When it runs through your veins… #rocknrollsoul

^Rock N’ Roll Soul^



“Gimme Some Neck” ~ Ron Wood

^Sounds in Between^

^Music as Primordial Flow^

^Primal Force^

The word music comes from the Greek word (mousike), which means “(art) of the Muses.”

ØWhen it runs through your veinsØ

Rock n’ Roll Soul


§An American Origination§

#rocknrollharmony #rocknsoul #anythinggoes

 ≈The imagery and poem here is inspired by rock n’ roll≈

The electric guitar, the heavy beats and melodies, the bands, the singers, the lyrics, the feel in the air  when our favorite songs are playing…

Rock n’ Roll, for those of us who listened to it as we were growing up, produced a definitive and authoritative style and mood that set the pace in our lives, and shaped and defined us.


There are so many bands and musicians in this genre. We all have our favorites….that song that comes on and within the first couple of notes your lit up on the inside ~ going down that magical rock n’ roll road ~ the world stops for a while ~ it’s just you and that great song ~ transfixed ~ captivated again and again by moments wrapped up in the spellbinding magnetic thrust of rock n’ roll.

Rock n’ Roll Incantation

Entranced in its freedom and no holding back


→Rock n’ Roll roots began in the United States←

  A combination of many musical styles such as rhythm and blues, jazz, boogie woogie, and country music ~ typically based on a twelve-bar structure and an instrumentation of guitar, bass, and drums. Its evolution has taken on many directions, attributes, and mannerisms.


⌈Provocative Rock n’ Roll⌉

⇔Here comes that holy storm of rushing sexy heat⇓

When that rock n’ roll wave hits ~ all you can do is crank it up & enjoy the ride ~ catapulted into some unknown world that’s crashing all around you

⌈When loud just isn’t loud enough⌉

That whirlwind of crazzzaaayyy sounds 

Get out of my way guitar & drums shaking up the ether’s ~ even the clouds give way

So freeing & liberating you gotta hear that fav song twice

Unlock the doors….sit on back…..

Experience that transporting feeling again….

For those that enjoy rock n’ roll it can’t help but run through your veins…


*These art images are of Steve ~ my boyfriend.

He has been playing in bands for much his life. Mostly rock bands & one funk band. His main instrument is electric guitar  He still gets together with some of his prior band mates once a year to put on a rock n’ roll show


Here are some album’s & album cover’s that strongly influenced me.

Those iconic album covers saturated in bolts of creative imagery 

The images etched in our consciousness

Some gifts of the album days is how we were so deeply moved by the powerful art on the album covers and there was something about the tactile feel of an album in our hands that is almost undescribable. 


ΞRock n’ Roll primordial energyΞ

ΞMusic as primordial rhythm, movement, & flowΞ

The music within & without ~ as primal energy


∞There is an association with primordial energy and the raging wild tide that rock n’ roll music can take you on….where you are transformed in that instant… particles flying in the air ~ primordial power taking you over ~ no beginning no end ~ some omnipotent force sweeping you up in its lightning guitar riff∞

§Music, as well as all the arts are presided over by the Divine Feminine Energy ~ the Creative Goddess energy ~ expressed in a myriad of fashions§

Shakti is the Divine Feminine ~ the sacred creative power ~ primordial cosmic energy ~ Her dynamic forces that move, shape, & create

Her radiance & fullness can be felt, experienced, and seen in the entirety of the universe & beyond

Her Beautiful cosmic existence & spell ~ unleashes multi fold

The Shakti Goddess divine cosmic energy is to be revered ~ her power, might, & blessedness is beyond


¿Who know’s¿ One of those liberating “kundalini” experiences might just be experienced in a rock n’ roll song



ØWhen it runs through your veinsØ

when it runs through your veins

chains are let loose

 the flow is a luxuriant seduce

 wild horses on the plains

 running ~ a free verse ~ unrestrained

when it runs through your veins

juxapolted into a passionate hurricane ~ electric flames

sound keys, like the breeze ~ a strip tease

when it runs through your veins

a primal force of sorts

the musical course ~ rocking ~ music like intercourse

source ~ immerse

changes in the gravitational force

when it runs through your veins

it is the air you breathe

a breath inbetween

a bridge

where the lines are blurred

so melodies can emerge

a voltaic charge ~ loud to the stars

wires, ears to the door ~ who is on tour?

