When the Water Lilies Open ~ a dance for love* #loverspoem

℘When the Water Lilies Open℘

∞Twin Soul Eternal Love∞

ΦA Dance for LoveΦ


δWith Valentine’s Day around the corner, it seems apropos to add some romantic love imagery & poetry to the mixδ

This image was originally from a wedding which I then worked up into an art image. One of the greatest gifts of art to me is the infinite array of possibilities, avenues, & expressions it can take on. Perhaps, this is applicable to every arena of life as well. The arts capture this anything goes frame of reference so beautifully ~ the endless stream of the creative realm ~ that just feels so liberating ~ unrestricted ~ a great breathing space~ a bridge into the unseen for the physical eyes ~ yet, made manifest to the physical eyes via the inner eyes.

  Creating something straight up at face value is not so appealing to me generally speaking ~ although sometimes I will work within that context to a certain extent. Viewing something & seeing how it might possibly be is a bit more entertaining to me. Nothing right Nothing wrong ~ just a personal view. A reverence & certainty within me that much more is going on than at surface value.


≈Water Lilies≈

#symbolism #jewelsofthepond #nymphaea

Water lilies have a symbolic interconnection to rebirth & resurrection. Optimism also.

Further references include fertility, sexuality, & creation.

White water lilies in particular, have a partnership with peace, purity, pleasure, & spiritual enlightenment

*Many lilies close their flower eyes at night ~ to reopen at first morning light*

Blooming is typically Spring through Autumn. Tropical environments give rise to blooms through out the year


℘When the Water Lilies Open℘

∞Twin Soul Eternal Love∞

ΦA Dance for LoveΦ


When the water lilies open

flowing, floating, in unbroken devotion

their magnetic watery chant

 intoxicating fragrance advance

the lovers scope in & swirl a sweetheart dance

magnified in this

blooming aquatic plant

When the water lilies open

delicate beauty

 enlightenment you supplant

 prolific master & blending like Rembrandt

When the water lilies open

enamored in your mystical enchant

 lovers true fire amplifies ~ you grant

true love is cast ~ exact ~ so vast

When the water lilies open

 its seductive waxy bloom

potent, resurrection ~ potion from the sacred womb

spirit elixir rises in the air ~ the reception room ~ all consume

When the water lilies open

buoyancy ~ on the pond ~ magical beyond

afloat among the lily pad leaves

lovers dream & receive

When the water lilies open

lovers pair up at first glance ~ eternity takes a chance

a known encounter ~ wrapped in adventure

a day becomes forever ~ infinity ~ such brilliancy

When the water lilies open

his hands around her waist ~ electricity

holy trinity ~ in the proximity

  her hands around his arms ~ sacred synchrony

When the water lilies open

lovers see each other in the other worlds

& yet they see each other here

the ordinary sparkles with divinity

When the water lilies open

the lovers begin their trance ~ played out in romance

  a forecast ~ not happenstance

currency in circumstance

 super conductivity ~ chivalry ~ everything in synchronicity

When the water lilies open

lovers move in symphony ~ fluidity

When the water lilies open

 miles are spoken

twin flames matched ~ already chosen

When the water lilies open

a lovers poem ~ a kiss token ~ a spell woven

although One ~ though One

lover’s reopen ~ to awake

   unite ~ a dance for love

  in the Grace of the morning dove

re-newer of ~ heaven from above

there of ~ in Love

be loved ~ as One

When the water lilies open



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