Living in Joy #joyinallseasons

Samantha Pearl, our beloved kitty, playing with a friend


Steve with his guitar


Hibiscus blooms in our garden opening up to its Creator



◊ Living in Joy ◊

ζ Joy in all Seasons ζ


⊆ Being in Conversation with Joy⊇

followed by

∴∴A prayer to live in sanctified Joy∴∴



⊕Life is honored when we honor our selves⊕

We look to ourselves, within, to create the life we desire. We honor our life when we gather together our inner incouragements of joy exalt & weave it as an outward manifestation that takes on a daily precedence. #prioritize

Hold praise & reverence for that which on a level of truth brings elation to your Soul ~ breathe life into your joy as action steps are made daily by experiencing them in any & all ways possible. We journey here in some respects on a solo landscape ~ offering honor & gratitude for our loved ones that journey with us ~ however, no one can tell us what brings the sweetest of merriment to us, nor how to pursue it. We elicit forth life giving energy when we have yielded to the Joy of your Soul & have invited it in.

Authentic Joy is identified & made known to the One’s who love themselves enough to be the Joy they carry within ~ never fluctuating from its vocalization ~ giving rise to it as the song that lifts up the world & the Universe. #joysong

Our joy may be in tiers ~ however, diving into the joy pool in any capacity makes clear this aspect ~ as it grows & grows ~ leading us to the prominent position always awaiting our complete declaration. #aworldtocome



A world filled with joy begins with us ~ involving ourselves  with that which brings the light of Joy unto us ~ vicariously influencing the whole.

The avenue of Joy ~ is immaterial ~ the important factor is that we ignite liveliness (daily if possible) in calibration to what rings in jubilant delight with our heart & Soul 🙂

This is a calling of the Highest ~ one of the keys advancing our evolution ~ living empowered ~ trusting ~ allowing our inner looking glass of truth to be a reflected exactitude of our advancing lives.

As we turn inside out the window of inner treasure ~ by recognizing, appreciating, & bringing about what brings us fulfillment, then the tides flow back to us more & more blessedness 🙂  as we walk the path of conviction. Trusting beyond circumspection & fear ~ traveling to the shores calling to us ~ crowning ourselves as worthy ~ leading us to our world of joy, festivity, & wonderment #thestarscomeout

Let us allow our individual genuineness to be authentically acknowledged by following through with our inner guidance of what delivers joy & then actualizing it as a conscious choice.


 #joyinallmoments #trust #faith







Engaging in our passion (s)

in areas that we are guided in joy to traverse in

are indications we are connecting with our Higher Self

the whispers, directions, hints, ~ all watching & waiting to see if we will follow through

when we quiet the mind of the this & the that

overriding our mind to the richness of the faithful voice within

we then begin to walk the steps of our truth

we turn to a potential of unlimited possibilities

we will reap the rewards of increased joy

the more we actualize continued steps towards  joy

 in whatever avenue of expression we are lead to engage in


to touch our hands ~ to wed with us ~ to awaken us to more joy

 we demonstrate trust, we give our-self permission

 guiding us to our magical destiny




We were not designed to participate in a dis-empowering system ~ fruitless of Joy profound. Rather we, if we choose, are granted the opportunity to reunite & cause to be Joy eternal in our lives.

If we are not sure of our Joy ~ we, in earnest summon, pray & ask for guidance with what resonates with the character of our Soul. Judiciously responding to any & all overtures felt, seen, heard within.

Once we have consecrated a consistent daily existence that places Joy at a premium ~ we tend to our garden ~ making sure we are not being short sided ~ only looking in one direction ~ we allow space for our garden to blossom with new growth. Joy may transform in due time, expanding into new horizons that are spin offs & or completely morph into areas we never contemplated. Either way, we remain open to the sacred winds that carry us to the blossoming abundant life ~ wherever that may lead.




