Windmill ~ As It Will: movement ~ consciousness transformation

^the Windmill^ ~ Samantha Pearl as the silent witness


⊗As It Will⊗

§Movement ~ Consciousness Transformation§

⇒Praise to the Wind⇐ ⇒The Element Air⇐

The wind is a symbol of the spirit, the vital breath of the universe. It is powerful, invisible, but evident by its effects on matter

⊕ a breeze of destiny ⊕

Windmill as a symbol of the movement of transformation from one state of consciousness to a higher state of consciousness


⇓one conscious state

⇔ to a higher conscious state⇔

◊the windmill

May we all elevate into higher states of consciousness with the blessings of the “Windmill”


⊂Symbolism of the Windmill⊃

Windmill’s hold much symbolism, not only in their image but in their function.

Firstly the Windmill uses the element of Air to turn it’s workings. Air among a plethora of interpretation, representative of thought, intellect, idea and synthesis.
Linked to the Astrological signs of Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. Air is the primary basis of all existence.
‘I think, therefore I am’, by Descartes sums up the principle.

~ excerpt from Its All Within


“Windmill ~ Transforming one thing, situation, or dynamic into another (as a windmill transforms wind energy into electricity or other forms) Making the best of a situation or environment (as a windmill takes advantage of windy conditions) Energy, movement, or the ability to keep going or persevere.”

“Windmills are also the universal symbol of life, serenity, resilience, self-sufficiency, and perseverance in a harsh environment. A more playful and colorful representation of the windmill is the pinwheel, which symbolizes diversity, potential, transformation, wish fulfillment and childhood innocence.”


≈The Great Wind≈

§The Element Air§

⊕⊕The Holy Breath⊕⊕

∇The Holy Spirit∇

Ruach Elohim ~  the Holy Spirit ~ the Divine Feminine aspect of God.

⊕Holy Spirit ~ She Is⊕

Ruha, according to Lucy Reid in her book “She Changes Everything” can also be interpreted as “Mother.” ~ derived from the Hebrew word “Ruach.”

The Sacred Wind & Breath of God. The Blessed Holy Spirit in All Her Majesty, Power, & Might. Like the wind ~ She is invisible yet visible. We feel & experience the wind, yet don’t see it ~ for example, we see the wind gracing leaves on a tree to sway about but don’t actually see the energy essence that is literally causing it to be.

She is the breath of life ~ the creative indwelling sacred God Source emanation within us and all.  The Great dispenser of The Life force. The Holy Spirit.

Although these are names we use as attributes, in Her Fullness & Truth, no name exists. She is beyond the confines of a name in Her totality.

Ruach Elohim sets forth motion through Her Great Power. She breathes life into creation and thus causes them to live.

I intuit the true trinity, in its original context to comprise of the Mother (Divine Mother), the Father (Divine Father), and Child (Divine Child). So when I hear ~ in the name of the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit I sense an incompleteness. The incompleteness being the exclusion of making mention of the Holy Spirit~ specifically as the Divine Feminine Essence and “Son” to be incomplete as it is not inclusive of both genders. In my estimation, a correct expression of the Sacred Holy Trinity would be something as follows:


In the union

of the Divine Mother

of the Divine Father

and the Holy Child


This interpretation, I feel, holds a truer mirror of the complete trinity. A fuller expression.

We are the “Holy Child” ~ the blessed offspring of the Divine ~ the pure emanation of Mother/Father God.

Our evolution is to remember, claim, and live this truth. #knowthyself


 As we look into associations with the wind, let’s explore the element of air

Air being the carrier of wind.

Air is the Great Provider of life ~ our human vital breathing system, the powerful air that manifested creation into being. It is also connected to wisdom, the higher mind/mind, and the Spirit of the Soul.

In Sacred Geometry, a octahedron is associated with the air element. A standard octahedron has 8 identical faces, 6 vertices and 12 edge.



  =breath = the life giving force

“Prana is seen as a universal energy which flows in currents in and around the body. Prana has many levels of meaning, from the physical breath to the energy of consciousness itself. Prana is not only the basic life-force, it is the original creative power. It is the master form of all energy working at every level of our being. Indeed the entire universe is a manifestation of prana.”


Ancient Kemet ~ Egypt

Shu ~ God of Air and Light

Egyptian God Shu

“Shu (Su) is the god of light and air and as such personified the wind and the earth’s atmosphere. Thus Shu created the atmosphere which allowed life to flourish.”

