Magenta Garden ~ *Unconditional Universal Love*

Mother Magenta Stargate






♥Magenta Garden♥

⇒Unconditional Universal Love⇐


⊗This poem and imagery is inspired by Unconditional Universal Love⊗

⊗The character and state of our Soul and heart light⊗

⊗Our Highest Expression⊗ 


♥The Fullness of Grace of the Divine Mother♥

Love unreserved ~ unconstrained

Love Enduring…



 The Magenta Garden is a metaphor for such exalted love

The garden as a symbol of our life

Our internal landscape reflected back as our external garden

The Magenta Garden…

A garden seeded in the truth of boundless love ~ flourishing with blooms eternal ~ nourished with a timeless love ~ an everlasting love

A garden in full receivership of universal unconditional love

A garden in balance & harmony with natural law

A bountiful garden without end

We are the breeding ground, individually ~  of the fires of sacred love within us ~ how we bespeak, engage, and come on board with ourselves is the initial plowing of what may be present in our garden ~ the unconditional love we accept and demonstrate to ourselves fans the fires to blossom.

When we have continuously reinforced and replenished self love within us ~ towards us ~ we then can become a pure vessel to out pour this into our lives ~ offering to life what we have offered to ourselves.

When we have cultivated this garden within us and within our heart ~ we then rise to unfathomable heights ~ abiding in the Magenta Garden



An Earthly Paradise

“Gardens can be viewed as a symbol of the Virgin Mary in the Christian tradition. Gardens are also referred to as an image of the Soul and innocence.”

“It also symbolizes consciousness because of its enclosed characteristics, as opposed to the forest”


⇒When we don’t place any conditions or limitations on ourselves we then can extend this blessing to all of life⇐

Let’s fervently lavish ourselves in unconditional love ~ a love offering we grant ourselves. This is the consideration of the blessing of our garden ~ the rich soil ~ the determining factor for the growth of our garden of life. Once saturated ~ we can then begin to apply this elevated state of being to our loved ones, family, neighbors, strangers ~ all whom we interact with ~ those we walk by while out and about ~ and those that walk with us on our path of life.

If we remain steadfastly planted in our heart of unconditional love, most assuredly the Great Spirit will lift Her mighty wings ~ spreading the seed of our faithfulness to unite with lively fragrant blooms in our garden. Her perfumed bouquet ~ the harvest ~ as the manifestation of our devotion to tend to our garden.


Magenta = Unconditional Love & Acceptance

♥Fullest Expression of Divine Love♥

Harmony & Balance


Ω the alpha & the omega Ω

⊆the end & beginning of the light spectrum⊇

(above violet ~ & before red)

Creating a color loop ~ the completion into Oneness

 Also embedded within the word Magenta is both a female/male reference.  Contributing to a balance, completion, oneness of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine within. As the first two letters “ma” often a reference to Maria ~ the Ma Ray ~ Ave Maria ~ Mother Mary ~ Divine Feminine ~~ while the next four letters are “gent” ~ a reference to a gentleman ~~  Divine Masculine. Poetry like words, often have deeper hidden meanings to be unlocked. 🙂



