Into childhood I go ~ Nothing to know

→Into childhood I go←

Nothing to Know

◊Return to Innocence◊



This poem & imagery are inspired by the wonder, innocence,  & freedom of childhood.

The image of the little girl is from a Easter photo session. I then added some elements to the scene as well as our beloved rescue kitty Samantha Pearl. The home in the distance is the suburban home I grew up in and where most of my fondest sun filled memories come from.

The memories flash in an instant

We are there

Walking the streets of our neighborhood

Navigating within the home we grew up in

All the scents, tastes, colors, & magic dance again ~ as we bring to life moments of childhood that we revisit again & again


Parenting the inner child

We are the parent to our inner child. An important aspect of our evolution is nurturing, reassuring, enlivening, listening, & being an active participant in fulfilling the requirements of our inner child ~ until maturation ~ so that our inner child thrives in its true innocent state. This is our true self.

Offer affirming supportive self love and talk to your inner child ~ especially when you look into the mirror.

Incorporate balance in life ~ the heart centered life is childlike ~ the purity of the child & carrying out this spirit is the world opening up to you again ~ open the door.

⊂Have a homecoming with your inner child⊃

∴Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”∴

Let’s strengthen our bond with our inner child ~ providing loving care ~ being the comforter ~ assuring her or him that they are deeply loved, adored, & looked after. Engage in activities that cultivate this reuniting ~ continuously ~ so that our inner child is  fully integrated & acknowledged as a living consciousness within us ~ allowed to come out to play, to explore, to express, to run free…….


♥Our heart yearns for us to be in our child like state♥

⊥In Truth we stand before the Almighty as a little child⊥

Reclaim your inner child

Be at peace with any dissonance

Trusting as the child does


Part of our self care routine is to honor our inner child

Slow down ~ rewind ~ bring it into Now

The door opens….our inner child

playing games, sleepovers, skipping

candy daze ~ sugar pop pop ~ jolly lolly

the swing set, spinning in circles, coloring

singing, the park, playing dress up

barefoot on the grass ~ running through the sprinkler

non stop giggles ~ cartoons ~ the call that dinner is ready

endless Summer days, ice cream, staying up late…



  the child like spirit

↔as fast & as wild as the wind↔

⊕alive, revived, healed, & whole⊕

∴Let’s resurface the carefree wonderment of childhood & maintain that sense of fascination, newness, & buoyancy∴


ζOur Surroundings Influence Usζ

The house I grew up in had a variety of art displayed ~ where often I would look into them & experience deep visceral responses that carried me off into other worlds ~ an enigmatic something that seemed in juxtaposition to this world.

I am including images of the paintings of such art. I make mention of a few in the poem.

An interesting aspect of abstract art & other kindred art ~ ~  is that one has to bring themselves to the art, in that it defies in a sense what we consider “conventionally” to constitute our world, so in an attempt to “make sense” of it, one must go into the art piece to make heads or tails about it. One example is Paul Klee, who was influenced by & created in the styles of  Expressionism, Surrealism, & Cubism. One of his paintings we had in my childhood home that I saw pretty much every day is below.

 “Realistic” stylized art in some respects lays it out for you ~ where one feels a footing. Abstract art & related art demands more of our full attention to come to terms with it. It is more of a heady intellectual interaction, as well as evoking emotive sensations personal to oneself. Certainly all art offers this to some degree, however, abstract art & its kinfolk is so wide open that it calls us to meet ourselves within it.

So, often while laying on the couch, I would look into these works of art ~ engaging in some kind of silent enigmatic dialogue ~ that seemed to whisper to me & open doors within my awareness of hidden passages that I would travel into.

Studying about art we resonate with & getting to know the artist (s) influences, inspirations, whereabouts, etc…is helpful in developing a deeper connection to them & their artistic expressions, however, ultimately we encounter ourselves within it.

Here are some of the paintings I grew up looking at in my childhood home.


My reference to “Nothing to Know” is about all that is needed to know in a given moment will make itself present.


