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≈Aquarius Age≈



Samantha Pearl

♥Our Beloved rescue kitty serving as a muse for the New Earth♥


ΩAs we know our Soul, We know the Soul of All, the All in OneΩ


⊕The life and world imagined ~ lived ~ and proclaimed⊕

⇒We envision a world and a life of peace, harmony, joy, abundance,  and freedom. We manifest these qualities when we recognize and live these attributes within us first.

We are the agents of change ~ when our interior life has birthed a habitat conducive to and reflective of the life we desire for ourselves and the world ~ then an exterior manifestation can occur.  

All lasting transformation begins within us as we look to the Source that we are and take measures to know this living reality as the energy current we magnetize with.

A revision and metamorphosis within us impacts the whole as a testament to our interconnection with all life⇐

↔Attuning our heart, mind, and consciousness with that which we desire in our life and the world is the transformative property eliciting the change. No external “looking” ~ we know true about face occurs within us. This is empowerment↔


≈Age of Aquarius≈ ” I know”

An age of networks and information ~ inclusive of esoteric knowledge. We enter conscious participation with the etheric realm ~ division becomes a revision of an all inclusive orientation ~ the Water Bearer’s cosmic waters pouring ~ a horizontal network opens the world to equality in its truest respect.

A restoration to acceptance and wholeness ~ acceptance of self and others ~ where the focal premise is that we know we have All the knowledge and wisdom within ourselves. Clearly cognizant that this resides within us.

→We are our own starting point for everything←

Being in command of our lives ~ in the drivers seat ~  we are responsible to keep the momentum moving forward ~ taking responsibility if the train comes off the tracks. No ties to something external as a guiding force in our lives ~ we settle into our knowing of our own course, our own highest path for evolving, knowing our true identity, and what is in resonate vibration with our calling. Accessing the field of all potentiality within us ~ being masterful at connecting to the unified field ~ pairing our consciousness ~ our thoughts ~ our heart ~ our speech ~ our actions ~ all that we are ~ in unison  with the attributes and qualities we behold dear to us and for the world ~ is the fuel that moves us where our desires lay.

◊Personal transformation through self awareness ~ leading to sovereignty ~ lays in our own hands◊

We follow the way that is intrinsically personalized for us as the vehicle that ultimately leads us to enlightenment ~ operating as our Living Spirit of God ~ Soul Awareness ~ our highest attainment ~ fulfilling our life’s purpose on Earth.

 The holy ground within us that we have come to know through purification, devotion, spiritual practices ~ becomes the holy ground we stand on. This holy ground we have cultivated within springs forth and germinates in our outer life as the fruits of our labor.

As we honor our own lives through ritualistic proceedings that serve as the incentives for awakening states to occur ~ honoring  the God Source within ~  we come to the realization that this infinite, unlimited, Creator God Light is who we are ~ that All are.

This wholeness of identity is a powerful becoming


♥Divine Mother’s Love and Grace♥

Standing by ~ fully accessible ~ as we walk our path of Light, is the Divine Mother’s “Grace” ~ an endless supply of Her Divine Love ~ issued forth as a heavenly consecration.

Her Magnificent Blessed Grace smooths the path ~ is soothing and curative ~ a healing invigorating emollient as we progress in our realization of our transcendental existence.

∇What a Holy Gift the Divine Mother’s Grace is∇


As pioneers of the Age of Aquarius and the Ascension, our hallmark steps to leave an old way and open the door to the new way ~ interacting consciously with the life forces ~ attaining higher states of knowing and awareness ~ provides the transition to be easier for others to also become their self ~ governing brilliant selves.

We continue to do the necessary clearing out within ~ as purification rites of passage leading us into the greatest transition of Becoming.

Daily offering ourselves a well spring of compassion, self love and care, gentleness, and kindness. As well as remaining ever grateful as we acknowledge our many blessings and ask for Grace as need be.

We get out of the way, to be the Way, the way ordained for us that directs us to become the rising Sun Stars that we are ~ and forge the Way as a beacon of Light so others may also journey into their dedicated way ~ we all meet in the gathering place of the One.

∴Let’s open our hearts and minds to their exalted presence and live in this truth as we move about in this blessed and sacred new age∴


◊Divine Mother Vision◊ ~ Her Sacred Wings◊




Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

Divine Mother

a Holy wonder

carries us on Her Sacred Wings of Love

She is a masterpiece ~ an altarpiece

we become like Her

heart sphere ~ unconditional love perseveres

attaining states of exaltation

flowing in repeated undulations

a statute of no limitations

for all generations

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

Her Sacred Wings

bringer of all things

 Her Love light ~ the air of sweet incantations

upon all nations

inspiration ~ unification vibration

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

communications, associations ~ a new foundation

revelations and celebrations

for eons

we have been preparing

for the new creation

open doors like never before

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

the treasury indoors is the treasury outdoors

Age of Aquarius implores

freedom informs ~ this transforms

swords of unity our reward

Age of Aquarius wired ~ Motherboard ~ come aboard

universal sisterhood and brotherhood

innovation systems ~ self realization

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

peace central, all directions

perfection the reflection

unity and harmony breathing in and out

so within ~ so without

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

creation full rose bloom

blessed from Her sacred womb

all rejoice and know the Light within

shadows have disappeared

clear blueprints appear

we begin the begin again

love holy and pure with our twin

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

the path of plenty

higher heart and mind ~ solamente

Wings over the World

Heaven on Earth

New Earth

experience your rebirth

a Christmas wreath welcome

all shall come

oneself to Self

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

 inner sun and inner moon

united balanced attuned

everlasting honeymoon

Wings over the World

the New Earth is here

Go inside and find

your blessed design

Wings over the World

destiny crystalline

Wings over the World

Heaven on Earth

New Earth

go now envision, live ~ henceforth

eyes arise ~ infinity ~ original trinity

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

Aquarius sing star ~ traveling to distant stars ~ we are not far

sounds of the sitar, tiger ~ becomes wider and wider

high voltage divers ~ inside is the supplier

Aquarian mountain ~ consciousness bouncing

Universal Mind fountain

surrounding ~ astounding

sprouting seeds flowering

no need for counting ~ only encounter

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

Aquarius mist around Her

a bliss kiss ~ a love kiss

taste of paradise ~ in this

awakening to heaven

777 ~ God’s Presence

meet our omnipresence

in attendance of our essence

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

light body luminescence

our final destination

Wings over the World

Age of Aquarius

Aquarius the water bearer

cosmic water knowledge ~ Soul acknowledge

in the center ~ all together

Wings over the World

New Earth

Heaven on Earth

ancient ~ threads of  DNA ~ Aquarius airway

God of Earth ~ God of Water ~ God of Heaven

constellation Aquarius give rise

open the gateway

the water way

we enter in

electric ray

electric blue

Age of Aquarius

pass through


Age of Aquarius Blessings!!!

Many blessings of Divine Grace on your path of awakening

Thank you for viewing!

Have a Blessed Day!

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