“Shu (Egyptian for “emptiness” and “he who rises up”) was one of the primordial Egyptian gods, spouse and brother to goddess Tefnut, and one of the nine deities of the Ennead of the Heliopolis cosmogony.”

“He was the god of peace, lions, air, and wind.”

“As a god of the wind, sailors invoked him to provide the good wind to power their boats. … The Egyptian and Nubian kings often had themselves depicted as Shu.”

“The ancient Egyptian god Shu is represented as a human with feathers on his head, as he is associated with dry and warm air. This feather serves as the hieroglyphic sign for his name.”

“Shu could also be represented as a lion, or with a more elaborate feathered headdress. … He was the god of peace, lions, air, and wind.” Shu is a personification of wind and dry air. He is also the god of the space and light between the sky and the earth. He is the twin brother and the husband of Tefnut, the goddess of moisture. He is sometimes represented with a lion head.”

“As Lord of the Atmosphere, it was Shu’s duty to seperate his children: the sky (the goddess Nut) and the earth (Nut’s husband, Geb). His eternal occupation was holding Nut up above Geb. It was said that if he ever was removed from his place, Chaos would come to the Universe.”

“The Greeks associated Shu with Atlas, the primordial Titan who held up the celestial spheres, as they are both depicted holding the sky.


Vata ~ Ayurveda

“The word vata means to blow or move like the wind. Consisting of the elements air and ether, it is the principle force of motion in the body and mind. When vata dosha is healthy, the movements of the body are graceful, unimpeded, and yet controlled.”

“Vata governs all movement in the mind and body. It controls blood flow, elimination of wastes, breathing and the movement of thoughts across the mind. Since Pitta and Kapha cannot move without it, Vata is considered the leader of the three Ayurvedic Principles in the body.”


 Biblical Wind References

The Bible speaks of North wind ~ the North wind is the direction of the Throne of God.

Fresh Wind ~ The breath of God, or the wind of the Holy Spirit, to blow freshly upon us. In Isaiah 40:31, “But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint.” 

The Four Winds are the power of God in the natural world, basically where “miracles” can occur and where the strength of God is made visible to humans. The Prophet Daniel saw a vision by night: “Behold, the four winds of the sky broke out on the great sea.”


Wind and Greek Mythology

Zephyr was the Greek god of the west wind, which was considered the gentlest wind, especially if compared to the colder north wind, Boreas. The warm west wind brought the spring season. Even today the name of the god means a warm and light breeze. Zephyr was the father of two immortal horses, Xanthus and Baliu.

Notus was the Greek god of the south wind known as the god of summer rain storms.

Eurus is the Greek god of the East Wind, and is brother to Zephyrus, Boreas and Notus. Like his siblings, Eurus was a winged god, the strong wind that brought warmth and rain from the east


In conclusion of our dive into wind ~ *the element air* ~~ we owe much gratitude to this powerful seen yet unseen movement that circulates and moves  within our bodies, in our environment, through out all of creation.

It is a mystical divine force to be honored and respected. It is our life force and governing principle sustaining life. Air has its own divine agenda and will.

It is in our best service that we surrender to it. It is not something we can control, nor ought it be. We, can however, through intentions of the good for all, co ~ create with it into innovate systems of energy such as with windmill power. 

“Wind power or wind energy is the use of air flow through wind turbines to provide the mechanical power to turn electric generators and traditionally to do other work, like milling or pumping. Wind power is a sustainable and renewable alternative to burning fossil fuels, and has a much smaller impact on the environment.”

We may also draw wisdom from its properties of simultaneously being invisible (to the human eye) yet directly experienced through matter. Much of our existence is not fully known ~ air teaches us that there is much more than meets the eye. More is going on at other planes ~ other presences ~ than we see with our physical eyes.

∞As we progress on our ^Ascension^ path we draw near to meeting up with more of the truth of who we are, our physical world, galactic occupation ~ ~ the connectivity, inter-folding, and building constructs that have permanence as us, in us, and around us∞

℘Air (wind ~ movement) is so magical in its essence℘ 


ΩSamantha Pearl #newearthkitty

If you have been following my blog posts then you know I often use our rescue kitty, ♥Samantha Pearl♥, as a muse. I refer to her as the “new earth kitty.” 

She is a focal point for me ~ a fully equal shared expression of the Divine ~ and a animal voice advocating the New Earth qualities and virtues.

In the image for this blog post I have incorporated Samantha Pearl in the lower right corner. She is positioned as the silent observer.

