A Prayer for You ~ the wheel

Lady Prayer ~ ^praying for you^

‡A Prayer for You‡

⊗The Wheel⊗


ΞA prayer for you

to come throughΞ


≤Have you ever had someone pray for you? How blessed is that. It is so exhilarating and uplifting to know someone has taken sacred moments to uplift prayer requests on your behalf to the Divine. What a beautiful act of kindness and a thoughtful measure. 

Of course, we ~ ourselves can bring to the tabernacle of the Holy our supplications. We are perfectly equipped and empowered to be in prayerful invocation. However, isn’t it just ripely delicious when another soul offers such blessedness for our representation. 

I have crafted here a prayer specifically for you. It is my hope it brings much restoration, healing, Grace, Love, and Light to you.


The inspiration for this prayer and imagery, in addition to offering answered adoration in your life ~ is to also refresh ourselves with the Universal Oneness we all come from, are connected to, and will return to.

The absoluteness and universality we are all waking up to ~ to live this reality in our daily lives while having this Earth experience.

 Our Ascesnion ⇑ ⇓ A one on one encounter with our divine nature that spills out in ripple effect so that all we are acquainted with is this divine knowing.

The Godship is recognized not only in Self (this positioning first) but in the beautiful trees, in one another, animals, rocks, etc…permeating the air, physical structures ~ all of creation. All places and spaces imbued with a holy reverence ~ all life suffused with this  sanctified light.

The enshrined cord of magical weave within us, around us, through us, and through out all of creation ties back to the Universal Wholeness.

The enduring ~ timeless ~ imperishable omnitude  we are the sum total of. 

∞Let’s aim this as our claim∞


This post is centered on standing in agreement to being a es·prit de corps (French for “spirit of the body” ~ meaning fellowship ~ a common loyalty shared) === the heart light vessels upon the Earth, the ones who are here to be the leaders of the Aquarian Age ~ those who have acquired (through self dedication, focus, inner sighting, and clearing) the qualities and virtues of evolutionary heights === to fully stand as a beacon of  consecrated Light ~ ” of bread and wine”  ~ to be as and to represent the New Earth characteristics of 5D and higher states of consciousness.

Integrated wholeness with Source = Unconditional Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom, Compassion, Wisdom

We summon great Light into our lives, our bodies, our spirited endeavors, the Earth ~ upon all those we interact with ~ our loved ones, community (both location based as well as internet community) ~ anyone who comes across our path whether for a fleeting moment and those who walk our journey together. 


Please note, the importance above all us, is the daily nurturing and self care we must place upon ourselves as loving acts of kindness. This is of prime importance for our personal evolution. Before we can be of service we must be of service to ourselves ~ daily.


Although it is wonderful to gift ourselves with what we resonatate with that requires a monetary exchange, we often overlook the Many free things we can also gift ourselves with. Especially that which is readily available in any given moment. I created a post on this to serve as a reminder of what is always present as an option that can be a blessing to us on our Ascension ride ~ entitled “Ascension Tickets”

Click below if you would like to have a look


Ascension Tickets ~ Free Admission



⇒The Universe blesses and supports me⇐

⇒I open my heart and full being to receive answered prayers from the Divine⇐

⇒I open my awareness and conscious living to the Universal thread of Oneness⇐

⇒I offer praise to the Divine⇐


Let us rekindle within ourselves the recalling of the Universal thread holding all together ~ inclusive of us.

Let us remember to be kind to others ~ as we know not what they have been through and what they are going through. Least not for the human experience we all share.

We all move about on our spirited path in our own unique ways. Let us honor all ~ while correspondingly supporting and uplifting others. ∴Bringing to Light the Light∴


Nothing takes away from us ~ nothing can add to us. We are complete and whole just as we are.

Once we are familiar and have adopted this divine truth much can open up for us.

