The Mystic Trystic #theseer #cheetahpower

 The Mystic Trystic ~*^ She is the Mystical Magician of the Cosmic Universe*^


Cheetah rested and confident in her divine power

The Seer

Cheetah ~ poised in her elegance and inner knowing

Inner Knowing

ΦThe Mystic TrysticΦ

∴To Be As∴

The Great Seer ~ The One who See’s ~ Beyond

#enterin  #entryway #trustin

⇔Entrance Into⇔ ~ by choice⊥

ΦAs The Mystic Trystic teaches usΦ

◊Her delight ◊Her enchantment  ◊Her sacred bequest

⇔ is to bestow the blessings of the Mystic Trystic to anyone who crosses the bridge in faith ~ in covenant & sureness of & with the Divine

Trusting beyond the reaches of this world ~ to venture into a terrain that affords entranced Gifts from the Divine.




Stand in your power ~ Stand in your Truth


Every road leads back to our self ~ as we meet up with our own personalized acquaintances. We only need to answer to ourselves. We are not to “mind” any ones store except our own. #divinesanction

What are we buying? Buying into ~ fear, doubt, uncertainty OR acknowledging those feelings but leaning stead fast in the direction of trust. It is our choice. The Mystic Trystic provides us a transcendental involvement & participation if we choose to ~  To Look beyond ~ beyond what we think is there, beyond anything we have ever fancied ~ into an arena of all ~ full scale ~ measureless visibility.



The cheetah images are from a recent visit at the Naples Zoo.

Cheetah’s are the fastest land animals on earth! 🙂 Cheetahs symbolize empowerment, speed, & focus. The Cheetah has a keen inner compass for quick knowing & quick action. With Goddess lines & Grace, the Cheetah knows her Power. #standinyourpower

Her lightning speed & inner knowing of when to take action is a beautiful symbolic representation for us to also posses this inner knowing of when it is “right” to take action with the confidence that no one can outrun us ~ nothing will stand in our way.  #innerknowing #faith




ΦThe Mystic TrysticΦ

∴To Be As∴


The Mystic Trystic

To be As

12 at high

6 from below

3 to the right

& 9 to go

 the tick of the clock ~ not born ~ nighthawk

 the face of time ~ sense it’s just a rhyme

time for time ~ all the time

The Mystic Trystic

To be As

   to the wind ~ spring to mind ~ peace of mind

set foot between the lines

dividing line ~ borderline ~ skyline

nothing is real ~ what is real ~ least you say it is so

off the wheel ~ steering wheel ~ pinwheel

freedom cargo ~ bestow ~ say hello

The Mystic Trystic

To be As

wild indigo ~ Mystic Trystic manifesto ~ angel arpeggio

She takes you beyond the reaches

speechless ~ teach us ~ charging cheetah

lover of the sun & moon

everyday sacred commune

moonshine ~ outshine ~ feline

cheetah spirit sign

The Mystic Trystic

To be As

all 4 points divide evenly in 12

 half a day then it goes round again

catch on ~ catch in ~ a memory game

The Mystic Trystic

To be As

sword obtain ~ cross over the bridge ~ power domain

faith to champagne

take the reigns ~ essential flow will grow

Cheetah speed beyond the hour

sun flower ~ wind power ~ allow Her

The Mystic Trystic

To be As

when quarter of ~ equals nine ~ is nine

eternity chimes

nothing is really a mystery

answers are always in front of us ~ our victory

revelations for those

who notice & recompose

Cheetah inner knowing ~ noting ~ composing

you know that you know ~ the heart speaks it so

The Mystic Trystic

To be As

 the mirror will shine ~ nine divine ~ reflection resurrection

The Mystic Trystic

To be As

a synonym is like cinnamon

aromatic sweet & spicy anointing oil

return to innocence ~ grounding soil ~ Royce of royal

Lauraceae family ~ evergreen tree ~ Sri Lanka India

washes in yellow & a splash of green

heavenly blue in whatever it seems

The Mystic Trystic

To be As

check out the airwaves

receive a go

visionary’s row

shadow-less glow ~ infinity shrine

lays it on the line

opened eyes ~ arise ~ huge surprise

12 & 12 for 24 unlocks the door

12 signs ~ 12 apostles ~ 12 tribes

mysteries at noon ~ the bigger the boon

24 hours to the day ~ am I making headway

on the way ~ take away ~ under way

24 Elders ~ revelations 4 & 4

throne of heaven ~ crowns of gold ~ behold

The Mystic Trystic

To be As

the fem is in 9 ~ the masculine a vertical line

She goes ~ She goes ~ so close ~ in close

 the unknown becomes known

take it or leave it ~ all become reborn

from sky to sky ~ ride high

Buddha’s ears drop low ~ for who listens grows

The Mystic Trystic

To be As

As Above So Below

May the Seer

be the One that is Known




⊥May we all stand placed in our Divine Power, Truth, and Blessed Wholeness⊥

Blessings of the Mystic Trystic coupled with the speed. empowerment,  & inner knowing of the Cheetah!!!

