HAMILTON #4everkittyhome :) :)

๐Ÿ™‚ Handsome Hamilton is most ready for his 4ever home!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Friends of Samantha Pearl ๐Ÿ™‚

#4everhome #adopt #bringhomethefur

~ pets make a house a home ~

digital art by Leslie Sue Photo

Hamilton has had a rough 7 years of life full of neglect until now, but after several months of care and vetting he is in great shape and long overdue to be roaming free in a home - whether a short term foster or his forever home. He has spent way too long alone - first in a cage and then in a room by himself crying to get out and be with people. He has no bad habits and will make a great pet for someone who prefers to be a "one cat" household.  He loves to be brushed and he loves his little stuffed bunny rabbit. He was very underweight when he came to us, but loves to eat and has gained a few pounds already. He's easy to please and will purr at the sight of a person, hoping they will give him some attention. Transport can be provided to a great foster or home. Thank you for sharing Hamilton's story with your friends and contacts! For more information or to meet Hamilton, please call, text, or email Lori at 954-661-0666, jenkins_lori@bellsouth.net

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This is where I go

This is where I go


This is where I go

to feel the light divine

This is where I go

when I meditate & explore within

This is where I go

when I experience time no more

This is where I go

when I transcend & merge with Thee

This is where I go

to feel the Sacred Heart

This is where I go

to be healed & whole

This is where I go

where I know it’s warm inside

This is where I go

to feel infinity for evermore

This is where I go

to know the lines don’t exist

This is where I go

to rest & honor Thee

This is where I go

to know I am home

the window to my soul

This is where I go



Thank you for viewing!!!!

Have a Blessed Day!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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It’s A Visual Thing ~ Say It In Pictures!!! & Poetry ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


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The Twins: The Dance of a Lifetime

THE TWINS: The Dance of a Lifetime

Moon ~ Super Moon 2017

May 25, 2017


#twins #twinmagic #cosmicdance #twinflame


The Twins

The Dance of a Lifetime

the life, all life, beyond life

the dance, the movement, the rhythm


the Twins

starlight strings, angels sing, endless spring

the you in the other, the other in you

new moon ~ super moon

in each other they commune

consume, lover’s moon

bride ~ groom

ย dance in the ballroom

the swallow sings a magical tune

into wholeness out of wholeness

interlocking weaving ~ never ends ~ mends ~ best friends

the cosmic dance ~ the twins embrace

birthplace, first place, take your place, no place, fire place

The Dance of a Lifetime

seen & unseen

revealed, the heart’s staircase, memory trace

pearls & lace, parallel interface

in the breath of remembering, breathing space

the eye’s awaken ~ open inner seeing

cosmic fire ~ passion winks ~ wisdom sphinx

ย Summer night, heights fly like a kite, up into the sky light

knight, bright, arc light,

excite,ย  tonight, insight

best dressed ~ undressed ~ sacredly blessed

twin flame embers ~ flashes ~ flickers ~ holy light

acceleration ~ penetration ~ celebration

moonlight streaming in ~ sunlight vision ~ starlight glimmer

a slow simmer ~ now~ twin ocean kiss ~ rapture’s thriller

prize, qualified, two fold ~ unfold

heaven sent ~ a gift from above

here now as below

treasures bestow ~ fluid honey currents flow

higher power ~ moments blossom rays of flowers ~ wild flower

it is so natural how it unfolds

all directions bundled into Oneness to uphold

ย wings wrapped like a bow ~ sun moon silver gold

when given the rose, no thorns appear

when the way is made through

there is no death ~ only life

lightning streaks ~ thunder rolls, twin souls

union is absolute complete

love seat ~ heart beat ~ drumbeat ~ box seat ~ white heat

the Twins

The Dance of a Lifetime

sweet, tender, splendor, surrender

wonder venture, no agenda, Grace dispenser

The Twins

center, centered, enter

together forever


*May all be blessed in the arms, heart, & love of there twin

Happy Super Moon ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank You for viewing!!!