♥Magenta Garden♥

⇒Unconditional Universal Love⇐


I walked into a magenta garden

it was on the Earth ~ but not of the Earth

I realized this was my home ~ when I became unearthed

magenta garden ~ loves birth ~ unconditionally submersed

garden of harmony ~ maternally ~ paternally ~ absorbancy

magenta overflow ~ overthrow ~ in the flow

flourishing ~ nourishing ~ love on the go

  arch at the garden’s entryway  

magenta love the gateway

magenta garden ~ where love and the heart intersect

love says you are perfect ~ take effect

hanging like mistletoe ~ enter ~ bliss plateau

other worldly, you know ~ divine willow chateau

I was barefoot, in the sun and mist, euphoria kiss

“Be in the world ~ but not of the world” said the Christ

magenta illumination ~ can not put a price ~ stellar advice

parts red & blue ~ comprise your field of view ~ pass through

magenta love ~ an agent of change 

transformation ~ to obtain

magenta garden ~ many angels were in chorus

garden of mighty proportions ~ Eye of Horus

all was magenta ~ it was gorgeous ~ love’s fortress

those who wear the magenta suit

produce roots, shoots ~ the best of fruits

I saw many others too ~ spread across the nations

foundations ~ stations ~ sharing magenta vibrations

magenta gardens birthed

 towering ~ a love showering

in the magenta garden there is no tomorrow

time slows to no ~ inspire those ~ garden grows

Mother Magenta 

the entirety of love’s Grace

She was there to meet me ~ velvety ~ counting in three’s

You spring like eternity ~ ever near me ~ I bow to Thee

Your walk is so airy, bird of paradise, entice

Mother Magenta ~ bride of brides ~ nothing divides ~ no sides

see Her in the magenta garden ~ Her love is our pardon

magenta garden ~ loves radiance ~ glee ~ birch tree

roses like crystals ~ orchids in rows

flirtation floral combinations ~ all in relation

Law of Oneness ~  in operation

union ~ fullness ~ loves completion affirmation

inflating my awareness ~ liberation ~ adoration vacation

 love the non ~ conformist ~ adorn it ~ reformist

love has no rules ~ detesting rules ~ so unruly

newly ~ truly ~ a lover of beauty

in my midst ~ honeycomb drift ~ swing shift ~ transfixed

magenta evening primrose ~ twin roles ~ twin souls

 I saw faeries at high command

a magenta wonderland on the other hand

magenta garden ~ song of the mystical raven

the sky grows ~ by those ~ enclosed by a magenta haven

love the garden ~ in the heart ~ where the Soul takes flight

leave a footpath ~ followers in the aftermath

 magenta garden ~ the Swallow

the incarnation and resurrection

 the magenta garden ~ Christ’s perfection 

love the wearer of holy robes ~ names on a sacred scroll

love the builder ~ love the Creator ~ love the liberator

counting in fifths ~ pivotal ~ all shifts

a reflector, reflecting, reflective ~ ones perspective

walking through the magenta garden there was no objective 

only love the directive

Oh, Magenta ~ if I add some white ~ you feel so right

magenta rays all day ~ compassion and kindness in your sway

the floral and fauna a garden ballet ~ on display

 the landscaping God’s might ~ there is no night

my eyes a magenta spotlight

translucent clouds ~ the greenest grass and pathways

curtains of leaves saying “come this way”

the magenta air rushes ~ I could hear spirits pray

grand trees with large roots holding them down

a branch leans out ~ holding a jeweled crown

“this is for you” said the tree

take it and this magenta silk gown

 for your magenta heart ablaze ~ we praise ~ put this on

 the love that you raised ~ stays ~ germinating each day

“now continue to walk on in this way”

then the magenta meadow flowers glowed ~ to show

guiding me to a leading light

a rite of passage into the magenta hermetic seal of light

in the magenta garden ~ we reunite

in the magenta garden love is the starlight

in  the magenta garden ~ love flies the highest kite

home of universal love light

in the magenta garden

love has no end

the enduring spirit ascends

magenta garden seed, now sown

magenta love enthroned

a magenta garden

one for each of us

to call our own




May your life overflow in unconditional love

May your Magenta Garden always be fruitful & plentiful

◊Blessings of Magenta Love◊

Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a Blessed Day!!!

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Autumn Sun ~ Autumn Moon

Autumn Sun ~ Autumn Moon

🙂 Samantha Pearl 🙂


ξPath of the Autumn Sun ~ Autumn Moonξ



Autumn Sun ~ Autumn Moon

path of the Autumn Sun ~ Autumn Moon

Autumn Sun ~ a weaver has spun ~ all is already done

a bowed knee ~ decree ~ the number three

Autumn Moon ~ silver spoon ~ lights up the dunes

laughing ~ hiding ~ smiling

shining, inviting, rising

goldmine ~ moonmine ~ drink of the wine

I am but both ~ intertwined ~ the mystics dine

sacred number nine

change of season ~ holy light a beacon

carnation ~ celebration

 summer flowers give way ~ brown earth ~ spicy mirth

bloodline ~ feline ~ honey colored new earth

bronze star ~ aerial flight

spirit insight ~ alive ~ greater heights

path of the Autumn Sun ~ Autumn Moon

golden eternal fire dance ~ amber wind ushers in romance

silvery bells ~ magical shells ~ pearl water well

Autumn Sun luminous rays ~ glow ~ cooler though

 sparking yellow brownish resin light ~ coals burning bright

crops & fruits ~ pumpkin ~ acorn ~ squash ~ seduce

flag of truce, on the loose, transduce

divine cows graze ~ holy mother nectar milk ~ always

upraise, highway, nowadays

third season of the year ~ opaque ~ semi sheer

caramel colored sky ~ leaves of the cosmic tree ~ unleashed

leading up to the feast

Autumn Moon ~ new moon ~ hanging signalling in the sky

dragonfly ~ lotus fly ~ beautify

third eye ~ palace like Versailles

moon like whiskers white ~ mystical shine on me tonight

I heard you call me in the night ~ to awaken to the morning light

sprites ~ fairies ~ greet me in delight

wake up ~  the end of twilight ~ bright ~ excite ~ all is right

red orange yellow light ~ waves ~ like caves ~ airwaves

drawing me closer ~ release control

enigmatic light ~ keyhole

path of the Autumn Sun ~ Autumn Moon

 walking steps of magnetic cheer ~ purr roars ~ angels I did overhear

I could not be ~ anywhere else but here

all be gone ~ yet only Light appear

Autumn Sun ~ Autumn Moon

swing door ~ transfer ~ soft like velour

path of the Autumn Sun ~ Autumn Moon

go forth ~ all is answered for


Thank you for viewing!!!!