∴∴A prayer to live in sanctified Joy∴∴




◊ Living in Joy ◊

ζ Joy in all Seasons ζ

devotional prayer

*Please light a candle (if possible) to commence & ignite the passions of Joy

*Invite in the feeling of joy

*Read out loud or silently


I arise with Joy within my rising Sun

I begin my day with Joy Eternal

 the morning light renews the divine within me

I am born ~ delivered by the morningtide 

creation begins again 

I experience as if for the first time

the light of dawn ~ the first light upon the Earth

   illuminated with the joy of my creation

revealing to me the joy that I am

 hail all glory ~ joy exalts my being

the wonder of it all fills me

joy ignites ~ passions ~ bursts ~ fiery delight

the beauty of joy radiates within me

  I express the light of joy in all measures

joy voyages as the wind breathing life into my sails

carrying me, as the current in my actions, thought, & speech

joy within my heart is anchored

as my steadfast companion

 joy of the all ~ the all of me ~ is interlaced as my living presence

 joy my sustenance ~ joy my play, unrestrained

joy moves in me ~ around me 

through me ~ into all my endeavors

joy the subsistence of my world

everlasting joy follows me in my afternoon

the mid day sun increases my joy ~ continuous fire 

I am set alight amidst my joy

joy sequencing into my early evening & late hours

when I retire from the day, joy enters my sleep & dream states

joy in the stars treasuring the night sky

joy loving the moon ~ twinkling in Her eyes

joy in the silent of night ~ blessing the magician’s hours

joy upon arising, again 

joy lifting the sun ascending in the sky

the cycle of my joy

 one rhythmic succession after another

joy originating ~ joy the course

joy ~ mine, soaring ~ like birds ascending ~ escalating into the sky

joy my high spirits

joy my Soul breathing ~ existing, my impulse

joy my victory ~ my eternal substance

joy my heaven here, now

Joy without end

Joy enduring, ageless ~ the heart of my Soul

Joy my hearth, my home, my glow

Joy my life




Blessing of great Joy in your life 🙂

Choose Joy!

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Have a blessed day!

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Samantha Fish & kittycat Bo :)

Samantha Fish & Bo


~ musicians & their beloved pets #kittycatbo

Although I admire Samantha Fish’s musicianship ~ singing, guitar playing, & performance style ~ I was particularly responsive to this image of her & her beloved kitty cat Bo ~ as opposed to an image of her on stage performing. Although I did not take this image, I created the editing & all the art imagery on it.

I saw her perform locally at the Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton, Florida. I love her no nonsense approach & versatility in playing. She has a great stage persona. After the performance I was so excited to have a lil’ personal chat with her & a quick pic 🙂

Samantha is very down to earth & has a wonderful in person presence about her 🙂

I will aim to catch the next show when she is in town!!!

Here is a pic of Samantha Fish & I after her performance 🙂

Blessings of great music, pets, & fun!!!

Thank you for viewing

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Have a blessed day!!!

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Violet Alchemy ~ Receiving

Violet Alchemy


trans-formative ~ violet flame~ regeneration

ceremony of purification


Drinking from the waters

of alchemical rivers

summoning wave after wave

of the violet sacred fire

a fire of bright eternal light

consuming & removing all impurities held within

 fueled & transported ~ a divination of the Divine

a shamanic gift ~ the receiver of thee

one enters a purification of mind ~ body ~ spirit

clear it ~ more clearance

the deeper one can receive this magical fire

the further the cleansing & awakening to the renewal

a new garment worn, but on the inside, that catapults the outer

for liberation, releasing, letting go

a tool provided, given, a transcendent baptism

when the desire is stronger to purify then it is to remain the same

All are free to invoke this Holy Violet Fire

the call is answered ~ appearing whenever it is summoned

bulldozing the Way ~ so the path lay smooth & uncluttered

powers ~ be aware ~ of its mighty force

transmutation ~ transformation ~ transfiguration

bring then, peace within thee

 cleansing mind nonsense, energetic discord, all blockages removed to access the In Dweller

breathing like  new

surely, it will be

 bathing in the alchemy pool

refreshed ~ pure ~ alive ~ new


receive, receive, receive………………………….


Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a Blessed Day!!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Awakening

#shakti #divinefeminine #cosmicenergy

Primal Forces

◊Sacred Divine Mother Blessing◊

“Shekinah Glory” ~ Holy Presence of the Divine Feminine

σRoot chakra awakening into the heart chakra openingσ



When the oceans of eternity rise & the Light has filled the vessel well

& the veil is in between opaque & sheer

the moon full within, majestic, & divinely revered

Ra in its inner fullness bright

& the walk has centered back

the Great Awakening begins to surface

all 4 corners gathered & wrapped in wings of light

circulating  through conscious awareness

transformation, healing, transfiguration

ancient rites enlivened ~ alchemical fire

appearances ~ birds, seraphim, winged Ones, stars, galaxies, & portals ~ animated & exhilarated

