Prayer and the Wheel

Lady of the Prayer Ray ~ ^praying for us^ ^the Earth^ ^all of Creation^

Praying hands symbolize obedience, submission, sincerity, repentance, veneration and respect in regard to one’s higher power.”


‡ Prayer ‡

⊗The Wheel⊗

⊗A peer into prayer, the wheel and its related symbolism⊗



♥This post is centered on standing in prayerful Love♥

Love of Self ~ humanity ~ the Earth ~ and all Her creation

Being a es·prit de corps (French for “spirit of the body” ~ meaning fellowship ~ a common loyalty shared) === recognizing the Truth of Spirit within and without.

≈Here to raise the flag to the Aquarian Age≈

To diligently continue (through self dedication, focus, inner sighting, and clearing) to manifest through conscious living God qualities and God virtues.

Aspiring to endless evolutionary heights ===  so that collectively we may fully stand and be a beacon of consecrated Light ~ ” of bread and wine”  ~ to be as and to represent the New Earth characteristics of 5D, universal unconditional love, and higher states of consciousness ~ further establishing ourselves in and as pure Creator Love and Light ~ fulfilling our divine purpose on Earth.

Integrated Wholeness with Source = Unconditional Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom, Abundance, Compassion, Wisdom

 ΞA prayer for you~ for all of humanity, the Earth, blessed animals, all of creation

to come throughΞ



Dharma, the wheel, and its related symbolism:

Dharma. … In Hinduism, dharma signifies behaviors that are considered to be in accord with Ṛta, the order that makes life and universe possible, and includes duties, rights, laws, conduct, virtues and “right way of living”. In Buddhism, dharma means “cosmic law and order”, and is also applied to the teachings of Buddha.”


⊗The Wheel⊗

⊗A peer into the wheel and its related symbolism⊗

The “Wheel” as a symbol of the continuous movement of infinite energy and flow throughout the Universe, ourselves, the Earth ~ all of creation. The wheel of our individual lives, collective lives, and Universal Oneness.


A Prayer Wheel

A prayer wheel is a cylindrical wheel (Tibetan: འཁོར་ལོ།, Wylie: khor lo) on a spindle made from metal, wood, stone, leather or coarse cotton. Traditionally, a mantra is written in Newari language of Nepal, on the outside of the wheel.

According to the lineage texts on prayer wheels, prayer wheels are used to accumulate wisdom and merit (good karma) and to purify negativities (bad karma). In Buddhism, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have created a variety of skillful means (upaya) to help bring practitioners ever closer to realizing enlightenment.

~ Wikipedia

Sound of prayer wheels fills Gyirong streets as Tibetan Buddhists mark Saga Dawa

♥May we all offer up sacred moments in heartfelt prayer♥


⊗The Dharma Wheel⊗

The Meaning of the Dharma Wheel

The Dharma Wheel



“Similar to the wheel of a cart that keeps revolving, it symbolizes the Buddha’s teaching as it continues to be spread widely and endlessly. The eight spokes of the wheel represent the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism, the most important Way of Practice.”

“The Eightfold Path consists of eight practices:

⇒right view

⇒right resolve

⇒right speech

⇒right conduct

⇒right livelihood

⇒right effort

⇒right mindfulness

and ⇒right samadhi (‘meditative absorption or union’). … The Noble Eightfold Path is one of the principal teachings of Theravada Buddhism, taught to lead to Arhatship.”


〈〉May we all rise to the perfected state of the Eightfold Path〈〉


To read more about the Dharma Wheel click on the link below

The Meaning of the Dharma Wheel 


∴Wheel in the Sky∴

Ezekiel saw the wheel
“Ezekiel saw the wheel; Way up in the middle of the air. Now Ezekiel saw the wheel in a wheel; Way in the middle of the air.”


“The appearance of the wheels and their workmanship was the color of beryl, and the four of them had the same likeness. And their appearance and their workmanship was like a wheel inside of a wheel . . .

And I looked, and behold, the four wheels were beside the cherubim . . . And their appearance was as one, the four of them, as if the wheel were in the midst of the wheel (Ezekiel 1:16, 10:9 – 10, HBFV)”


The Vision of Ezekiel Bury Bible, c. 1135


~ from



Ezekiel and the Wheel symbolism


Ezekiel’s vision of the four wheels dramatically illustrates the omnipresence and omniscience of God. These wheels were associated with the “four living creatures” (Ezekiel 1:4), who were later described (Ezekiel 10:5, 20) as cherubim, angelic beings appointed as guardians of the holiness of God.

Each wheel was actually two in one, with one apparently set inside the other at right angles which enabled the “living creatures” to move in any direction instantly without having to turn, like a flash of lightning. These wheels had the appearance of chrysolite, which may have been a topaz or other semiprecious stone. The outer rim of the wheels was described as high and awesome with the outer edge of the rims inset with “eyes” (Ezekiel 1:14-18).

The Spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels (Ezekiel 1:20-21). As a result, the creatures were able to move any direction the wheels moved. Most biblical scholars hold to the idea that the Spirit of God gave direction to the wheels through direct knowledge of and access to the will of God. The mobility of the wheels suggests the omnipresence of God; the eyes, His omniscience; and the elevated position, His omnipotence.

