*Girl Pink* ^the interlink^

*Girl Pink* the interlink between worlds

*Girl Pink’s * all knowing animal spirit companion

*Girl Pink* as baby pink

*Girl Pink’s* garden flower

*Girl Pink* honors the egg ~ as a symbol of the Divine Feminine, of life, resurrection, the awakening of nature.

≈Girl Pink≈ ~ ^the interlink^


⇒The inspiration behind this came about after showering and wrapping myself in pink towels with a mermaid motif. Literally the idea entered my awareness⇐


⊗Girl Pink is you⊗

⊗Girl Pink is me⊗

℘ Girl Pink is anyone who is cognizant of their weave in, of, and through cosmic energy

℘Girl Pink is anyone who is acutely aware of their sensitivity, intuition, and drawn to the mystical life


ℑGirl Pink is a character I created, who carries within her domain the grace and elegance,  the sweet side of life, the poetic romance ~ coupled with a lighter playful sideℑ

She is neither here nor there, but is universally present everywhere when the frequency of unconditional love, compassion, and stepping beyond limited confined bounds are tuned into.

She is respectively all of us, an innate part of us, when we choose to live and see how she does.

Girl Pink reminds us of the joyful frolicking nature of one’s being when we air to a friendly, approachable, warm, and trustful disposition ~ as we interact with ourselves, the world, and with our perceptions we place within and without.


℘Girl Pink offers a restorative aroma for both genders℘

If a male is inspired by his Girl Pink he leaves behind his linear mind to give it a rest and opens to a more relaxed set of feelings. Composed within them is a larger grandeur view of the world ~ his world. What he didn’t see or notice before becomes the daily plain sight. This wider angle view lends itself to a more welcoming nature in line with his dreams and aspirations. His heart opens him to a myriad of extraordinary revelations that the linear mind can’t conceive of. Contributing to his overall balance and sense of wholeness, not to mention new found excitement of life ~ his life.

If Girl Pink is ignited within the fiery hearth of the female, then she superlatively is joined up with the miraculous side of life. Her Divine Feminine in full swing. Taking her into moment after moment of heart drawing mystical potential, breathtaking beauty (namely hers), in wonder and gratitude for her new found lightness and jubilant spring like step and being. Emotional heaviness dissipates and her loving trusting nature is what she fully attunes to. Her innate wisdom is on par with her dearest desires ~ which takes her to new heights of knowing ~ landing her in realities she has dreamed of. She is open, trusting, allowing the Divine to sweep her off her feet.


≈Girl Pink≈ ~ ^the interlink^

Girl Pink

lives in between worlds

the bridge

 Heaven to Earth

Earth to Heaven

a 777

Holy Spirit procession

Girl Pink

see’s the world in color

and walks about in timeless wonder

Girl Pink

loves the touch of

silks, velvet, and lace patterns

many gowns from these

 her fashion

Girl Pink

see’s your aura

and knows what you are about

she can see through it all

have no doubt

Girl Pink

invites the Mother’s Presence

of the Universe

 in Her heart

this is the place to start

the One heart

Girl Pink

see’s the mermaids splashing about

she claps her hands and calls out

Girl Pink

hears your footsteps down the hallway

 feels your energy

moving the walkway

Girl Pink

stares off into the light

receiving information

about the formation

Girl Pink

follows no one’s footsteps

only the concert of her heart

these are the steps to success

this nexus ~ the access

wear this headdress

the garden be blessed

Girl Pink

can look into your eyes and tell

if you know the wizards way

it is in your walk ~ in your sway

Girl Pink

likes to keep it fresh and real

that’s the deal

Girl Pink

speaks to the animal spirits

that rise up into the room

listen ~ look

eyes and ears a bloom

cat eyes

the winning prize

Girl Pink

lights a candle at dusk

as a sign

that the light be our holy shrine

Girl Pink

runs out to greet the Sun

and communes with the Moon

a silver spoon

golden dragons

hypnotize to widened eyes

diamondize ~ adorn, enrich

add this to

your daily list

Girl Pink

will tell you what is realer than here

that is

if you have an open ear

Girl Pink

see’s the symbolism

and can’t help but laugh

see the design

on our behalf

laugh and laugh

Girl Pink

knows the deeper you go

the more you know

so she goes and goes

Girl Pink

welcomes the morning light

the Divine Mother’s Grace

 a blessing

across her face

Her Wings ~ breathing space

 She is the morning star

Her light rises to shine

so Her children can see

by Her Great Power

darkness eliminates

arise to sight

of unbarred inner gates

She is the evening star

ready to tuck her children into bed

rest ~ return to the Godhead

Girl Pink

prefers to be

out of doors

in doors

can be such a bore

Girl Pink

offers praise to the sacred egg

the powerful potential

existential ~ providential

bursting forth

possibilities monumental

Girl Pink


the weight of a feather

and the heart

must be balanced ~ all together

Girl Pink

honors originality

and detests the mold

be yourself ~ fivefold

Girl Pink

is empowered

 stands in her truth

honoring the wisdom tree

this her decree

Girl Pink

dances in the silence

 the song of the Soul

this ~ the whole

Girl Pink

is visionary

she won’t tell you how to do things

that is up to you

she stands by you

as you pursue

Girl Pink

drops the curtain

on fear ~ tattered beliefs ~ doubts that plague

all that is uncertain

is but a diversion

rally to her campaign

to raise the curtain

of the sermon of re ~ birthing

the insertion ~ the dispersion

of the unburdened

return to your core center

God Self while in person

Girl Pink

doesn’t mind standing alone

she stands her ground

she is found ~ all in her own

crowned to the known ~ the unkown

Girl Pink

notices the flowers

and listens to what they have to say

play! play! today and each day

Girl Pink

wants out


knows she’s in

Girl Pink

slows down to rush

this is a must ~ to adjust

to open to the light

that leaves the darkness to crush

Girl Pink

will get you higher than high

ladder included

if you are ready to climb

Girl Pink

allows all to fall into place

is the silent witness

even when things are out of place

Girl Pink

loves cozy and warm

she will tell you


the inflow

the outflow

just relax and enjoy the show

Girl Pink

is both me and you

get to know her

live in the empty space

that secures a view

to pass through ~ see through ~ and preview

 drink from her magical brew

for your new world view

dreams now in your field of view

out of true ~ give thanks

Girl Pink

will take you

to your advance

dreams ~ love, expanse

glance into her cauldron

here ~  the fires of good fortune

a waking life

deeper than profound

creation ~ you as creator

burgeoning ~ One

this is homeward bound

Girl Pink


all these miles


you have reached

universal heart mind body beat

presiding as One

so it is done

the final weave spun

Let us all

gather together

the sooner the better

Girl Pink

the interlink

in a moment’s wink

your Kingdom come

through Girl Pink

we all become

in the all ~ to the all ~ from the all

Girl Pink

Great Spirit embody

the know-er knows the One

is the One

our outcome


Blessings of Girl Pink!

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Have a blessed day!

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