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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Crush in the Dark: When Inspiration Hits


Steve practicing guitar*

Crush in the Dark

When Inspiration Hits



‡Let Inspiration Find You‡

When we are deep within our selves such as during mediation, prayer, communing with our higher aspects, etc… we are transplanted into a void darkness that feels to me like a sacred womb where we can access all. We can submerge within the void with a intention for knowledge, inspiration, direction, guidance, etc… and emerge from it refreshed with insight that sometimes is Johnny~on~the~spot and sometimes is revealed in stages. We can also have great experiences in the void with no agenda so to speak, and just see what comes up. 

This blog post is about inspiration. When I photographed Steve practicing his guitar, he just happened to have his Crush shirt on. From there later on the idea came into my awareness “Crush in the Dark” as a blog post title and accompanying poem.



May we all meet up with Inspiration that is the winged fuel to carry us to heightened states of Soul in action, well being, and provide a sense of accomplishment and purpose

Let’s be open to inspiration arriving at any moment ~ let’s stop, listen, and attune to the Great Spirit indwelling and pay homage to this voice with follow through in spirit guided direction


inspiration that comes in “off hours”

inspiration that finds you in a spontaneous moment

‡Let Inspiration Find You‡


Artistic Inspiration

“Inspiration (from the Latin inspirare, meaning “to breathe into”) is an unconscious burst of creativity in a literary, musical, or other artistic endeavour. The concept has origins in both Hellenism and Hebraism. The Greeks believed that inspiration or “enthusiasm” came from the muses, as well as the gods Apollo and Dionysus. Similarly, in the Ancient Norse religions, inspiration derives from the gods, such as Odin. Inspiration is also a divine matter in Hebrew poetics. In the Book of Amos the prophet speaks of being overwhelmed by God’s voice and compelled to speak. In Christianity, inspiration is a gift of the Holy Spirit.”

A few Ancient models of inspiration

“In Greek thought, inspiration meant that the poet or artist would go into ecstasy or furor poeticus, the divine frenzy or poetic madness. He or she would be transported beyond his own mind and given the gods’ or goddesses own thoughts to embody.”

“In Christianity, inspiration is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Saint Paul said that all scripture is given by inspiration of God (2 Timothy) and the account of Pentecost records the Holy Spirit descending with the sound of a mighty wind. This understanding of “inspiration” is vital for those who maintain Biblical literalism, for the authors of the scriptures would, if possessed by the voice of God, not “filter” or interpose their personal visions onto the text. For church fathers like Saint Jerome, David was the perfect poet, for he best negotiated between the divine impulse and the human consciousness.”



Follow through with your inspirational hits ~ leading you to revelations, awakenings, truths ~ rumbles from the divine



<Love yourself enough to bring life to your passions>

Follow through with your passions ~ your bliss

Have faith ~ offer up trust.

Everything that “needs” to get done will get done.

*Open the doorway ~ the doorway of your happiness*


The Great Ones watch to see who might take a chance

Take a unplanned planned moment

Joy Spreads: When we are in Joy (entertaining our gifts and passions) more Joy fills us and inturn the world.

^A world filled with Joy is a world filled with Joy^

Treasures Within: The only way to know our treasures, gifts, talents, and skills is to bring them out. Enhancing current ones, mastering new ones

Let’s Surprise ourself #trust



Crush in the Dark

When Inspiration Hits



Crush in the Dark

remarks with a spark

rock ~ knock ~ zero clock

shadowy dusk

swept in silky grays and red

smokey hues

it was still night ~ dreamy ~ when stars are born

a bird in a tree ~ offering a decree ~ watching me

rune rapture 

a magnetism I fell under

then it struck

inspiration instruct

desire it 

fiery pit ~ no denying it

Crush in the Dark

remarks with a spark

  rock ~ knock ~ zero clock

to milky morn

he played electric guitar

Saturn reborn

strumming ~ up and down the neck


sound vibration 

mystical incantation 

come ~ hither communication

foot on the pedal ~ wah wah 

be the vessel

precious metal ~ overdrive ~ distortion ~ above sea level

fret boards ~ strings ~ burn up ~ wind up

tuner ~ in put jack ~ heads up

Crush in the Dark

remarks with a spark

  rock ~ knock ~ zero clock

early spring bird

still in the branches

channels acts of chances

a hook up ~ a build up ~ a let up

grace cup ~ filler up ~ more pick up

Crush in the Dark

remarks with a spark

  rock ~ knock ~ zero clock

now becomes the daylight

 electric guitar ~ accent mark ~ birthmark

encouragement ~ incentive

soul directive

Crush in the Dark

remarks with a spark

rock ~ knock ~ zero clock





Blessings of Great inspirational hits 🙂

Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a Blessed day 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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The Sea, The Sun, & Me