This vision appeared to Ezekiel as a powerful imagery of movement and action demonstrating the characteristics of God’s divine nature. It presented God as being on a chariot-like throne, His glory both supreme and immanent, existing in and extending into all the created universe. As such, the whole revelation by God in this vision to Ezekiel, i.e., the cherubim, the chariot, the Spirit, and the wheels, emphasized their unity and coordination.

As terrifying as this vision was, it vividly displayed the majesty and glory of God (Ezekiel 1:28), who came to Ezekiel and the children of Israel in the midst of their Babylonian exile. It reminded them of His holiness and power as the Lord of all creation. The message was clear: though His people were in exile and their nation was about to be destroyed, God was still on the throne and able to handle every situation. The lesson for us today is that, through His marvelous providence, God moves in the affairs of all nations to work out His own unseen plan, always at work, intricately designed, never wrong, and never late (Romans 8:28).





Their deep faith saw them through the trials of slavery and then a century of Jim Crow repression. Finally, it emboldened them to leave the sanctuary of their churches and join the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in a quest, his “dream,” for their full freedom and equality.

Just when and how their ancestors broke with traditional African spirit practices and adopted Christianity has never been fully resolved. Now archaeologists in Maryland have announced the discovery of an intact set of objects that they interpret as religious symbols — traditional ones from Africa, mixed with what they believe to be a biblical image: a representation of Ezekiel’s Wheel.

No one had found this combination of religious artifacts before, said Mark P. Leone, a University of Maryland archaeologist who led the discovery team. “Christianity had not erased traditional African spirit practices,” he concluded. ”It had merged with them to form a potent blend that still thrives today.”

Article and view photo of items found by archaeologists




Let us summon Great Prayerful Light: into our lives, our bodies, our spirited endeavors, the Earth ~ upon all those we interact with ~ our loved ones, community (both location based as well as internet community), all who inhabit the Earth, for all of humanity, for the world ~ anyone who comes across our path whether for a fleeting moment or  walk our journey with us. 

→Praying for others, the Earth, the animals ~ for all 

Praying for ourselves↵

〈〉Thank you Lady of the Prayer Ray for continuously praying for us, our planet, our world〈〉

Prayer is an important part of our daily (or as much as possible) ritual, and evolution to bring ourselves to the tabernacle of the Holy. Prayer is one avenue to increase our connection to the Divine as well as our own Divinity. It is a beautiful way to honor and empower ourselves by expressing our pure voice in loving measure as well as learning more of who we are. We also create a cosmic lifeline of sorts and further open the doorway to the living blessedness of God.

♥Engaging in prayer ~ from a earnest heart♥



Prayer Inspiration:

The inspiration for this prayer and imagery is to highlight the value and power of prayer and t refresh ourselves with the Universal Oneness we all come from, are connected to, and will return to.

The absoluteness and universality we are all waking up to ~ to live this reality in our daily lives while having this Earth experience.

 Our Ascension ⇑ ⇓ A one on one encounter with our divine nature that spills out so that all we are acquainted with is this divine experience of who we are .

The Godship is recognized not only in Self (this positioning first) but in the beautiful trees, in one another, animals, rocks, etc…permeating the air, physical structures, nature ~ all of creation. All places and spaces imbued with a holy reverence ~ all life suffused with this sanctified perspective and direct experience.

The enshrined cord of magical weave within us, around us, through us, and through out all of creation connects us to the Universal Wholeness.

Prayer is a vehicle for self ~ care

The digital art is from a photo session with Maria Scozzari










⇒The Universe blesses and supports me always⇐

⇒I open my heart and full being to receive answered prayers from the Divine⇐

I open my heart to earnestly pray for others and all that calls to me

⇒I open my awareness and conscious living to the Universal thread of Oneness⇐

⇒I offer praise to the Divine⇐


Let us rekindle within ourselves the recalling of the Universal thread holding all together

Let us remember to be kind to others ~ as we know not what they have been through and what they are going through.

We all move about on our spirited path in our own unique ways. Let us honor all ~ supporting and uplifting others.

∴Bringing to Light the Light∴


◊Oneness ~ the Whole◊

℘The interconnected cosmic fabric of existence℘


℘The ripple effect℘

→Side lines for the front lines←

Your healing is my healing

My healing is your healing 

which becomes the healing of all ~ the whole


Your success is my success

My success is your success

which becomes the success of all ~ the whole


Your release of fear is my release of fear

My release of fear is your release of fear

which becomes the release of fear for all ~ the whole


Your awakening is my awakening

My awakening is your awakening

which becomes the awakening of the all ~ the whole




ξA prayer for you is a prayer for me

  A prayer for me is a prayer for you

We are divinely connected

Wishing you many an answered prayerξ


♥Let us love ourselves and love one another in fullness♥


“the divine in me greets the divine in you”

“the light in me sees the light in you”



A Simple Reminder of Simple Applications on the Ascension Walk:

Simple things we can do daily that don’t cost anything.