no day, no night, no time, in a moment of great stillness ~ in  receiving

eternity’s all consuming sacred light ~ holy recognition & surrender

many hands, many eyes, inner vision flying like doves set free

opened doors ~ spirals of unifying light

cosmic truths revealed, star-gate crystals ~ colored rays

the Holy Divine Mother regenerates & awakens

rebirth & ascension

Her call, you have received

Her awareness, you have merged with

Her Love, you overflow with

You have seen her in all worlds known to you & unknown

She rhythms in sacred fire dance around you

in swirls of anointing light

serpentine wisdom illuminates within

 Divine Mother Creation ~  Power ~ Birthing

removing all illusions, bestowing gifts, form & conscious awareness as its original state

all knowing remembered, each moment the Light

 Divine Source realized, the Oneness thread of all of creation

Her Holy breath breathed into all pillars, cells, organs, liquid, all ~ drenched in Her ecstasy

Pearls of Her Grace surrounding

Bliss of Divine Love consecrating, igniting, overseeing

harmonic vibrations & frequency as the permanent Way

heart beating with this newness

Mystical Divine Feminine

Shekhinah, Shakti, Prajnaparamita, Isis, Pistis Sophia

Divine Presence, the Mother’s heart flame

Purely & Divinely received

sanctified interchange of Spirit & Matter

Christ Consciousness birthed

  balanced Divine Mother ~ Father in Blessed Union

Complete Unification

sacred heart ~ sacred mind

The Divine Mother complete in her perfection & Gift of Grace

She marvels at the Wholeness, the Beauty, the newly realized form

enchanted  & enchanting

 flowing,  ~ in its magic & splendor

serpent knowledge ~ serpent gate

primal freight ~ birth date ~ accelerate

update ~ reinstate ~ invigorate

kundalini awakening

Divine Mother


all the colors of her love

uncover ~ recover




Many Blessings on your path of awakening 🙂 #now

Thank you for viewing!!!

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Dogs with Crowns ~ Portraits

ΩDogs with CrownsΩ ~ Portraits

Celebrating! Our furry canine friends!!! Year of the Dog ~ Happy Chinese New Year! 🙂 February 16, 2018

Entering a magical world with our beloved animals! Dogs with crowns ~ #soregal  #dogswithcrowns #royalty

Blessings for you, Blessings for our dogs, & Blessings for ALL our Beloved animals we share the planet with.

ΩHappy 2018 Year of the DogΩ

The Crown as a symbol for the Crown Chakra or Sahasrara, our 7th chakra.
It is located at the top of the head, & is a gateway to higher states of consciousness as we open to what is beyond our everyday preconceived notions & perceptions of the world & ourselves. The Crown Chakra brings forth that which is Universal. May we all fully open our Crown Chakra & be brought into the Light of that which is Eternal in our conscious awareness. #christlight 🙂


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Oh! To be a Bird #theascent




∈Oh! To be a Bird∋

⇑The Ascent⇑

Sky High

#takeflight #freedom #rising #wingsofgrace



⇑Sky In ~ Sky Out⇓



When we take time to commune with nature ~ be in nature ~ observe nature ~ we begin to take flight into our own connectivity with nature & all of Her creation. We are presented with both symbolic & tactile appearances  that are illustrating to us a carbon copy of who we are within, while also providing specific individual “messages” relevant to a given circumstance  (as long as we tune into it 🙂 ) as a Gift from the Heavenly realms.



≈Birds are linked to our Spiritual Growth≈

⊆Best we break free from the surrounding walls ( literally & symbolically ) & immerse ourselves (as much as possible) into the ⇑lifting ⇑freeing ⇓revealing aspects of nature ~ as She guides us so brilliantly into the reality of our physical & non physical existence. Many of us “crawl” ~ as a newborn does ~  crawling here ~ crawling there ~ never realizing we have wings that will carry us to heights far reaching ~ if we set them into motion & allow the voyage to set sail ~ our wings will take us higher than high.

Die to the crawl & take to wings of flight ~ fly as the birds do soaring free in a boundless sky.


