Celtic Goddess Brigid ~ the promise of spring *devotional hymn*

Goddess Brigid ~ fiery potent One with sacred farm animals

Goddess Brigid and presiding elements of fire and water

⊕Goddess Brigid ~ The Promise of Spring⊕


Diving into the Goddesses and becoming more acquainted with them is a passion of mine. This blog post is a celebration of Celtic Goddess Brigid through some background knowledge, a poetry devotional, and art imagery.

The images were originally a model photo session that I turned into art images  honoring Goddess Brigid. She presides over many areas and is associated with the spring season, fertility, healing, poetry, and blacksmithing.

Imbolc celebrated February 1st ~ is a Celtic tradition and festival celebrating the onset of spring and is associated with Goddess Brigid. This ties into her role as a fertility Goddess as well.

“On Imbolc Eve, Brigid was said to visit virtuous households and bless the inhabitants.”



⊗Celtic Goddess Brigid⊗

 ◊Divine Feminine◊

∞the High One  ~ the Exalted One  ~ the Bright One∞

∇Celtic Mother Goddess ~ Fire Goddess∇

∴Sacred Flame∴

φFire Magicφ

                  Celtic Pantheon  ~ Ireland            

 ⇒Triple Goddess⇐

Goddess of Forge & Hearth   #celtic #irish #diety #gaelic

Goddess of Smithcraft ~ Poetry ~ Healing ~ Fertility

Wide ranging Patroness  ~ #domesticatedanimals #justice #peace #unity #childbirth


§The Magic of Brigid§


Season of Spring ~ Celebrated as Imbolc on February 1st

(sometimes celebrated February 2nd depending on the midway point from the winter solstice & spring equnox)

Blessed Imbolc ~ “in the belly of the Goddess”

Magical energy from the feminine attributes of the Goddess

*Imbolc ~ we begin to awaken from our winter slumber ~ the belly of Mother Earth begins to wiggle & shake off the winter ~ as the animals ~ plants ~  and trees begin to rise again from a winter dormancy ~ as we to begin again 🙂

One of the ways Imbolc is celebrated is by making Brigid’s Cross. Here is a video demonstrating step by step process.

Example of Brigid’s cross ~ internet image

Imbolg Pregame: How to Make a Cross of Bríd (Brigid’s Cross) – YouTube


*Through connecting with Imbolc we can recharge ourselves with the newness & freshness of the coming of Spring ~ we begin to see signs everywhere ~ within ourselves ~ new growth emerging upon the Earth ~ birds singing this in song ~ life springs forth once again ~ magic in our hearts & in the air. A rekindling and a new awakening ~ §The Magic of Brigid§


When to invoke Goddess Brigid

Invoke Goddess Brigid into your life when transformation is needed in any area of your life ~  where a new manifestation is desired. Peering into the symbolism of her many aspects we gain significant knowledge. For example Brigid presides over midwifery ~ this is also representative of a rebirth of the new within us ~ when the “old” is no longer integral to our evolution. Through her Sacred Flame our metamorphosis is birthed ~ her fiery flame burns & extinguishes that which needs to be disbanded from our core essence into sacred transfiguration. This fire aspect is also regarded as “Fire of Inspiration” as patroness of poetry. This divine spark of illumination  can also aid in creativity, innovation, originality ~ as Brigid will show you clever inventive approaches/ideas/methodologies to serve you in your endeavors.

Brigid is a Great Healer ~ call upon her for healing on any level (mental/emotional/spiritual/physical) ~ especially when looking for naturalistic herb plant based healing knowledge & direct impact for health. If you serve in the healing arts you may want to summon Brigid’s  healing energy magic as it transfers into patients, clients, etc…. Invoke Goddess Brigid as the Great Mother Goddess that she is ~ converse with her & share your thoughts & feelings with her & receive lightning wisdom & decoding.

You can focus in on developing & or further developing your magical gifts, abilities, & insights. Ask Brigid to assist you in getting to know yourself as your magical self.

With Brigid’s association with fertility & childbirth ~ you may connect in with Her for yourself or another in the physical domain of pregnancy ~ getting pregnant ~ healthy pregnancy ~ & childbirth blessings.

Brigid is also associated with the Earth & the element of water. Through out Ireland there are many sacred wells devoted to her. Water being a integral & vital element to both our bodies & the Earth. Some symbolic water references can be inclusive of concepts & ideas related to living water, sacred springs, flow of the divine, water as both nourishing & purifying ~ water can also represent the subconscious & heightened divine powers.


