Honoring the Moon Goddess ~ devotional #moonwithin

Honoring the Moon Goddess

⊗Honoring the Moon⊗

◊as Goddess◊

Restoration of the Emotional Body


⊥Balancing our emotional body through collaboration with the Moon Goddess⊥ 

∴Set yourself Free∴



ΞThe Moon Goddess is our friendΞ

Our sacred confidant

It is important we take holy repose to honor the Moon Goddess as She is a part of us. We are actually honoring this sacred aspect of ourselves.




The balancing of our inner moon ~ emotional body ~ as well as our inner sun ~ mental body ~ is in part what each of us are here to harmonize with. I have a devotional blog post to balance the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine within. Here, the focus is on the Moon ~ Moon Goddess ~ the inner moon Goddess ~ opening to this alliance within. She is our remedy ~ our illumination ~ our healing ~ the gateway ~ for our emotional stability and realization of our truth as eternal beings of love and light.


∨The Moon Goddess Light shows us the areas needed to be cleansed, acknowledged, & liberated∨

Revelations Light the Way

Our emotional & mental states, when in full balance are the initial path that lead us into higher states of consciousness. Our inner child becomes whole ~ the character of our emotional body is healed, content, & happy. The emotional body is open & receptive ~ leading to compatibility with our heartstream dreams ~ doors open to a life of blessedness and rapture. 

The character of our mental body (balancing our inner sun) when in equilibrium, becomes a reservoir of stillness and tranquility ~ clarity ~ doors open to co~creation with the Universal Higher Christ Mind.

The combined Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine in coherent domain is crucial to our well being & is our union Freedom. Then, our Soul voice, our exalted being, takes on its prestigious esteemed position as a governing force in our life. All the inner clutter & disorder once cleared out ~ lights the way for our inner child to be healed as we parent it in ways that it resonates with and asks for in the remembrance of love, fullness, and wholeness while leaving behind the past in transference for the present moment in joy where all is new again. 

This inner “work” must be accomplished through our inward measures ~ ~ we decide to mend, heal, & restore ~ inner life becomes our prominent meeting place ~ as we return to our divinity. 

We venture into this territory in our own unique way.

The Universe backs us up as we enter this terrain of healing and awakening ~  this Spirit filled path offers much Grace to us.  

We become re ~ established as our true nature ~ solidarity of & in Spirit 

The final victory ~ once complete ~ our emotional & mental bodies assembled in holy matrimony ~ a holy marriage within. An all powerful event ~ mastery achieved.  A major leap in our evolution ~ responsive ~ vigilant ~ converged with the All of who we truly are.

This reestablishment is tied into our divine purpose ~ as well as each of us having our own specialized divine purpose while living on Earth.

May the Moon Goddess brew up many a splendored revelation! 

*photo is from a female empowerment photo session that I then turned into digital artwork


Moments Moon Side: Personal Reflections

#mooncommune #windowwithaview #moonside 

Try sleeping with your curtains and or window adornments open to the night sky. Here are some personal reflections and the benefit of an “open window” to the infinite sky, moon, stars, and all stellar night sky activity. Let me know your experience if you try this and if you have been doing this for a while what your experience (s) have been. 

This is to be read as a stream of consciousness, flowing with the night air, breathing in the night and exhaling, moving with the eternal movement where the mind is at rest with linear thoughts and management. Opt in for a fluid sacred connection with yourself, the Moon, the moment, and all that it reveals to you. 

⇒Create your own poetic narrative of your experience while communing with the moon! I would love to read it! Allow all your senses to become alive, cognizant, speaking, moving, feeling….invite Her magic in and let Her direct the moment.

↔Observe, be silent, be still, empty out, fill up with the Moonlight and Her cosmic energy, be open, receive, let go, and enter a world within you that has been waiting to emerge into your conscious awareness as the you before time and space. Enter the primordial space in the heart of the Moon and in the heart of you. Carry your experience with you during the day to pair in equal light with the brilliance of the Sun. Allow the Moon to rejuvenate you and carry into a conscious state of mind liberation and freedom through Her powerful yet subtle mystical light.

Live in your wholeness, your beauty, and your divine power. Be aware and in worship with the Moon, the Sun, the elements that often become neglected ~ sometimes barely noticed as we sometimes get caught up in the day, activities, and being in a roundabout. Let us stop that unnatural cycle and become attuned to the natural rhythm and flow of the Moon, the Sun, the Earth, our bodies, and in a higher musical sphere that is always available when we remember and so desire to actively commune.

Be as the child. Open to the wonder of what the night holds under the splendor and command of the Moon Goddess. 