No end of ~ No end to

Without End #passageways



Explore a new Way to travel #upabove #birdlike

℘Unify ~ be like the birds who traverse through life in aerial navigation & perspective℘ #towering


Typically a bird symbolizes FREEDOM. What could be better than walking the Earth, swimming in the sea, & taking to flight in a moments notice into the endless skies. Birds are also associated with ETERNAL Life ~ a bridge between Heaven & Earth 🙂



⇑As Above So Below⇓


∈Oh! To be a Bird∋

⇑The Ascent⇑

Sky High



Oh! To be a bird

the winged ones ~ feathered ones

wing span ~ this can ~ you can ~ where it all began

way up high

to touch the sky

air spring, where the angels sing

left wing right wing ~ up swing

highland free ~ worshiping

nearing the sun ~ outstretched wings ~ a sky run

Oh! To be a bird

the winged ones ~ feathered ones

wing span ~ this can ~ you can ~ where it all began

soaring! flying!  a vaporous breeze ~ abounding

on top of clouds ~ no ground ~ surrounding

hail to the expansive sky ~ sweeping ~ increasing

mounting ~ announcing ~ land below astounding

Oh! To be a bird

the winged ones ~ feathered ones

wing span ~ this can ~ you can ~ where it all began

windswept force ~ home to Source ~ intercourse

wings of Grace ~ air space ~ no space

destiny for the human race

center of gravity ~ equilibrium ~ momentum

above the wind  ~ ascent ~ the event

Oh! To be a bird

the winged ones ~ feathered ones

wing span ~ this can ~ you can ~ where it all began

 velocity ~ riding on air ~ do you dare

open breezeway door ~ open air ~ in the air

being nowhere & everywhere ~ this my prayer

stratosphere ~ high gear ~ charioteer

Oh! To be a bird

the winged ones ~ feathered ones

wing span ~ this can ~ you can ~ where it all began

landing only in limitless reach ~ within reach ~ freedom unleashed

  soaring up high ~ countless regions ~ arise

spaciousness ~ weightlessness ~ playfulness

a new religion ~ super vision ~ arisen

liberty fly ~ spirit fly ~ die to the sky

sky rocket ~ like a comet ~ where? ~ up there!

air power ~ empower ~ The Power

break out wings ~ tower! aspire

Oh! To be a bird

the winged ones ~ feathered ones

wing span ~ this can ~ you can ~ where it all began

greater  heights ~ destiny in flight 

 overhead ~ restoration ~ atop flotation

whisk in the wind ~ air currents ~ holy observance

wheel aerial navigation ~ foundation application

Oh! To be a bird

the winged ones ~ feathered ones

wing span ~ this can ~ you can ~ where it all began

the birds lead, sign by sign, step by step

singing & hearkening to awaken

break in ~ winged vibrations ~ bird communication ~ aviation

children of starlight ~ come fly with us ~ above sight

rising through the air

open your wings of light


wide ~ sky rider ~ sky glider  

air traveler ~ up to ~ sightseer ~ upper room ~ sup

 fly ~ raise ~ uplift ~ pick up

your life ~ lift off ~ take off

vault of heaven ~ azure blue ~ wild blue

sky blue ~ renew ~ on high view

Oh! To be a bird

the winged ones ~ feathered ones

wing span ~ this can ~ you can ~ where it all began

children from the stars

 set in motion your wings ~ rouse into the blue sphere

out of doors ~ aware

up here

carefree ~ bird free

 fly high over the seas 

as you return back to Me




May you always be Sky High⇑

Blessings of Freedom & birds in flight ⊗

Thank you for viewing!!! 🙂 

Have a blessed day!

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This is where I go…the Mother Well ~ the intuitive well


*Samantha Pearl* ~ a space to make the unknown known


*Samantha Pearl* ~ a space to wonder

⊆This is where I go⊇…

The Mother Well

ςthe intuitive wellς


⇔to know, to wonder, to be⇔

⇔to let the vision speak to me↵




♥Samantha Pearl♥ #newearthkitty

 If you are new to my blog posts, I often use our rescue kitty, Samantha Pearl, as a muse. Serving as a voice for the New Earth virtues and attributes ~ Living in harmony with Self, nature ~ enlightenment ~ God consciousness realization

Samantha Pearl has her own division on my blog filled with imagery and blog’s centering on conscious living. She also has a Facebook page you can like from the link at the end of this post.

⌈Bless our pets and all the animals we share the planet with⌉


⊕Lets get settled within ourselves⊕

As frequent as possible, allow for precious moments where you submerge yourself in that sacred loving eternal home within you ~ attuning to the great voice within ~ acquire momentum in your life for wisdom knowing, direction ~ for peace and tranquil waters within you ~ to output magic and vibrations of higher frequencies to bless your life.


ΩThe Mother WellΩ

The inspiration behind the imagery and poem are derived from the Mother Well.