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

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*In the Silence of the Land* ~ I Am

⊗In the Silence of the Land⊗

⊕I AM⊕

⊗silent realms of existence⊗

⊗to be experienced & then create there from⊗

#sacredheart #sacredmind


The inspiration behind this imagery & poem is to keepsake the beautiful silence within us ~ experienced when out in nature, during meditation, engaging in inspirited favored activities, etc…. ~ heavenly peaceful moments where we know & experience a magic surreal yet tangible.

The original photo is a “spot by the lake” we often frequent at a local park that sets a blaze such deep silence as we feel buried within the lands offering of a woodsy Grace & fall under its magical silent spell ~ reveling in Her silent charm.

Let us each connect in our own ways ~ to our true silent nature ~ Until it is fully ingrained as a daily integral part of our conscious living ~ silence providing the nourishment, wisdom, inspiration that guides us to our higher states of consciousness. Flowing through our hands, hearts, & minds as the action itself ~ blessing our endeavors.

Silence the Giver ~ steeping us in our Source Creator Light ~ that is our substance ~ our ever lighting existence.

⊂Silence directly experienced as the seed bearing all fruit⊃

∴The Silence ~ The Great Restorer∴

♥Let’s flourish in our harmony of gracious being ~ feeding our sacred heart & sacred mind♥


∴Nature as the Great Teacher & Healer∴

Revealing to us who we really are

#innerplane #landscapewithin #withinself

day is night ~ night is day

all that exists & co~exists

#moonsunstarlight #silencewithin #flowingrivers


↔Some correlations & attributes related to “land”↔

Land as a metaphor ~ *of freedom *of the promise *promised land *milk & honey *fruits of knowledge *wisdom *tree of life  *creation *levels *divine connection

⇑ As Above So Below⇓


⊆ Experience your active worlds within (through the sacred silence within you) ~ *your magic *your truth *your opened door *your new eyes *your Grace *your joy *your potential ⊇


