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Windmill Thoughts

βŠ• a breeze of destiny βŠ•

πŸ™‚ Windmill as a symbol of the movement of transformation from one state of consciousness to a higher state of consciousness πŸ™‚


Windmill’s hold much symbolism, not only in their image but in their function.

Firstly the Windmill uses the element of Air to turn it’s workings. Air among a plethora of interpretation, representative of thought, intellect, idea and synthesis.
Linked to the Astrological signs of Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. Air is the primary basis of all existence.
‘I think, therefore I am’, by Descartes sums up the principle.

~ excerpt from Its All Within


Within the space of no space

I placed myself

in the light, the fire, the transformation of alchemical power

Β moving from one conscious state to a higher conscious state

the windmill

expanding, increasing, fuller version

it flowed through me, revealing more of the Truth within me

I surrendered completely to it

allowing it to transform me, allowing it to dance ~ move ~ awaken ~ enlighten ~ illuminate

Β the windmill

energy ~ movement ~ air

eternal ideas & thoughts & expressions

the windmill ~Β  issuing Light momentum

Β enlarging vision, inner awareness, speaking the language of Light

the windmill ~ a breeze of destiny

Within the space of no space

I placed myself



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