The Sea, The Sun, & Me





∞The Sea, The Sun, & Me∞



For all those that love the sea, the sun, and palm trees

 *to all the lover’s of the sea…..

*who dream of and with the sea….



Sky Above

Sand Below

Peace Within

So Peace Without



⊗This imagery and poem are inspired by the beauty of nature, specifically,  the pull and draw of the sacred waters and the landscape that accompanies it⊗

⊗Here in S Florida we thankfully have sun filled days  just over 300 days out of a given year, the excitement and allure of the sea, sun, palm trees, a balmy breeze, the sand, the sounds, the calm and soothing it offers the soul is always inspiring⊗


 The Visceral Experience of the Sea

Dreaming in colors of the sea…..

Melting into the sun filled terrain…..

The Light of Eternity…..

The feel of the sea on the skin…..

The magical water alchemy…..

 The paradise if offers……

Becoming resuscitated

  All will take care of itself



” I followed my heart….and it led me to the beach”

~ Unknown

“There’s no place like home. Except the beach”

~ Unknown


♥Endless sun filled days on the sea♥

⊕Enchanted palm trees⊕


∴Three Three Three∴  ⌈Holy Trinity ∗Three∗ The Triangle⌉

  >the sea ~ the feminine ~ >the sun ~ the masculine ~ >plus me (or you) equals three. ∴Our blessed connection of wholeness∴

∨The Divine Feminine ~ ∧The Divine Masculine ~ ⊕our individual self as the Divine Child


Three points on a ∇triangle∇.



≈Oh to be at the sea!

≈Oh to dream with the sea!

ΩHeavenly Supreme ~ I go to TheeΩ

◊Oh to kiss the Sun!

◊ Sun bird come fly with me




∞The Sea, The Sun, & Me∞

∴Trice Three∴




The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

trinity mystery ~ from antiquity ~ shipped at sea

a lover of the water ~ you take me under ~ like no other

freedom cry ~ liberation sigh

the sea and sun greet ~ repeat ~ saint victory

you deliver me ~ picture me ~ sea sun glittery

omniscient ministry ~ my pulsing heart ~ sacred conductivity

sweet nectar ~ elite ~ sugar beet

mind body spirit ~ Oneness ~ royal alumnus

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

fluidity and spaciousness ~ spontaneous ~ rapturous

allure, demure, ~ sultry heat

sweet yellow golden ~ the spoken ~ the chosen

the seven seas ~ journey to thee ~ heaven molten

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

embayment ~ saltwater ~ seawater

I pray at your altar ~ I offer

I know your language ~ I hear you call to me

carefree ~ sand on my feet ~ you set me free

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

  light filled triangle ~ dangle ~ spangle ~ bangle

watery bliss ~ I can not resist ~ Christ gift

holy transmit ~ submit ~  lifted aboard ship

enshrinement mist ~ enthroned ~ deity tone

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

lost in your breeze ~ kissing ~ infinity tease

returning cycles ~ ebb & flow ~ sea foresees

 palm trees ~ here on the scene ~ miles high ~ climbs up to the blue sky

lining the sand ~ quiet dance for me ~ so serene

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

fillers for in between ~ Christ Light presiding

radiant light ~ gliding ~ providing

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

I touch the moon & kiss the sun

circling ~ ever riding ~ sun and moon reuniting

fallen under your spell ~ on a ride ~ seashell pastel

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

lost in the breeze ~ sun days ~ I have fallen to my knees

nature you are so divine ~ no need for time ~ I drink of the sacred wine

lost in your steps ~ your breath 

the sea and sun wondrous magic to me

I am drowning so deep ~ measureless sea ~ inexhaustible sun

in skin deep ~ sliding ~ colliding ~ child like delighting

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

  sea turn driving ~  sun cast smiling

I am yours ~ inspiring

melting from your inviting ~ sea and sun forever shining

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

endless sea may I have a dance with thee?

almighty sun walk with me

your jubilee ~ magical three ~ us we

the wise ones know ~ the fools glow

to behold you ~ light vertigo

bestow ~ overflow ~ akin to Thoreau

diving ~ unwinding ~ light is blinding

freeborn ~ released ~ at liberty’s edge

I cross the bridge ~ sunburst ~ I must ~ in trust

from dust ~ come just ~ none but ~ just us

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

luminary sphere ~ sun pierced ~ sea baptized ~ mesmerized

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

sea depths hold the key

transcendental yet here ~ new frontiers

great mystifer ~ primal ~ bridal

take me ~  sea sun milky-way ~ reflections gateway

entryway ~ light filled hallway ~ leap day

so at ease ~ freedom of the seas

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

light dance ~ a third sun ~ flashing stars

forever surrender ~ elixir jar

I take you with me ~ even when I am not there

because you are everywhere

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

sacred three ~ holy sea ~ luminescent sun ~ & me

like presents under the Christmas tree

I taste you on my lips 

Sun Three ~ Mother Sea

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

As Above So Below ~ swing shift ~ night shift

when the sun has set ~ I remain in your afterglow

to be born again ~ Rose of Jericho

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three


♥May your days always be filled with sunshine♥

Blessings of the eternal sea ~ the brilliant sun ~ palm trees

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  1. Matthew McArthy

    You are a sweet, sensitive talented woman.
    Deep as the sea.

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