 the language of choice ~ an active voice

many a British rolls royce

when it runs through your veins

you let go of the reins

the music like wine flowing

on the edge of unknowing

when it runs through your veins

 a whirlwind pours within

a progression, a succession ~ you have all of my attention

when it runs through your veins

you can’t but help want more

do you replenish sweet song or merely align with what’s stored

 tangible and real

it is a miracle heal

triple loud or low soft

high and low tide

can’t describe, amplified, slide

wide ~ untied

when it runs through your veins

it moves with the wind

intertwined ~ going on a magical climb

musical chairs ~ everyone’s got theirs

when it runs through your veins

colors change hue

into you, through you, in view ~ nothing to do

shaking it loose

where strangers are few

when it runs through your veins

it echoes your name

sounds untamed

round and round

 drowned ~ rewound

non linear crowned

sweat on the brow ~ sacred ground

the primordial dance

everything is enhanced

each soul must take the chance

when it runs through your veins

the song sustains ~ rushing

here it comes

 a fast lightning train

intoxicating champagne

a song for me and a song for you

no worries of rhyme

it sings for all time

It takes over

spinning and wheeling

whirling about

when it runs through your veins

oh so right, en-light, hear it tonight

 take me to endless heights

when it runs through your veins

the water the moon the sun and the earth

crackeling shattering on fire

higher, rewire, inspire, rock n roll attire

it gives a resonance birth

when it runs through your veins

sing a long, prolong, nothing right or wrong

then it fades and comes back

on course ~ flying like night hawks ~ a transport

when it runs through your veins

it stretches to eternity

 then back in the room

when it runs through your veins

your removed from form

when it runs through your veins

the flow is surreal

nature and heaven merged by feel

when it runs through your veins

you look left and right

growing with intensity

all the day and night

when it runs through your veins

you feed the flame

ages and sages but did the same

and when it’s all over

we want a moreover

to experience a mystical Zen

all over again


Blessings of Rock n’ Roll Soul

May all your endeavors be blessed by the creative power of Shakti

Thank you for viewing!!! 🙂

Have a blessed day!!!! 🙂 🙂

Miracles Happen ~ #stayaware

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Ruff it up @thebeach :)

Ruff it up @thebeach

#blesstheanimals #petsmakeahouseahome

Susan & her beloved dog Kona take to the beach!!!! #sun #beach #wuff #wag

The morning sun doth quenched my thirst

over the grand ocean if not by birth

only us around

to play & roll in the sand, sun & surf

celebration of love

human to animal

the years & moments all in ONE

faithful & true I speak with you

through ocean depths & warm glowing sand

a walk, a kiss, an embrace with the waves so close at hand

we know each other, how could we not

our spaces shared ~ our hearts ever entwined

I have had you since young & in between time

always our love

forever it shines



Thank you for viewing!!!! 🙂 !!!!

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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How did I get my name? #samanthapearl #newearthkitty #nyop

◊Samantha Pearl◊ #newearthkitty

ΨHow did I get my name?………

 #animalcommunication #moon #nyop



Okay, since you asked. How did I get my name? MMmmm………stretch…………memory rewind ~ fast forward ~ back slash.

Well, the night before I bolted out of my initial residence to explore my new “real” home at 4 weeks of age, my female parental unit, aka Mother of Pearl (hee hee ~ get it 🙂 ), had a rather interesting experience the night before she even laid eyes on me.

You all cuddly & ready for the story? 🙂 🙂

Out of the blue, or perhaps the not then known but known color now ~ Samantha Pearl Green (green is her color ~ like a lime green) ~ she happened to listen for the first time to a lecture by an animal communicator. Yes, these super humans do exist & are a powerful force to aid in understanding & caring for the blessed animal kingdom. And then BOOM ~ me in my cute kitteness appeared the very next day. Putting one & one & ONE together, Mother of Pearl, thought this is not a coincidence. Animal communicator & then a kitten magically shows up…….some linkage here. So, with my agreement, she provided my first name “Samantha” after the animal communicator whose name this was as well. The name “Samantha” means Listener #sheknows ~ I  know things & hear with great depth. The top image above of me is my look when I am in deep contemplative thought ~ okay so continuing on…………………:)

So after a few months, as I won over the official parental units ~ Mother of Pearl, had another interesting experience. She kept seeing a full moon around me…..& just like that, she picked me up & said “……your name is Samantha Pearl.” Pearl being a symbol of the Great Pearl in the sky ~ the Moon Goddess. Also, the Moon as a symbolic reference of the Divine Feminine ~ the mystical illuminated magical light ~ the light as a revealer ~ seeing through the “hidden.” The Moon also has an association with wisdom ~ inner knowing. Most certainly the Moon & cats ~ (the entire feline species both domesticated & undomesticated) are inter related to one another as family so to speak. 🙂  *Thus, my name was created! Destiny in the highest order! #sacredpearl #goddessmoon  #animalcommunication ~ gotta luv it 🙂 🙂 🙂 = Samantha Pearl

…..and the rest as they say is purrstory……………………………………….

