect for you. 🙂 This is such a blessing for you to do 🙂

As part of our daily (if possible) tuning into our sun within moves us towards our individual evolution as awakened Light Beings. In conjunction with inner Moon devotionals we gain momentum in our inner balance of our Sun (Divine Masculine) & Moon (Divine Feminine). This balance in our life helps eradicate extreme pendulum swings that can become out of context with our personal growth. Honoring both our inner sun & moon in ways that merit a sense of magic & delight promote a sanctum of flowing peace & Grace. Healing & an overall sense of well being.

You can not look outside of you ~ so we begin within where it all emanates from. Be bold & dazzling in attuning & mastering your Sacred Brilliant Inner Sun.

🙂 As you shine ~ we all shine 🙂



On the Wings of the Sunrise

I rise & awaken

to the Sun within me ~ a raven ~ Divine light breathtaking

I feel your Divine warmth surrounding me

shamanic over taking ~ wildfire degrees ~ dream captivating

intoxicating ~ creating ~ solar playing

royal ~ portal ~ immortal

You live within me, among all the stars ~ moons ~ planets

organic ~ garnet blanket ~ inner mechanic

the Universe resides within & I create with Thee

the bridge from Heaven to Earth

pouring like rain continuously

feeding the flame & becoming sacred aware

the sun rises within me strong

along ~ belong ~ birdsong

my internal Creator I have joined with Thee

the worlds we create

the love heights we know

 deep within calling always

 on all planes ~ gains ~ solar lanes

I respond most joyously

Sun Sun Sun

I awaken to Thee

burning bright within so without

the Presence within ~ Holy ~ reverence & remembrance to Thee

Sun Sun Sun

how quickly I become enraptured ~ Almighty ~ One of no difference

generous ~ benevolence in each ray ~ illumination deliverance

  inner light archway ~ the Way ~ child’s play

Let me know forever more

the Oneness we are

luminary sphere star ~ dawning daybreak ~ superstar

On the Wings of the Sunrise

I rise & awaken

again & again

Sun Sun Sun

Zen like state ~ heart light windowpane ~ left & right brain

grower of grains ~ golden chain ~ power domain

unto Thee I AM

nova ~ pulsar ~ incandescent brilliance ~ day glow ~ resilience

eternally radiant~ with Thee ~ I enter

center ~ mentor ~ fiery dispenser

Sacred lighthouse ~ forever storehouse ~ genius glimmer light

inward I go ~ inner beacon ~ endless duration

Honor to you ~ inner Sun ~ my salvation

Giver of Light ~ torch of the morning air

Sun Sun Sun

I offer up my dedication adoration

On the Wings of the Sunrise

I rise & awaken



Many Blessings!!!!

Ty for reading & viewing!!!! 🙂

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

Miracles Happen!!! #stayaware

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HAMILTON #4everkittyhome :) :)

🙂 Handsome Hamilton is most ready for his 4ever home!! 🙂

Friends of Samantha Pearl 🙂

#4everhome #adopt #bringhomethefur

~ pets make a house a home ~

digital art by Leslie Sue Photo

Hamilton has had a rough 7 years of life full of neglect until now, but after several months of care and vetting he is in great shape and long overdue to be roaming free in a home - whether a short term foster or his forever home. He has spent way too long alone - first in a cage and then in a room by himself crying to get out and be with people. He has no bad habits and will make a great pet for someone who prefers to be a "one cat" household.  He loves to be brushed and he loves his little stuffed bunny rabbit. He was very underweight when he came to us, but loves to eat and has gained a few pounds already. He's easy to please and will purr at the sight of a person, hoping they will give him some attention. Transport can be provided to a great foster or home. Thank you for sharing Hamilton's story with your friends and contacts! For more information or to meet Hamilton, please call, text, or email Lori at 954-661-0666,

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This is where I go

This is where I go


This is where I go

to feel the light divine

This is where I go

when I meditate & explore within

This is where I go

when I experience time no more

This is where I go

when I transcend & merge with Thee

This is where I go

to feel the Sacred Heart

This is where I go

to be healed & whole

This is where I go

where I know it’s warm inside

This is where I go

to feel infinity for evermore

This is where I go

to know the lines don’t exist

This is where I go

to rest & honor Thee

This is where I go

to know I am home

the window to my soul

This is where I go



Thank you for viewing!!!!

