In the Arms of the Divine Mother :) ~ Healing Grace

In the Arms of the Divine Mother

๐Ÿ™‚ She will always be there ๐Ÿ™‚

>Liberation through Release<

the end becomes the new

enter the new

into wholeness * into perfect health* into full awareness


This is a healing devotional to the Divine Mother ๐Ÿ™‚ย  for healing on any level ~ emotional/physical/mental/spiritual

The healing Love & Light energy of the Divine Mother can also be sent (in addition to you) to anyone you feel is in need of healing & release, animal (s), nation, the Earth as a whole, etc…..

Sometimes, although not always, there can be a heightened response during the release process. This is akin to a glass filled with a liquid that is not desired ~ the glass is turned sideways & or upside down to empty All the contents ~ so that the now emptiness can be filled with a desired liquid

As best as possible imagine Divine Light entering the recipients heart & physical form

This devotional can be read & delivered at anytimeย  *upon awakening*daytime*at night

Let us open to the exquisite refined Love & Light healing energy

of the Divine Mother

Rest now in Her Beloved Arms

ย Receive the Grace of the Divine Mother




In the Arms of the Divine Mother

we now place our awareness

cradled, nurtured, uplifted

Divine Light & Love

She is there

Her Sacred nectar pouring from her Heart

overflowing into endless streams to all

She hears the cry in the night

in the dark

the darkest of dark

dark room, dark mind, dark emotions, day as dark

through pain & fraught

She surrenders & births us in Love

& awakens us

so that we may remember our perfected essence

In the Arms of the Divine Mother

soothing healing waters

rushing, swirling, cleansing

ย each Soul ~ the Earth

when you can’t see what is in front of you

when light is dark

She is there

the body, mind, emotions

perfumed now with Her rose scent

rose petals fall

gently like soft silk upon your brow

sun moon ~ warmth & magic

ย access now wholeness, balance, & unity

feel Her tender touch

as serene as the watery depths

as the joy of children’s laughter

as free as the wind

as perfect as a perfect Summer’s day

In the Arms of the Divine Mother

She is there

when tears of resolution & resolve flow out

She turns it into magical alchemy

for healing sent forth on all accounts

if you feel She is not present furthermore

She is there

Truly, She is by your side for evermore

Call upon, we call upon the Holy Divine Mother

She is Here

release of the old ~ release of the stagnant & stale

a body renewed, a mind restored, a spirit rekindled

re-calibration ~ into the New

we fuse & blend into All we were meant to be

~to live as ~ to love as ~to experience

In the Arms of the Divine Mother

She is there

Love & Light

sent forth ~ sent within ~ sent out

In the Arms of the Divine Mother

nestled in this Holy space

We rejoice ~ we take refuge ~ we receive

ย In our newness, our received Grace

We go forth now

We hold up a Mighty lantern, a Light of Her Way, in thankfulness & wonder

In the Arms of the Divine Mother

She is there



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