Very simple, yet sometimes overlooked.

I created a blog post on this to serve as a reminder of what is always present as an option that can be a blessing to us on our Ascension ride ~ entitled “Ascension Tickets”

Click below if you would to view  Ascension Tickets

 Ascension Tickets ~ Free Admission




♥It is my hope this poem devotional brings much restoration, healing, Grace, Love, and Light to you♥

‡A Prayer for You‡

⊗The Dharma Wheel⊗



A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

 before God

we bow and kneel

Holy Spirit reveal

like Ezekiel

behold the wheel

look to the sky

experience the Presence

God is my Lord ~ Adonai

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

may your eyes

see only your star of  truth

clear and bright

visions that brings insight ~ delight


your inner light

may your ears hear

with nothing impaired

 acute hearing

in all seasons

word  for word

all heard

the inner ear

open ~ healthy

divine whispers

 to hear

hear now

 choirs of angels

the voice of the Archangels

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

may your breath

be of life

with no fear of death

scents of musky rose and tuberose

floral fields and meadows

rows and rows

no shadows

the role you behold

so it goes


cinnamon and cloves

scents of Spring

fresh green

the veins of the Earth


  carried upon angel wings

Her oil of Anointing

 Holy Spirit

bless you

as nearest and dearest

lilacs taking you under

fragrances that wonder

may your lips be doused in sacred wine

of wisdom spoken

 your speech a love token

 like a flute

words of compassion

prose that uplifts

 the ripest of fruits

sweet nectar ~ the taste

upon your lips

may your heart be opened

as center

where you always enter

your exalted mentor

the heart

like ocean waves

guiding your way

may you wear the garment of truth

this your pursuit

hearken back to your youth

purity in bloom

nothing to prove

holding hands together ~ remember?

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

may your feet

  be on solid ground

content in your place

receiving abundant Grace

may your plate always be full

 your gratitude high

look to the sky

may you arise each morning

strong ~ to a birdsong

healthy in plenty

beautiful ~  like Botticelli

Venus ~ the birth

give rise

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

may you lay your head

at evenings peek

in a bed of peace



remember you are a masterpiece

the moon by your bedside

rest easy till sunrise

when you become alive

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

may the Sun be all around you

 a glow


  you, your splendor

that grows and grows

may the Moon

be your companion

offering revelations

as above so below

so that you know

you are complete

nothing removed

nor empty

you are plenty

live out your freedom

Graced from Her Universal Love beat

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

may your doubts be short lived

 your faith abound

may your smiles and laughter

ring in and through

each chapter

everything new

time removed

may you be your only answer

you, the master

honor all ~ the inner pastor

may abundance

be at your front and back door


blessing you

from shore to shore

be your authentic Self

remember the One Self

know thyself

may your heart

stream light to all that you meet

and may they return it

as you greet

may your hands create miracles

wonders that astound

glory ~ spellbound

may you be poised

 serenity, harmony, and bliss

always present ~ hail to the mighty gift

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

as the days pass

moments of focus

 the years confirmed

when all has been spoken

the ending approaching

may all be accomplished

 your dharma

 your purpose fulfilled

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

when days in the physical

becoming numbered and worn

when you draw your last breath

may you know there is nothing you missed

get ready


 eternities kiss

your Soul list finished

 time draws to a close

the end notes of a song

nothing was wrong

the winds will rush

 the trumpets will sound

angels sing

you into eternity now

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

the body begins to drop

your Soul escalation

up the stairs

angels carry

   you up there

light as air

you take one more stare

reflections aware

above all else

in God

in your God Self

you did know and trust

this was your vow

that you did allow

your life ~ the sacred cow

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

when the lights become dim

inward you go

the next Soul’s progression

farewell ~ the doorbell ~ nothing withheld

no death of depth be with you now

you were blessed

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

 a hallowed kiss

coming in

this was your begin

now your exit

the wheel has gone round

now the moment

to leave the Earthly ground

the journey

the sunset

in its final view

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

you have been your own savior

and taught others

to be in this favor

your time on Earth

you have been revered

as a beloved player

loving your neighbor

how you have been

 a living prayer

this will be declared

 beginning to end

approach now the ultimate transcend

the bridge lays before you

loved ones by your side

Great wings now unfold


rest and allow

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

“My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.”

And my heart responds, “Lord I am coming.”

a blessed Psalm

the Supreme return

 the Eternal One Presence

the One Love Essence


to the Divine Creator

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

Life thanks you

for your Presence

while on Earth and beyond

the pearl ~ the sun


the journey is done

no one else

could of done it

the way you have done

victory has won


for your home run

it is done

back now

to the stars

where you are from

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

look to the sky

experience the Presence

God is my Lord ~ Adonai

receive my daughter, my son

blessings now

from on High


^Blessings in your life from on High!^

⇒Lady of the Prayer Ray is always praying for us!

ΞGreat Blessings of answered prayers!

♥May we all offer up sacred moments in heartfelt prayer♥

⊗May we be blessed with all the beauty of creation⊗

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day

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