Stripped Down ~ when all that is left is *Gratitude*

Gratitude for the Light


Gratitude as prayerful reverence ~ Maria from a recent photo session


Gratitude for the Divine

⇓Stripped Down⇓

ζWhen all that is left is *Gratitude*


Gratitude expands our energy. It opens a door ~ a magical door

Gratitude serves our hearts and we become privy to many truths in our life that prior to were overlooked

Gratitude can offer us a peace and a thankfulness that overflows…




⇒Our lives take a turn ~ when we turn to Gratitude⇐



This post presents the well known topic of Gratitude. Being Grateful for all things ~ the big and the small. Things personal to us and things common to all life.

Being Grateful for the air we breathe ~ for the birds that sing ~ for our human vessel ~ for the meals we have ~ for the flowers in our garden or that we walk by ~ for those in our life we feel connected to ~ for each other as the family of humanity, for our life and life in general…..

Being Grateful for Mother Earth who supplies for us, nourishes and nurtures us, for Her Great Beauty…

Being Grateful to Mother Father God, to Jesus and all the Ascended Masters, to the Archangels, celestial guardians, our galactic friends, and to all symbols and representations of the Divine we feel connected to. 


Gratitude transforms and reforms

Gratitude may not always be our first conscious choice, however, with diligence and patience with ourselves, it will become in the forefront of how we relate to our self, our activities, interactions, and overall appreciation for life itself.

Gratitude ~ the defender

to surrender


the attender for splendor ~ the mender


Go 360

First we can look around

at our own lives and see what we are grateful for.

⇒We know it all begins within us so this is our starting point

We can take a good panoramic look around ~ ~ ~ clearly seeing the gifts around us that we can truly be grateful for.


We aim to live in a state of gratitude within and extend it out

Once we maintain consistency being in a state of Gratitude for all the “thanksgivings” in our individual lives ~ we then slip naturally into thankfulness as an outward expression….

…. recognition and acknowledgement for gifts that come our way in a myriad of fashions ~ in all that we experience.



⇓Stripped Down⇓ 

ζWhen all that is left is *Gratitude*

∴Getting to the core of just plain being Grateful for all the blessings in our life∴


^This post and poem is a concentration on being Grateful. Fully stripped of everything ~ getting to our core essence ~ and connecting into Gratitude in the highest^

We lay hands of Gratitude upon our lives and all we touch

As a byproduct of our heartfelt Gratitude we see more and more in our life to be Grateful for.

A mystical reflector appears washed with the Gratitude we have paid homage to

Dressed in Gratitude ~ the Blessed



Gratitude the Beatitude℘ 

The deliverer ~ the delivery ~ what is our receptivity?

Gratitude ~ The rhythm and algorithm

Wisdom precision in repetition

Gratitude for our heartbeat ~ universal beat ~ Earth beat 




⇓Stripped Down⇓

ζWhen all that is left is *Gratitude*


Divine Gratitude

sets the order

 a magnitude

 an open border

a harbor

where seas are calmer

Gratitude anchors

  a converter

dispelling disorder

  mirrored to the extent

of what we represent

a mystical movement

leading to events

an effect that cannot be bent

freedom floods

Spirit comes

the atmosphere

melts in love

a view from above

Gratitude is reciprocal

miracles can be typical

Gratitude the longitude ~ East & West manifest

Gratitude in latitude ~ North & South expressed

All directions


worn about the chest

 Gratitude the prelude

to be first

drink this when of thirst

none will find a desert

first things first

In Gratitude

truth is made privy

open becomes the lily


a stay

a wave

the first and last to pray

pure becomes the walkway

ancient teachings 

evolution solutions ~ conclusion 

Gratitude ~ the amplitude

for higher altitude

Gratitude reveals ~ heals

  going around

like a prayer wheel

Gratitude the advisor ~ wiser

a holy stabilizer


our bodies ~ Great Spirit indwelling

yourself, myself, himself, herself

One Self

hearts a fire with Gratitude 

the desired attire

Gratitude the Way ~ today ~ always

Earth, Fire, Air, Water

the elements ~ our teachers ~ nature’s preachers

In Gratitude we become receivers

animal, tree, sun, moon ~ holy altar

 Rock of Gibraltar

Mother, Father, daughter, brother, son, sister ~ Gratitude offered

Magna Mater ~ Maia ~ Mother Goddess ~ Gratitude revere

El Shaddai ~ Abba ~ Yahweh ~ Gratitude sincere

Gratitude the venture ~ the treasure

 all weather

Gratitude the recognition 

listen and watch the musicians and magicians

the composition

the connection

the blessed passage

overcome any challenge


upon the lips

an instant fix

the shaman

 the mystics

bag of tricks

grounded in Gratitude

watch what will vanish

ready to paint a new canvas

bow to Gratitude

the movement


   it manifests in the garden

where blooms are certain

it has purpose

 the sermon

the virgin

Universal ~ Eternal 

it can be verbal or non~verbal

either way

it brings us full circle

Gratitude an opportunity ~ community

sanctity for humanity

Gratitude the measure ~ together

uncensored ~ altogether

In Gratitude

laugh, play, in warmth wrap each other

powerful as thunder

yet soft as a feather

let Gratitude be the rudder

row row row!

reach the shore

Gratitude the opens door

Gratitude is a Christ kiss

a taste of bliss

 Gratitude when released

 is peace

the heart unleashed

In Gratitude

we become the lover

we serve in awe and wonder

nothing to cover

In Gratitude

we stand together

kneel together

dance and dwell together

In Gratitude

we come together

Earth becomes Heaven

no weapons, no aggression

In Gratitude

we become 

our hearts

no loose parts

a living expression

closer our Ascension

Gratitude becomes our walk

the realization all is God exalt



♥May we all remember Gratitude  in our daily lives and allow Gratitude to remind us of the preciousness of life, the Divine, ourselves, one another, and  the Earth ~ including the flora and fauna

⊕Blessings of Gratitude!

Thank you for viewing!

Have a Blessed Day~~!!!!~~

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