⊗In the Silence of the Land⊗

⊕I AM⊕

In the silence of the land I am

In the silence of the land my sacred heart I am

In the silence of the land my sacred mind I am

 the silence of the land blankets me

wings of holy light

midnight ~ daylight ~ building site

moon & sunlight ~ take flight ~ starlight ~ Galactic insight

 jaywalk ~ unblock ~ treasury stock ~ night hawk ~ shamrock

the path we walk

grass at my feet

a spot by the lake

we set up camp ~ retreat

my heart beat, your heart beat, the Earth’s heartbeat

  One in One ~ All in One

silence sweetness upon my lips

heart mind eclipse

transcendental song surrenders my Soul

reccesses of the heart ~ become whole

In the silence of the land my sacred heart I am

In the silence of the land my sacred mind I am

Spanish moss draping branches ~ magical feast

trees so old ~ knowledge manifold ~ trees wisdom unfold

high trees peer down ~ who might be there? ~ exchanging glances

reverence ~ the sight not distant ~ not rare

we sit calm ~ undone

 silence and activity united

silence the right ~ enlightened

untitled ~ invited

silence the left ~ ascent ~ extent

the leap ~ awake from the sleep

eternal ~ continuous ~ auspicious

in the thick of it ~ submit ~ Great Spirit emit

sacred responsiveness

become like Magritte ~ Belgian surrealist ~ mind swing shift

motion yet motionless

silence giver of outspokenness

self reflected glow ~ so you know

fluid streams ~ like veins ~ nothing else remains

 passages passing ~ then renew

  accessing deeper ~ mighty magic ~ pure manifest

In the silence of the land my sacred heart I am

In the silence of the land my sacred mind I am

breeze floats by ~ Her charm in the air

 birds fly by ~ endless high

warm sun ~ velvet sigh

dissolution of time ~ after time ~ withering to no time

In the silence of the land I am

the peace ~ the calm ~ nature’s psalm

tranquility bomb ~ the balm

circulates within ~ the inner landscape a shrine

moon, sun, inner star gaze,

day & night

appear all at once

only in you do I trust

In the silence of the land I am

speechless is spoken

silence the opposite of hurry ~ no worries

silence the sign ~ I listen ~ life line

there is no balance ~ but the balance within thee

 stillness treasures ~ the land, we, me, so free

silence foresees ~ jubilee ~ a guarantee

Divine Mother ~ Divine Father ~ Divine Child

Her decree ~ we come from Thee

In the silence of the land I am

In the silence of the land my sacred heart I am

In the silence of the land my sacred mind I am

silence a chant ~ a chorus line of sunshine ~ sublime

no boundary lines ~ intertwine

tree lines ~ sweeping across no time

moon & sun combine ~ sparkling white wine

destiny speaks in rhyme

Her Greatness ~ the first, the last ~ all becomes abstract

nature exact ~ there is no match

She is a castle dance

from first glance ~ provocative ~ a romance

In the silence of the land I am

In the silence of the land my sacred heart I am

In the silence of the land my sacred mind I am

silence the marriage supper of the lamb

in the silence become richer than

sacred heart & mind at hand

silence ~ my home I am

from where we began

In the silence of the land I am


∴May all that you touch, experience, engage in, be blessed by your sacred heart & sacred mind∴

Blessings of the stillness within ⊕ ~ then create  ⊕co ~ create ⊕

Thank you for viewing!!!!

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Why your Ascension matters #ascensionmatters

^Ascension^ ~~ the first wave ~~

∞Why your Ascension Matters∞

→Eyes Wide Open Within↵

*the journey inward*

≈Higher States of Consciousness ~ being aware ~ awake≈

#knowthyself #deepeningawareness #trust #magic #truth #lightwithin


Your Ascension Matters ~ this is because YOU matter. Your Voice matters, Your Light matters, Your Gifts & Talents matter, Your Brilliance matters, Your Contribution matters, Your Vision matters, Your Divinity matters.

All of this & more will be lifted, experienced, & released at higher expressions, with more joy, & blessings as you go within yourself & tap into the truth of your presence.


Knowing yourself as the divine co~creator source that you are ~  at your deepest actuality ~ beyond any beliefs ~ beyond any preconceived prior fellowship~ is the most significant personal acquisition & generous bestowal you can present to yourself & humanity.

Coming to terms with the innate you ~ a sacred assembly ~ a reunion of sorts with yourself  ~ the Light within ~ within all ~ & allowing this holy encounter to rise ~ will open inner eyes to a myriad of absoluteness & possibilities you did not recognize before hand. Your God seed Self igniting & sparking truths, sensibilities, & divine grace for both yourself & the planet. This worthy adventure is the grandest self offering & legacy you can grant to your evolution & that of our planet. This sacred inner exploration is unsurpassed in every way. This is the calibrating with the untouchable you ~ the pure emanation of Source Consciousness ~ Christ Consciousness ~ unfiltered ~ divine ~ spirit filled………..Soul Light connection. What could be above this?

The singular most important course of perseverance you can take is the journey within. Layer by layer ~ revealing ~ bringing to light~ divulging ~ proclaiming ~ anointing ~ is the Highest responsibility to Self. It demonstrates an honoring of your Self, who you are, a love & care for yourself that is beyond the physical (while including the physical). This inquiry within, is a Gift you give yourself, it brings you Gifts unexpected ~ this is because you took the plunge to love yourself enough to devote sacred time to  move into symmetry & orderliness with your awareness ~ advancing in time to higher states ~ this is your sole purpose beyond anything else. The unraveling & manifesting of who you truly are ~ is procedural ~ a process unique to you ~ which fortifies you  & blesses you. The path of awakening  is the most extraordinary walk you will take. The way ~ your unique individualized way ~ is gradually made clear ~ step by step ~ as you evolve ~ as you go within. You emerge triumphant with each probe, study, inquest, & inner investigation. This is because you are being re~acquainted with your Soul. You & your Soul in deep communion & Oneness. This is you. Your divine destiny, full bliss & joy, is made manifest through this joining consciously ~ this mingling ~ this synthesis ~ this absorption & team up with your Soul. This provision rewards you, bestows favor upon you ~ as trust replaces fear. This doesn’t mean you never go through things ~ but a new acquisition of trust in yourself, your Soul, the Universe takes up residence. Your Soul knows what must take place, taking you on the fastest trajectory to your world to come ~ faster than you could design or know how to accomplish it.

Allow yourself to be re~acquainted with your Divine Self ~ dismiss any & all external “realities”  ~ many of which have only served to further remove you from your sacred truth ~ that exists within ~ that is you ~ that is the truth of your existence ~ beyond physical manifestation ~ teachings ~ & commonly held beliefs. Dare to explore, being surprised & delighted, & blessed, while at varying intervals & degrees the Magnificence of Who You Are is revealed to you ~ in conscious recognition & appreciation. More & more realizations on many levels will become apparent to you ~ often rather spontaneously.

Your sacred journey will be exclusive to you ~ perfect for you. You will feel so much on deep levels. Remember to be kind & offer up tenderheartedness towards yourself as you progress on your Ascension path. The love of Self you offer to yourself is primary ~ this will spill over & out into the presentation you exhibit to others, animals, & the Earth. Take note of your transformations ~ as you experience the exalted states that surface as a direct result of readying yourself within. This is why it must start with you, your willingness, to go within, as this serves as the platform for all else. Opening to the true life within you, will grant you the truth of life here on Earth.


