Grace: The Flow of the Feminine Christ



⊕The Flow of the Feminine Christ⊕

⇒Receiving and Knowing⇐

ΞRejoicing in GraceΞ

*~*Receiving Grace……..


The inspiration for this blog post is to know and receive Grace.

Grace that is always present. Grace that blesses all.


◊Grace the Flow of the Feminine Christ:

♥The heart of the Divine Feminine flows Her Grace to all Her beloved children♥

Grace Has a Mission on Earth

Grace She walks the Earth

Grace speaks to all Her beloveds

Grace gently summons our name

Grace sits at our table

Grace sent from above to below. Grace that never ends nor denies. Grace that is our breath and whom waits so lovingly and peers out to see who might receive today.

Who might partake of Her sweet fruit and receive?


Grace Heals:

Grace heals, releases,  and unifies all that seems scattered and thrown about to reveal that all is whole.

Grace is like the moon. She shines at night out into the darkness to see who might catch her silvery light. Grace is magical waving a wand across the land to see who might look up and see Her sparkly trail.

Grace is like the Sun burning so bright with outstretched hands formed as rays for all to stand in.

Grace the great nourisher, protector, and liberator.

Grace is the portal to our soul. She is within us and all around us. She looks to see who might dance with Her and partake in the mysteries to delight.


Call upon Grace:

Call upon Grace and awaken in Holy Communion to receive. The moments that seem in-between laced with Her soft buttery feel awakens the knower to what is real. Her universal love and sacred heart of infinite power rises from the ocean of Oneness guiding all footsteps back to Her.

The journey ends from where it began.

 *photo is of a bride whose wedding I photographed then turned into a digital art piece*



A simple poem

for a simple day

a quiet day

filled with Grace



ΞRejoicing in GraceΞ

Today I rejoice in Grace

my mind remembers God’s peace is commonplace

I am gentle in the ways of my day

lifted on Grace filled wings I am carried away

to a place that is simple where children play

laughter is heard twinkling like stars

 Grace is holy and lights the way

no duality can overshadow the day

ask the dancers of ballet and those that say anyway

look for the blue jay who sings the song of truth where illusions fall away

Today I rejoice in Grace

my mind remembers God’s peace is commonplace

Grace moves through what seems dark

darkness earmarked for the truth of God’s love to spark spark spark

sparks in the dark turn to flames

 flames stir and awaken the eye of fire

illuminating darkness to calm the roughest sea

 the mind turns to the knowing where all agree and sit under the birch tree

Today I rejoice in Grace

my mind remembers God’s peace is commonplace

I remember the honey bee acknowledging the one in three

receiving Grace opens ~ atman ~ inner Self rides free

The touch of Grace has surrendered me

  star filled eyes meet Ma ray

it is here I am held so dear

in Her arms soft spun silk kisses my spirit

in waves still yet moving all becomes clear

 severing of past ties here I die to rise

quiet hills and whispering valleys vanish

acceptance speaks through silent words to fly fly fly

 as One I become the endless sky

Grace has revealed Herself

at my table She sits to sup and speaks of next to next

particles dance mixing ancient love

where lands of bells ring truth spells

from space to space and place to place

from point to point with no endpoint

Grace covers

Her warm blanket and flowing rivers

wishers and considers know all as brothers and sisters

Today I rejoice in Grace

my mind remembers God’s peace is commonplace

Grace always delivers

a constant flicker who is only a giver

receive to know and change becomes the mirror

no name be given ~ no name am I

nothing is mine ~ yet all is mine

nothing misplaced ~ nothing to trace

all is in place

today I rejoice in Grace

my mind remembers God’s peace is commonplace

lay thee down and rest thee sword

take in Grace and march thee toward


⊕Blessings of receiving and knowing Grace⊕

§May the Presence of Grace fill our life!

⊗Blessings of wholeness and wellness⊗

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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