Light Sounds #bedunmade

ℑLight Soundsℑ

ϖBed Unmadeϖ

A messy zesty sweaty very merry gettin’ ready

→accepting what is 

→ seeing the Higher Wisdom

→acquiring a welcoming stance

ΦLoose ~ fittingΦ

Sometimes the “mess” is part of the process to success.

May seem like a mess ~ Oh to be Blessed!

∴The image is of my bf Steve practicing guitar for his yearly band mate get together where the band puts on a rock n’ roll performance

∴This poem is about a kind of dedication ~ about letting it be ~ about things being a lil’ messy & seeing the larger picture. Sometimes when we are solely focused on a project at hand ~ some things (minor things) fall by the way side so that we can give full attention to an area.

So, in this case, a dedication to guitar practicing for an upcoming musical performance ~ where it just is what it is.  

Letting it loose ~ being loose ~ on the loose ℘


A messy kinda fun

The premise with the words “Bed Unmade” is presented here as a metaphor ~ a symbolic representation to illustrate the meaning contained within. It could also be a literal translation as well, however, the intention is a bit more suggestive.

ℑLight Soundsℑ

ϖBed Unmadeϖ

Bed unmade

early morning hours

foreday encounter ~ empowers ~ devotion devour

guitar ~ electric repertoire

bets are ~ get far

got this ~ get this ~ get high ~ electrify

strum strum strum

them strings ~ roam rhyme rum

light sounds ~ guitar abounds ~ rebounds

responds ~ surrounds ~ around & around

resonance ~ here ~ then disappears

morning like light ~ afternoon like rain

night driving lane ~ out sane

about change ~ exchange

guitar played near the window

lyrics on a page

sounds in the air

mix ~ more ~ amps speaking

tweaking shrieking preaching

body vibrates ~ tone fondue ~ magic brew

resonate ~ amplify ~ metal stew

summer breeze in the room

notes taking form

last night’s dinner on the table

clothes on the floor

sofa half scratched

give thanks for the mess ~ confirm success

a mess none~the~less, let it rest

strum strum strum

them strings ~ roam rhyme rum

morning light pouring in

colored sounds dance from hands

expands ~ withstands ~ hands command

chords in progression

in session attention comprehension

aggression expression confession

strum strum strum

them strings ~ roam rhyme rum

dedicated heart

musical vignette ~ covered in sweat ~ song alphabet

counting down weekends

bed still unmade

headphones on

listen ~ break it down

play ~ replay

strum strum strum

them strings ~ roam rhyme rum

ready for the show

ready ~ not ready

take it as it comes

only the soul knows

strum strum strum

them strings ~ roam rhyme rum

gaining momentum

kinetic spectrum ~ perspective ~ sensory objective

increase the levels ~ adjust the levels

leveling in ~ leveling out

flow to flow

what did you say>don’t know>

gettin’ ready for the show>gotta go

remix ~ new mix ~ opened bag of chips

get a glimpse ~ loud as bricks ~ get over it quick

soda spills on the floor ~ instrumental rapport ~ therefore

restore ~ measure melody ~ troubadour

strum strum strum

them strings ~ roam rhyme rum

in the door ~ out the door

visualize ~ synchronize ~  actualize

the guitar breathes life

play it one more time

strum strum strum

them strings ~ roam rhyme rum

leave it for now

kaleidoscope & light sounds pixelate

up late syncopate articulate

play yourself to self

back when the sun sets low

strum strum strum

them strings ~ roam rhyme rum

Bed unmade

Blessings of dedication & shaking it loose 🙂

Have some messy fun!!

Thank you for viewing!!!! 🙂

Have a Blessed Day!!!! 🙂 !!!!

Miracles Happen!!! #stayaware

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