Crush in the Dark #inspiration

Crush in the Dark



This image & poem is about Inspiration

inspiration that comes in “off hours”

inspiration that finds you in a spontaneous moment


‡Let Inspiration Find You‡

Follow through with your inspirational hits ~ leading you to revelations, awakenings, truths ~ rumbles from the divine #inspirationalhits

Always remember your magnificence

Loving yourself enough to bring life to your passions

Follow through with your passions ~ your bliss. Whatever they are ~ & whenever they call to you. Have faith ~ offer up trust. Everything that “needs” to get done will get done. Open the doorway ~ the doorway of your happiness 🙂 #faith

The Great Ones watch to see who might take a chance

Take a unplanned planned moment

Joy Spreads: When you are in Joy (entertaining your gifts & passions) more Joy fills you & the world. A world filled with Joy is a world filled with Joy.

Treasures Within: The only way to know your treasures, gifts, talents, & skills is to bring them out. Enhancing current ones, mastering new ones ~ surprising yourself. #trust

The image is of Steve, my bf practicing guitar #snakeskinguitar


Crush in the Dark

shadowy dusk

swept in silky grays & red

smokey hues

it was still night ~ dreamy ~ when stars are born

a bird in a tree ~ offering a decree ~ watching me

rune rapture ~ a magnetism I fell under

then it struck

inspiration instruct

desire it ~ fire pit ~ no denying it

Crush in the dark

remarks with a spark ~ rock ~ knock ~ o’clock

to milky morn

I played my electric guitar

Saturn reborn

strumming ~ up & down the neck ~ becoming

sound vibration ~ mystical incantation ~ communication

foot on the pedal ~ wah wah ~ be the vessel

precious metal ~ overdrive ~ distortion ~ above sea level

fret boards ~ strings ~ burn up ~ wind up

tuner ~ in put jack ~ heads up

Crush in the dark

remarks with a spark ~ rock ~ knock ~ o’clock

early spring bird

still in the branches

channels acts of chances

a hook up ~ a build up ~ a let up

grace cup ~ filler up ~ more pick up

now becomes the daylight

my electric guitar ~ accent mark ~ birthmark

encouragement ~ incentive ~ soul directive

Crush in the dark

remarks with a spark ~ rock ~ knock ~ o’clock


Blessings of great inspirational hits 🙂

Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a Blessed day 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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