→Into childhood I go←

Nothing to Know


From suburban sidewalks to beachy shores

I lay my childhood foundation

I walked those sidewalks, barefoot, friendships were born

 the neighborhood, in a circle it goes around

free & feeling each step like a newborn

hypnotic light shimmering I would exclaim

thick ~ yet like a pillowy cloud

a pathway unrestrained ~ fire breathing details ~ in flame

containing some vow, heaven’s crown ~ all abound

the air was sun ~ encrypting ~ transmitting

a new beginning had begun

the sky lifting ~ gifting ~ drifting

 the sights I did see

nature offering me Her decree

each home & lot musically contained

some I thought so warm & some I would refrain

magic & innocence it needed no name

it burns inside, like a candle flame

I saw it in the trees around our house

trees like a prayer shawl

they would whisper & call ~ into night fall

long flowing hair, patterns, strawberry pillow sew

I would walk in the sun

in rhythm and movement ethereal undone

Nothing to know

Into childhood I go

the streets, the grass

the way she would stand, how he called to me

I saw it everywhere

some magical air ~ honey colored air buried there

atmospheric air ~ in each stare ~ so aware

each car & car ride ~ it is so alive and in colors too

If it was not present, I would wonder why, frustrated ~ I must fly

but in a twinkle of time, it bore again, in the next moment

I felt it again

a free reign, coming out of right brain, its domain

the white dining room table ~ some kind of mystical fable

  the doors of glass spill out to the backyard

mysterious & divine I breathed it in many a time

it was so thick, I thought surely all saw and felt it too

the family room palette velvety purples pinks with bricks

mix with Jackson Pollock plus a French milieu

the naps on the fusion of colors, I looked up and saw the bluest sky

but was inside, inside of me

if the TV bored me, I would look out the window ~ Shinto

nature revealed to me, as it does to its young

it spoke a language no one else spoke of

don’t you feel what I feel?

I could not articulate my words

I fell to my knees when I saw a bird

passing along its holy word

its song of heaven, it knows the way

I would run up and down the carpeted steps, as if flying in a delirious sway

dinner in the air, toaster & oven lights, sounds in the kitchen

a meal of delight

why is everyone so serious ~ that really feels laborious

oh my these flavors

I must savor

all so surreal, yet real ~ let’s say our prayers

major, minor, life savors,  and highly favored

I dream & fly an endless kite

it’s going to be a good night

in the morning we would walk to school

head West, books in hand, friends at my side

walking is freedom, too bad the destination was prison

except for first grade, the rest was futile

you must be kidding

none taught an expanded view

like on top of a mountain

touching the sky

up so high ~ eternal fountain ~ no limits I would cry

restrictions, rules, ridiculous sighs

I have no use for that now like I did then

certainly some day your manual will end

all will be born again, as the true child sings

take up thy wings

no strings, bells from heaven ring

merry a melody, neither too fast nor too slow

perfect in the breeze, green light go

Into childhood I go

yes, some candy & cupcakes will do, pretty napkins and plates too

green apple perfume & green apple now & laters to chew

dodge ball in the street ~ that’s where we would meet

our door, we leave it unlocked ~ but do please knock

with the rain of showers, the thunder I felt its power

I walk now again the suburban sidewalks of youth

open to the path, the sun, the light, the fairy takes the tooth

everything so textured new

Paul Klee’s abstract would take me away for hours

in my mind my imagination would  turn

he must know the dance of the formless form

norms, what norms?

platforms, transform, a stage to perform

new art forms, free form, life forms

all held in uniform

I sled in the snow, took to the gold of Autumn’s glow

new rising in Spring, in the Summer cool off with a trip to Westwood

the water in the pool drew me closer to Source

the flow, the ease, zero force

above & below the wingspan of the crow

Into my childhood I go

such plenty I notice in each flower

fresh eyes newly cleansed in a sun shower

I walk the suburban streets of my childhood again

everything swirling moving like zen

Would you like to take my hand?

mystical, grand, we stand

all we know, like a child

 Edgar Allen Poe

Into childhood I go

the trumpet sounds

Into childhood I go

Nothing to know


Great Blessings to be as the child again!

Great Blessings of childhood innocence & freedom 🙂

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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