Sun in my Heart *devotional

∴Summer Solstice 2019 ∴ June 21st

∴Celebrating the Light∴


♥Sun in my Heart♥

⇑Rise and Shine⇔

ΔWe spread our Wings and FlyΔ

*photos were taken at a local park*


⇑The Summer Solstice symbolizes the Ascension⇑

During the Summer Solstice we celebrate the Sun ~ the Light.

An observance of what gives us life, is life, and our life

A profound remembrance of the enduring eternal Light

We come out of incubation ~ like the pupa (transition stage of the butterfly before it emerges) and enter the stage of metamorphosis. A change over to our Light Self

We are given the opportunity to directly commune with our Light within ~ to synthesize our full potential and recognition of Christ Consciousness

The Solar Christ Light 

We receive a victorious calling to awaken

This sacred concurrence opens us to a responsive nature yielding in the direction of getting in touch with our solar body


δSeasons and Cycles:

The seasons and cycles of nature are the primary guiding energy governing our lives at their particular showing. They let us know the current predominate influences and point us in the direction of what will characterize our life at various intervals.

It is important we take note of these aspects and willfully move with them. Nature runs through us ~ so uniting with nature is of great interest for us.

These interludes preside as the larger picture in all of our lives ~ while contained within it is our own individual lives.


⇔The Inner Journey↵

We connect with nature, which in turn gestures us to also reflect within our own personal journey. Our hearts and minds to open more as we purify by healing and releasing shadow aspects into the light.

 Investing in our life is investing within ~ investigatory probing within as a basis for where we are in our conscious state and what direction to focus on to bring us closer to our awakened fully realized Self

Inquiring within ~ surveying our current spiritual promenade ~ is a humbling truthful walk to knowing, owning ~ of our current circumstance (s) ~ which in turn provides insight into trustworthy measures to entertain ~  that lead to living purposeful lives established from divine direction.

As we honor our own unique walk and become more familiar with the divine life cord weaving throughout life ~ we experience a great change over in our evolution

Direct communion with this tangible yet unseen force is an important kindling to obtain higher states of consciousness ~ thus, becoming more of who we truly are


ΞCelebrate the LightΞ

→This is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and marks the day when the sun is at its highest point in the sky for the year. We enter a new season ~ the Summer Solstice is commonly denoted as the first day of Summer←

In Latin, solstice means “sun standing still,” which references the sun’s place in the galaxy on this day.

  Since ancient times the Summer Solstice has been celebrated * Ancient civilizations revered the Sun ~ the source of life ~ governing power, light, energy, and warmth.


∴Learning to connect with the Light within∴

◊We connect with the Light within to know ourselves, to heal ourselves, to advance as our highest completion during this lifetime, to surrender antiquated beliefs and acquire new life supporting ones, to know what is right for us, to know our next steps on our evolutionary path, to know the world as viewed from higher perspectives, to live out our destiny◊


∴Sun Solstice∴

Sun in my Heart


§Sun enlivening § our inner Sun§

ΔPrayer to the SunΔ


*Please light a candle if possible as we connect in with our Source*

*Let’s offer up loving gratitude for our planetary Sun, Great Central Sun, and the Sun in our heart*

* Focus on your heart chakra and the Sun within it*

*Let us be reborn and rise again like the Sun*


∴Sun Solstice∴

Sun in my Heart


§Sun enlivening § our inner Sun§

ΔPrayer to the SunΔ

Sun in my Heart

giving off light ~ giver of life

Great Solar Star

come, let us re~start

flame of continuous light

my Source of influence

 bold  and blazing

your light breathtaking ~ commanding

thank you ~ my inner sanctum

a feast before me ~ my banquet

keeper of ancient mysteries

twinkle open my heart petals

and reveal yourself to me

Sun in my Heart

giving off light ~ giver of life

Great Solar Star

how you enchant me

in a space of playful raising

bathing, praising, raving

make me like thee ~ so carefree

filled with glee

wielding life and light everywhere

you come out of nowhere

revered God Head

your office so High

Regal Divine

light so blinding ~ spellbinding

light on the trees

light through the breeze

I am brought to my knees

golden tabernacle

house of the eternal One center

beautify, strengthen, and prosper

magnify please for me

Sun in my Heart

giving off light ~ giver of life

Great Solar Star

help me to ascend ~ transcend

to be more than

brilliant golden Sun ~ my conscious Self

awaken me to my Higher Self

Sun in my Heart

giving off light ~ giver of life

may my daily pilgrimage

be in the holy place

of your keepsake

Oh Great One

  the indweller of all Suns

prayerfully coordinate me

to your frequency vibration

moving inward and outward

 extrasensory eternal flow

 the cycles of life

sun synergy

Sun in my Heart

giving off light ~ giver of life

blessed ancient alchemical symbol

awaken-er,  fully awakened, awaken to

you are triple

waves of light, ripple ~ shooting like a missle

harness my awakening consciousness

in the shrine of your glittering light

reveal my perfection to me

I lay humbled by your sight

Sun in my Heart

giving off light ~ giver of life

kingship of heart firelight


to the Queenship

of your delight

 sacred wisdom knowledge

illuminating light

all my life has led me

to this moment

unlock within me the knowing

the bestowing ~ the crowning

fly me up to the birds

so I know my Soul’s rising

on wings spiraling in flight

the sky ~ my Soul

the truth extolled

burn brightly in my eyes

so I may see clear

all that underlies

be the warmth and glow I emit

 dance through my fingertips

tap me on the shoulder

when I need to turn away

and go a new way

light the ground at my footsteps

so I may always be in shadow-less light

may the window before me

always be saturated in Sun ~ heaven’s light

Sun in my Heart

giving off light ~ giver of life

may the new soaring solar me

  my solar body ~ my all

embody ~ the Almighty

may I always hear your golden whisper

bless me with Inanna’s qualities

thank you Dumuzid for such properties

may the freshness of each new moment

be  unbroken

may I rise again and again

 to partake in the best of champagne

may your multicolored  flames

heal me through and through

may my lips taste the sweet nectar you shine

abundance, prosperity be mine

may I relax in the receiving

the magicians light ~ wielding, weaving, only believing

may I sway to your flow

knowing there is nowhere to go

may your sultry musk scent

arouse the fires of passion within me

sweltering, sizzling with my twin

may my center of union

know no detour

may my way of living

be that only of truth

Sun in my Heart

giving off light ~ giver of life

teach me of your ancient ways

like back in the land of the Kemetic days

may the ethereal smoke of your smolder

the Divine Fires

purify my heart ~ the beholder

Sun in my Heart

giving off light ~ giver of life

may all souls

encounter, be awakened, be whole

Soul to Soul

may your ray of heat

be the wave maker

so we are

One with our Creator

Sun in my Heart

giving off light ~ giver of life

Oh, Great Sun

my enthroned allie

may my life be sweetened ~ luscious ~ candied

I thank you

Oh, Great Sun

for these wishes spun

Sun in my heart

overflowing, expanding

with you

never ending



May the Great Sun shine in all areas of our lives 🙂

Summer Solstice Blessings & Grace!!!

♥Blessings of the awakening sun in all hearts♥

Have a blessed day.

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