🙂 In adoration for your bravery ~ to allow veils to be lifted ~ as you maintain eyes wide open within 🙂

Bountiful Blessings on your awakening within!!!

Thank you for viewing!!!!

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Birth of the New Earth: New Earth Creation

*>Divine Mother perched upon Her Moon Throne ~ ready belly ~ New Earth Creation*>

∇Birth of the New Earth∇

→New Earth Creation⇓



This blog post centers on the inevitable ushering in of the New Earth. Spoken about in many languages, cultures, regions, races, religions, across all time and space. I do not claim to be an authority in anyway as to how all this will manifest ~ I leave that up to the Divine. What I offer here is my own imaginative take on it.

For many many years, many of us have been preparing our vessel ~ the totality of our bodies ~ on a purification of rites so to speak to clear out much of our own “junk” from this and other lifetimes ~ as well as collective mass “junk” that we agreed to assist in. All in an effort to each in our own unique way help pave the way for the Dawn of a new day ~ the dawn of the New Earth.

The path of the Light Keeper has not always been the easiest, however, we can find a space within us to honor it and be at peace with it all. I offer up much Gratitude to my sister’s and brother’s of the Light who have and continue to be the diligent blessed Souls who carry the torch of Light Divine ~ who nurture, protect, and fan this almighty flame within themselves and share and express it beautiful ways. Many of you have been a kindle to my awakening and I pay homage to your highest service of the Light.

♥My naturally innate deep rooted connection with the Divine Mother is also present here in a way that I feel suites my individual expression. Always by our side, and in our hearts, our Holy Mother resides♥

My kinship with our Heavenly Father is of paramount importance to me as I commune deeper with Him and strengthen my connection to Him. However, I feel here as we enter into our full rebirth into our higher states of conscious enlightenment ~ as well as a re-balancing, healthy integration, and living of our personal and collective divine feminine and masculine, that although they “work” in divine wholeness in perfect cosmic love light energy, that I rest here in the arms of the Divine Mother: as mother’s give birth ~ Divine Mother rebirth’s  us.

We paradigm shift into a New Earth ~ the grand utopian vision and reality that so many of the great author’s, artists, prophets, seers, magicians, sages, richis, saints, master’s, the great visionary’s (known and some not known) have spoken about and expressed since time immemorial: in such eloquent elevated levels that if one resonates they can’t help but stand along side this march until this vision reaches its completion and actualization.

It begins with us to do our part and know in cosmic timing we shall experience and expand into this wonderworld of the New Earth.