An aspect of self honoring on our spiritual path of awakening is when we grant for ourselves frequent diving into the crowning ~ always present ~ blooming ~ vigorous yet still voice within.

The ever giving ~ ever presiding ~ divine repository we have  immediate access to in all moments.

The grand inner meeting place of comprehension, perceptibly, and elevated prominence.

The Constant Companion

A holy altar, an inner shrine that supports a place of wonder ~ a space and place to dream, to receive wisdom, discernment, illumination

The Mother Well is the Divine Feminine place within all of us that offers great intuition ~ knowing ~ purposeful direction, guidance, and steering in our lives. She is the well spring of all knowing ~ laying beyond the confines of time ~ thus “seeing” what is needed and appropriate in our lives not only for betterment, but for steps on our evolutionary path.

⊂This is the quiet still voice within⊃

I intuit this as the Universal Mother, who knows us intimately, who only offers unconditional love and nurturing ~ the articulation of a wise sage. Supervising and showing us the optimal approach ~ measure ~ system to navigate inwardly and outwardly to any given theme in our lives.

When the voice is heeded, it will most likely be in concert with our hopes and dreams, however,  it may not be the way in which we would have gone about it. The linear rational data based limited mind knows not of this realm. I promise you it is the voice of reason. There is an order and process on our evolutionary path and She is well versed in it.

Once “the voice” ~ The Mother Well ~ is established and grounded ~ through practise, diligence, and discipline ~ the inner voice is a continous fluid compass like exactness providing just what we need to excel in all areas of our life.

First Receive ~ Second Take Action

A main governing principle of the Divine Feminine is receivership. So in order to receive intuition ~ higher knowledge ~ we need to “receive” it.

This Universal Mother energy resides in an eternal space irrespective of time.

So, we need to be in a state of being that simulates where our intuitive voice resides in order to access it. This is a non ~ doing state. It is filtered through us in a non ~ activity state. Although the reward, once the Mother Well is a substantiated matter of course, the voice is heard in split timing before an action is taken. However, even at this level of spontanous inner voice listening and receiving, it still proves beneficial to partake in dedicated time to be with Her in receive mode.

Some approaches to contacting this cosmic information center is through meditation, quietness, stillness, and reflection.  Questions, intentions, inquiries may be stated. We then sit and receive. It is a non ~ rushing, patient, slowing down, remaining open point of complexion we want to be in.

Being and receiving are the opened doors to connecting with this profound measureless energy.

  Enter this inner climate for blessings of higher instruction, advice, and knowing. It is also an infinite magical arena to experience as a source of inspiration, wonderment, and marvel.

Basically you are getting to know you at a deep rooted, beneath the surface plane. Deep seated within you is the Truth ~ the Truth of you and who you are. So you are accessing yourself ~ the refined, polished, all knowing you.

The only barriers that exist are not taking the “time” to sit and just be ~ with our higher self ~ our inner voice. Being in a state of doing ~ outer activity ~ is not the route to reach into Her.

A balanced life consists of both activty and reflection. We breathe in (take in) and we breathe out (take out) ~ a flow of in and out. Likewise we learn from nature ~ our intrinisic design, how to best operate for blessed living.

The Mother Well is like the director, the instructor of how to proceed. Once we receive this information, then our divine masculine kicks in. He takes this knowledge and implements it. The divine masculine carries forth the outer task or doing of it.

Ideally, in perfect coordination, our inner divine feminine and divine masculine work together in sacred unison. Each having their roles and governing principles. Heeding the wisdom knowing of our divine feminine guides us into clarity and She tells us which way to proceed in a given endeavor ~ our divine masculine is the motor that does the action based on how he was instructed.

Get off the wheel

We get off the wheel of unconscious living, and slip into conscious living when we gift ourselves with self honoring practices such as balancing doing with being. We then progress and advance, as we have paid homage to our inner presence. We receive more green lights!  This is because we are not moving about blindly doing, but rather have contacted our Mother Well ~ our inner resource ~ for conscious definition and transparency.




