When the Water Lilies Open ~ a dance for love* #loverspoem

*^When the Water Lilies Open^*

℘When the Water Lilies Open℘

∞Twin Soul Eternal Love∞

ΦA Dance for LoveΦ



♥♥Valentine’s Day is around the corner!

Adding some romance, love imagery, & poetry to the mixδ

⊆Have a dance for love⊇


*This image is from a wedding I photographed turned into a digital art piece*



≈Water Lilies≈

Symbolism and information:

#symbolism #jewelsofthepond #nymphaea

Water lilies have a symbolic interconnection to rebirth & resurrection. Optimism also.

Further references include fertility, sexuality, & creation.

White water lilies in particular, have a partnership with peace, purity, pleasure, & spiritual enlightenment

*Many lilies close their flower eyes at night ~ to reopen at first morning light*

Blooming is typically Spring through Autumn. Tropical environments give rise to blooms through out the year


ζWhat happens when the water lilies open? Let’s find out……….

♦Water Lily Opening  Prelude:

When the water lilies open

flowing ~ floating

in unbroken devotion

the sun and moon

look into each other

 sensing the One

so it may be done

the Spirit moves

to reunite

that which lives

never far away

within the heart

so come

know this

a lovers poem



℘When the Water Lilies Open℘

∞Twin Soul Eternal Love∞

ΦA Dance for LoveΦ


When the water lilies open

the waters become filled

with a potent thrill

the water lilies signal

the moment is ripe

only the twin

is in sight

a lovers cup

two souls

 swept up

When the water lilies open

 watery sounds weave

the Divine breathes

abstract movements

carried through the breeze

When the water lilies open

you will hear

a magnetic aqueous chant

spontaneously you will dance

 an intoxicating fragrance

makes an advance

the scent in the air

you will feel it aware and let loose a hypnotic stare

she sees him

he sees her

the world fades

silence only lovers know is spoken

the heart opens

two love flames

 acknowledge the creator within as the chosen

When the water lilies open

 the lovers

become pulled

drawn ~ a trance holds the fulfilled

all is assured ~ God’s Will until

heaven sings

the One song

as lovers engage

in a twin soul dance

times says goodbye

the skies open wide

the lovers

bodies swaying

 in a hypnotic tide

watch the water lilies

for when they bloom

legend tells us

  all unfolds

the twin joins with their soul

love is to behold

magnified in this

holy blooming aquatic plant

When the water lilies open

delicate beauty

 enlightenment supplant

 prolific master

 blending like Rembrandt

When the water lilies open

lovers become enamored



in mystical enchant

everything is gone

but this dance

two become the swan

new and repeated like each dawn

When the water lilies open

 lovers true fire amplifies

amber eyes alchemize

the holy

the sanctified

watch, be aware

when it’s your call

opened water lilies will grant

be thankful for this plant

When the water lilies open

true love is cast ~ exact ~ so vast

the lovers dance for this


at last

When the water lilies open

the ground shakes

the waters take shape


 a seductive waxy bloom

cast within this spell

the bride and groom

could be any day now

this moment, perhaps night or afternoon

 the water lilies open

for the lovers to awake

love to celebrate

 resurrection ~ a lover’s potion

from the sacred womb

spirit elixir rises in the air ~ the reception room ~ all consume

When the water lilies open

buoyancy ~ on the pond ~ magical beyond

afloat among the lily pad leaves

lovers dream and receive

When the water lilies open

lovers pair up at first glance ~ eternity takes a chance

a remembered encounter ~ loves power

When the water lilies open

a day becomes forever

infinity ~ such brilliancy

When the water lilies open

his hands go around her waist ~ electricity

holy trinity ~ in the proximity

  her hands on his arms ~ sacred synchrony

the lovers dance for life

a man takes a wife

When the water lilies open

lovers see each other

in other worlds

 nothing to be learned

no concerns

 all becomes returned

When the water lilies open

the ordinary sparkles with divinity

the masculine and feminine

fit together

in perfect symmetry

a primal sigh

this becomes the theme

for song, poems, and imagery

When the water lilies open

the lovers begin their trance ~ played out in romance

  a forecast ~ not happenstance

a currency in circumstance

 super conductivity ~ chivalry ~ everything in synchronicity

When the water lilies open

lovers move in symphony

a graceful fluidity

When the water lilies open

 miles are spoken

twin flames matched ~ already chosen

When the water lilies open

a lovers poem ~ a kiss token ~ a spell woven

although One ~ though One

lover’s open ~ One body ~ like the ocean

   unite ~ a dance for love

  by the Grace

of the morning dove

re-newer of ~ heaven from above

there of ~ in Love

be loved ~ as One

When the water lilies open

get ready

for True Love



⊆Have a dance for love⊇

∞May eternal love bless our every touch, look, breathe, taste, and be fragrant in all minds and hearts!

♥Happy Valentine’s Day!♥

Blessings of Twin Soul Union #4everlove 

Blessings of the water lilies being open!

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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