Have a blessed day!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Miracles Happen!!! #stayaware

digital art & poetry by Leslie Sue Photo

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My My Mermaid #mermaidofmine

ฮจMy My Mermaidฮจ

โ—Šmermaid of mineโ—Š


A look into the symbolism & associations with mermaids #enchantment


โˆžGo with the FlowโˆžThe word Mermaid comes from ‘mer’ meaning the Seaโˆž

โ†’All life flowing from the primordial waters ~ such a Great Life Giving Force can only create that which is Great within itโ†ต #cosmicpower

Source of Life

Mermaids more often are within a water element ~ in a body of water, on a body of water, close by a body of water, etc… So we see the water element mixed in with the mermaid mystique ๐Ÿ™‚

Water can be viewed as representative of life. #livingwaters It is also associated with fertility, birth, & refreshment. Water is often used in ritual such as in a baptism ~ symbolizing a purification ~ also an admission into a faith. Water is also closely linked into human emotions & all the varied states within.

The eternal ocean in some regards is considered the “beginning” of life on Earth.

Water = formlessness of potential ~ potential of formย 

Water is deep ~ as deep as the sea * from dreams to intuition * to magic & mystery


The Mermaid as a metaphor

โ‰ˆtake note when the mermaid comes into your life โ‰ˆsee how it correlates specifically within your life

โ‰ˆ observe the synchronicity & derive meaning from it โ‰ˆ

A mermaid is often associated with “something” deeply touching ones Soul. The mermaid also carries within her comparison to “transformation.”

โˆ‡Mermaids often depict exceptional feminine beauty & are an aspect of the Goddessโˆ‡ #sacredfeminine Often artistry of mermaids is inclusive of the Moon #moongoddess #intuitiveself

As a Spirit Guide the mermaids offers usย  guidance to live in balance ~ balancing our heart & head. #steadythewaters The heart always taking precedence. Mermaids making themselves known to those of pure heart.

Mermaids weave out & into their own spellbinding tune ~ acknowledging a green light into the realms of non ~ conformity & individuality as a high premium. A spin towardsย  “just be yourself” ~ express & live in the truthfulness of you ~ irregardless. Keep it real & resonate as your own kind of mermaid charm (or merman)ย  ๐Ÿ™‚ #beautonomous

Mermaids also are an analogy for “hidden information” #wisdomkeepersย  As in the depths ofย  the sea eliciting fathomless “silence” ~ the type of silence experienced in meditation, self reflection, quiet time, & any other introspective endeavor. What may lay on the sea floor ~ a treasure chest perhaps ~ but we must explore within our inner reaches to access such hidden treasure. A point in the direction of gaining true insight by going within oneself to access deep inner truths ๐Ÿ™‚

Some additional mermaid alliance’s suggest a connection to our inner child. Let’s grant the mermaid an open door to rally us up to the innocence & joy of our inner child #playful #trusting. As a guide, she will walk with us, showing us how to have a whimsical, sprightly stance.

The mermaid resides in a twinkling space out of time. She can help position us to cognize a timeless eternal reality #beinthemoment Let’s live in the realm of infinite possibilities ๐Ÿ™‚


In my mermaid imagery I also added some additional elements. *a sword *a bird ~ a bird as a symbol of freedom, the eternal life, a bridge between Heaven & Earth. A sword as a symbol ofย  power, protection, purification, & liberty.


ฮจMy My Mermaidฮจ

โ—Šmermaid of mineโ—Š

My My Mermaid

Oh Mermaid of mine

out of the watery depths

you lay upon the shore line

did you come from a lost continent

adorned in opulence, confidence, your sensuality divine

is it early morning or late hours

you seem in between ~ distant towers

unravel all lore

water peaceful silvery open door

My My Mermaid

Oh Mermaid of mine

moonlight surrounding you & full moon in your hair

breathtaking & beautiful, do pardon my stare

mysterious & filled with ancient knowledge

from now & before

My My Mermaid

Oh Mermaid of mine

feathers ~ a bird spirit perched delicately in hand

ย left hand ~ did you once reign ~ queen of the land

motherland ~ wetland ~ fairyland ~ wonderland

luminous the mirror shines ~ sky & stars glimmer at your feminine design

magnetic, your spirit free ~ a gift from the sea

a sword you do not hold, but it stays near by

power, protection, bloodline

My My Mermaid

Oh Mermaid of mine

the water is you ~ all pass through

I see you in blue, gold ~ out of the blue ~ come into

third eye crowned ~ out of true ~ dip into

virtue & lure bestowed ~ a fragrant bloom

blessed by Her holy womb

when there is no time & the song plays three times

I will know you are near

mist dancing in the atmosphere ~ milk upon the stratosphere

lunar becomes the years ~ย  you will reappear

My My Mermaid

Oh Mermaid of mine


Magical Blessings of the beauty & transformational power of the mermaid!

