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In the Space of Winter ~ a time to prepare

∞In The Space of Winter∞ #samanthapearl #newearthkitty ⊗Winter⊗ ~  a time to go within ~ to prepare ~ for change for what will be next in our lives We grow ever closer with our Souls ~ receding into its unspoken magic #pausereflect #pawsreflect In The Space of Winter In the space of winter my soul… Read more »

Into the Night ~ Spells of the Eve

Into the Night ~ Spells of the Eve A Samantha Pearl Halloween #newearthkitty ΘHalloween & Moon Mystic IlluminationΘ #magicaleve #happyhalloween #moonlore #mysticalmoon *silent watcher *maker of magic *feline majesty   Into the Night the Spells of the Eve evening prayer ~ evening star ~ love affair~ shooting star Moon & Pearl silent reflecting reservoir Moon… Read more »

Samantha Pearl

Samantha Pearl #newearthkitty Golden pearls #goldenage *Some practical advice* ∞ take time to relax, rest, & regenerate ~ as part of loving yourself ∞ meditate daily & experience your Heaven on Earth within ∞ adopt pets & support animal rescue agencies ∞ incorporate a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle ∞ be kind to yourself & others ∞ live… Read more »

Samantha Pearl’s 4th Birthday #happypaws #bday #nyop

Samantha Pearl’s 4th Birthday  🙂 May 1, 2018 Samantha Pearl turned “4” 🙂 #newearthkitty #444 #solarreturn #4thbday #meow #celebrate         Celebration art piece above for Samantha Pearl turning 4 years old on May 1st 🙂 If you look closely you will see a series of 3 4’s embedded in her image! #444 … Read more »

Green Pastures #samanthapearl :)

Green Pastures In Thee I rest #samanthapearl  #newearthkitty #nyop In the eternal evergreen of the green spaces rich & fertile with ideas,  health,  peace,  abundance I rest in Thee Grace, magic, & restful awareness you give to me ever renewing, centering, in stillness & whispering thoughts ~ I draw from thee well I thirst no… Read more »

Samantha Pearl ~ Windmill Thoughts :) #newearthkitty

Windmill Thoughts ⊕ a breeze of destiny ⊕ 🙂 Windmill as a symbol of the movement of transformation from one state of consciousness to a higher state of consciousness 🙂   Windmill’s hold much symbolism, not only in their image but in their function. Firstly the Windmill uses the element of Air to turn it’s… Read more »

Samantha Pearl & Dragonfly #newearthkitty

Fly Dragonfly Fly #samanthapearl #newearthkitty #dragonfly #fly   When I took a look a little look into the light a dragonfly I did but see glee, carefree, enveloping me not your typical dragonfly but one with rubies & diamonds flying, rhyming, chiming, & shining it came close close to me fluttering wisdom, transformation, for each… Read more »

Samantha Pearl: She Hears #newearthkitty

Samantha Pearl: She Hears 🙂 #newearthkitty 🙂 #shehears #pearlz #nyop I listen to the sounds in between the sounds to the Divine Voice to the silence to the chords of music strummed by nature to the sounds carried through the wind to the sounds that come from the earth I listen to the movement of… Read more »