∞The Sea, The Sun, & Me∞



For all those that love the sea, the sun, and palm trees

 *to all the lover’s of the sea…..

*who dream of and with the sea….



Sky Above

Sand Below

Peace Within

So Peace Without



⊗This imagery and poem are inspired by the beauty of nature, specifically,  the pull and draw of the sacred waters and the landscape that accompanies it⊗

⊗Here in S Florida we thankfully have sun filled days  just over 300 days out of a given year, the excitement and allure of the sea, sun, palm trees, a balmy breeze, the sand, the sounds, the calm and soothing it offers the soul is always inspiring⊗


 The Visceral Experience of the Sea

Dreaming in colors of the sea…..

Melting into the sun filled terrain…..

The Light of Eternity…..

The feel of the sea on the skin…..

The magical water alchemy…..

 The paradise if offers……

Becoming resuscitated

  All will take care of itself



” I followed my heart….and it led me to the beach”

~ Unknown

“There’s no place like home. Except the beach”

~ Unknown


♥Endless sun filled days on the sea♥

⊕Enchanted palm trees⊕


∴Three Three Three∴  ⌈Holy Trinity ∗Three∗ The Triangle⌉

  >the sea ~ the feminine ~ >the sun ~ the masculine ~ >plus me (or you) equals three. ∴Our blessed connection of wholeness∴

∨The Divine Feminine ~ ∧The Divine Masculine ~ ⊕our individual self as the Divine Child


Three points on a ∇triangle∇.



≈Oh to be at the sea!

≈Oh to dream with the sea!

ΩHeavenly Supreme ~ I go to TheeΩ

◊Oh to kiss the Sun!

◊ Sun bird come fly with me




∞The Sea, The Sun, & Me∞

∴Trice Three∴




The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

trinity mystery ~ from antiquity ~ shipped at sea

a lover of the water ~ you take me under ~ like no other

freedom cry ~ liberation sigh

the sea and sun greet ~ repeat ~ saint victory

you deliver me ~ picture me ~ sea sun glittery

omniscient ministry ~ my pulsing heart ~ sacred conductivity

sweet nectar ~ elite ~ sugar beet

mind body spirit ~ Oneness ~ royal alumnus

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

fluidity and spaciousness ~ spontaneous ~ rapturous

allure, demure, ~ sultry heat

sweet yellow golden ~ the spoken ~ the chosen

the seven seas ~ journey to thee ~ heaven molten

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

embayment ~ saltwater ~ seawater

I pray at your altar ~ I offer

I know your language ~ I hear you call to me

carefree ~ sand on my feet ~ you set me free

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

  light filled triangle ~ dangle ~ spangle ~ bangle

watery bliss ~ I can not resist ~ Christ gift

holy transmit ~ submit ~  lifted aboard ship

enshrinement mist ~ enthroned ~ deity tone

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

lost in your breeze ~ kissing ~ infinity tease

returning cycles ~ ebb & flow ~ sea foresees

 palm trees ~ here on the scene ~ miles high ~ climbs up to the blue sky

lining the sand ~ quiet dance for me ~ so serene

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

fillers for in between ~ Christ Light presiding

radiant light ~ gliding ~ providing

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

I touch the moon & kiss the sun

circling ~ ever riding ~ sun and moon reuniting

fallen under your spell ~ on a ride ~ seashell pastel

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

lost in the breeze ~ sun days ~ I have fallen to my knees

nature you are so divine ~ no need for time ~ I drink of the sacred wine

lost in your steps ~ your breath 

the sea and sun wondrous magic to me

I am drowning so deep ~ measureless sea ~ inexhaustible sun

in skin deep ~ sliding ~ colliding ~ child like delighting

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

  sea turn driving ~  sun cast smiling

I am yours ~ inspiring

melting from your inviting ~ sea and sun forever shining

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

endless sea may I have a dance with thee?

