Nature Alive ~ Sacred Pulsations ~ Inner Hearing

^Nature Alive ~ I listen to know

^Nature Alive^ ~ Sacred Pulsations*



⊕ Nature Alive⊕

⊥Sacred Pulsations⊥

⇒Inner Hearing↵



I go to nature ~ nature goes to me

I listen to nature ~ to listen to me

I go within to hear nature ~ She talks to me

I know myself as nature ~ nature knows me as herself


The imagery and poem are inspired nature ~ namely trees ~ the blessed trees that adorn the Earth ~ to stop to look to see to hear ~ the heart of the Earth resting vertically beating her heart pulsations to us.

The birds know ~ the seers know ~ the magicians  know ~ we can know too

Tree energy can directly  be accessed as viable alive tangible thought feelings when we attune within them and within ourselves to them

  Blessed are the Trees ~ a divine Source of  wisdom

+Answers are always right in front of us+ So are the trees

⇔look ~ observe ~ listen ~ aware⇔

The treasure hunt of victory in our lives is much simpler and  more obvious than we have gathered. We have just forgotten ~ so now we remember.

Tools, answers, inspiration, ideas, are all around us and within us. Looking to nature is the mirrored reflection of the truth of who we are ~ we only receive back that which is already within us ~ speaking to us, loving us, guiding us.

During our meditation and or meditative states we access the same inner arena of all knowing.


⊗ I awaken to the answers right in front of me

⊗ My inner hearing connects me the Earth and the trees ~ I listen within me and Nature to directs me

⊗ Nature attunes me in my highest direction

⊗ I allow myself daily to attune to my inner hearing wisdom and to receive from Nature


⊕ Nature Alive⊕

⊥Sacred Pulsations⊥

⇒Inner Hearing↵


Listening to the voice within the stillness

coming about through being the witness

experiencing a daily Christmas

a return to wholeness & fullness

nature provides such fitness

knowing your inner shining brilliance

interacting in the world with no distance

honoring the inner hearing

vision is Truth and realness

transcending any resistance

thus by reaching fulfillment

enlightenment, deliverance, grand enrichment

transition to ~ fruition to ~ spirit to

the voice within the stillness


May Nature Herself Bless You with Great Knowing

May we all attune to Nature within so without

Blessings for seeing the answers right in front of you

Thank you for viewing!

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