Thank you for viewing!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a Blessed Day ๐Ÿ™‚

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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#SamanthaPearl #newearthkitty #wow

Divine Mother Vision ~ Her Sacred Wings


Wings over the world

New Earth

She carries Her love

flowing in divine undulations

ย Her Light

upon all nations

spreading from the mountain tops to the valleys

rising & kissing the seas & shores

across the lands & all consciousness on Earth

Heaven on Earth is birthed

Wings over the world

New Earth

peace central, all directions, have no doubt

unity & harmony breathing in & out

spanningย  all moments

creation full rose bloom

blessed in her sacred womb

all rejoice in the light within

love holy & pure with your twin

Wings over the world

New Earth

the path of plenty

Wings over the world

Heaven on Earth

New Earth

experience your rebirth

Wings over the world

New Earth

the sun & the moon

united balanced attuned

everlasting honeymoon

Wings over the world

the New Earth is here

Go inside & find

your blessed design

Wings over the world

destiny crystalline

Wings over the world

Heaven on Earth

New Earth

go now envision & live it henceforth

Wings over the world


Thank you for viewing!!!!

Have a Blessed Day!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Message in the Wind: I thought I heard the wind chimes #chime

ย  ฮถI thought I heard the wind chimesฮถ

โˆžMessage in the windโˆž

chime * chime * chime *


The space where I edit my art images spills out into a viewing area of our screened in patio & then out into our garden. On our screened in patio we have hanging a beautiful 6 metal rod wind chime ~ which has heavenly tones that ring out when the wind lifts it. Often I edit with my sliding glass doors open that go out into the patio area ~ as this aids in my connectivity to the elements which pleases me to no end. I adore the celestial sounds of any wind chime ~ it evokes an angelic presence & magic that dances out into the atmosphere. I intuitively feel that when the wind does lift & move the wind chime rods to create music ~ that there is something being “spoken” through this air ~ song ~ movement ~ music ~ dance. It makes me stop in my tracks & I quiet myself, attune to the wind chimes, listen, & aim to receive what is being said. ๐Ÿ™‚ #elementsspeak ๐Ÿ™‚ #listen

This art piece ~ (the subject holds a wind chime in her right hand)ย  ~ย  & poem were inspired by some rather spontaneous night activity of our patio wind chimes that occurred while I was laying in bed. Listening, experiencing, feeling, imagining, dreaming…………… ๐Ÿ™‚