Often, animals we become close with are similar to the windmill in it’s symbolism. They are often a catalyst for change within us ~ opening us up to new realities, linking us into higher states of conscious being, providing new thoughts, a heart connection, inspiration, and so much more.

Animals hearken us back to remembering the basics of life: to honor life, to honor Self, to have fun, play, and be innocent. They are exemplary at leading the Way for Unconditional Love as a living example. Not to mention the hours of cuddle time!

Please be kind to the animals. We owe the animal kingdom much ~ both in terms of reverence as sacred beings as well as restoration. They have gone through much. Please consider a vegetarian and or vegan diet and lifestyle. Consider adopting rescue pets, offer donations of time and or monetary support to animal shelters, donate “goodwill” items a shelter can use such as blankets, toys, pet water and food containers, etc…

⊕Let us bless the beloved animals we share the planet with as they most certainly bless us⊕

I am including an image I created a couple of years ago of St. Francis ~ Patron Saint of Animals.

“A cat purring on your lap is more healing than any drug in the world, as the vibrations you are receiving are of pure love and contentment.”

“God requires that we assist the animals, when they need our help. Each being (human or creature) has the same right of protection.”

St. Francis of Assisi ~ surrounded by his boundless love for animals and nature


⊗As It Will⊗

§Movement ~ Consciousness Transformation§


⇒Praise to the Wind⇐ ⇒The Element Air⇐

Oh, Windmill

as you will

air autonomous

on purpose ~ prosperous

unity consciousness

move into place

from your place of no space

in goodwill

human destiny fulfilled

Oh, Windmill

generate your power


on the move

illusions consume

great wind


making room

my heart to you

air pure true

rising me through

Oh, Windmill

Queen of Queens

King of Kings

immaculate zephyr

changing measure

your will to approve

fruits of thy womb

Oh, Windmill

make your

spirit filled advance

wind that enchants

Grace the air

with your perfume

a magic wand

bride marriage groom

the song ~ the boon

union tune



sun and moon

synthesize within

 wholeness to bloom

Oh, Windmill

blades in motion

ancient knowing ~ wisdom ~ Rosicrucian

I listen to your whirl ~ your swirl

wind ~ a bird, a sacred pearl

esoteric order to the world

holy gusts twirl

Oh, Windmill

lift me


to become bare

here, there, and everywhere

 connection with Source

in the air ~ the atmosphere

Oh, Windmill

you ~ my mighty sheild

the inseparable field


nothing concealed

Oh, Windmill

 propeller of


the Light

from us, among us, as us


gracious wind flow

as above so below

Oh, Windmill

universal heart mind

holder of the sacred breath

on unseen wings

from higher heights

your might takes flight

a precise device

Oh, Windmill

stir to clear

wind unwind

to become aligned

inside ~ alive ~ the holy child

free and primed like you

Divine Mother ~ Divine Father



the love child

running wild

limitless ~ liberated

spinning, rhyming ~ in no time

this the wind chimes

Oh, Windmill


remind me

everywhere at once

wind sustainability

thank you

for your invincibility

Oh, Windmill

the you I cannot see

awaken in thee

passages of new

wind shift me through

into the new, knew ~ anew


Oh, Windmill

rotating sails

radiating out

 circle my closure

bless me be observant

rise the divine serpent

sweet current

 Oh, Windmill

lead me to your gateway


Eternal Wind

  breath of life

Holy Spirit

seen, yet not seen

rising in and out

my heart chest

 my life ~ all life

and what lays in between

a divine machine ~ no one can intervene

Oh, Windmill

Windmill ~ as you will

unity of all ~ for all


wrap me in your sacred shawl

Oh, Windmill

transformer ~  dancer

air ~ carrier of answers


your light momentum

velocity ~ your tempo

within the center


 heavens emenation

 your synergy

Oh, Windmill

I invite you

this moment

conscious indivisibility

to see you ~ I see you

take me

in your quickening awake

untouched ~ retouched

your cosmic on going stream

 Christ Consciousness

Solar Light

Shakti immersed

in this

I reunite

Godsent ~ rejoice

the Ascent

Oh, Windmill

within the space

of no space

the air space

I become awakened

as in the beginning of creation

breathing new

my lovelight coronation

celebration, crowning

the final culmination

Oh, Windmill

thank you

to you ~ your divine will


I know thyself

as Oneself

none else


Blessings of the transforming Windmill in your life!!!

May the satori flute come to awaken you 🙂

May St. Francis bless all our beloved pets!!

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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