⊆This is where I go⊇…

⇔to know, to wonder, to be⇔

⇔to let the vision speak to me↵


This is where I go

 to transcend  

conceiving the world in wonder

going under

where the magic is revealed ~ The Mother

This is where I go

 Light gazing

where reverie is the air

it is nowhere, yet somewhere

rising Sun ~ morning prayer

nothing to compare

This is where I go

to know, to stand in awe

what has been unwritten

begins to glisten

 Her mission, handwritten ~ now written

This is where I go

to revolve around my center

   be the Sun vested

the vessel ~ majestic ~ destiny’s method

This is where I go

to allow the muses to shake me ~ ruminate

This is where I go

to connect with my divinity

to be purposeful

to be virginal

This is where I go

to hear the wind

 to be informed by the Light

to see the eagle’s view

we are just passers through

take to the Mother’s Well

 our breakthrough

This is where I go

to receive Her Love

to be coddled in Her Wings

to be lulled by Her delivering song

Her birdsong ~ nearest now drawn

This is where I go

to enter a place realer than here

This is where I go

to drink from the well

This is where I go

to replenish ~ to furnish my Soul

This is where I go

to remember all of who I AM

This is where I go

to breathe the rapture in and out

This is where I go

to inflame the secrets of my heart

This is where I go

to know all is sacred and beautiful

This is where I go

nothing excludable

remover of the illusional

This is where I go

to let go, release to increase 

to acquire a new set of beliefs

to quieten ~ to become timeless

silence Her diamond

This is where I go

for the mystical to be unbound

This is where I go

to taste the sweetest of fruits from heaven’s vine

to realign ~ to enshrine

to step out of the lines that confine

This is where I go

to let my Spirit fly

however it is inclined

This is where I go

 to be interconnected ~ resurrected

Holy Spirit

joviality ~ universality

This is where I go

to be anchored in the sublime

This is where I go

to lay surrender to all

This is where I go

to experience the cause of forces divine

This is where I go

to be well versed ~ nursed ~ submersed

This is where I go

to be instructed, reconstructed, uninterrupted

love’s animating principle

invincible, seen yet not seen

until the blessed moment

I realize I Am all this

the Buddha awakens from the slumber

elusive to numbers

except a whole number

the Satori flutes play

now becomes the real birthday

nature ~ prajna ~ Self the creator

wisdom, the rhythm ~ anchors aweigh

the ship officially on its way

the Way ~ in play ~ the stage to portray

arise ~ renaissance ~ metamorphosis

no more  forgetfulness

moksha, liberation, nirvana

now a state of permanence

I wear my  re~birth crown

new dawn be mine

the culmination ~ the summit ~ paradise keys found

recorded by the scribes ~ guides, change of tides

quickened  ~  awake within the dream

the unseen now seen

then, now

This is where I go


this is what I AM

the circle

the marriage of the lamb

the long night over

perfection, union

the new way to be human

hallowed conclusion ~ ultimate evolution

this is what rests therein ~  there for all to win

enter wherein

let the marriage feast begin



ΩGreat Blessings of the Mother WellΩ

→May we all always hear the still voice within↵

Thank you for viewing!!! 🙂

Have a Blessed Day!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Touch the Moon: Steel Moon

Steel Moon


Touch the Moon

Steel Moon

 Under the Bethlehem Moon

Winter Summer #flashback

Steel Moon ~ Steel Stacks

Magnum: classic rock ~ originals

Bethlehem, PA  ~ concert performance 🙂

#musikfest #bethlehemsteel #artsquest #musikcafe


A Winter flashback to last Summer when Magnum took the stage at the Artsquest cafe in early August during the annual Musikfest celebration series at the Steel Stacks in Bethlehem, PA

Be sure to check them out next Summer for their annual concert performance (s)


Higher than the Summer Moon

  temperature rising like a balloon

rolling in the valley

full force until the finale

shining like the Bethlehem Star

music racing like a jaguar

strong as steel

rock n’ roll appeal

louder than Summer thunder

until the end ~ it’s all magic & wonder


Thank you for viewing!!! 🙂

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Have a Blessed Day!!!

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Crystal Light Music ^a song in crystal^

℘℘℘Crystal Light Music℘℘℘

  ℘a song in crystal℘

→*environment observation*←

*^Crystal Light Music 1 *^

*^ Crystal Light Music 2 *^

*^ Crystal Light Music 3 ^*

*^ Crystal Light Music 4 ^*


↔Sacred Kemetic Land and Legacy↔

Kemetic is the native name of the Ancient Egyptian homeland


 θThe Kemetic Way of Life is to be One with the Divine Creatorθ


Ancient Kemetic Spirituality

∴Divine Creator substance within All Creation∴

 Ancient Kemetic spirituality centers itself on the foundational belief of  “The One in Many” ~ the Divine force pro-generated itself into the many. This all ~ powerful Divine Creative force multiplied itself ~ carrying within its creation the seed form of its divine essence. Its living Spirit structured within all manifestation. So all materialization is a continuation, or extension, of the Divine ~ containing within itself its own specified properties as well as Creator Light.

