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Spring: On a January Morn #catchthebuzz

℘Spring: On a January Morn ∞bumble and hum in winged form ⊆Catch the Buzz     Inspiration: I hope everyone’s new year 2021 is starting off great! Oh, what the morning can bring The inspiration behind this poem and imagery happened exceptionally spontaneously on what seemed like a pretty typical Sunday morning. While viewing the… Read more »

*First in Line* ~ Eats from the Kitchen

*First in Line* An ode to cornbread  You got cornbread ~ Your the best   Inspiration: Any cornbread fans? With a fervent love of cornbread I had to write a poem illustrating this affection. I have always loved corn meal in all its variations. Something about the mealy earthy taste combined with a natural light… Read more »

^Morning Song^ ~ +A Chance to Touch the Sun+

∝Morning Song∝ ◊A Chance to Touch the Sun◊   Inspiration The inspiration for this poem initially came about during the most recent late Spring and Summer months where the morning sun would blaze in my bedroom window. Literally the sun would be directly full on outside my bedroom window (not at an angle) and sweetly… Read more »

Every Man ~ Comes a time

ΞEvery ManΞ Comes a time↵   Inspiration Typically in my blog posts, I provide the inspiration behind each blog post to give my readers some preliminary information on the idea conception, development, and overall breath of the post, however, here I leave it up to each reader to interpret in whatever way feels right.  … Read more »

Popsicle Blue

¶Popsicle Blue¶   Inspiration: The inspiration for this blog post is for us to enliven beautiful childhood memories………the sights, the smells, the colors, the sounds, the tastes, the people, places, and things that take us into that world where our steps were innocent and where wonder was in the forefront of almost everything.   ΞThe… Read more »

Perfect Pain ~ the light of the dark

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ∝Perfect Pain∝     Inspiration: The inspiration behind this blog post is to encourage anyone who has experienced the dark night of the soul ~ or will ~ to feel as sense of encouragement and that you are not alone in your journey.   The Healing How does one even explain this? Not sure…. Read more »

Sisters of the Light ~ Petals of the Rose

ΩSisters of the LightΩ ∇Petals of the Rose∇ ∇Welcome Daughters of the Light! This blog post is in honor of the sacred Divine feminine energy  It is a reminder of the preciousness that you are   The poem below is from the perspective of the ♥Divine Mother♥ Seated from the throne of the ♥Divine Mother♥… Read more »