almighty sun walk with me

your jubilee ~ magical three ~ us we

the wise ones know ~ the fools glow

to behold you ~ light vertigo

bestow ~ overflow ~ akin to Thoreau

diving ~ unwinding ~ light is blinding

freeborn ~ released ~ at liberty’s edge

I cross the bridge ~ sunburst ~ I must ~ in trust

from dust ~ come just ~ none but ~ just us

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

luminary sphere ~ sun pierced ~ sea baptized ~ mesmerized

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

sea depths hold the key

transcendental yet here ~ new frontiers

great mystifer ~ primal ~ bridal

take me ~  sea sun milky-way ~ reflections gateway

entryway ~ light filled hallway ~ leap day

so at ease ~ freedom of the seas

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

light dance ~ a third sun ~ flashing stars

forever surrender ~ elixir jar

I take you with me ~ even when I am not there

because you are everywhere

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

sacred three ~ holy sea ~ luminescent sun ~ & me

like presents under the Christmas tree

I taste you on my lips 

Sun Three ~ Mother Sea

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three

As Above So Below ~ swing shift ~ night shift

when the sun has set ~ I remain in your afterglow

to be born again ~ Rose of Jericho

The sea, the sun, & me ~ trice three


♥May your days always be filled with sunshine♥

Blessings of the eternal sea ~ the brilliant sun ~ palm trees

Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

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2 Responses to “The Sea, The Sun, & Me”

  1. Matthew McArthy

    You are a sweet, sensitive talented woman.
    Deep as the sea.

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Ascension Tickets ~ Free Admission #grace #harmony #selfcare

⇒ Ascension Tickets⇐

↔Free Admission↔

#grace #harmony #selfcare



The Ascension Path ~ Grace, Harmony, Self Care & more!!! 🙂


What do we have at no cost? ⊗that is always available⊗ ~ that can’t be bought?

⊂An exploration into, & perhaps a reminder for us, of what we all have ~ if we choose it ~ that requires no monetary exchange, requires going no where, requires nothing at all from us ~ that divinely offers itself to use freely if we so choose ~ that we in turn offer to ourselves.⊃

↔A couple of “things” surface that we have immediate & constant access to in any & all moments. 🙂 Let’s take a look at some…….↔

∴I placed some of my images into a admit one ticket with a single word to refer back to what we can experience if we open ourselves up to it.∴

*Free Admission


⇒ Ascension Tickets⇐

↔Free Admission↔


Divine Mother Grace

Through the sacred blessing of the Divine Mother we have opportunity for Grace. No matter what we are experiencing ~ we can certainly open ourselves up to the truly Amazing Grace offered freely to us. We can ask for Grace pertaining to any arena in our life & in general to our lives & our loved ones.

I placed this one first as I believe that through this magical Grace all is possible ~ this is our transforming power ~ in the ability to receive it. In a simple humble request (s) just ask our Beloved Divine Mother to please bestow Her Holy Grace upon you & any area (s) you would like. Yes, so simple, yet we overlook it. Of course, take divine action as you feel inwardly directed, however, as a setting the stage, offer up this divine opening within yourself first ~ then proceed in action as you are guided.

This is a powerful tool we have at our aid in all moments.


Unity Consciousness

An essential quality we can coordinate with to maintain homeostasis, is to place harmony in a prominent position in our awareness.

There are many breathing techniques available to bring forth ~ restore ~ harmony within our systems ~ just remembering to breathe is of great utility, while focusing on our heart & being grateful for all our blessings. Even recounting one area of gratefulness several times repeated provides great benefit into regaining ~ maintaining harmony. It pulls us back to our center ~ while we observe a greater amount of reduced stress. So taking a breather both literally & figuratively ~ so go out in nature, look at an image that reflects back to you beauty & love, Google funny jokes or watch something funny as a harmony device.

Come up with your own ways that serve you to ensure harmony at the highest levels as much as possible.


Clear the cobwebs

Always speak your truth. Most importantly within. Offer up truth to yourself ~ to see clearly ~ to recognize ~ to acknowledge. No charades No cover ups ~ just the truth of how you feel ~ without judgement. Just like the way a mechanic looks under a hood to see what’s up with a vehicle ~ no right no wrong ~ just a peer inside to see what’s happening. We gain great insight into ourselves through this inner truth probing ~ as well as being able to move forward with greater clarity ~ making better choices ~ while relating to the “world” in a more truthful light ~ the truth that is in accordance with our heart & souls. Again, no right, no wrong.

Being truthful to others, in kind & loving ways is a self honoring. Give yourself space to speak your truth, & allow others to have their truth. Yours is yours ~ theirs is theirs ~ let it be. But you must first know your truth ~ so always go within yourself first for blessed guidance.