#samanthapearl  #newearthkitty #nyop (not your ordinary pet) 🙂 🙂 🙂

…………………& the adventure continues……………….. 🙂



→Blessings of the Moon & your inner knowing!!!↵

Thank you for viewing!!! “) 🙂

Have a Blessed Day 🙂 ~~~ 🙂

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Samantha Pearl #newearthkitty 🙂 🙂

Miracles Happen!!! #stayaware

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Samantha Pearl 7 Universe #sun #moon

◊ Samantha Pearl◊

Ω Samantha PearlΩ 🙂 🙂  My Universe!!! 🙂 🙂  #SP7U #sun #moon


#newearthkitty #nyop #animalvoice

#nyop (not your ordinary pet)

#lightfromthesun #poweredbythemoon


I am the Sun & the Moon ~ I am light from the Sun & I am powered by the Moon


Yes I have my own universe ~ ≤Samantha Pearl 7 U≥ ~ 🙂  First, let me tell you a little bit about me & my universe. I am from the star system Sirius which is the brightest star in the Earth’s night sky. I am a Taurus by earth birth & my flower is Petunia. The color associated with me is called Samantha Pearl Green which is my collar color in my image here ~ kinda a apple green color. I mysteriously appeared on the 7th day of June on a hot summer S Florida afternoon to my human soul family  ~ after I left my initial home at 4 weeks of age. A true pioneer & free spirit! 🙂

⇑Other worlds exist⇓

Do you believe in other worlds, realms, existences ~ what is your existence about?

We must reach within ourselves & experience worlds that color the landscape & lay magic in our breath ~ otherwise for what are we living for? —  we must see beyond our eyes ~ to see the eternal eyes that are the wellspring of the imagination, that offer a doorway ~ an opened sky ~ an emptiness & fullness all at once ~ the magical passageway 🙂 #enterin

∞You must know this is not all there is ~ how could that be so?∞

Your kisses tell you of this, your dreams tell you of this, your heart tells you of this

How could inventions, progress, breakthroughs, great art, literature & poetry, amazing music, etc…be created if not for these inner worlds ~ they are a bell ringer ~ a deliver ~ for you to consider

 How but could the grass grow………

Free yourself from conventional restraints

∞It’s all a divine proposition ~ it is liberation to the knower ~ bright drops from the hands, minds, hearts of those that offer an expressed representation of an explanation that needs not an explanation∞

∞It is known, known in a world beyond this one∞


Okay, back to my SP7U ~ world

I am a strong advocate of promoting the New Earth. #ascenion #newearth #7goldenage #peace #harmony #unityconsciousness

I promote the welfare of All animals ~ as the sacred beings that they are ~ to be honored.

Advocacy also includes a vegetarian & or vegan diet & lifestyle

My Universe ~ ≤Samantha Pearl 7 U≥ ~ is a living breathing energy ~ ever changing & evolving.  Here are some of the specs in my universe:

  • your love is your joy ~ your joy is your love
  • flowers are magical ~ alive ~ flowing ~ breathing with eternity
  • flowers are fresh, constant & everywhere ~ in full bloom
  • animals are treated with kindness, honor, & respect
  •  animals desiring a domesticated experience are in loving beautiful 4ever homes in perfect health
  • animals desiring a undomesticated experience are safe, blessed, provided for, & living in perfect health
  • Mother Earth is loved, protected, cherished, vibrant in all Her colors & richness ~ & Her Bounty & Beauty is all over
  • Green means Go, Green means living in your heart chakra, Green is the freshness & aliveness of the Soul, Green is the sweet fragrant aroma of ripe fruit that flirts with the air, Green are my eyes
  • I speak with you through my heart ~ I hear you within my heartbeat
  •  uncontrollable giggles are common place
  • silence speaks
  • the celestial realm is visible
  • snackage is a good thing………..”did someone say snackage……….”
  • independent thought is a must
  • lounging, slounging, laying about in blissful wonder is encouraged 🙂
  • being original gets my attention
  • silliness is an art form
  • cuddling works
  • the door is on the floor
  • frequent naps make for the perfect day
  • it’s just one big mo’
  • the crunch factor is important
  • meditation daily
  • easy breezy ~ that’s my easy
  • TOYS!!!
  •  the sun & moon are exalted
  • unity exists
  • all is possible
  • all is answered for
  • water is living waters & are in abundance in charm & flow
  • all is divine light
  • kisses & hugs pleeeeeze
  • a little catnip will do you right
  • you are your own key & nothing else matters
  • freedom is here for evermore



Blessings of the Great “Awakener”

Thank you for visiting SP7U

#blesstheanimals #honortheanimalkingdom

Have a Blessed Day!!! 🙂

Miracles Happen 🙂 🙂 🙂 #stayware

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Samantha Pearl #newearthkitty 🙂 🙂 

