Magenta Garden ~ Unconditional Universal Love :)


⊗Magenta Garden⊗


Magenta = Unconditional Love & Acceptance

♥Fullest Expression of Divine Love♥

Harmony & Balance


Ω the alpha & the omega Ω

⊆the end & beginning of the light spectrum⊇

(above violet ~ & before red)

Creating a color loop ~ the completion into Oneness


I also feel that embedded within the word Magenta is both a female/male reference.  Contributing to a balance, completion, oneness of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine within. As the first two letters “ma” often a reference to Maria ~ the Ma Ray ~ Ave Maria ~ Mother Mary ~ Divine Feminine ~~ while the next four letters are “gent” ~ a reference to a gentleman ~~  Divine Masculine. Poetry like words, often have deeper hidden meanings to be unlocked. 🙂


 ⊗Magenta Garden⊗

⇒Unconditional Universal Love⇐


I walked into a magenta garden

it was on the Earth ~ but not of the Earth

I realized this was my home ~ when I became unearthed

magenta garden ~ shining & refined

garden of harmony ~ maternally ~ paternally ~ absorbancy

magenta overflow ~ overthrow ~ in the flow

flourish ~ nourish ~ did you forget you are already perfect?

hanging like mistletoe ~ enter ~ bliss plateau

other worldly, you know ~ divine willow chateau

I was barefoot, in the sun & mist, euphoria kiss

“Be in the world ~ but not of the world” said the Christ

magenta illumination ~ can not put a price ~ sacred advice

parts red & blue ~ comprise your field of view ~ pass through

an agent of change ~ transformation

Magenta garden ~ angels in chorus, my cat is a Taurus

garden of mighty proportions ~ Eye of Horus

all was magenta ~ it was gorgeous ~ surrounding me ~ this fortress

I saw many others too ~ spread across the nations

foundations ~ stations ~ sharing magenta vibrations

magenta flowers ~ Mother Magenta

You spring like eternity ~ ever near me ~ I bow to Thee

Your walk is so airy, bird of paradise, entice

Mother Magenta ~ bride of brides ~ nothing divides ~ no sides

magenta garden ~ happiness ~ glee ~ birch tree

roses like crystals ~ orchids in rows

flirtation floral combinations ~ all in relation

Law of Oneness ~  in operation

union ~ fullness ~ completion affirmation

inflating my awareness ~ liberation ~ adoration vacation

non ~ conformist ~ transform it ~ reformist

detesting rules ~ so unruly

newly ~ truly ~ a lover of beauty

in my midst ~ honeycomb drift ~ swing shift ~ transfixed

creating my own path ~ magenta evening primrose ~ meadow land clothes

leave a footpath ~ others will follow in the aftermath

we are responsible ~ build it ~ create it ~ through our gifts

counting in fifths ~ pivotal ~ all shifts

inspired by beauty ~ all else is off duty

a reflector, reflecting, reflective ~ it’s no wonder

time but a number ~ move past it ~ to reach its outnumber

Oh, Magenta ~ if I add some white ~ you feel so right

you bright up the night ~ my eyes ~ magenta spotlight

magenta garden ~ wordlessly uniformity ~ certainly universally

gateway to initiation ~ other realms ~ cast your spell

magenta garden ~ all unite ~ humanities awakening expedite

come to the light ~ leading light ~ magenta garden reunite



◊Blessings of Magenta Love◊

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Have a Blessed Day!!!

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