Have a Blessed Day!!! 🙂 !!!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Thank You 🙂

It’s A Visual Thing ~ Say It In Pictures!!! & Poetry 🙂 🙂


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The Twins: The Dance of a Lifetime

THE TWINS: The Dance of a Lifetime

Moon ~ Super Moon 2017

May 25, 2017


#twins #twinmagic #cosmicdance #twinflame


The Twins

The Dance of a Lifetime

the life, all life, beyond life

the dance, the movement, the rhythm


the Twins

starlight strings, angels sing, endless spring

the you in the other, the other in you

new moon ~ super moon

in each other they commune

consume, lover’s moon

bride ~ groom

 dance in the ballroom

the swallow sings a magical tune

into wholeness out of wholeness

interlocking weaving ~ never ends ~ mends ~ best friends

the cosmic dance ~ the twins embrace

birthplace, first place, take your place, no place, fire place

The Dance of a Lifetime

seen & unseen

revealed, the heart’s staircase, memory trace

pearls & lace, parallel interface

in the breath of remembering, breathing space

the eye’s awaken ~ open inner seeing

cosmic fire ~ passion winks ~ wisdom sphinx

 Summer night, heights fly like a kite, up into the sky light

knight, bright, arc light,

excite,  tonight, insight

best dressed ~ undressed ~ sacredly blessed

twin flame embers ~ flashes ~ flickers ~ holy light

acceleration ~ penetration ~ celebration

moonlight streaming in ~ sunlight vision ~ starlight glimmer

a slow simmer ~ now~ twin ocean kiss ~ rapture’s thriller

prize, qualified, two fold ~ unfold

heaven sent ~ a gift from above

here now as below

treasures bestow ~ fluid honey currents flow

higher power ~ moments blossom rays of flowers ~ wild flower

it is so natural how it unfolds

all directions bundled into Oneness to uphold

 wings wrapped like a bow ~ sun moon silver gold

when given the rose, no thorns appear

when the way is made through

there is no death ~ only life

lightning streaks ~ thunder rolls, twin souls

union is absolute complete

love seat ~ heart beat ~ drumbeat ~ box seat ~ white heat

the Twins

The Dance of a Lifetime

sweet, tender, splendor, surrender

wonder venture, no agenda, Grace dispenser

The Twins

center, centered, enter

together forever


*May all be blessed in the arms, heart, & love of there twin

Happy Super Moon 🙂

Thank You for viewing!!!

Have a blessed day!!! 🙂

Miracles Happen!!! #stayaware

digital art & poetry by Leslie Sue Photo

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My My Mermaid #mermaidofmine

ΨMy My MermaidΨ

◊mermaid of mine◊


A look into the symbolism & associations with mermaids #enchantment


∞Go with the Flow∞The word Mermaid comes from ‘mer’ meaning the Sea∞

→All life flowing from the primordial waters ~ such a Great Life Giving Force can only create that which is Great within it↵ #cosmicpower

Source of Life

Mermaids more often are within a water element ~ in a body of water, on a body of water, close by a body of water, etc… So we see the water element mixed in with the mermaid mystique 🙂

Water can be viewed as representative of life. #livingwaters It is also associated with fertility, birth, & refreshment. Water is often used in ritual such as in a baptism ~ symbolizing a purification ~ also an admission into a faith. Water is also closely linked into human emotions & all the varied states within.

The eternal ocean in some regards is considered the “beginning” of life on Earth.

Water = formlessness of potential ~ potential of form 

Water is deep ~ as deep as the sea * from dreams to intuition * to magic & mystery


The Mermaid as a metaphor

≈take note when the mermaid comes into your life ≈see how it correlates specifically within your life

≈ observe the synchronicity & derive meaning from it ≈

A mermaid is often associated with “something” deeply touching ones Soul. The mermaid also carries within her comparison to “transformation.”

∇Mermaids often depict exceptional feminine beauty & are an aspect of the Goddess∇ #sacredfeminine Often artistry of mermaids is inclusive of the Moon #moongoddess #intuitiveself

As a Spirit Guide the mermaids offers us  guidance to live in balance ~ balancing our heart & head. #steadythewaters The heart always taking precedence. Mermaids making themselves known to those of pure heart.

Mermaids weave out & into their own spellbinding tune ~ acknowledging a green light into the realms of non ~ conformity & individuality as a high premium. A spin towards  “just be yourself” ~ express & live in the truthfulness of you ~ irregardless. Keep it real & resonate as your own kind of mermaid charm (or merman)  🙂 #beautonomous

Mermaids also are an analogy for “hidden information” #wisdomkeepers  As in the depths of  the sea eliciting fathomless “silence” ~ the type of silence experienced in meditation, self reflection, quiet time, & any other introspective endeavor. What may lay on the sea floor ~ a treasure chest perhaps ~ but we must explore within our inner reaches to access such hidden treasure. A point in the direction of gaining true insight by going within oneself to access deep inner truths 🙂

Some additional mermaid alliance’s suggest a connection to our inner child. Let’s grant the mermaid an open door to rally us up to the innocence & joy of our inner child #playful #trusting. As a guide, she will walk with us, showing us how to have a whimsical, sprightly stance.