Image is from a maternity photo session


∞Divine Mother Consecration∞

⊆Gift from the Divine Feminine⊇


⇑The New Earth rising⇑

#newearth #goldenage #ageofAquarius


∇Birth of the New Earth∇

→New Earth Creation⇓


Birth of the New Earth

 nation to nation

united in celebration

New Earth Creation

tree of life ~ comes to life

humanity and Earth arise

come meet the bride of Christ

the Lamb’s wife

Holy Mother declares

descending from heaven

the seven, the seventh

the marriage ~ the supper ~ Christed lovers

invitations sent out long ago

signed and known by the Divine

Divine Mother’s ageless Grace

offered to the human race

glittery stardust ~ sparkles

open becomes the gates

Heaven meets Earth

the uniting takes place

Divine Mother ~ elegant

upon Her Moon throne

She reveals the unknown

all marvel at Her wonder

nothing escapes Her ~ nothing asunder

birds fly to Her

clearing the air

in Her left hand

the garden gospel

the mystical rose

rosa mystica

a pink rose for all times

thorn-less, the promise: upon us

rests on Her ready belly

Majestic Goddess

upon Her Holy shrine

 whispers of glowing Moon shine

nine nine nine


 ending for the begining

the season of all seasons ~ the reason

Birth of the New Earth

 nation to nation

united in celebration

New Earth Creation

Her Presence intoxicating


flowing like wine

 released from heaven

She appears

seven times eleven ~ plus a 7

perched a top Her Moon

gone are the years

time disappears

splashes of waves carry Her

dolphins around Her ~  in rapturous swoon

fragrant is her flowing hair

each strand

like an answered prayer

Birth of the New Earth

 nation to nation

united in celebration

New Earth Creation

She has been cradling us

as if we have been in a cocoon

now ready to make our debut

re birthed anew

through and through

Her belly sounds like church bells

three times a day

6 12 6

worship ~ recite the Lord’s prayer

Her right hand caress’s

Her floating belly

wrapped around a silky green chartreuse dress

She is like

Venus upon Her shell

arriving to the shore

welcome ~ the One I adore

ode to Botticelli

She is ready

Birth of the New Earth

 nation to nation

united in celebration

New Earth Creation

tears banish

falling into a wishing well

all that was foretold

now to tell

Birth of the New Earth

 nation to nation

united in celebration

New Earth Creation

Her contractions

  like waves ~ sacraments of initiation

ecstatic elation

Divine Mother’s blessing upon the Earth

a new foundation, transformation: liberation

Her child birth ~ giving birth

 for our rebirth

 New Earth

 harboring new moon

dilation ~ next labor for creation

Her Love Light filtration

ancient myrrh ~ whirling spheres

Birth of the New Earth

 nation to nation

united in celebration

New Earth Creation

we are yours, Divine Mother


unearthing a magical opportune

 a love wrapped boon

nothing too late nor too soon

Earth like a egg cracked open

Her decree and sign ~ arise

signaling New Earth’s Surprise

She delivers

Her mirrors and silvery rivers

all has been considered

New Earth Creation

placenta life force

point source

umbilical cord

life line

we receive and become our divine

golden and crystalline

omnipotent glee

through Her Grace

we have been set free

Her Sacred Womb

our existence space

the entrance and exit

either way

a return to a state of Grace

Zen and the sea for you and me

New Earth ~ all fruit ~ the fruit tree

 nothing can prevent

Light of this dawn

we are drawn, so close ~ hebron

friends of God ~ lightning rod

joy like dolphin extent

humanity’s ascent

cosmic field event

the Earth ~ humanity

take up

we wear our blessed crowns

Divine Earth Blessing

New Earth Creation

the old departs

 enter Eternal playground

New Earth now starts

no parts ~ by heart

delight ~ gratitude and wonders

 divinely raised

Divine Mother Highly Praised

New Earth

New Creation

now ablaze

 love and truth and peace sustained

Birth of the New Earth

 nation to nation

united in celebration

Now New Earth

upon Creation


*⊕Blessings of the Sacred Light Gracing us and as the New Earth⊕*

*∴Blessings upon our continued awakening ~  experiencing our rebirth and the New Earth∴*


♥May we all offer praise and honor to our Beloved Divine Mother and be richly blessed by Her Love and Holy Presence♥

Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a Blessed day ⇐

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Samantha Pearl ~ conscious living

Samantha Pearl #newearthkitty

Conscious Living

♥Pet owners & lovers know the value of animals as the wisdom keepers that they are. Always imparting wisdom to us if we awaken to their offering♥

Golden pearls #wisdom

*Some practical advice*

Ωfrom the new earth kittyΩ


∞ take time to relax, rest, & regenerate ~ as part of loving yourself

∞ meditate daily & experience your Heaven on Earth within

∞ adopt pets & support animal rescue agencies

∞ incorporate a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle

∞ be kind to yourself & others

∞ live in your heart

∞ let the sun shine on you

∞ spend time in nature

∞ answer only to yourself ~ your God Self

∞ tap into the LOVE frequency

∞ vibrate to harmony

∞ remember we are all ONE

∞ take time to laugh & experience joy

∞ be childlike

∞ trust

∞ honor your inner Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine

∞ honor the moon & sun

∞ conscious breathing

∞ complete the inner “work” necessary in order to live fully as your Brilliant Higher Self

∞ be Grateful

∞ create beauty & take note of beauty

∞ follow your passions

∞ lighten up ~ don’t take things too seriously

∞ seek balance

∞ commune with the Divine

∞ knock on the door of the Divine

∞ receive ~ know you are worthy

∞ accept yourself & others

∞ know thyself

∞ honor & be in sync with the cycles of nature

∞ bless the Earth

∞ bless your food

∞ send out good thoughts


Blessings of conscious living

Thank you for viewing!!!!

Have a Blessed Day!!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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144,000 friends #soulfamily

