Cosmic Buddha ~ All Becomes Supra



The Cosmic Buddha

⊗Cosmic Buddha⊗

℘All Becomes Supra℘



The inspiration for this imagery and poem started with a photograph I took of a Buddha sculpture that blesses our entry table by our front door. Then I turned it into a digital art piece as shown above. 

His presence also graces the space where the stairs are located. It is so wonderful to see Lord Buddha while passing by on the way up the stairs and down the stairs.  Passing by as a symbol of our life here on Earth, ~ transient ~ passing by of moments, objects, people, nature, seasons, etc… ~ I “pass by’ Him each day and my breath for a moment stops, I become swept into an eternal paradise, then my action continues. I aim to greet Him each time in prayerful reverence and acknowledge his Presence and thank Him for gracing our home.

He waits so patiently for us. For us to anchor within ourselves our highest attainment. To live this exalted fruition out in our lives ~ Our enlightenment is honoring our dharma.

♥Wherever we are, He is with us♥

∞He serves as a reminder to me that all is holy. His elevated state of consciousness radiates as a light reservoir of what is important. 




Quotes by Buddha:

In Spirit quotes from Lord Buddha:


Supra defined

A prefix meaning “above, over” or “beyond the limits of, outside of” 

I use this word as a reference point to that which we transcend. To go “beyond the limits of” what is considered mainstream reality into a reality that offers a greater picture. A picture descriptive of our inherent nature as God sovereign beings ~ as Creator Light ~ as powerful creators, as One with Mother Father God and all that is.

Sukha defined

Sukha (Sanskrit, Pali; Devanagari: सुख) means happiness, pleasure, ease, joy or bliss, in Sanskrit and Pali. Among the early scriptures, ‘sukha‘ is set up as a contrast to ‘preya’ (प्रेय) meaning a transient pleasure, whereas the pleasure of ‘sukha‘ has an authentic state happiness within a being that is lasting.”


” Its literal translation is often given as “good space,” coming from the Sanskrit words, su (good) and kha (space).

In the “Rig Veda” it has often been explained in contrast to preya (pleasure). This is because sukha is a deep and lasting state of happiness, while preya is a temporary state, or a passing pleasure.”




ΞWe are here

Then we are gone

Our eternal being lives on forever

 We are the BuddhaΞ


⇒Let us awaken our inner Buddha

Where all becomes supra⇐


⊆Gratitude to the Buddha for his great wisdom teachings and paving the way, along with all the Ascended Masters, to point us in the direction of the way ~ the way to enlightenment⊇



Be aware when Buddha appears at your door…


→Be aware when Buddha appears at your door

stop, rejoice

know good news be yours↵


⊗Cosmic Buddha⊗

℘All Becomes Supra℘


The Cosmic Buddha

all becomes supra

into the sukha

no limits within

universal sutra

be aware when the Buddha is at the door

shadows become light

thy altar rises up to dance

spreading merriment across the floor

two golden fish and a vase of great treasure

ripe for the devotee to behold in wonder

the exactness has no exactness

it is abstract ~ empty

it surpasses and passes

The Cosmic Buddha

all becomes supra

into the sukha

no limits within

universal sutra

we are here for a moment ~ then depart in a passing

 fire up all the burners

become aware at the corners

when the water has boiled

sweet honey tea poured

drink it from the white conch shell

celestial sounds disperse as the Divine Mother rings Her purity bell

ripe now is the disciple

poised to advance with eyes that see to tell

leave to come back

zygote hypnotize in union

destined are all to be the super human

all are a witness in holy communion

watch the wind move the stars

see the stars in the wind

slip into a silent Buddha mind

beside the quiet is the surprise

ears shaped as infinity

one hears as one

know your place in the trinity as divinity

we are the blessed child

free to choose eternity

balanced masculine and femininity

two halves meet in the center to unite as One

lotus flower given to the feminine by the masculine

the feminine receives giving creation spun into awakening

third eye open

silence the river for the spoken

visions that move in the stillness of not

live to fly the victory banner high

live from the eight spoked wheel

become right to right and all is right

the Cosmic Buddha

is like the morning glory

continuously rising

yet at night unveiling

His inner repository

be sovereign and invincible to stock the inventory

take refuge under the Goddess of the White Parasol

where suffering is no more

forgetting all to be all

this is the movement to get from shore to shore

forgive, surrender, and bless all

The Cosmic Buddha

all becomes supra

into the sukha

no limits within

universal sutra

be of no beginning with no end

Buddha wisdom and compassion befriend

be in the heart and be untaught

dive to connect with the eternal knot

symmetrical design and sacred geometry be in your thoughts

jump the hoop when right angles are on the spot

The Cosmic Buddha

all becomes supra

into the sukha

no limits within

universal sutra

taste the juicy fruit from the peach tree

end be the cycle

humanity to live free

enlightenment be yours

Buddha realized spirit decree

The Cosmic Buddha

all becomes supra

into the sukha

no limits within

universal sutra

live to pass

The Cosmic Buddha

walk with Him

fertile becomes the green grass

interconnectedness of all things

universal sutra

the spin becomes thin

one remembers all

on Buddha’s wings

stretch out thee limbs

a Buddha journey begins…..


∞Blessings of the Cosmic Buddha!

⊗ May we all awaken and know ourselves as the Enlightened Buddha⊗

ΞMay everlasting joy, peace, and perfection be our moment to moment conscious choice and permanent way of living and being!

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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