Your inner lighthouse lights the way…



Have faith ~ in yourself, in others, the world, the universe, your life………

Maintain a stance that says “Yes” to life ~ a holding ground within that resides as a constant assurance that all is well ~ irrespective of external conditions. When we have faith we relax more, enjoy more, & walk lighter. We have a inner knowing that there is So Much more than meets the physical eyes ~ & we hold trust in this as a universal truth ~ for us ~ for all. Again, take action as prompted within you when it arises, however, with adopting faith as your steadfast companion ~ you air to the enlightened you making high level choices in blessed co creation.

Most importantly have faith in yourself ~ never put yourself down or compare yourself. Hold yourself in the magnificent light that you are ~ know your contributions & gifts are valued, needed, & are part of your sacred composition.

You are perfect & complete just as you are 🙂


Divine Communion

What’s up says our inner voice ~ often we hear it & ignore it or don’t hear it at all amidst the mind chatter. Best we answer the call.

Create holy ground in quiet servitude in the form of prayer ~ an active principle where we “speak” with our Divine Self ~ our True Self. On any & all topics, areas, etc…that are dear to our hearts, that are on our hearts, that speak to our hearts. Our Divine Self LOVES when we commune ~  a beautiful flow is created ~ the Oneness that we are as our divinity  🙂 plus our Divine Self is always attuned & listening anyway ~ so make the most of this heavenly connection & connect in. Just like speaking with a best friend ~ however, in this case, truly your best friend.

Share your thoughts, feelings, concerns, ideas, etc…anything with this higher aspect of you. Automatic results include but are not limited to ~ a sense of release, solace, oneness, hope, allegiance, & more!!! 🙂


  Bread & butter of thought, speech, & action

When we strip ourselves down to our core essence ~ what is there? Unconditional Love.

◊Divinity is unconditional love◊

Why don’t we love ourselves unconditionally? We are loved unconditionally by the Divine ~ by our Divine Self. Why do we place unnecessary pressure on ourselves ~ to be more like this ~ to be less of that ~ to have this ~ to have that. Can’t we just pause for a moment ~ & acknowledge the unconditional love that loves us dearly & that is us. Can we give ourselves a break? Can we love ourselves enough to know we are enough? Such sweet surrender……

Don’t be so hard on yourself ~ let up on yourself ~ give yourself breathing room. You are doing great 🙂 #chillax

We all know that we can only offer what we offer to ourselves ~ we gift ourselves first ~ unconditionally love yourself ~ fully ~ completely ~ with all that you are as the pure worthy virtuous Soul that you are.

Offer this to yourself daily as needed 🙂


Celebrate YOU

Place yourself in the greatness & illustriousness that you are. Walk in dignity, nobility, & majesty. And offer this to All life.

What magic will flow………


Quiet on the Set

Have a listen…

What do you hear? Birds singing, cars going by, the beating of your heart………

When we take precious time to actually listen ~ within ourselves first ~ tremendous insight is brought to the surface. Not to mention ideas, creativity, solutions, answers, etc…..Our divine nature ~ in the form of an inner quietude ~ is a well spring of knowledge & information. It surpasses the rational mind by a long shot in its efficiency & speed at resolution, knowing, how to proceed, etc…all that is required is to set aside some time for receptivity ~ calming tranquil waters that express & articulate the most wondrous gifts of inspiration & sageness. Wisdom for our living ~ practical & spiritual 🙂

The more we take conscious liveliness to hear our inner voice ~ the more natural & johnny~on~the~spot it becomes. We hear it, know it, receive it, & follow in suit ~ grateful for this enthroned inner present.

Clear as a bell we become. The rewards are endless…


Love Yourself

It is our responsibility to ourselves ~ on our evolutionary path ~ to issue loving care towards ourselves. Not expecting it from anyone ~ we gift ourselves ~ as the basis for all love.

This is both inwardly with thoughts of love & compassion ~ as well as outwardly taking care of our bodies ~ & nurturing our dreams ~ our passions. We heal our wounds in holy self devotion as we cleanse & remove them with a surplus of our mending love.

Self care is at the forefront of  growth & transformation. Follow through with self care daily.

See if any area of your life ~ mental ~ emotional ~ physical ~ spiritual needs some TLC. Often one area is needing some balance ~ apply attentive loving care. Be generous with self care ~ value yourself enough to pamper ~ indulge yourself in heartfelt considerate & benevolent ways.

Administer appreciation & affection for yourself as yourself


Blessings of All that is yours!!! 🙂

Grace upon your Ascension path!

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!!!

