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It’s A Visual Thing ~ Say It In Pictures!!! & Poetry!!! 🙂 🙂

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It’s A Visual Thing ~ Say It In Pictures!!! 🙂  & Poetry!!! 🙂

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^*My Vision Purpose*^

*Excerpts from the Higher Self ~ A Potpourri of Observations*

<Life excerpts to reach a higher ground ~ expressed>

My blog posts comprise personal observations and feelings that constitute a paused reflected state. A state I seem to naturally move into (as do many others). Certainly not new,just a state that feels right to my wiring. Allowing what life wants to show me and to speak through me. A jumbled,wind swept,non linear,yet somehow cohesive myriad of observations and expressions that I aim to faithfully exhibit outwardly as close as possible to the way in which I experience it within me. It feels that it is at such a deep level, which is why I refer to it as my Higher Self.

My Higher Self desiring to express through me (as is for all) ~ so perhaps I can learn from what it desires to teach me.Often,to serve as a platform that presents alternate ways of looking at some aspect of life ~ sometimes symbolically,mysteriously,a logical by pass if you will ~ to help awaken me to my deeper truth. Sometimes the process, which is continually changing, presents itself in a non linear organized yet non organized fashion that I do my best to go with. It feels natural for me to communicate in such fashion.I hope you derive something beneficial from them. 🙂

My vehicle is through poetry,devotionals,and digital art from my photographs. Perhaps some day the vehicle may change and or expand. It seems apparent that at least one of my soul purpose’s is to render an alternate view that bursts a bubble into our conventional this is this and that is that mentality.I too greatly,if not more,benefit.The process and result (s) provide me with an openness to an everyday magic. I hope that you also become attuned to the magic within you and around you. Nudges on our shoulders, pointing us to what may be when we open ourselves to it.

At around 14 or 15 years of age I began to spontaneously write poetry. A natural unfolding began. Something about a word and a word arrangement expressed in written format that seemed to match (as close as possible) a inner feeling or perception was of great magical delight. I am grateful to one of my early English teachers who encouraged me to write poetry and was kind enough to read my poetry and provide constructive commentary from the bunches of poetry I would present to him. I have always had a love and fascination with the visual arts. In high school I was an art assistant to our art teacher, however, it wasn’t really until my later years that art had a more profound influence for me. In my mid twenties I came to clear terms to devote my life to art ~ then proceeded sponge like learning absorption within the traditional visual arts, namely drawing and painting at various local art schools and then studying it at the graduate university level receiving an advanced degree in the studio arts. After many years of being an art teacher I decided to begin to create art for myself. I then became more acquainted with digital photography and digital art and opened myself to learning the vast Photoshop world. I don’t claim to be a guru in this field at all, many many many digital artists are well versed in this field and I have learned from them. Growth, learning, advancing is ongoing as is life. I am just happy to play whatever role I am designed to that supports my evolution and thus the evolution of the whole.

The bridge, carrying station, and hopefully the “doer” I believe, is serviced via my Higher Self as long as I get out of my own way. Often the ideas and content for blog posts appear in the atmosphere as swiftly as a spontaneous breeze lifted in the air ~ then circulating within my awareness. Gone too soon if I don’t journal it promptly before it becomes evaporated back into the nothingness from whence it came. I best catch it while I can. I do not know where they come from, how they come, or when. I do know it feels quite good when there is an arrival ~ it feels like a new breath to breathe. I also do know going within myself and temporarily departing from the outward sensory world to line up with my Source is the feeding ground, as well as close close silent communion with Mother Nature ~ all boosting a potpourri of ideas, inspiration, and direction. I could not live without meditation or intimacy with nature ( I feel completely off when either is absent due to a mistake of too much “doing”). I know many feel this way as well.

I don’t offer the “how to” or the “know how” of what procedures, practices, systems, organizational strategies, etc… to follow, I leave that up to you. What I do offer is a step ~ or perhaps a continued validation each step of the way ~ a key if you will ~ that will open a door. A door that has been wanting to be opened for a long time. A door for you and I to step through. A door into the blessedness of all that we are and all that we can live as, be, and have. Perhaps this is a fanciful notion ~ perhaps it is true ~ maybe it is something different, either way I pray great blessings that we all live in the fruitfulness and fullness of our God Goddess wholeness.

While creating my blog posts the hours melt into nothingness ~ the silence and stillness paired with intense focus is on the table ~ upon completion of each post the zest for life returns in exuberant measure ~ then a restlessness ~ until the next one is created.

It is my hope that in some way my blog posts may serve you so as to tap into your blessed Higher Self and see the world above and beyond ~ soaring high ~ high like the eagle. Where you meet up with your passions and stirs of the soul to co create the fulfillment of your dharma. An anointing on and in your life and for others.

May all your dearest dreams be made manifest through an openness and willingness to recognize all is truly possible ~ and the knowing that you are complete, whole, and fully equipped.

May we all be situated with this confirmation daily and begin to notice the sweet landing of our deepest heart centered desires.

This is a journey I share with you ~ as we all grow together.

Thank you.

All of my Love

*^Leslie Sue


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