*In the Silence of the Land* ~ I Am

**~In the Silence of the Land ~ I Am~**

⊗In the Silence of the Land⊗

⊕I AM⊕

Silence the Giver ~  moving into singularity within our Creator Source Light ~ that is our substance ~ our ever lighting existence



⊗silent realms of existence⊗

⊗to be experienced & then create there from⊗

#sacredheart #sacredmind



Silence as the access point:

The inspiration behind this imagery & poem is to keepsake the beautiful silence within us ~ experienced when out in nature, during meditation, engaging in inspirited favored activities, etc…. ~ heavenly peaceful moments where we know and experience a magic surreal yet tangible world.

Silence as the giver:

This blog post also points to the allowance of giving way to the ordinary to becoming extraordinary through accessing silent realms within. Where a potential field of possibilities exist, waiting for any imaginer to take hold, have a peak, allow the alchemy to take place, and then share it in some capacity for others to also experience and remember.

A Spot by the Lake:

The original photo is a “spot by the lake” my boyfriend and I often frequent at a local park. While setting up camp there one day a blaze of deep silence buried within the land washed in, around, and through me.

A regular spot, an out of the way spot, an unassuming spot, an off the beaten path spot became an offering of a woodsy Grace whose magical silent spell I willingly and gratefully slipped into……

…..Her silent charm and magnitude turned the ordinary to extraordinary.

Connecting In:

Let us each connect in our own ways ~ to our true silent nature ~ Until it is fully ingrained as a daily integral part of our conscious living. 

∞ silence providing the nourishment, wisdom, and inspiration that guides us to our higher states of consciousness. Flowing through our hands, hearts, and minds as the action itself ~ blessing our endeavors∞


Silence: Mind and Heart:

⊂Silence directly experienced as the seed bearing all fruit⊃

∴The Silence ~ The Great Restorer∴

♥Let’s flourish in our harmony of gracious being ~ feeding our sacred heart and sacred mind♥


∴Nature as the Great Teacher & Healer∴

Revealing to us who we really are

#innerplane #landscapewithin #withinself

day is night ~ night is day

all that exists and co~exists

sun and moon together as One experienced simultaneously

#moonsunstarlight #silencewithin #flowingrivers


↔Some correlations & attributes related to “land”↔

Land as a metaphor ~ *of freedom *of the promise *promised land *milk & honey *fruits of knowledge *wisdom *tree of life  *creation *levels *divine connection

⇑ As Above So Below⇓


Be an Open Door to Magic:

⊆ Experience your active worlds within (through the sacred silence within you) ~ *your magic *your truth *your opened door *your new eyes *your Grace *your joy *your potential ⊇ that fully manifests in your life in ways you find beautiful and enriching that in turn serve to bless the whole


⊗In the Silence of the Land⊗

⊕I AM⊕



In the silence of the land I am

In the silence of the land my sacred heart I am

In the silence of the land my sacred mind I am

silence on the path we walk

silence in the grass at my feet

silence is the lover complete

a spot by the lake

we set up camp ~ retreat

velvet blue water and sun drenched yellow land

where not a whisper abounds

all may rest here

 the heart and mind fertile upon the land

my heartbeat, your heart beat, the Earth’s heartbeat

  One in One ~ All in One

silence sweetness upon my lips

eternal heart mind eclipse

transcendental song surrenders my soul

recesses of the heart awaken and become whole

 the silence of the land blankets me

each cell and atom notably carefree

wings of holy light

appear from still waters

ripples of illumination nestle in and take shape

  gentle rhythms  sing the spirit free

midnight and daylight agree taking sips at high tea

sun and moon together at once

simultaneous in timeless sight

burning heart fires though quiet speak

through a vortex up from the land where Jesus spoke of for the meek

In the silence of the land I am

In the silence of the land my sacred heart I am

In the silence of the land my sacred mind I am

Spanish moss draping branches ~ a magical feast

trees so old ~ knowledge manifold ~ trees wisdom unfold

high trees peer down ~ who might be there? ~ exchanging glances

reverence ~ the sight not distant ~ not rare

we sit calm ~ undone

I can only speak one word to describe

possibly in rhyme

words trailing off full meanings

yet bridging subtle leanings

 silence and activity united

silence the right ~ enlightened

untitled ~ invited ~ all becomes undivided

silence the left ~ ascent ~ extent

the leap ~ awake from the sleep

heart to a silent mind ~ continuous ~ auspicious

in the thick of it ~ submit ~ Great Spirit emit

sacred responsiveness

become like Magritte ~ Belgian surrealist ~ mind swing shift

moving in silent order I let go to nature’s play

words come and flow sent from God’s ray

visceral ~ no sentences emerge when the taste is from the vine

In the silence of the land my sacred heart I am

In the silence of the land my sacred mind I am

motion yet motionless

silence giver of outspokenness

self reflected glow ~ so you know

fluid streams ~ like veins ~ nothing else remains

 passages passing ~ then renew

  accessing deeper ~ mighty magic ~ pure manifest

In the silence of the land my sacred heart I am

In the silence of the land my sacred mind I am

my eyes transfixed in a whole body prayer

breeze floats by ~ Her charm in the air

 birds fly by ~ endless high

warm sun ~ silky sigh ~ full moon in the sky

dissolution of time ~ christen before there was time ~ withering to no time

In the silence of the land I am

the peace ~ the calm ~ nature’s psalm

tranquility bomb ~ the balm

circulates within ~ the inner landscape a shrine

moon, sun, inner star gaze

day and night dance eternal

the sun chivalrous in knightly attire

the moon enchanting in perfect wonder

 star sun silver gold sprinkling of moon dust

only in you do I trust

In the silence of the land I am

speechless is spoken

silence the opposite of hurry ~ no worries

silence the sign ~ I listen ~ life line

there is no balance ~ but the balance within thee

 stillness treasures ~ the land, we, me, so free

silence foresees ~ jubilee ~ a guarantee

Divine Mother ~ Divine Father ~ Divine Child

Her decree ~ we come from Thee

In the silence of the land I am

In the silence of the land my sacred heart I am

In the silence of the land my sacred mind I am

silence a chant ~ a chorus line of sunshine ~ sublime

no boundary lines ~ intertwine

tree lines ~ sweeping across no time

moon and sun combine ~ sparkling white wine

destiny speaks in rhyme

Her Greatness ~ the first, the last ~ all becomes abstract

nature exact ~ there is no match

She is a castle dance

from first glance ~ provocative ~ a romance

In the silence of the land I am

In the silence of the land my sacred heart I am

In the silence of the land my sacred mind I am

silence the marriage supper of the lamb

in the silence become richer than

sacred heart and mind at hand

silence ~ my home I am

from where we began

In the silence of the land I am



∴May all that we touch, experience, engage in, be blessed by and through our sacred heart & sacred mind∴

♥May all our moments transcend the ordinary and be transfixed into the extraordinary♥

→Blessings of the stillness within⇐

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