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Samantha Pearl #moonpearl #symbolism Inter relationship of the Moon & Pearl *devotional

Samantha Pearl

◊Samantha Pearl◊ #newearthkitty

ξOur beloved rescue kitty serving once again as a beautiful museξ


A look into the symbolic inter relationship between the Moon & Pearl

ÕPearls of CreationÕ



♥First a lil’ purrstory on Samantha Pearl♥ #newearthkitty

⇒Samantha Pearl is the inspiration behind this post⇐

⇑Light from the Sun ⇓Powered by the Moon

If you are not familiar with how Samantha Pearl received her name ~ then please read here:

How did I get my name #samanthapearl 🙂

If you would like to find out more about her universe SP7U ~ then please read here:

My Universe SP7U #samanthapearl 🙂  


The Moon as a symbolic reference for the Divine Feminine ~ and the Sun a symbolic reference for the Divine Masculine ~ both of which we carry within us ~  our inner moon & inner sun ~ when balanced within elicit harmony for our awakened lives.

This post is centered on diving into the inter relationship between the Moon & the Pearl.

⊗Plus a poem honoring the Sacred Pearl⊗

∇ Divine Feminine∇

⊆Connecting with the Divine Feminine Within⊇

 #knowthyself #sovereignty

The Divine Feminine energy is considered the “source of all creation.” Which gives “rise” to the Divine Masculine energy.

The Magical Doorway

⊕The Holy & Sacred Divine Feminine⊕

When we tap into the divine feminine within us ~  a magical doorway opens to our Higher Selves allowing for greater truths, revelations, healing, and balance to be enlivened within us ~ knowing ourselves at our core essence ~ propelling us forward as we awaken to highly evolved enlightened beings.

The Journey of Self ~ Discovery

The journey of self ~ discovery is inherently our deepest desire ~ a driving force ~ our primary process ~ the divinity that we are as a living conscious truth and reality. We meet ourselves as the sanctified Source lovelight that we are. The realization and full on experience ~ of our sovereign absolute status.

As we become more familiar with our heart and Soul, through kinship and application of spirited methodologies that we resonate with ~ our considerations will result in synergistic unification ~ our consciousness aware of its perfected state as a absolute, infinite, creator God  ~  we become situated face to face with the reality of our existence beyond the Earthly plane but yet coinciding with it.

“Know Thyself” has been a central motif for eons on many platforms through out timelines across our planet. This is a powerful agent of transformation for us as we stand on higher ground in our conscious evolution ~ leading us to the Truth of who we are.

Honoring and inwardly networking with the  Divine Feminine energy  extends as a sacred bridge into Mother Earth ~ where the feminine energy lives, breathes, circulates, & expands into & through ~ that we tangibly experience and are connected to on a spiritual level.

The power of “giving birth” ~ to life ~ to infinite expressions ~ to ideas ~ to dreams ~ from conception to matter on the physical plane of existence are divine feminine properties.

Through direct communion with the divine feminine within us and knowing ourselves in the light that we are, serves as a catalyst to bring out more of our inner storehouse of what is wanting to be made known & experienced. This is akin to dreams coming true as we have set foot upon sacred  ground within our own knowing ~ this becomes the launch pad to release that which is within us desiring to manifest.

The Graceful Voice of the Divine Feminine

Explore ways that resonate to connect in with your divine feminine ~ for healing, love, nurturing, Grace, inner light,  and inner knowledge.

Our hearts are always speaking to us ~ the Divine Feminine voice is soft and a source of complete knowing. We must enter a state of silence to be in receivership of our divine guidance ~ ultimately through cultivation and continuous listening to our inner voice She becomes our steadfast companion directing us on our life journey ~ to the fulfillment of our human destiny.

Being out in nature, communing and honoring the Moon, holding a reverence for all of life are great ways to tap into the energies, benevolence, and loving vibrations the Divine Feminine.

For those that listen to the esteemed voice within ~ a great wisdom pearl is born.


∇ Divine Feminine∇

Divine kinship with Self

A Sacred Pearl is Born

Love yourself ~ as “”key” to personal growth, healing, balance, & peace


From the silky water depths beautiful Pearls are born. The creation of a Pearl is the result of irritation to the soft body of a mollusk. A grain of sand ~ or some type of irritant~ taking up residence on the soft inner body ~ the sea animal in turn soothes itself from this with layer after layer of nacre (an organic crystalline substance secreted by mollusks ~ resulting in an iridescent glow ~ aka mother-of-pearl). 