Giving and receiving in equal proportions

Knowing what benefits you ~ benefits me ~ benefits the whole. What benefits me ~ benefits you ~ benefits the whole. The cycle goes round and round

◊Oneness ~ the Whole◊

℘The interconnected cosmic fabric of existence℘


℘The ripple effect℘

Your healing is my healing

My healing is your healing 

which becomes the healing of all ~ the whole


Your success is my success

My success is your success

which becomes the success of all ~ the whole


Your release of fear is my release of fear

My release of fear is your release of fear

which becomes the release of fear for all ~ the whole


Your awakening is my awakening

My awakening is your awakening

which becomes the awakening of the all ~ the whole


A prayer for you is a prayer for me

We are divinely connected

Wishing you many an answered prayer

Let us love ourselves and love one another in fullness


The Divine in me greets the Divine in you


‡A Prayer for You‡

⊗The Wheel⊗



May you wear your crown

golden and bejeweled

in your awakened new birth

majestic ~ electric

the path of the mystic ~ synergistic

your eternity come

your Soul in uniform

to which you have now become

May your eyes see only the truth

clear and bright

vision that brings insight

your inner light

May your ears hear

the choir of angels

the voice of the archangels

and all those

Divine Light painters and containers

listen to their articulation

and your heart’s songful sound

 sweet euphonious of Oneness

heaven heard profound

May your breathing

breathe in and out

the beauty of creation

scents of musky rose and tuberose

 frankincense, jasmine

fields and meadows

gardenia, plumeria

imagine the passion


cinnamon and cloves

lilacs taking you under

fragrances that wonder

the Holy Spirit

Her oil of Anointing

bless you as nearest and dearest

May your lips be doused in sacred wine

of wisdom spoken

 your speech a love token

 like a flute

words of compassion

prose that uplifts

tasting the ripest of fruits

sweet nectar ~ the taste

upon your lips

May your heart be opened as center

where you always enter

your exalted mentor

taking action


from the hearts rays

of illumined diffraction

this ~ the divine plan of action

the heart

like ocean waves

guiding your way

May you wear the garment of truth

this your pursuit

hearken back to your youth

purity in bloom

nothing to prove

holding hands together ~ remember

May your feet

be always on solid ground

content in your place

receiving continued Grace

May your plate always be full

 your gratitude high

May you arise each morning

strong ~ to a birdsong

healthy in plenty

beautiful ~  like Botticelli

Venus ~ the birth

May you lay your head

at evenings peek

in a bed of peace

quietude and refreshment increased

May the Sun be around you

all a glow

radiant in your splendor

that grows and grows

May the Moon

be your companion

whispering revelations

so that you know

you are complete

living out your freedom

Graced from Her Universal Love beat

May your doubts be short lived

 your faith abound

May your smiles and laughter

ring in and through

each chapter

 drowning out mindless chatter

May you be your only answer

you, the master

May abundance

be at your front and back door

be your authentic Self

let the universe do the rest

May your heart stream light to all that you meet

and may they return it

as you greet

May your hands create miracles

wonders that astound

glory ~ spellbound

May you be poised

with serenity, harmony, and bliss

always present ~ knowing the gift

as the days pass

moments in succession

accomplished in your dharma

 your purpose fulfilled

days in the physical

becoming numbered

and you come to your last breath

your time on Earth be through

may you know there is nothing you missed

get ready for eternity’s kiss

your Soul list finished

your legacy will be told

the many lives you have touched

the winds will rush

 the trumpets

in the air

angels sing for you

hereafter here

thereafter there

your life an answered prayer

the body begins to drop

your Soul on stairs

angels lift to carry you

light as air

you take one more stare

reflections aware

above all else

in God

in your God Self

you did know yourself

a Renaissance of Self

God dwells

the innate Self

you left behind your false self

to become your real Self

this was your vow

that you did allow

your life ~ the sacred cow

farewell ~ the doorbell ~ nothing withheld

no death of depth be with you now

you were blessed

with a hallowed kiss coming in

this was your begin

this you knew

as you always looked within

now your exit

the wheel has gone round

the moment to leave the Earthly ground

the journey

the sunset

in its final view

you have been your own savior

and taught others

to be in this favor

your time on Earth

you have been revered

as a beloved player

loving your neighbor

how you have been

 a living prayer

this will be declared

from beginning to end

approach now the ultimate transcend

the bridge lays before you

loved ones by your side

Great wings now unfold

rest and receive

sail now

to the opened arms

“My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.”

And my heart responds, “Lord I am coming.”

a blessed Psalm

the Supreme return

 the Eternal One Presence

the One Love Essence


to the Divine Creator

Holy Luminescence

Life thanks you for your Presence

while on Earth and beyond

your birth, death, and re~birth

of worth

others observe

so they may also return

the pearl ~ the sun

no one else

could of done it

the way you have done

victory has won


for your home run

it is done

back now

to where we begun

the closing outcome


Great Blessings of answered prayers!

⊗May you be blessed with all the beauty of creation⊗

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day

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