The mermaid resides in a twinkling space out of time. She can help position us to cognize a timeless eternal reality #beinthemoment Let’s live in the realm of infinite possibilities 🙂


In my mermaid imagery I also added some additional elements. *a sword *a bird ~ a bird as a symbol of freedom, the eternal life, a bridge between Heaven & Earth. A sword as a symbol of  power, protection, purification, & liberty.


ΨMy My MermaidΨ

◊mermaid of mine◊

My My Mermaid

Oh Mermaid of mine

out of the watery depths

you lay upon the shore line

did you come from a lost continent

adorned in opulence, confidence, your sensuality divine

is it early morning or late hours

you seem in between ~ distant towers

unravel all lore

water peaceful silvery open door

My My Mermaid

Oh Mermaid of mine

moonlight surrounding you & full moon in your hair

breathtaking & beautiful, do pardon my stare

mysterious & filled with ancient knowledge

from now & before

My My Mermaid

Oh Mermaid of mine

feathers ~ a bird spirit perched delicately in hand

 left hand ~ did you once reign ~ queen of the land

motherland ~ wetland ~ fairyland ~ wonderland

luminous the mirror shines ~ sky & stars glimmer at your feminine design

magnetic, your spirit free ~ a gift from the sea

a sword you do not hold, but it stays near by

power, protection, bloodline

My My Mermaid

Oh Mermaid of mine

the water is you ~ all pass through

I see you in blue, gold ~ out of the blue ~ come into

third eye crowned ~ out of true ~ dip into

virtue & lure bestowed ~ a fragrant bloom

blessed by Her holy womb

when there is no time & the song plays three times

I will know you are near

mist dancing in the atmosphere ~ milk upon the stratosphere

lunar becomes the years ~  you will reappear

My My Mermaid

Oh Mermaid of mine


Magical Blessings of the beauty & transformational power of the mermaid!

Thank you for viewing!!!! 🙂

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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WOW: WINGS OVER THE WORLD ~ Aquarius Age #newearth


≈Aquarius Age≈



Samantha Pearl

♥Our Beloved rescue kitty serving as a muse for the New Earth♥


ΩAs we know our Soul, We know the Soul of All, the All in OneΩ


⊕The life and world imagined ~ lived ~ and proclaimed⊕

⇒We envision a world and a life of peace, harmony, joy, abundance,  and freedom. We manifest these qualities when we recognize and live these attributes within us first.

We are the agents of change ~ when our interior life has birthed a habitat conducive to and reflective of the life we desire for ourselves and the world ~ then an exterior manifestation can occur.  

All lasting transformation begins within us as we look to the Source that we are and take measures to know this living reality as the energy current we magnetize with.

A revision and metamorphosis within us impacts the whole as a testament to our interconnection with all life⇐

↔Attuning our heart, mind, and consciousness with that which we desire in our life and the world is the transformative property eliciting the change. No external “looking” ~ we know true about face occurs within us. This is empowerment↔


≈Age of Aquarius≈ ” I know”

An age of networks and information ~ inclusive of esoteric knowledge. We enter conscious participation with the etheric realm ~ division becomes a revision of an all inclusive orientation ~ the Water Bearer’s cosmic waters pouring ~ a horizontal network opens the world to equality in its truest respect.

A restoration to acceptance and wholeness ~ acceptance of self and others ~ where the focal premise is that we know we have All the knowledge and wisdom within ourselves. Clearly cognizant that this resides within us.

→We are our own starting point for everything←

Being in command of our lives ~ in the drivers seat ~  we are responsible to keep the momentum moving forward ~ taking responsibility if the train comes off the tracks. No ties to something external as a guiding force in our lives ~ we settle into our knowing of our own course, our own highest path for evolving, knowing our true identity, and what is in resonate vibration with our calling. Accessing the field of all potentiality within us ~ being masterful at connecting to the unified field ~ pairing our consciousness ~ our thoughts ~ our heart ~ our speech ~ our actions ~ all that we are ~ in unison  with the attributes and qualities we behold dear to us and for the world ~ is the fuel that moves us where our desires lay.

◊Personal transformation through self awareness ~ leading to sovereignty ~ lays in our own hands◊

We follow the way that is intrinsically personalized for us as the vehicle that ultimately leads us to enlightenment ~ operating as our Living Spirit of God ~ Soul Awareness ~ our highest attainment ~ fulfilling our life’s purpose on Earth.