 We gain insight into the importance of attention to individualized self care. Just as the emerging ~ Pearl to be ~ unburdens itself from the appearance of a irritant ~ by saturating itself in nacre ~ nurturing itself continuously ~ as much as needed ~ as a calming  remedy & consoling act of self love ~ we to ~ as a responsibility to our own evolving ~ must take on the same properties of nurturing ourselves daily ~ softening & relaxing our inner nature. The end result ~ the beauty and perfection of the Pearl.

The Sacred Divine Feminine ~ as the Great Nurturer ~ one of Her many blessed divine qualities ~ leans us in this orientation to self directed loving gentile care ~ a  “peace offering” we offer to ourselves ~ the greatest act of kindness to oneself. No one can do it for you, it is a holy gift we give ourselves. We honor ourselves and deem ourselves worthy ~ we issue forth self love and care into all platforms of our life. We must offer it to our selves as the highest act of worship honoring the divinity that we are.

The Divine Mother ~ The Sacred Divine Feminine ~ will help us with this ~ as She wraps Her loving nurturing Wings of Grace around us.

As we incorporate self love as a main ingredient in our daily life the hard edges of self imposed restrictions soften.

 We love ourselves and healing and wholeness are ours. The realms of potential lay open before us ~ murky waters become clear ~ shipping us to new shores that know life only as joyous, exuberant, and bountiful.

We were not sent here devoid of tools, techniques, and devices. Just the contrary ~ we must, however, be an active partaker ~ shedding all that is in our way so we may be on our Way.

May our life be a reflector of our Soul’s representation


Ω Moon Water PearlΩ

≈Born from the Waters≈

 #wisdom #divineflow #bornofspirit #healingwaters

The Moon δ The Water δ The Pearl ~ connectivity as a feminine symbol


    With the Moon’s gravitational force (& sun) upon the water ~ influencing the rhythms *high tide *low tide ~ cycles ~ a breathing ~ a flow ~ it makes sense that within the watery depths would emerge a beautiful physical form to behold that acts as a carrier of the properties & magnetic qualities associated with the mystical alluring Moon. That manifestation being a Pearl.


The Pearl 

Born in the Sacred Waters

Born of the Spirit

From the Blessed Womb

The Pearl holding both spiritual and earthly significance

One of the Great attributes of the Moon is “Wisdom” ~ divine inner knowing.

The Pearl also holds this wisdom energy. Wisdom as a transporter contained within itself of information vital to the path of the Soul to experience the higher divine realms, as a tool for enlightened conscious expansion ~ knowing thyself.

The beauty and fruit of wisdom.

  The spiritual gift of wisdom ~ “words of wisdom.”

The Greek word for wisdom is Sophia ~ female divinity. Her names, forms, & expressions infinite in nature. Her Wisdom as Source itself and as one self. Powerful beyond measure.


ÕPearl AttributesÕ

Some additional characteristics of the Pearl







Fresh water pearls symbolize purity, harmony and humility.




φOne Nation under Pearlφ

 One nation Under Pearl

One world under Pearl

One universe under Pearl


℘A poem honoring the Pearl℘

ÕPearls of CreationÕ



Pearls of Creation

 moon interstellar manifestation

traveled from the stars ~ birthed in the waterway

providing a gateway ~ moon day ~ yang expressway

intoxicate me high priestess of the seas

blessed euphoria ~ please

watery magical lunar Pearl

aqueous ~ saturated ~ bathed in holy dress

 we enter your mystical chamber

divine feminine reign ~ saintly pearls of rain

pearlescent ~ Chandra ~ light coming through

milky ~ Mother of Pearl ~ lustrous divine hue

 we become healed, reconciled ~ in your regenerating smile

re~ balance vibration ~ rhythmic undulations

calming reflection ~ centering elation

ebb & flow of life ~ cycles within cycles ~ buttering knife

soul migration ~ flirty rotation ~ immortality destination

balancer ~ dancer ~ Grace you flower

silvery white perfection ~ oceans meteor showers

regal ~ elegant ~ charismatic born

to thee I am drawn ~ adorn ~ reborn

waves encounter ~ nacreous armor ~ great charmer

Poema ~ “pearl of the deep seas” ~ I drown in your stirring mystery

opalescent ~ I begin to dream ~ arousing opaline

Soma dream state ~ Soma ritual ~ cosmic chalice I drink of

polished by nature ~ luminosity abounds

I can not but be kindled ~ amused ~ in awe of your heavenly crown

a sacred pearl ~ a divine pearl ~ a royal pearl

nurturing sultry rapturous ancestral jewel

how beautiful you are ~ shimmering white dove ~ mirror from above

sanctified honor ~ receptivity ~ worship I give to thee

pearl drops ~ water sounds ~ wisdom abounds

legend tells us ~ cultures convey

that when we bow our heads ~ your ancient wisdom comes to bay

gentle guiding force ~ silent communication your course

mystique ~ nature Herself ~ enchantment

illumination your embankment

Oh, creation pearl

lead us to our break through

Oh, pearls of creation

return us to our transcendent formation

through & through

lucky horse shoe ~ deja vu ~ wake us up brand new

One nation under Pearl

all in union, our salvation ~ in appreciation

Sacred Pearl

offerings of fullness of admiration

for you

Pearls of Creation


Heavenly blessings of the Pearl!!!