๐Ÿ™‚ The elements speak to us ~ if we stop to listen ๐Ÿ™‚


ฮถI thought I heard the wind chimesฮถ

โˆžMessage in the Windโˆž

#chime #chime #chime



I thought I heard the wind chimes

chime chime chime

through a misty haze

I turned around

a surprising praise this month of May

brilliant illuminating ethereal rays

expanding & coming my way

spilling out radiant diamond shapes

I opened my hand receiving the Grace

night fall awakens to fully embrace

light is bright upon my face

I received a nudge

from above

in the wind the all rests & moves

life giver ~ baby to a breast

I thought I heard the wind chimes

chime chime chime

Play the song you know I love

freedom ~ the sky ~ a flying dove

the sounds are crystal pure

heaven’s singing I adore

I thought I heard the wind chimes

chime chime chime

I must say

I heard silence down the corridor

like waves moving on the shore

the wind it takes you through

carries you as angels often do

the walls removed ~ just air rushing through

the light within shining colors varying in blue

a message in the wind

with no words spoken

a holy oath unbroken

I thought I heard the wind chimes

chime chime chime

a language etched in abstract

follow the impressions, stay on track

some you can make out

& others recede back in space

it’s not a place you know to be

unless you go within to see

richness floating breathing with the sea

I thought I heard the wind chimes

chime chime chime

melody maker, heaven gives me a sign

it all happens in the blink of an eye

a message in the wind

eternity’s blessing make no deny

so eloquent & regal, Oh, so refined

all is given, nothing to sign

sweet taste on my lips

the very best of wine

I thought I heard the wind chimes

chime chime chime

a message in the wind

is for those that stop to hear

otherwise it will disappear

ย harmony attunes you

to receive the message in the wind

be aware first when the curtains breathe & dance

you will see it in a magical glance

look around

deep within your quietude you will know

the highest of the highest will bow & bestow

I thought I heard the wind chimes

chime chime chime

in composition & sequence

like a beacon

symbolic credence

building in frequency ~ so dreamily

a message in the wind

ย answers you will find

a chorus spiraling

non linear mind

I thought I heard the wind chimes

chime chime chime



Blessings of the elements ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for viewing!!!!

Have a Blessed Day ๐Ÿ™‚

Miracles Happen!!! #stayaware

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My 3rd Birthday :) :) :)


Yipee……….2day……May 1st…….is my 3rd birthday!! Yup, 3 big one’s ๐Ÿ™‚

#samanthapearl #animalvoice #newearthkitty #blesstheanimals

In honor of my birthday, I would like to send out some loving thoughts on behalf of our beautiful animals that we share the planet with.

SINCE THE DAWN OF HUMANITY, there remains a group so persistently abused and marginalized, that their suffering is ingrained in our everyday lives. If animals could freely talk, their chorus of cries would drown out every other sound in the world. We are all animals. We are all living, breathing beings who share the same Earth. We all feel pain and suffer when we are hurt or deprived of our lives, our families, our freedom. We all have the right to experience kindness, compassion and dignity. We believe in the kinship of all beings, and the possibility for us to coexist in peace and harmony on planet Earth.ย ย  ~ excerpt from the Declaration of Animal Rights

Some friendly reminders dear friends:











Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a Blessed Day!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Into childhood I go

Into childhood I go


From suburban sidewalks to beachy shores

I lay my childhood foundation

sometimes a leafy thorn

I walked those sidewalks, barefoot, friendships were born

ย the neighborhood, in a circle it goes around

free & feeling each step like a new born

the air was sun, & the sights I did see

nature offering me her decree

each home & lot musically contained

some I thought so warm & some I would refrain

magic & innocence it needed no name

it burns inside, like a candle flame

I saw it in the trees around our house

they would whisper & call

can’t we just play, my favorite game

diamond light shimmering I would claim

long flowing hair, patterns, strawberry pillow sew

I would walk in the sun

in rhythm & movement ethereal undone

nothing to know

Into childhood I go

the streets, the grass, the way she would stand, & how he called to me

I saw it everywhere, each car & car ride, it is so alive & in colors too

If it was not present, I would wonder why, frustrated ~ I must fly

but in a twinkle of time, it bore again, in the next moment

I felt it again

the white dining table and the doors of glass spill out to the backyard

mysterious & divine I breathed it in many a time

it was so thick, I thought surely all saw & felt it too

the family room palette velvety purples pinks & bricks

mix with Jackson Pollock & a French milieu

the naps on the fusion of colors, I looked up & saw the bluest sky

but was inside, inside of me

if the TV bored me, I would look out the window

nature revealed to me, as it does to its young

it spoke a language no one else spoke of

don’t you feel what I feel?

I could not articulate my words

I fell to my knees when I saw a bird

its song of heaven, it knows the way

I would run up & down the carpeted steps, as if flying in a delirious sway

dinner in the air, toaster & oven lights, sounds in the kitchen

a meal of delight

why is everyone so serious, it’s alright to laugh during a meal, oh my these flavors

all so surreal, yet real

major, minor, life savors, & highly favored

I dream & fly an endless kite

it’s going to be a good night

in the morning we would walk to school

head West, books in hand, friends at my side

walking is freedom, too bad the destination was prison

except for first grade, the rest was futile, you must be kidding

none taught an expanded view, like on top of a hill & touching the sky

restrictions, rules, ridiculous sighs

I divorce you now like I did then

certainly some day your manual will end

all will be born again, as the true child sings

merry a melody, neither too fast nor too slow

perfect in the breeze, green light go

Into childhood I go

yes, some candy & cupcakes will do, pretty napkins and plates too

green apple perfume & green apple now & laters to chew

dodge ball in the street, our door, we leave it unlocked

with the rain of showers,ย  the thunder I felt its power

I walk now again the suburban sidewalks of youth

open to the path, the sun, the light, the fairy takes the tooth

everything so textured & new, Paul Klee’s abstract would take me away for hours

in my mind my imagination wouldย  turn, he must know the dance of the formless form

norms, what norms?

