Divine Feminine & Masculine Christ Consciousness ~ *Balanced* #devotionalhymn

∴Christ Consciousness Awakening∴ 

ΩDivine Feminine & Divine Masculine Christ in balance with each otherΩ

Mary Magdalene as the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness


Jesus as the Divine Masculine Christ Consciousness



∴Christ Consciousness Awakening hymn∴ 

∇Mary Magdalene representative of the Divine Feminine Christ∇

∴Jesus representative of the Divine Masculine Christ∴


→Wholeness within the form↵

θBalanced Divine Feminine Christ & Divine Masculine Christθ


This is a devotional hymn to balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine that we carry within us ~ respectively for both genders.

A major part of our spiritual evolution in accordance with our sovereign enlightened awakening is to take conscious measures to balance our sacred divine feminine and sacred divine masculine within us.

Both of these energies must be mastered so we may live in wholeness ~ moving  us forward in expressions of a complete energy system that harness’s great universal power.

This is a crucial supportive structure to our individual and planetary destiny’s agenda.

As we progress in this even distribution ~ as a stabilizing force ~ a perfect symmetry ~ a light and love equanimity ~ we have gained the inner resources that build our New Earth.

We transform our lives and the world. We move in bodies that are strong, healthy, wise, in symphony with Self. We adopt and institute higher thought processes and take action in accordance to Divine constitution and order.

We become as we were designed.

The final state of humanity established and establishing “new heavens and Earth.” Our lives lived in a new breathtaking reality ~ new heights of human potential saturating all areas of life.

⊥A paradisaical existence⊥



∴Christ Consciousness Awakening hymn∴    

◊A daily pilgrimage within◊

♥for our evolution♥


ΩDivine Feminine & Divine Masculine Christ in balance with each otherΩ

 ^Let’s breathe into the truth and reality of living in our highest potential^

⊂New Earth⊃





⊕Devotional hymn to balance the Divine Feminine & Masculine within⊕

* read out loud or silently

* light a candle if possible

θLet’s reignite the wearing of our Divine Truth as we unite in holy blessing our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculineθ


∴Christ Consciousness Awakening∴ 

ΩDivine Feminine & Divine Masculine Christ in balance with each otherΩ


Turning within

in silent holy communion

reaching into the depths of my Being

in blessed retreat

I ask for the Divine Presence of the Great Central Sun

to bless me in this mastery & proficiency

I call forth my beautiful internal Moon of eternal Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness

I call forth my brilliant internal Sun of eternal Divine Masculine Christ Consciousness

to radiate & beam forth

saturate my awareness with your Cosmic Presence within me

attune me to your divine mystery, knowledge, & radiance

immerse me in your Light to reveal to me All of who I Am

drench me in your virtues, qualities, higher principles, & scales of balance

rain into all of my cells, fluids, organs, wash through me like a waterfall

show me the endless living waters that flow in Oneness

 my connectivity to this that we share

speak to me the Eternal truth of my Divinity

until I am in such balanced rapture within

my sun & moon ~ Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine ~ Holy Christ Light

now circulating warm with diamond burst frequencies of Central Sun Light

purifying all my chakras throughout my systems

sanctifying & unifying all aspects of Christ Consciousness within me

removing all discordant alliances between them & within

electrifying & awakening me to the Union held in harmonic bliss

Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness

 Divine Masculine Christ Consciousness

In reverence I summon you forth in my awareness

in both symbolic & honorary worship

I weave together my inner sun & moon ~ dissolving polarities & take conscious breathe to unite them into the wholeness

as they were originally designed to be

I paint the starry night within me ~ a deep sapphire dance

the moon in mystical luminescence ~ pearl white aglow

the moon ~  silver beams of light remove all shadows within

I paint the hot sun in afternoon smolder within me ~ circles of fire

the sun ~ lustrous giver of life ~ gleaming

casting your golden kiss through out my being

fusion of sun & moon ~ the awakening of my whole vision

broadening, glistening, consciousness expansion into exalted governing

breathtaking ~ heavenly air

celestial surfacing

familiar, yet new

through this blending of sun moon sacred marriage

opposites unified within me ~ Wholeness ~ Oneness

Unity Consciousness ~ Christ Consciousness

Unconditional Love ~ Eternal Light ~ Magical Delight

Knowing I am within this fullness ~ not separate

I free myself & become fully empowered within my Being

seeing truly the inner workings & systematic loving cooperation of the sun & moon within me

Becoming fully balanced, I enter a new state of being

ignited by this alchemical fire ~ gold & silver romanced

Christ Consciousness ~ now awakened within ~  I rise to complete Oneness

in this field of eternal divine gifts

I now am greeted in showers of bliss ~ rippling in ecstatic states

my Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness representative as the moon

births within me wisdom, magical Grace, mystical experiences,

immortality, enlightenment, illumination

I observe her cycles not with the recognition of time

but rather to divine timing

where all is as it is ~ non linear ~  readiness when the fruit is ripe

 individual & planetary rhythms, intuitive powers, gentleness, receptivity, & prowess I now embody

when I see the moon with my physical eyes I acknowledge Her Divine Presence

within & without

my Divine Masculine Christ Consciousness representative of the sun

fortifies my life, ignites my life force, with the strength & power of millions of shining suns

the Universal Cosmic Mind I am now One with

I glow with exceptional radiance ~ gallantry & valor are steadfast companions

I am blessed with influence in my divine purpose

the Sun grants me vitality, vigor, & success upon all endeavors & all I touch

I rise & set with the Almighty brightness of my eternal sun

I allow its genius, clarity, & virtuoso to flow through me

when I see the sun with my physical eyes

I send light out & breath it back in ~ in reciprocal praise

my heart center flames bright in Unity Christ Consciousness

My Soul, My Soul, My Soul

I take fervent ritual in this Ascension state

my Soul core knowing & living

  I behold the sun & moon within me

now balanced in Cosmic Union ~ Christ Light Consciousness

day & night in a seamless current stream

my life now

my inner moon & sun in even distribution

upright & steady

I lay praise & adoration for this Divinity within me

now made manifest

my inner moon & inner sun I do glorify & exalt

poised in equilibrium

enchanted, entranced within this  course

 Union with Source



ΦBlessings in your Christos awakeningΦ

ΦKnowing yourself as the Christos LightΦ

♥Fully balanced Christos Light within♥

∞Blessings of a fully balanced Divine Feminine Christ & Masculine∞

♥Blessings of inspiration and revelations!!

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