Stripped Down ~ when all that is left is *Gratitude*

Gratitude for the Light

Gratitude as prayerful reverence ~ Maria from a recent photo session

Gratitude for the Divine

Stripped Down

When all that is left is *Gratitude*


⇒Our lives take a turn ~ when we turn to Gratitude⇐

This post presents the well known topic of Gratitude. Being Grateful for all things ~ the big & the small. Things personal to us & things common to all life.

Being Grateful for the air we breathe ~ for the birds that sing ~ for our human vessel ~ for the meals we have ~ for the flower in our garden or that we walk by ~ for those in our life we feel connected to ~ for our life & life in general…..

First we can look around at our own lives & see what we are grateful for. We know it all begins within us so this is our starting point. We can take a good panoramic look around ~ ~ ~ clearly seeing the gifts around us that we can truly be grateful for. #go360

Once we maintain consistency being in a state of Gratitude for all the “thanks givings” in our individual lives ~ we then slip into thankfulness as an outward expression to those around us, appreciation to the stranger who extended themselves, recognition & acknowledgement for gifts that come our way in a myriad of fashions ~ & all that we experience.

Stripped Down ~ getting to the core of just plain being grateful for all the blessings in our life.


This post is a concentration on being Grateful. Fully stripped of everything ~ getting to our core essence ~ & connecting into Gratitude at the highest level that we can.

We lay hands of Gratitude upon our lives & all we touch

As a by product of our heart felt divine Gratitude consecrations ~ we see more & more in our life to be Grateful for. A mystical reflector of the Gratitude we have paid homage to in our consideration & application

Dressed in Gratitude ~ the Blessed


Gratitude the Beatitude

The deliverer ~ the delivery ~ what is our receptivity?

Gratitude ~ The rhythm & algorithm

Wisdom precision in repetition

Gratitude for our heartbeat ~ universal beat ~ celestial beat ~ the drivers seat


Gratitude the Beatitude℘

The order of magnitude

is comparable to our expression of Gratitude

the parallel of Gratitude

is mirrored to the extent of our pronouncement of Gratitude

Freedom personified

in our servitude to Gratitude

Gratitude the longitude ~ East & West manifest

Gratitude in latitude ~ North & South expressed

the prelude of Gratitude

Rumi ~ Rosicrucian ~ Venusian

ancient teachings ~ evolution solutions

conclusion ~ aspirations ~ infusion

Gratitude ~ the amplitude

for higher altitude

Gratitude ~ the defender surrender

the attender for splendor ~ the mender

Gratitude the advisor ~ wiser ~ stabilizer

reveals ~ heals ~ prayer wheel

hearts a fire with Gratitude ~ infinitude ~ desire attire

Gratitude the Way ~ today ~ always

Earth, Fire, Wind, Water

animal, tree, sun, moon ~ holy altar

Mother, Father, daughter, brother, son, sister ~ Gratitude offered

Magna Mater ~ Maia ~ Mother Goddess ~ revere

El Shaddai ~ Abba ~ Yahweh ~ Gratitude portray

Gratitude the venture ~ treasure

self ~ another ~ all weather

Gratitude the recognition ~ composition

musicians magicians artisans predisposition

Gratitude the garden

blooms certain ~ the sermon ~ hearken

Gratitude an opportunity ~ community

sanctity for humanity

Gratitude the measure ~ together

uncensored ~ altogether


Blessings of Gratitude

Much Gratitude for those reading this!!!

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a Blessed Day~~!!!!~~

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