∴ 144,000 friends∴

#soulfamily #sacredflamekeepers #ascension

New Earth  ~ fully awakened Being of Light

7th Golden Age


∞A triumphant salute∞

from across the globe ~ across the nations ~ across the stars

 144,000 friends ~ we continue on the only path we know

waking up to the Light within ~ the Light without

ignited spark ~ celestial hallmark


∴ 144,000 friends∴

 144,000 friends

healers ~ healing

teachers ~ teaching

writers ~ writing

beings ~ just being

connected ~ connecting

transmutes ~ transmutation

transforming ~ transformation

galactic star light threads weaving ~ linking ~ joining

journeys within~ home landscape wherein

 144,000 friends

mystical initiations ~ sacred teachings ~ ancient rites enlivened

individual self ~ higher self ~ cosmic self

conscious awareness ~ divine spirit ~ holy spirit

Law of One

alchemical marriage ~ solar lunar blend synthesis

Sun days ~ Moon days

self God identity ~ marriage of our soul

 144,000 friends

non-physical ~ physical ~ matter ~ non – matter

what matters

multi ~ dimensional ~  all aspects rolled into One ~ limitless

 Union, for our Union, for all in Union

 light workers ~ anchors of light ~ Soul Family

star children of light

measureless ~ infinite ~ universal bright

 aligning to our our divine perfection ~ alchemical resurrection

Source perfection ~ recollection

   All live in their true divine perfection

 144,000 friends

Christ Light awakening ~ peacefully ~ Christ Light frequencies

illuminated ~ enlightened ~ soul embodiment

first phase ~ first wave ~ azure days

surplus, purpose, earnest

  rebirth ~ Divine child surface

 144,000 friends

sealed with a bond

keepers of the eternal flame

name of the game

a recognition ~ for each other

sister ~ brother ~ another

out of time ~ into time ~ before time

one time, anytime, full time, life time

it’s a wonder

  wings ~ signed & contracted in Heaven ~ fly the sacred wind

designed ~ assigned ~ outlined

blooming & blossoming

we celebrate each remembrance

 144,000 friends

we walk the path the Master’s walked

we knock, unlock, never stay at the dock

acknowledgement, humility, reverence

Christ Consciousness full expression

individual & planetary Ascension

we know the Way ~ we make the Way ~ we are the Way

we honor each Way

 144,000 friends

star seeds, light Beings, from here, from there, from everywhere

we are prepared, inner-ware, outerwear

other worlds, other dimensions, incarnated now

purposeful ~ holding the vision ~ releasing the vision as we become the vision

precision ~ provision ~ envision

the inevitable shift upon humanity

we experience & take up our sword first

cloud burst, dispersed, heart-first

 144,00 friends

 the pillars, the sign posts, the map makers

 self discovery & self realization

 we pass through all the gateways

at this time, for this appointed time, removed from time

we follow in the foot steps of the Great Ones

praise, gaze, amaze, always, doorways

 144,000 friends

a salute, homage, welcoming

our call, our song, commencement, celebration

vibrating columns of air ~ angels choir ~ trumpet fanfare

elation ~ carnations ~ liberation

sky rays white opalescent light ~ molten amber colors dance

doorsteps ~ accept ~ star born soul event

  the stairway ~ advance ~ golden romance

ascend the steps

the final portal


sparkle, transported, full circle


Heaven on Earth


⊕Blessings on your awakening path⊕

Blessings to our Soul Family of Light!

Thank you for viewing!!!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

Have a Blessed Day!!! 🙂

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It’s A Visual Thing ~ Say It In Pictures!!! & Poetry 🙂 🙂

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4 × = thirty six

Magnum ~ playin’ in a rock n’ roll band #summer2018


playin’ in a rock n’ roll band

as the Summer sun sets

*steel vibrations   *  *outdoor concert   *classic rock  *originals

#summer2018 #concert #bethlehemPA #steelstacks

A view from on stage


As the July sun set on a unusually cool early evening, Magnum took the stage on the Levitt Pavilion to share with fans some classic rock tunes & originals.

Before the sun sets, when the sun sets, after the sun sets, the music plays on………………….we hope everyone had a great time!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Re~experience some fun moments………………. from July 6, 2018 Levitt Pavilion when dem boyz took the stage…………

Come out & see their final Summer 2018 performance this Sunday 🙂 August 5, 2018 also at the Steel Stacks, Bethlehem, PA ~ but inside the Musikfest Cafe 🙂 at Artsquest Center at 8:00 p,m.

 * Have a Great Show *



Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a Blessed day 🙂

Miracles Happen!!! #stayaware

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It’s A Visual Thing ~ Say It In Pictures!!! & Poetry 🙂 🙂

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+ 2 = three

Missy ~ 4ever Home :) #petadoption

Friends of Samantha Pearl

🙂 Missy 🙂

sweet Missy ~ ready 4 her 4ever home!!!

#petadoption #purr #petsmakeahouseahome

please read & pass info on to anyone you know that might be interested in opening their heart & home to Missy


Another sweet kitty baby dumped in our business park.
This is Missy… she is about 3 to 4 years old. Very sweet, petite little girl. She’s litter box trained, good with other cats but afraid of dogs. She has been fixed. Missy is currently living on the porch at a foster home but she would love a home to call her own. Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
Please pm Cindy Leigh  on Facebook if interested in meeting Missy. 🙂 🙂


Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a Blessed day 🙂

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Samantha Pearl #newearthkitty 🙂 🙂

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Miracles Happen!!! #stayaware