⊕Let’s begin our devotional to Beloved Goddess Brigid to invoke her Holy Presence⊕

λPrepare to receive Brigid’s sacred flame……..

*If possible light a candle in honor of Goddess Brigid and as a intensification of receiving & enlivening*


§Goddess Brigid§

Devotional Hymn

⊕Goddess Brigid ~ The Promise of Spring⊕

Heat of the Sun

Goddess Brigid

Heat of the Sacred Flame

Goddess Brigid

Heat of the fires within the Heart

Goddess Brigid

Fiery power ~ Solar Goddess ~ Beloved Brigid

Divine Goddess of sacred hands ~ the palms that crafted creation

Godess of healers, poets, smith

inspiration ~ creativity ~ pregnancy

hearth, forge, Celtic source

loved by many ~ legacy

Goddess Brigid

ignite my true One heart ~ open the pathway of my Illumined Self ~ clothe me with thine eyes of seeing

house me in your warmth & mystical power ~ remove all ignorance~ lift the veils that I may see my perfection

turn to ashes what thou see’s as unfit ~ holy light pierce all shadows ~ leave me only in my boundless light

may I be a faithful custodian of the keeper of your Holy Flame ~ a divine holder of your revered light

Maternal ~ Mother Goddess ~ Goddess Brigid

cover me in your eternal glow

flashes bright ~ glistening shafts

Your Mighty blaze ~ surround me

Your Holy Breath ~ birthed ~ re birthed ~ in my breath

renew ~ resurrection

polished & radiant like the Sun of Sun’s

enter in thee solar flare

everlasting vigor, beauty, & health

Heat of the Sun

Goddess Brigid

Heat of the Sacred Flame

Goddess Brigid

Heat of the fires within the Heart

Goddess Brigid

Fiery power ~ Solar Goddess ~ Beloved Brigid

Eternal is thou nature

my head bowed in Goddess fervor ~ my unwavering love

bestow mercy and favor ~ greater and greater

Spring ~ I hear it in the Earth’s murmur

raise us ~ birthed out of labor

new growth ~ plants trees flowers

I rejoice and savoir

Your luster glow~ reflection ~ rays of incandescent light

Encase me ~ sustained creative endeavor ~ blessed is nature

light upon light ~ day upon day

through the night ~ I invite

transmitting Heaven’s excite as light

Spring~ the hour cometh ~ we reunite

rays of fiery passion ~ sparkles of glaring sheen

Soul awakened ~ no edges ~ no time ~ no boundaries

a thousand dreams ~ a mountain stream

the land speaks ~ Spring released

flow like rivers through my vessel

pouring out a continued renaissance

 Spring knocks ~ Earth propped ~ winter drops

farm animals flock ~ new crops

success assured ~ living words

written ~ spoken ~ abiding in enduring light

If the night or day be cold

Goddess Brigid ~ The Promise of Spring

 Spring revival in my heart~ forever shine

echoed in the Earth’s birth

again then like Zen ~ all say amen

Heat of the Sun

Goddess Brigid

Heat of the Sacred Flame

Goddess Brigid

Heat of the fires within the Heart

Goddess Brigid

Fiery power ~ Solar Goddess ~ Goddess Brigid

rooster ~ awaken-er as the rising sun ~ lamb ~ Christ marriage

Beloved Goddess Brigid

the tenderness of the heart & sweetness in the air

Church of the Oak ~ Kildare

sacred circle ~ unbroken ~ a poem

Thank you sisters of Kildare

the church where ~ built there

Brigid’s flame ~ maintained

Beloved Goddess Brigid

sacred flame ~ come burn bright

as we speak your immortal name

praise to proclaim ~ inflame ~ bless us to excel

ignite ~ kindle ~ the way

watery well ~ wishing well

  living waters ~ drowning in your spell

ever lasting ~ enduring ~ nourishing ~ sustaining

Heat of the Sun

Goddess Brigid

Heat of the Sacred Flame

Goddess Brigid

Heat of the fires within the Heart

Goddess Brigid

Fiery power ~ Solar Goddess ~ Goddess Brigid

If the night or day be cold

Goddess Brigid ~ The Promise of Spring

in this we do trust

Goddess Brigid

entrance into your admittance

Christ within appearance

our coexistence

If the night or day be cold

Goddess Brigid

the promise of Spring to behold


ζHonor and Praise to Goddess Brigidζ

May we all receive many Blessings  from Goddess Brigid !!!

Happy Imbolc!!

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Have a blessed day!

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