Pull the Drapes Back:

Often I pull the drapes back at night

from above my bed

and see the moon through my window

communing with her and inviting Her in

going within myself I know Her deeper

sultry silvery stillness

She dances & sings the creation song

white pearl fire light streaming in my window

the sacred pearl in the sky

diamond and round clear prismatic light shimmers

all my bodies in unison sow bliss with each of Her holy undulations

I feel the tide moving in and out

kissing Her, kissing the shore line, kissing me, kissing the Earth

mermaid splash, faerie laugh, moon bath

in full balance and harmony

with her partner the Sun ~ Unified

 I sleep with the drapes open above my bed

to dream soft with the Moon glow upon my face

shifting colors in the room

 pearl moonlight dancing through my window

pearls around my neck

I offer a humble offering and praise

She commands the elements

even the animals wake a sleepy eye

dragonfly’s circle with transparent wings

gathering the winds from far and wide

patterned breathing

whispering a balmy breeze

the palm trees sway to Her majestic vibration

tropical flowers & fruits ~ receive Her milky nectar

spirit worlds, planetary consciousness, and individual consciousness

travel, meet, and ride Her glorious light

white, blue, orange and yellow rays

beauty weaving, in and out, back and forth

glistening on all reflective property and substance

ruling the night sky ~ holy presence

watery emotion

She lives inside ~ within

She lights the Way, She illuminates

She throws light from the inside out

moonlight in my eyes

breathing Her bliss in and out I relax into Her milken treasure

adorn, embellish, ornamental design

I rest here in adoration and silky exaltation

the doors swing open

Moon Goddess meets with all tonight!


∇Moon Goddess


If possible please light a candle and speak the words into the flame ~ or while seeing the Moon for deep visual communion (you can substitute “Her” for “You” when addressing the Moon Goddess if you prefer) ~ closing the eyes after reading a few lines and allowing her bliss to circulate and purify within is great too. Perfect for a new moon cycle and or full moon cycle, as well as any moment to connect in with the Moon and become enchanted over and over again. Let all slow down and be as it is. Prepare and become entranced by the wonder and delight of Her Presence. Majestic blessings!


The Moon Goddess ~ the Divine Feminine

aspect within us

that holds the sacred mystical reflected light

feminine clarity insight

the light of the Goddess

Shakti ~ enchantress ~ high priestess within

Supreme Mother Being

universal power ~ surreal reality ~ alchemy

in all Her majesty ~ sacred sexuality ~ pageantry

Her totality ~ universality ~ sensuality

devotees rhapsody

I open to Her blessed silvery magnetic light 

lunar worshiping ~ silver bells ring ~ nocturnal magic wellspring

we begin

Oh, when She sings ~ the ecstasy it brings

moon gloss ~ lips like angel wings ~ illumination springs

swinging from star to star~ milk bar

rising star ~  setting star ~ movie star

celestial metallic tones ~ She is never far

omnipresent radar

cosmic moon-dust

She spills forth from her alchemy jar

diamond intuitive sparkles

open become the curtains ~ all will know

 maternal sheltering gospel ~ a new novel

Moon Goddess ~  matriarchal garden ~ grow to overflow

twinkle glamour glow

kiss like mistletoe

healing, love, compassion, Grace

 wisdom vibration ~ upon all nations

new to new ~ 29.5 ~ Earth revive

  soft sheen ~ gentle ~ swan dive

moon contemplate ~ relaxed gait ~ love from her breastplate

the rushing sound of the wind in the trees ~ the seas ~ her velvet wink

eyes like a doe ~ hypnotized in Her flow

She moves in silent repeated patterned rhythm

tempo & pulse ~ sound ~ inner vision

mysterious dilation

  white silver sheen ~ ancient chorus ~ 9fold Goddess

jewels behold

fragrant flowers unfold

new heights ~ eternity

Moon Mother Goddess ~ maternity

hanging in the night sky ~ lullaby

inner moon ~ amplify ~ mystify ~ beautify

unify ~ minds eye ~ supply ~ standby

morning night glory ~ sacred story

 wondrous cycles She exhibits ~ poised ~ elegant

coexistence ~ path of least resistance

She is the ultimate observer

seeing all ~ nurturer ~ in honor therefore

 night surfer ~ find favor in Her

Moon Goddess ~ flawless ~ exotic

exquisite bodice

solar lite Goddess

circulatory ~ circuits ~ denoting cycles

inventory laboratory

inner knowledge depository

seen and unseen is Her territory

insight ~ inner light ~ enlightenment rising

illusion ~ opposites ~ waning ~ fading

divination ~ transformation ~ restoration

  the immaculate enduring, waxing ~ uplifting

 cosmic existence  ~ process unfolding

 Mother Ray ~ womb of creation ~ praise

oceanic, elation sensation, lunation

hermetical call, waterfall, windfall

carry Her within 

 She will carry us through

 I see Her within me ~ I see Her within you

Moon Goddess

out of the blue 

Her cosmic Grace be upon us

take us Holy Mother Moon

 to our breakthrough

 make us like new

Moon Goddess lunar silvery light received

I pray Thee is holy pleased with me

entered into your enigmatic spell 

 surrendered to thy transcendental weave

divine ring of the cow bell

ring ring ring

Beloved Moon Goddess 

forever in Thee I shall dwell




∇Blessings of the Moon Goddess for all!!

⊗Grace for assimilating balance within the emotional body!

∴May we all receive full healing restoration of all our bodies (emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual) and awaken to our full knowing!♥

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Have a blessed day!

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