New Earth Creation: Divine Mother Consecration

*>Divine Mother perched upon Her Moon Throne ~ ready belly ~ New Earth Creation*>

→New Earth Creation⇓

∞Divine Mother Consecration∞

◊Gift from the Divine Feminine◊


⇑The New Earth rising⇑ ~ within⇐

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∨Welcome to your inner Queendom & Kingdom of Heaven∧




The inspiration for this blog post is to honor the awakening of the New Earth within ~ the Queendom and Kingdom of Heaven within ~ in celebration through poem.

**image is from a maternity photo session turned into a digital art piece 

≈The Path of the Light Keeper≈

The path of the Light Keeper is not always the easiest, however, we can find a space within us to honor it and be at peace with it all. I offer up much Gratitude to my sister’s and brother’s of the Light  who have and continue to be the diligent blessed ones who carry the torch of Light Love Divine ~ who nurture, protect, and fan this almighty flame within themselves and share and express it beautiful ways. I pay homage to you and your service to the Light and Love Divine.

∨Mother Father God∧

I rest here in the arms of the Divine Mother: as mother’s give birth ~ Divine Mother rebirth’s us.

ξMy deep rooted connection and love for the Divine Mother is also present in this blog post in a way that I feel suites my individual expression and as related to the ascent of awareness within of the New Earthξ

♥Always by our side, and in our hearts, our Holy Mother resides♥

My kinship with our Heavenly Father is of paramount importance to me as I commune deeper within myself and with Him to strengthen my connection to Him.

Mother Father God mix and spiral in divine wholeness in perfect cosmic balance of love light frequency forever firing the eternal dance of the One. 

⊕New Earth⊕

The New Earth ~ the grand utopian vision and reality that so many great author’s, artists, prophets, seers, magicians, sages, rishis, saints, master’s, great visionary’s (known and some not known), and ordinary folk have spoken about and expressed. Standing along side this march, we continue on until this vision reaches its completion and actualization within each of us.

As we continue to serve in our role ~ in cosmic timing ~ as our heart and mind settle in the knowing of the known anointed with Holy Grace we experience and expand into this wonderworld of the New Earth. 



→New Earth Creation⇓

∞Divine Mother Consecration∞

◊Gift from the Divine Feminine◊



Birth of the New Earth

 nation to nation

united in celebration

New Earth Creation

tree of life ~ comes to life

humanity and Earth arise

come meet the bride of Christ

the Lamb’s wife

Holy Mother declares

descending from heaven

the seven, the seventh

the marriage ~ the supper ~ Christed lovers

invitations sent out long ago

signed and known by the Divine

Divine Mother’s ageless Grace

offered to the human race

glittery stardust ~ sparkles

open becomes the gates

Heaven meets Earth

the uniting within takes place

Divine Mother ~ the sewer of the sewn

upon Her Moon throne

She reveals the unknown

all marvel at Her wonder

nothing escapes Her ~ nothing asunder

birds fly to Her

clearing the air

in Her left hand

the garden gospel

the mystical rose

rosa mystica

a pink rose for all times

thorn-less, the promise: upon us

rests on Her ready belly

Majestic Goddess

upon Her Holy shrine

 whispers of glowing Moon shine

nine nine nine


 ending for the beginning

the season of all seasons ~ the reason

Birth of the New Earth

 nation to nation

united in celebration

New Earth Creation

Her Presence intoxicating


flowing like wine

 released from heaven

She appears

seven times eleven ~ plus a 7

perched a top Her Moon

gone are the years

time disappears

splashes of waves carry Her

dolphins around Her ~  in rapturous swoon

fragrant is her flowing hair

each strand

like an answered prayer

Birth of the New Earth

 nation to nation

united in celebration

New Earth Creation

She has been cradling us

 to begin anew

now ready to make our debut

Her belly sounds like church bells

three times a day

6 12 6

worship ~ recite the Lord’s prayer

Her right hand caress’s

Her floating belly

wrapped around a silky green chartreuse dress

She is like

Venus upon Her shell

arriving to the shore

welcome ~ the One I adore

ode to Botticelli ~ a renaissance knocking on the door

Birth of the New Earth

 nation to nation

united in celebration

New Earth Creation

tears banish

falling into a wishing well

all that was foretold

now to tell

Birth of the New Earth

 nation to nation

united in celebration

New Earth Creation

Her contractions ~ signaling an awakening reaction

  like waves ~ sacraments of initiation

a mystical spell of ecstatic elation

Divine Mother’s blessing upon the Earth

a new foundation, transformation: liberation

Her child birth ~ giving birth

 for our rebirth

 New Earth

 harboring new moon

dilation ~ next labor for creation

Her Love Light filtration

ancient myrrh ~ whirling spheres

Birth of the New Earth

 nation to nation

united in celebration

New Earth Creation

we are yours, Divine Mother

miracles of the breast and thunder colors we gather under

unearthing a magical opportune

 a love wrapped boon

nothing too late nor too soon

Earth, the heart, the mind, like a egg cracked open

Her decree and sign ~ arise

signaling New Earth’s Surprise

She delivers

Her mirrors and silvery rivers

all has been considered

New Earth Creation

placenta life force

point source ~ saddle to the horse

umbilical cord

life line

we receive and become our divine

golden and crystalline

omnipotent glee

through Her Grace

we have been set free

Her Sacred Womb

our existence space

ceremonial magic ~ the broom

the entrance and exit

either way

a return to a state of Grace

New Earth ~ all fruit ~ the fruit tree

 nothing can prevent

Light of this dawn

we are drawn, so close ~ Hebron

friends of God ~ lightning rod

joy like dolphin extent

humanity’s ascent

cosmic field event

the Earth ~ humanity

take up ~ a touchdown ~ the trumpet sounds

we wear our blessed crowns

Divine Earth Blessing

New Earth Creation

the old departs

 enter the Eternal playground

New Earth lives now

no parts ~ by heart

delight ~ gratitude ~ cosmic work of art

 divinely raised

Divine Mother Highly Praised

New Earth

New Creation

now ablaze

 love, truth and peace sustained

paradise, Eden reclaimed

Birth of the New Earth

 nation to nation

united in celebration

Now New Earth

upon Creation



*⊕Blessings of Awakening within to Heaven on Earth⊕*

*⊕Thy Kingdom Come⊕*

*∴Blessings upon our rebirth and the New Earth∴*


♥May we all offer praise and honor to our Beloved Divine Mother and be richly blessed by Her Love and Holy Presence♥



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