platforms, transform, a stage to perform

new art forms, free form, life forms

all held in uniform

I sled in the snow, took to the gold of Autumn’s glow,

new rising in Spring, in the Summer cool off with a trip to Westwood

the water in the pool drew me closer to Source

the flow, the ease, zero force

above & below the wingspan of the crow

Into my childhood I go

such plenty I notice in each flower

fresh eyes newly cleansed in a sun shower

I walk the suburban streets of my childhood again

everything swirling moving like zen

Would you like to take my hand?

mystical, grand, we stand

all we know, like a child

& Edgar Allen Poe

Into childhood I go

the trumpet sounds

Into childhood I go

Thank you for viewing!!!!

Have a Blessed Day!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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WWJB ~ What Would Jesus Buy @dollarstore :)

Contemporary Christ

WWJB ~ What Would Jesus Buy @dollarstore ๐Ÿ™‚

Yes, as many great minds have wondered in these contemporary times, if Jesus was in physical form now what in the world would our Beloved Jesus buy at the Dollar Store ?????……….so much to choose from & at only a buckaroo. Such deep contemplation on this most sacred of mysteries must be resolved. So off to the Dollar Store we go……….camera in hand, Beloved Jesus accompanying me………we head towards The Dollar Tree around the corner. So much running through my head, what will He buy, what will peeps say, who care’s……….let the $$$ journey begin……………


$$$ Dollar Store $$$


Well, me Oh my, right smack dab as soon as you enter the Dollar Tree, we are most pleasantly confronted near the front of the store with Lord Jesus images on candles. He turns to me & says…” I must be in the right place…………” He further mentioned something about the world being a mirror of your inner state of being. I was doing my best to listen, however, I was lost in a myriad of color, texture, & a plethora of items & was somewhat losing focusing ability.


The World is a mirror……….


Okay, in an effort to be organized, acting like it is a normal thing to beย  surrounded by blazing golden light ~ as Lord Jesus has such brilliant light surrounding him & he was emitting it onto me also ~ย  so keeping my cool like this is just an ordinary day at an ordinary store ~ I seek out a shopping cart to begin our shopping experience. I heard him say something about seek & you shall find.ย  So, just like that a shopping cart appears. It looked a little more shiny & bright then the other carts, & Lord Jesus looked over at me smiling & nodding approvingly. Let the shopping fun begin……..filler up!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


The shopping Fun begins…………..


First we head down the sundries isle. Lord Jesus likes that clean fresh scent. I watch, observe, wondering with great anticipation what he will select first. Holding my camera ~ armed & ready ~ what will the Master lay his hands on? Well, what do you know. He loves the Men’s 3n1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash in Cool Ocean Wave. He says the 3 in the 1 holds great significance. Awesome I said as I take a snappy. In goes the first Dollar Tree product into the shopping cart. We proceed down the isle. His gate smooth, rhythmic, & captivating. Next item is a Power Stick, some sort of fragrance, with delight Lord Jesus place’s it in the cart.

The pace is picking up now. Lightening speed is in the air. Hoping I can keep up, we move in & through more isles. Whala ~ heย  then made a B ~ lineย  to the Sun night light. With great reverence he holds the sun light. Moving even faster now ~ he then stops & looks in great stillness ~ as if eternity is speaking ~ at a product. I get a closer look. Feeling the quiet reflection ~ I see he is looking at a can of fish. Mackerel to be exact. Lord Jesus says that this is “holy” ~ so in fly several cans.

Getting used to the high vibration vibe now & basking in the golden light ~ kinda even chillaxing ~ enjoying such elation in the Dollar Tree ~ almost dreaming ~ until I realize Lord Jesus is in another isle & I better catch up. He leaves a trail of golden white glittery particles so all I had to do was follow them. Off to various isles I go……..


