Happy Summer Solstice 2018

*Blessings of the Light*

∴Happy Summer Solstice 2018∴

⇑As Above So Below⇓


ΩThe Christ LightΩ

We celebrate the Light

The Light Within

Our planetary Sun and Great Central Sun


Our Ascension path draws us closer and closer to the awakening status of who we truly are.

As the Light that we are.

As we continue on our evolutionary path and clear out within us all that is not representative of our Truth ~ through new belief patterns, new ways of conscious living, balanced divine masculine and divine feminine, and being in conscious course with our Higher Selves ~ we attain steps that ultimately lead us to our destiny as fully enlightened beings while having our human experience.


Honor your divinity and take moments each day to embark within your inner ^Light^

We obtain higher states of consciousness through direct contact with our inner most recesses that speak to us ~ that speak to us in a language of symbols, of feelings, of higher knowing and offer divine inspiration and guidance anchored in the riches of our Soul.

Meditate, go out in nature, offer up moments of silence and stillness ~ incorporate spiritual practices that resonate with you.

Let us allow our Great Spirit ~ The Oneness ~ that threads through all existence ~ to speak to us ~ to guide us ~ to love on us ~ to heal us ~ to reveal to us our magnificence.


It’s a Hot One

A Divine ONE

Celebrate ~ Invite the Sun within YOU

commune ~ take refuge

fly High ~ no worries ~ no why

unbounded ~ unbridled ~ like a bird in the limitless skies

abundant endless Summer ~ trust in supplies ~ freedoms prize

happy surprise ~ sunrise baptize

Take Joy in the Light ~ each day ~ each moment

to Shine ~ to be real ~ to honor & love yourself

As the sun rises each day ~ the sun rises within you as well

arise within ~ liberty’s bell

Rejoice in the Light that you are

Know the Light

Experience the Light

Christ Light You Are

Heaven on Earth ~ All Unite

Blessings of the Light

Sacred Divine Light


Blessings of the Great Light

Blessings of awakening to the Great Light that you are 🙂

Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a blessed day!!!

Miracles Happen!! #stayaware

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