 The holy ground within us that we have come to know through purification, devotion, spiritual practices ~ becomes the holy ground we stand on. This holy ground we have cultivated within springs forth and germinates in our outer life as the fruits of our labor.

As we honor our own lives through ritualistic proceedings that serve as the incentives for awakening states to occur ~ honoring  the God Source within ~  we come to the realization that this infinite, unlimited, Creator God Light is who we are ~ that All are.

This wholeness of identity is a powerful becoming


♥Divine Mother’s Love and Grace♥

Standing by ~ fully accessible ~ as we walk our path of Light, is the Divine Mother’s “Grace” ~ an endless supply of Her Divine Love ~ issued forth as a heavenly consecration.

Her Magnificent Blessed Grace smooths the path ~ is soothing and curative ~ a healing invigorating emollient as we progress in our realization of our transcendental existence.

∇What a Holy Gift the Divine Mother’s Grace is∇


As pioneers of the Age of Aquarius and the Ascension, our hallmark steps to leave an old way and open the door to the new way ~ interacting consciously with the life forces ~ attaining higher states of knowing and awareness ~ provides the transition to be easier for others to also become their self ~ governing brilliant selves.

We continue to do the necessary clearing out within ~ as purification rites of passage leading us into the greatest transition of Becoming.

Daily offering ourselves a well spring of compassion, self love and care, gentleness, and kindness. As well as remaining ever grateful as we acknowledge our many blessings and ask for Grace as need be.

We get out of the way, to be the Way, the way ordained for us that directs us to become the rising Sun Stars that we are ~ and forge the Way as a beacon of Light so others may also journey into their dedicated way ~ we all meet in the gathering place of the One.

∴Let’s open our hearts and minds to their exalted presence and live in this truth as we move about in this blessed and sacred new age∴


◊Divine Mother Vision◊ ~ Her Sacred Wings◊




Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

Divine Mother

a Holy wonder

carries us on Her Sacred Wings of Love

She is a masterpiece ~ an altarpiece

we become like Her

heart sphere ~ unconditional love perseveres

attaining states of exaltation

flowing in repeated undulations

a statute of no limitations

for all generations

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

Her Sacred Wings

bringer of all things

 Her Love light ~ the air of sweet incantations

upon all nations

inspiration ~ unification vibration

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

communications, associations ~ a new foundation

revelations and celebrations

for eons

we have been preparing

for the new creation

open doors like never before

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

the treasury indoors is the treasury outdoors

Age of Aquarius implores

freedom informs ~ this transforms

swords of unity our reward

Age of Aquarius wired ~ Motherboard ~ come aboard

universal sisterhood and brotherhood

innovation systems ~ self realization

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

peace central, all directions

perfection the reflection

unity and harmony breathing in and out

so within ~ so without

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

creation full rose bloom

blessed from Her sacred womb

all rejoice and know the Light within

shadows have disappeared

clear blueprints appear

we begin the begin again

love holy and pure with our twin

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

the path of plenty

higher heart and mind ~ solamente

Wings over the World

Heaven on Earth

New Earth

experience your rebirth

a Christmas wreath welcome

all shall come

oneself to Self

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

 inner sun and inner moon

united balanced attuned

everlasting honeymoon

Wings over the World

the New Earth is here

Go inside and find

your blessed design

Wings over the World

destiny crystalline

Wings over the World

Heaven on Earth

New Earth

go now envision, live ~ henceforth

eyes arise ~ infinity ~ original trinity

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

Aquarius sing star ~ traveling to distant stars ~ we are not far

sounds of the sitar, tiger ~ becomes wider and wider

high voltage divers ~ inside is the supplier

Aquarian mountain ~ consciousness bouncing

Universal Mind fountain

surrounding ~ astounding

sprouting seeds flowering

no need for counting ~ only encounter

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

Aquarius mist around Her

a bliss kiss ~ a love kiss

taste of paradise ~ in this

awakening to heaven

777 ~ God’s Presence

meet our omnipresence

in attendance of our essence

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

light body luminescence

our final destination

Wings over the World

Age of Aquarius

Aquarius the water bearer

cosmic water knowledge ~ Soul acknowledge

in the center ~ all together

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

ancient ~ threads of  DNA ~ Aquarius airway

God of Earth ~ God of Water ~ God of Heaven

constellation Aquarius give rise

open the gateway

the water way

we enter in

electric ray

electric blue

Age of Aquarius

pass through


Age of Aquarius Blessings!!!

Many blessings of Divine Grace on your path of awakening

Thank you for viewing!

Have a Blessed Day!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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