Magenta Garden ~ *Unconditional Universal Love*

Mother Magenta Stargate






♥Magenta Garden♥

⇒Unconditional Universal Love⇐


⊗This poem and imagery is inspired by Unconditional Universal Love⊗

⊗The character and state of our Soul and heart light⊗

⊗Our Highest Expression⊗ 


♥The Fullness of Grace of the Divine Mother♥

Love unreserved ~ unconstrained

Love Enduring…



 The Magenta Garden is a metaphor for such exalted love

The garden as a symbol of our life

Our internal landscape reflected back as our external garden

The Magenta Garden…

A garden seeded in the truth of boundless love ~ flourishing with blooms eternal ~ nourished with a timeless love ~ an everlasting love

A garden in full receivership of universal unconditional love

A garden in balance & harmony with natural law

A bountiful garden without end

We are the breeding ground, individually ~  of the fires of sacred love within us ~ how we bespeak, engage, and come on board with ourselves is the initial plowing of what may be present in our garden ~ the unconditional love we accept and demonstrate to ourselves fans the fires to blossom.

When we have continuously reinforced and replenished self love within us ~ towards us ~ we then can become a pure vessel to out pour this into our lives ~ offering to life what we have offered to ourselves.

When we have cultivated this garden within us and within our heart ~ we then rise to unfathomable heights ~ abiding in the Magenta Garden



An Earthly Paradise

“Gardens can be viewed as a symbol of the Virgin Mary in the Christian tradition. Gardens are also referred to as an image of the Soul and innocence.”

“It also symbolizes consciousness because of its enclosed characteristics, as opposed to the forest”


⇒When we don’t place any conditions or limitations on ourselves we then can extend this blessing to all of life⇐

Let’s fervently lavish ourselves in unconditional love ~ a love offering we grant ourselves. This is the consideration of the blessing of our garden ~ the rich soil ~ the determining factor for the growth of our garden of life. Once saturated ~ we can then begin to apply this elevated state of being to our loved ones, family, neighbors, strangers ~ all whom we interact with ~ those we walk by while out and about ~ and those that walk with us on our path of life.

If we remain steadfastly planted in our heart of unconditional love, most assuredly the Great Spirit will lift Her mighty wings ~ spreading the seed of our faithfulness to unite with lively fragrant blooms in our garden. Her perfumed bouquet ~ the harvest ~ as the manifestation of our devotion to tend to our garden.


Magenta = Unconditional Love & Acceptance

♥Fullest Expression of Divine Love♥

Harmony & Balance


Ω the alpha & the omega Ω

⊆the end & beginning of the light spectrum⊇

(above violet ~ & before red)

Creating a color loop ~ the completion into Oneness

 Also embedded within the word Magenta is both a female/male reference.  Contributing to a balance, completion, oneness of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine within. As the first two letters “ma” often a reference to Maria ~ the Ma Ray ~ Ave Maria ~ Mother Mary ~ Divine Feminine ~~ while the next four letters are “gent” ~ a reference to a gentleman ~~  Divine Masculine. Poetry like words, often have deeper hidden meanings to be unlocked. 🙂



♥Magenta Garden♥

⇒Unconditional Universal Love⇐


I walked into a magenta garden

it was on the Earth ~ but not of the Earth

I realized this was my home ~ when I became unearthed

magenta garden ~ loves birth ~ unconditionally submersed

garden of harmony ~ maternally ~ paternally ~ absorbancy

magenta overflow ~ overthrow ~ in the flow

flourishing ~ nourishing ~ love on the go

  arch at the garden’s entryway  

magenta love the gateway

magenta garden ~ where love and the heart intersect

love says you are perfect ~ take effect

hanging like mistletoe ~ enter ~ bliss plateau

other worldly, you know ~ divine willow chateau

I was barefoot, in the sun and mist, euphoria kiss

“Be in the world ~ but not of the world” said the Christ

magenta illumination ~ can not put a price ~ stellar advice

parts red & blue ~ comprise your field of view ~ pass through

magenta love ~ an agent of change 

transformation ~ to obtain

magenta garden ~ many angels were in chorus

garden of mighty proportions ~ Eye of Horus

all was magenta ~ it was gorgeous ~ love’s fortress

those who wear the magenta suit

produce roots, shoots ~ the best of fruits

I saw many others too ~ spread across the nations

foundations ~ stations ~ sharing magenta vibrations

magenta gardens birthed

 towering ~ a love showering

in the magenta garden there is no tomorrow

time slows to no ~ inspire those ~ garden grows

Mother Magenta 

the entirety of love’s Grace

She was there to meet me ~ velvety ~ counting in three’s

You spring like eternity ~ ever near me ~ I bow to Thee

Your walk is so airy, bird of paradise, entice

Mother Magenta ~ bride of brides ~ nothing divides ~ no sides

see Her in the magenta garden ~ Her love is our pardon

magenta garden ~ loves radiance ~ glee ~ birch tree

roses like crystals ~ orchids in rows

flirtation floral combinations ~ all in relation

Law of Oneness ~  in operation

union ~ fullness ~ loves completion affirmation

inflating my awareness ~ liberation ~ adoration vacation

 love the non ~ conformist ~ adorn it ~ reformist

love has no rules ~ detesting rules ~ so unruly

newly ~ truly ~ a lover of beauty

in my midst ~ honeycomb drift ~ swing shift ~ transfixed

magenta evening primrose ~ twin roles ~ twin souls

 I saw faeries at high command

a magenta wonderland on the other hand

magenta garden ~ song of the mystical raven

the sky grows ~ by those ~ enclosed by a magenta haven

love the garden ~ in the heart ~ where the Soul takes flight

leave a footpath ~ followers in the aftermath

 magenta garden ~ the Swallow

the incarnation and resurrection

 the magenta garden ~ Christ’s perfection 

love the wearer of holy robes ~ names on a sacred scroll

love the builder ~ love the Creator ~ love the liberator

counting in fifths ~ pivotal ~ all shifts

a reflector, reflecting, reflective ~ ones perspective

walking through the magenta garden there was no objective 

only love the directive

Oh, Magenta ~ if I add some white ~ you feel so right

magenta rays all day ~ compassion and kindness in your sway

the floral and fauna a garden ballet ~ on display

 the landscaping God’s might ~ there is no night

my eyes a magenta spotlight

translucent clouds ~ the greenest grass and pathways

curtains of leaves saying “come this way”

the magenta air rushes ~ I could hear spirits pray

grand trees with large roots holding them down

a branch leans out ~ holding a jeweled crown

“this is for you” said the tree

take it and this magenta silk gown

 for your magenta heart ablaze ~ we praise ~ put this on

 the love that you raised ~ stays ~ germinating each day

“now continue to walk on in this way”

then the magenta meadow flowers glowed ~ to show

guiding me to a leading light

a rite of passage into the magenta hermetic seal of light

in the magenta garden ~ we reunite

in the magenta garden love is the starlight

in  the magenta garden ~ love flies the highest kite

home of universal love light

in the magenta garden

love has no end

the enduring spirit ascends

magenta garden seed, now sown

magenta love enthroned

a magenta garden

one for each of us

to call our own




May your life overflow in unconditional love

May your Magenta Garden always be fruitful & plentiful

◊Blessings of Magenta Love◊

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Have a Blessed Day!!!

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