 The inspiration behind this imagery and poem is the Kemetic directive of viewing the world  ~ creation ~ as completely embedded with the energy frequency field of the Divine Creator.

 A basic Kemetic spiritual principle is that the Divine Creator is a living substance within Her/His creation ~ no division or separation. The Divine Creator is in all humans, animals, plants, objects ~ everything.

ξGame Changerξ

As with all great advancement on the evolutionary path, we must adopt, take in, nurture, and give life to on the experiential level to make something a living reality. So, steps towards experiencing ourselves and our world ~ inclusive of All it encompasses ~ as having planted within it Living Creator Light particles provides the invitation to do no harm. No harm to self, others, animals, the natural environment of plants, trees, etc… ~  as all that exists within creation is held in a consecrated light.

As we progress in our conscious awareness and become more cognizant of our subtle body and subtle energies, we tangibly experience the Divine Creator within us as us, as well as a dynamic field of energy within all of creation. This ultimately leads us to the Great Meeting place ~ the immaculate ambrosial space where we meet up with ourselves. What could be better? The final curtain opened ~ revealing the Truth of who we are. Living and experiencing ourselves and all of creation in Unity Christ Consciousness ~ the masterful state of perfectibility.

We owe much to the Blessed Land of Kemet ~ their teachings, spiritual endowments, and ways of living in union are seen in multi fold expressions across the globe ~ more often than not ~ not receiving the credit due as the originators of great cosmic tutelage. The Kemet legacy and way has laid the ground work for much of our modern life.


⊥Becoming aware of our surroundings⊥

Our environment is always speaking to us

The material inspiration behind this poem is some beautiful crystal pieces we inherited that are displayed in a dark wood cabinet in our living room space. Across from the wood cabinet are several panels of glass on the West side of the house. Around sunset hour the space is ablaze with paradisaical light. The afternoon light is a kaleidoscope of singing hymns dancing off the crystal pieces. It was speaking so loud in a fanciful infusion of song that the beauty took me away ~ I could not help but stop in my tracks and honor and be grateful for this melodic light feast before me.

I offer encouragement to be aware of your surroundings ~ attuning to your subtle inner vibrations and that of your environment as best as possible.


℘℘℘Crystal Light Music℘℘℘

  ℘a song in crystal℘

→*environment observation*←


I walked by the crystal

in the glimmer sparkle light

vision of airy white

bright~ ignite ~ I put on the brake light

crystal on display

in the dark wood cabinet

extravagant ~ electromagnetic ~ divine inhabitant

field magnet ~ happening ~ sacrament

my footsteps spanning out

my mind a flood light

lined ~ unwind ~ remind

mastermind ~ designed ~ undefined

Crystal Light Music

 a ballad

I heard it within

violin ~ mandolin ~ next of kin

crystal light kisses spun & woven

opal like colors ~ fire motion ~ spoken

a language of crystal light

flying me like the highest kite

Crystal Light Music

day light ~ eye sight ~ star light

drawing me in

   crystal song they sing

built in ~ therein ~ wherein

Crystal Light Music

listening within

silent presence

omnipresence ~ attendance ~ essence

calling me luminescence

Crystal Light Music

stirring  and moving like water in motion

silvery crystal light

 heavenly bouquet

watch how it plays!

taking me into doorways ~ endless highway

I walked by the crystal

 this is all I could see

blazing glistening like a Christmas tree

I walked by the crystal

this is all I could hear

all else disappeared

Crystal Light Music

Do you see & hear?

cupid, fluid, somewhat elusive

a crystal song in the wind

unconfined state of mind

radiant diamond like harmonics

an honest promise

corals under the sea

silver jubilee

afternoon tea

Crystal Light Music

sparkling and glowing

particles of different worlds

dream world ~ trans world ~ real world

each time I walk by

the crystal

it speaks to me

commanding its presence

in beauty ~ in song

real magic there in plain sight

delight ~ all in excite

a visual meditation

 creation ~ flirty duration

Crystal Light Music

there in the light

singing praise ~ acoustics heaven’s rays

amaze ablaze

Crystal Light Music

in my line of sight

 clear hear ~ tone highlight

insight ~ dive in ~ take an inner flight

Crystal Light Music

within I unite


Many blessings of experiencing the Divine Source within and around you 🙂

May all the Truths of ancient Kemet be revealed for all to know!

Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a blessed day!

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Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Miracles Happen!!!! 🙂 #stayaware

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Jo Jo #2 4ever Home ~ Animal Blessing

Jo Jo

Jo Jo #2 4ever Home ~ #animaladoption

Friends of Samantha Pearl #newearthkitty

∴Blessing for the Animals∴

Say Hi again to Jo Jo ~ this beautiful silky Russian Blue kitten is still in need of her 4ever home. She has been staying in a cage ~ ugh!!! Please pass on this information to anyone you know that might be interested in bringing her into their heart & home.

I dream of a world where All Animals have loving beautiful 4ever homes. That All Animals are treated with kindness, dignity, & respect. That humanity rises to extinct ALL Slaughter houses & pays rightful homage to the animal kingdom to ensure this never happens ever again. That animal abuse is never a thought or action in the mind & hands humanity ~ but rather the human heart opens to see the innocence, purity, loving compassion, & magnificence of the beloved animals we share this planet with. Please join in this vision. Holding this vision across the globe #blesstheanimals #honortheanimalkingdom

🙂 Jo Jo 🙂 Russian Blue

Friends of Samantha Pearl: Jo Jo 4ever home

#bringhomethefur #petsrule #petadoption

Jo Jo was just a small kitten when she was saved from death at the county shelter at the last minute. We knew she walked a little funny so must have had some sort of recent injury, but that’s about all we knew. She was so sweet and affectionate, and so beautiful, we knew she deserved a chance. She went to see the best rehab vet around for an evaluation of the problem. The vet was positive that although something not nice had happened to cause her such an injury to her spinal area, with some intensive therapy she should greatly improve. After all, she was young and had a strong will to live and be a kitten. She stayed at the animal hospital for several weeks receiving daily treatments of acupuncture and physical therapy. She improved greatly and can walk and play like a normal kitten. She absolutely adores all people and thinks she should be giving or getting affection all the time. Everyone at the animal hospital adores her, and they have kept her there all this time trying to find a home for her. It’s been 7 months and still no home. You see, despite Jo Jo being a normal kitten in every way, she has a special need that will require someone to express her bladder a couple times a day. Morning, end of day, and before bedtime would be ideal. The injury to her spine affected her so that her bladder doesn’t work properly. Many pets live wonderful lives with humans that are willing to give them this little bit of extra care. Expressing the bladder only takes a few minutes at the most and once you get familiar with it, it’s just like having a few quality minutes together two or three times a day. Her injury is not painful, and will not cause more problems later. Jo Jo has no idea anything is wrong with her, it’s all she’s ever known. She has spent her entire life until now in a cage. First at the shelter and now all these months at the vet’s office. She has become stir crazy as she is growing and needing exercise. Please, I’m begging you to think hard of any possibility for a home for Jo Jo. She’s a stunning kitten and people are crazy for Russian Blues. Her coat is like pure silk and she smells like a rose. She would light up your life and look like an expensive ornament sitting high up in a cat tree. Although she has been receiving wonderful care at the vets office, she can’t live in a cage much longer. Her kitten life is passing her by. She wants to run and climb and play and lay by your side while you do your thing at home. She wants to sit by a window and look at the birds outside. She would love other cats and dogs, as there is a resident dog at the vet she has befriended. If you don’t know of anyone who might be interested in meeting Jo Jo, please forward this plea to everyone you can think of, as you never know who might see the email and Jo Jo’s photo and might either want to hear more about her or maybe they have another kitty or dog that needs to be expressed also, or they might work around the veterinary field and have experience where they aren’t concerned at all about her special need. After all, a kitty like Jo Jo would bring much happiness to someone and be well worth the little bit of trouble it might be. We have 10 days until Christmas and I’m begging Santa! This is all I want for Christmas! If Santa could find a home for this sweet girl, I would be over the moon with joy and gratitude. Truthfully, my heart is breaking that she is still sitting at the vet in a cage. We just didn’t think it would turn out like this. So now we need to turn things around for her. Please help me help her. I know together we can. We can end this year knowing we really saved this one. Thanks so much for caring and sharing. To get more information or to meet Jo Jo please call, text, or email Lori at 954-661-0666,


Thank you for viewing & reading!!!!

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Have a blessed day 🙂 Miracles Happen 🙂 #stayaware

It’s A Visual Thing ~ Say It In Pictures!!! & Poetry 🙂 🙂

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