Birth of the New Earth


Birth of the New Earth

∇birthing of the New Earth∇

∞Divine Mother Consecration∞

Gift from the Divine Feminine

*The New Earth rising*

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New Earth Creation

waves of holy initiation

ecstatic elation

union through wholeness

vessels have been well prepared

move forward in boldness ~ Soul’s voice the hostess

starry nights & day spring aired

twin souls paired

Divine Mother blessing upon the Earth

Her child birth ~ giving birth ~ rebirth

Now New Earth

Perched upon the new moon

dilation, creation, Her Love Light filtration

  bestowed upon Her ~ ancient myrrh, whirling spheres

we are yours, Divine Mother, remembered fragrances occur

shifts & transfers

dressings, addressing ~ She delivers Divine Earth Blessing

placenta life force ~ point source

She summons waves of Bliss

contractions ~ transactions ~ interactions ~ attractions

unearthing a magical opportune ~ angels in tune ~ full moon

with a boone, love wrapped cocoon, She ushers in a spirit filled tycoon

Earth like a egg cracked open ~ New Earth honeymoon

just begining ~ like a new bride & bridegroom

Her decree & sign ~ arise ~ signaling New Earth’s Surprise

omnipotent glee

through her Grace we have been set free

Her starry eyes ~ belly full & rich

the Sacred Womb ~ delivers its consecrated wish

delight in wonder

singing song of praise

our love lamp flame ~ sacred light workers ~ we have divinely raised

New Earth declared

its descent ~ ascent ~ nothing can prevent

Light of this dawn ~ joy like dolphin extent

humanity’s ascent ~ field event ~ eternal represent

Seeing it here ~ seeing it there

all upon the Earth

our answered prayer

bounty & beauty abound

take up & wear your blessed crown

tears no more ~ yet it be for the come down

Eternal playground ~ awakened in our hearts

calm winds through us ~ peace master of charts

New Earth now starts ~ no parts ~ by heart ~ fresh start

divine reminder ~ blueprint is clear

New Earth now appears!!!


*Blessings of the Sacred Light Gracing as the New Earth*

Blessings upon our continued awakening ~ witnessing the birth of the New Earth



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