Walking On Northern Grass ~ Bethlehem Angel Hair

→Walking on Northern Grass⇔

θBethlehem Angel Hairθ

walking on new ground ~ grass ~ new thoughts ~ breakthroughs ~ new opportunities ~ new horizons

Allowing things to happen ~ allowing oneself to be led by Spirit spills out to open green fields widening ones awareness of potentials




Themes: allowing things to happen, aware of surroundings, connecting the dots in symbolic reference, new beginnings ~ new opportunities 

As spontaneous as it gets this blog post arrived rather unexpectedly. While on vacation in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania I enjoyed early morning walks around the neighboring property from the hotel we were staying in last summer. Quiet and peaceful, my feet walked upon Northern grass. The grass immediately grabbed my attention as it was vastly different from the grass we have in South Florida. In South Florida the grass has thick wide blades that are hardy and robust. The Bethlehem, Pennsylvania grass has slender blades, soft and wispy like velvet strands of angel hair.

Spirit took my feet walking

I had no intention nor thought of a blog post, poem, and accompanying photos, however, Spirit had other plans. My first walk saturated me with ideas, heightened sensations, sights, and words that spontaneously came to me under the morning light. The Bethlehem angel grass and all that appeared before me on my walk suddenly became a wealth of inspiration running in and through me.

I was listening to country music love songs on my phone in my left hand and my right hand carried my morning cup of tea. Since my hands were occupied on my initial walk, I was not able to take any photos. I could feel this preliminary walk was specific to allowing information to be downloaded into my consciousness and to allow myself to just experience.

The second walk the following morning was when I took the photos and the gestation phase turned to solid ground rich and fertile with ideas. There was a distinct difference between the first walk with no intention but to go for a morning walk and the second walk in pursuit of photographic imagery that would visually describe what I was feeling. I knew that I must strike a balance between allowing things to happen and looking for what to photograph. Aiming to meet myself and this walk in the middle I forged ahead. A few images came from a third walk on a completely different path from a neighboring area.

Acorns, feathers, and pinecones were continually upon the path I walked. Grateful for the little confirmations from heaven, I have included these features within the poem below as a literal reference.

Although this blog post was a while in the making, it feels right on time with Spring being in our midst (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere). What grass could be greener both in content and form then upon a Spring day……..

◊It’s truly wonderful and a heavenly gift when we allow things to happen….

♥The green of grass is a symbolic color of the heart♥

Grass Symbolism:

While experiencing the striking contrast of the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania grass with my home turf, I was not thinking in terms of symbolism. I do like to step back and assess what comes into my view in symbolic terms. For me it is a way the Universe is directly speaking to me (and to all of us) through a symbolic language that requires one (if interested) to look deeper into the meaning.

Typically grass is a symbol for growth and expansion ~ as well as new life and a sense of hope and rebirth.

♥The green of grass is a symbolic color of the heart♥

As we walk upon the Earth, we walk upon the Heart. Our feet literally touch the heart and heartbeat of Blessed Mother ~ Earth. The frequencies of the Mother’s Heart energetically run through our feet and into our consciousness, body, and energy systems. Communication, therefore, is ongoing ~ a continual flow whether tapping in to it or not. 

Miracles happen #beaware


Walking: Movement

Set a focus and move with it:

Choose an area of your life you would like an increase in growth and expansion in and come on a walk with me…..

Let’s go…….!!!!………


→Walking on Northern Grass⇔

θBethlehem Angel Hairθ

Walk where you have never walked before ~ be led by the One who knows ~ trust in the evergreen of forever more



→Walking on Northern Grass⇔

θBethlehem Angel Hairθ


acorns, feathers, and pinecones

  anchored in succession upon my footpath

 trice speaking up from the sacred ground

 making themselves known while circles come round

heavens sanction to say come walk with me

elements guide me spellbound

as I survey with a look around

grass of the angels sigh

plush beneath my feet

sights, colors, and sounds

mix with the green of the emerald star

 what rests ahead is unknown, far to far

no how

to know

 walk only knowing

    all that sparkles and twinkles is in this morning hour

I am

walking on new ground

this is where I walk this day

almighty grace doth show the way

walking on northern grass

 Bethlehem angel hair

soft and wispy beneath my feet

a miracle in every blade

the old world fades away

 every step death clears way for new life

thinking about the years gone by

thinking about where I am now

paying it some mind

smoke and cries lay by the wasteside

winds are still as I leave the past behind

only light fills my mind

not a morning could be quieter

the green grass so thin and fine

like threads connecting my mind

my eyes transfixed upon the soft airy grass

walking with One in no define

 Her design spills out before me, walk and let’s see what we find

walking on northern grass

 Bethlehem angel hair

soft and wispy beneath my feet

country love songs coming from my left hand

my morning tea in my right hand

Mother Heart I step and repeat

the East morning sun

lights up my back and sides

bright topaz sun

my feet just glide

guided by a new tide

a door opens in the ground

spilling out adventures of a golden hour

 the Great Spirit shows Her Mighty Power

a blue eye ride and hawk eyes

opportunities arise open to the bluest of skies

walking on northern grass

 Bethlehem angel hair

soft and wispy beneath my feet

 I am walking in my mind

somewhere else beyond the realms of time

the grass speaks green in whispers

on the wings of a Western breeze

large oak trees echo stories

perhaps Aristotle be here now

life has potentiality, be in observance

formal logic, science, mathematical equations

realms of existence given by the sacred cow

sharing notes On the Soul

the nutritive soul, the sensible soul, and the rational soul

a syllogism offered to the mind

the golden mean to stay in between

be a seer of no lines

pay attention to the signs

walking on northern grass

 Bethlehem angel hair

soft and wispy beneath my feet

wondering what might unfold in this holy hour

weeds that look like flowers

 beauty in perception and what we see is ours

thinking about how young love gets me high

nineteen again, the scent of vanilla bean, the sun’s rays blessings of citrine

hand in hand with jasmine young love walks

 receiving the kiss of rebirth

the unwrapped heart meets the divine encounter

 exchanging this world for one more sounder

walking on northern grass

Bethlehem angel hair

soft and wispy beneath my feet

I walk and walk

 nature sets the course

grass stretching onto open fields

no sidewalks

no one else around

only country sounds

quiet, easy, bright morning

in this Bethlehem town

 where new ground is found

walking on northern grass

Bethlehem angel hair

soft and wispy beneath my feet

where moments become miles

laid out by God’s surprises

the green of new horizons

becomes unearthed

 heaven signals the new birth

walk with confidence on grass of green

melting with the heart of emerald green

be taken, be led, and walk new ground

all becomes fulfilled, have no doubt

see within and look around

walking on northern grass

Bethlehem angel hair

soft and wispy beneath my feet

listen to the wisdom from the country seat

allow your feet to take you to your breakthrough

where all is forgiven and the taste is sweet

 Bethlehem angel hair

soft and wispy beneath my feet

 walk the green grass

 where your expansion has been prepared

 walk into now

the answered prayer



⊗Blessings of walking on new ground!

∞May doors of new opportunity for the highest good of all make its presence known!

∇Many joyous Gifts of the Spirit ~ of Nature Divine to grace our lives eternalΔ

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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