It’s A Visual Thing ~ Say It In Pictures!!! & Poetry 🙂 🙂




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The Light, the Path, the Cat & Me #samanthapearl

⊥The Light The Path The Cat & Me⊥

♥Samantha Pearl #newearthkitty♥

When I stood amidst the elements

speaking loudly ~ yet silently

nature vibrant, hiding, smiling, & present for all to see

The path, sun drenched, my eyes in spirals ~  afternoon primal

light in flight, takes me with it, form like a satellite

orbiting, communicating, collecting information

elation, creation, fixation

Unite ~ Uniting

The Light The Path The Cat & Me

The trees ~ how I love the tree’s ~ acknowledging

cosmic trees ~ trees in the breeze ~ at ease ~ reprise

light patterns ~ leap & jump ~ dance & shimmer on the woodsy path

 the golden path ~ the path I see ~ before me

Spirit ~ She decrees ~ feathery & carefree

never is She absentee

The Light The Path The Cat & Me

from under my feet

some twigs & sticks go crunch crunch crunch

walking ~ floating ~ gliding

the Light I am riding ~ providing, presiding, Magdalene inviting

My cat, Samantha Pearl, adorned ~ engaged ~ shining

sun moon in her walk ~ a fierce refining

 at my side always, eyes like headlights. genuine, chorus line

forthright ~ cloud nine ~ crystalline

sighting, striking, blood line~ by design

The Light The Path The Cat & Me

Samantha Pearl like starlight ~ shrine ~ sparkling wine

earth star ~ hand in the cookie jar

then through the air, outright

A blue bird did appear ~ a most heavenly sight!

I realized, surprised, magnetized

The Light The Path The Cat & Me

I had walked this path, but in a dream

a dream so real, realer then here, known by Shakespeare

I knew this path, this breeze, these trees, the light

harmonize, synchronize,  ~ a sacred prize

I could not but speak, could not but move ~ crystallized

then dancing ~ entrancing ~ advancing

We swayed & moved but no one knew

We danced & sang but no one knew

The Light The Path The Cat & Me

This dream walking through ~ break through ~ coming through

feeling brand new ~ angle of view ~ royal blue

well, the blue bird did stay

I suppose enjoying the debut

a mighty thank you

perhaps again, we shall all meet

absolute, simple fruit, union suit

The Light, the Path, the Cat, & me


Many blessings on your path of Light

Thank you for viewing!!!! 🙂

Have a blessed day!! 🙂 🙂

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Samantha Pearl #newearthkitty 🙂 🙂

Miracles Happen!!! #stayaware

It’s A Visual Thing ~ Say It In Pictures!!! & Poetry!!! 🙂 🙂

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Animal Adoption Visionary Art: Friends of Samantha Pearl :) :)

“The Greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. “

– Mahatma Gandhi

Bless our animals!! Bless our pets!! Francis, Christine, Bernie, & Thunder 🙂 🙂

🙂 Friends of Samantha Pearl 🙂

With a heart big for our blessed animals, I devote time & energy to photograph & or create original art work of  rescue animals that are up for adoption to find their 4ever home. 🙂 It is my hope that perhaps if someone see’s an art image of a animal ready for adoption that it may prompt them to invite the beautiful animal into their home & heart. How factual this is I don’t know, however, I desire to assist in this process in whatever way I can.

Above is a potpourri of various art images I have created of rescue cats that were circulated to prospective peeps. Such beauties & sweet souls deserve a loving happy 4ever home.

To the best of my knowledge all of these rescue cats did (yipee!!!) land their 4ever home.

Most certainly, the real hero’s are the many many amazing peeps that work tirelessly everyday to bring love, justice, humane treatment, healing, & 4ever homes to our beloved animals. I have heard many stories, some unbelievable, some heart wrenching, & I believe & envision a new earth where all animals live in great joy, health, & abundance. We owe much to the animal kingdom for such cruel & barbaric treatment that has plagued the earth for too long. Any strides we each can make contribute to the whole. Consider adopting a pet, having more vegetarian/vegan meals, be kind to animals, donate in any way possible, & together we give voice to our most sacred animal kingdom.

If anyone is considering adopting please get in touch with Lori Jenkins, who aforementioned is one of the beautiful souls who round the clock gives of her time, energy, & resources to rescue animals. She can provide you with information of rescue pets ready for adoption 🙂 Text, call, or email Lori at 954-661-0666, jenkins_lori@bellsouth.net 


Thank you for viewing!!!! 🙂

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

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You can stay current with friends of Samantha Pearl animal adoption visionary art on Samantha Pearl’s Facebook page. #newearthkitty #nyop

Samantha Pearl #newearthkitty 🙂 🙂

Miracles Happen!!! 🙂 #stayaware

It’s A Visual Thing ~ Say It In Pictures!!! & Poetry 🙂 🙂


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