Isles & Isles

Found him!!! In the electronic section. He looks at me adoringly & mentions he needs some new ear buds for his mobile devices. He likes the yellow ear buds so into the cart goes another product. With a fervent for his tire wheels super shiny, he also gets a tire & wheel product. In the domestics isle, he adds a set of 4 coffee mugs into the cart. I said “You drink coffee?” Lord Jesus somewhat amused & also somewhat serious says to me “Of course!! Never doubt, just have Faith my dear!!” Well, I am glad I am in such good company given my extreme java junkie ways. He flashes me a double huge smile. Lord Jesus selected the coffee mugs that say “Live in the Moment” ~ he says that is all that really exists. I smiled back. Just the thought of coffee was incredibly making me want some ~ I started to imagine things ~ coffee related things ~ I saw magnificent delicious coffee in Master Jesus’s new coffee mugs ~ I was deliriously swirling about in mocha java heaven ~ when ~ Lord Jesus placed his Divine hand on my shoulder and said we would continue our shopping experience. Whoaa ~ brought back down to earth, but still thoughts of a splendid cup of coffee where brewing about in my internal atmosphere.

Lord Jesus found a sign or sticker of some sort that had the words “Friends” on it. I think he mentioned he was going to put this in front of his house so that his peeps would know they are welcome. He told me he his glad we are friends & I concurred. We embraced in a hug & a happy dance in the isle. Good friends are like family he continued with. He also found a 5×7 picture frame that he added to the cart. He said that if he cut his hair, he would look similar to the man in the picture. Moreover, he said that this love image reminded him of his Beloved Mary Magdalene & that he had the perfect image of them together that he would place in the frame. He then spotted some pink roses in the floral section that he added to give to Mary.

WWJB @dollarstore


Pink roses for Mary Magdalene



Sensing that our Dollar Tree shopping extravaganza is complete, we review the items in the cart.

Okay, with a tally of items let’s see what we have:

  • 3n1 shower product
  • Power Stick
  • Sun night light
  • 3 cans Mackerel fish
  • ear buds
  • 4 coffee mugs
  • friends sign
  • 5×7 picture frame
  • a dozen pink roses

= $ 25.00

We are finished with our shopping & getting in line. He presents the cashier with a gold master card. I did not know there was such a thing. He said there is & you can apply for one now & that there are many rewards with it.

As we leave, Lord Jesus points upward. I notice the sign above the entrance & exit doors:

Giving Thanks


He says we will have another shopping escapade sometime in the near future. He did notice some other products to get, but that will be another day.

So, out into the brilliant light Lord Jesus & I go………………………..

While in the gift bag isle, I took a pic of these words on one of the gift bags as I knew this would sum things up…………


Best Day Ever!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for viewing ๐Ÿ™‚ !!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a Blessed Day!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Miracles Happen #stayaware

Digital art & story line by Leslie Sue Photo

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Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s A Visual Thing ~ Say It In Pictures!!! & Poetry ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚



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  1. Matt

    Funny idea!

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Brides with Spirit

Brides with Spirit

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I began this series, Brides with Spirit, several years ago. Here are a few samples of some of the art pieces from this series. As a fun & different twist to bridal imagery, I came up with the concept of pairing beautiful bridal photo’s of mine with animal totems where a connection is felt & present between the bride and the preferred animal of choice. Often the image is of the bride solo with the animal spirit, however, some of these art pieces contain both the bride & groom. A fantasy filled, playful, creative conception to visually hallmark one’s wedding & reverence felt for a beloved animal.

Many people feel a direct link in both literal & symbolic terms with a particular animal (s). Animal totems can be perceived as & serve on a platform as a protecting, guiding, healing influence on many levels ~ spanning beyond this lifetime. They bring in “something” of greatness, perhaps an awakening, an epiphany,ย  true companionship, unconditional love, & so much more!!! These animal totems range from the domesticated, non domesticated, to beyond. It is about what each individual, in this case a bride, is drawn to. There are no rights or wrongs. This deep felt animal association, can last a life time & also can change based on current circumstances as one cycles through life.


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