It’s A Visual Thing ~ Say It In Pictures!!! & Poetry 🙂 🙂


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3 × = twenty seven

In the Arms of the Divine Mother ~ #devotional

Divine Mother blessing the Earth We are nestled within Her Loving Arms



Earth Keepers of the Way ~ Divine Feminine


Divine Feminine creative force ~ *^giving birth^*

♥In the Arms of the Divine Mother♥

ΩShe is the AllΩ

#sheis #all


This blog post is devoted to the Divine Mother

⇒May I see Her in all that I see

⇒May I hear Her in all that I hear

⇒May I touch Her in all that I touch

⇒May I know Her in all that I know

⇒May I taste Her in all that I taste

⇒May I smell Her in all that I smell

⇒May my heart be open to feel Her in all of Her ways

⇒May I serve Her in all of my days

⇒May I come to Her Presence as my mainstay



May I experience Divine Mother’s heartbeat in each beat of my heart from the start of each day through the darkest of night,  only to return to the Light while here on Earth ~ be with me Divine Mother now and even during my final depart.

Thank you Divine Mother for your continuous Grace, Love, and Holy Presence in my life ~ I love You with All that I Am


♥Divine Mother as the Ultimate Giver of Birth♥

Giving birth is thought of and expressed in a multitude  of ways

May the Divine Mother within us give birth to our highest expression of blessed thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, speech, creativity, guidance and direction



Blessed Healer ~ Nurturer ~ Confidant ~ Companion

ΩDivine Feminine Creator ◊ Miracle & Magic WeaverΩ

*Auspicious Divine Mother *Queen of Heaven & Earth

>Liberation through Release<

the end becomes the new

enter the new


This is a devotional to the Divine Mother 🙂

Let us open

to the exquisite refined Love & Light energetic composition

of the Divine Mother

Rest now in Her Beloved Arms

 ∇Receive the Grace of the Divine Mother∇




♥In the Arms of the Divine Mother♥

ΩShe is the AllΩ


In the Arms of the Divine Mother

no measure, endeavor, winged feather

soother, smoother, no other


many colors, love Her, uncover

among Her, from Her, shudder

touch Her, won Her, become Her

Holy Goddess Mother

 cradled, nurtured, uplifted

sun moon airlifted

Her Light & Love

gentle dove, silk gloves

free love

cow to calf ~ morning fall in love ~ labor of love

milk breasts ~ sweet nectar there of

become aware of, drink of

divine thread of, well of, in care of

She overflows into endless streams ~ in dreams ~ seamstress of seams

justice beam ~ balance beam ~ heart beam

light strands ~ multiple hands ~ homeland

beauty screams ~ wide screen ~ exalted supreme

star board ~ adored ~ umbilical cord

above ~ below ~ in between

angelic teams ~ by all means

 We surrender and are birthed in Her sheen

seen and unseen

encoded in all genes

reconvene ~ Magdalene ~ saint adding machine

assemble ~ disassemble ~ resemble

jade green ~ sage green ~ sea green

intervene ~ silver screen ~ golden mean

In the Arms of the Divine Mother

baptize white rose ~  She who knows ~ meadow fields a glow

reformer, transporter, installer~ sanctified altar

sons and daughters ~ no borders

replenishing, caressing, refreshing

mending, fencing, presenting

 each Soul ~ the Earth

all of worth ~ rebirth ~ unearth

bring forth ~ call forth ~ magnetic force

She is in front of, behind, to the side, and through

you, who, me ~ She comes through

pass through ~ steel blue ~ world view

ripe fruits from Her vine,  bloodline,  life line

no start or end line ~ draw the line~ power line

perfumed now with Her rose scent

assent, ascent, advent

 emergence ~ occurrence ~ establishment

look after, take after, sought after

bringer of answers, a ladder,  just ask Her

 free as the wind

primed, rhymed, Her shrine

receive Her presence,  peace of mind,  alchemy of nine

beautiful bouquet, Her milky Way

gateway, archway, enter Her hideaway

as perfect as a perfect Summer’s day

eternally our sanctuary ~ majestic pink ray

primary, rosemary, luminary

She is here

She is there

winged wearer, childcare, Lords prayer

re-calibration ~ into the New

break through, out of true, floral tattoo

In the Arms of the Divine Mother

nestled in this Holy space

giver of magical Grace ~ Queen Anne’s lace, upper case, everyplace

 in thankfulness and wonder

oracle  thunder, music inspire

nothing is required

 prayer shawl ~ free for all

once and for all

In the Arms of the Divine Mother

supplier, multiplier, magnifier

love like wild fire, afire

acquire Her desire

behold  and admire

Mother of all

In the Arms of the Divine Mother

together ~ whether ~ wherever ~ whenever





⊥Let us offer up continuous praise and honor to our Blessed Holy Mother⊥

∴ Blessings & Miracles from our Divine Mother!! ∴

Thank you for viewing!!!! 🙂

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