How did I get my name? ~ naming our pets

Samantha Pearl gazing at the full moon. She was named after the Moon Goddess ~ which is where the name Pearl came from. 🙂

◊Samantha Pearl◊ #newearthkitty

ΨHow did I get my name?………

→Naming our pets

 #animalcommunication #moon #petnames



How we name our pets usually trails back into an interesting story. Sometimes it is a characteristic they possess and an aspect of their personality surfaces and becomes their name, sometimes it is a physical feature that lends itself to their name, sometimes it may be a situation or circumstance involving the pet and or owner that becomes the suitable name. So many possibilities.

Here I tell the story from the perspective of our beautiful rescue kitty, Samantha Pearl. Aiming to step into her paws for a moment. I refer to her as the #newearthkitty as she upholds the qualities and virtues of a utopian new earth such as unconditional love, unity, Self love and care, wisdom, compassion, and living in joy!


*The first image is from a photo I took of Samantha Pearl in strong contrast light and then worked it up digitally.

*The second image is from a photo I took of Samantha Pearl from behind and transformed it into a digital art piece incorporating the full moon with her gaze into it ~showing her connectedness to the moon. Later I used it in a October Halloween spell blog post.


ΨHow did I get my name?………

→Naming our pets


Okay, since you asked. How did I get my name? MMmmm………stretch…………memory rewind ~ fast forward ~ back slash ~ paw lick ~ snack first.

Well, the night before I bolted out of my initial residence to arrive at my new “real” home at only 4 weeks of age ~ yes I took off on my own as a young kitten and set out to find my true home. I escaped my living space where I was born and headed into the arms and heart of my to be owners. So the night before I took off my female parental unit, aka Mother of Pearl (hee hee ~ get it!!! 🙂 ), had a rather interesting experience before she even laid eyes on me.

→You all cuddly & ready for the story? ⇐

Out of the blue, or perhaps out of the green ~~ green is my dominant aura color ~  look closely and you will see it ~ it is a Chartreuse green. Okay back to the story. So the night before I arrived, Mother of Pearl happened to listen for the first time to a lecture by an animal communicator. Yes, these humans connected into the animal frequency do exist and are a powerful force to aid in understanding and caring for the blessed animal kingdom.  Then the next day like BOOM ~ me in my cute kittenness appeared in the driveway.

Putting one & one & ONE together, Mother of Pearl, thought this is not a coincidence. Animal communicator  and then a kitten magically shows up…….some linkage here. So, with my agreement, she provided my first name “Samantha” after the animal communicator whose name this was as well. The name “Samantha” means Listener #sheknows ~ I  know things and hear with great depth. The top image above of me is my look when I am in deep contemplative thought ~ okay so continuing on…………………:)

So after a few months, as I won over the official parental units ~ Mother of Pearl, had another interesting experience. She kept seeing a full moon around me… was like an inner knowing and seeing ~ and just like that, she picked me up and said “……your name is “Samantha Pearl.” Pearl being a symbol of the Great Pearl in the sky ~ the Moon Goddess. Also, the moon serves as a symbolic reference to the Divine Feminine ~ the mystical illuminated magical light ~ the light as a revealer ~ seeing through the “hidden.” The moon also has an association with wisdom ~ inner knowing. Just so ya know the moon and cats ~ (the entire feline species both domesticated and undomesticated) are interrelated to one another as family and hold similar symbolic references. So there you have it ~*, my name was created!

#animalcommunication  #fullmoon  ~ gotta luv it!! = Samantha Pearl

…..and the rest as they say is purrstory……………………………………….

…………………& the adventure continues……………….. 🙂




Please share your story of how your pet was named. Dog, cat, bird, etc…any pet that resides in your home and heart. Share on Samantha Pearl’s Facebook page and provide a pic of your pet. Link is below.



⊕Blessings for our pets and all the animals we share the planet with⊕

→Blessings of the Moon & inner knowing!!!↵

Thank you for viewing!!! “) 🙂

Have a Blessed Day 🙂 ~~~ 🙂

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