♥May you always be blessed with the love, harmony, & Grace of the Divine Feminine♥

Blessings of great wisdom, beauty, & illumination in your life

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a Blessed day!!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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When the Water Lilies Open ~ a dance for love* #loverspoem

℘When the Water Lilies Open℘

∞Twin Soul Eternal Love∞

ΦA Dance for LoveΦ


δWith Valentine’s Day around the corner, it seems apropos to add some romantic love imagery & poetry to the mixδ

This image was originally from a wedding which I then worked up into an art image. One of the greatest gifts of art to me is the infinite array of possibilities, avenues, & expressions it can take on. Perhaps, this is applicable to every arena of life as well. The arts capture this anything goes frame of reference so beautifully ~ the endless stream of the creative realm ~ that just feels so liberating ~ unrestricted ~ a great breathing space~ a bridge into the unseen for the physical eyes ~ yet, made manifest to the physical eyes via the inner eyes.

  Creating something straight up at face value is not so appealing to me generally speaking ~ although sometimes I will work within that context to a certain extent. Viewing something & seeing how it might possibly be is a bit more entertaining to me. Nothing right Nothing wrong ~ just a personal view. A reverence & certainty within me that much more is going on than at surface value.


≈Water Lilies≈

#symbolism #jewelsofthepond #nymphaea

Water lilies have a symbolic interconnection to rebirth & resurrection. Optimism also.

Further references include fertility, sexuality, & creation.

White water lilies in particular, have a partnership with peace, purity, pleasure, & spiritual enlightenment

*Many lilies close their flower eyes at night ~ to reopen at first morning light*

Blooming is typically Spring through Autumn. Tropical environments give rise to blooms through out the year


℘When the Water Lilies Open℘

∞Twin Soul Eternal Love∞

ΦA Dance for LoveΦ


When the water lilies open

flowing, floating, in unbroken devotion

their magnetic watery chant

 intoxicating fragrance advance

the lovers scope in & swirl a sweetheart dance

magnified in this

blooming aquatic plant

When the water lilies open

delicate beauty

 enlightenment you supplant

 prolific master & blending like Rembrandt

When the water lilies open

enamored in your mystical enchant

 lovers true fire amplifies ~ you grant

true love is cast ~ exact ~ so vast

When the water lilies open

 its seductive waxy bloom

potent, resurrection ~ potion from the sacred womb

spirit elixir rises in the air ~ the reception room ~ all consume

When the water lilies open

buoyancy ~ on the pond ~ magical beyond

afloat among the lily pad leaves

lovers dream & receive

When the water lilies open

lovers pair up at first glance ~ eternity takes a chance

a known encounter ~ wrapped in adventure

a day becomes forever ~ infinity ~ such brilliancy

When the water lilies open

his hands around her waist ~ electricity

holy trinity ~ in the proximity

  her hands around his arms ~ sacred synchrony

When the water lilies open

lovers see each other in the other worlds

& yet they see each other here

the ordinary sparkles with divinity

When the water lilies open

the lovers begin their trance ~ played out in romance

  a forecast ~ not happenstance

currency in circumstance

 super conductivity ~ chivalry ~ everything in synchronicity

When the water lilies open

lovers move in symphony ~ fluidity

When the water lilies open

 miles are spoken

twin flames matched ~ already chosen

When the water lilies open

a lovers poem ~ a kiss token ~ a spell woven

although One ~ though One

lover’s reopen ~ to awake

   unite ~ a dance for love

  in the Grace of the morning dove

re-newer of ~ heaven from above

there of ~ in Love

be loved ~ as One

When the water lilies open



Blessings of Twin Soul Union #4everlove

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a Blessed Day!!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Life’s Better With A Best Bud #petadoption

«Life’s Better With A Best Bud»

⇒Please adopt rescue pets⇐

#petsmakeahouseahome #petadoption #blesstheanimals


A friendly reminder to please consider pet adoption from your local (or otherwise) pet rescue agency. Together we can bless our animals we share the planet with.

Rescue pets make outstanding companions, family additions, and warm the heart as we share our journey together.

 When possible donate time and or financial resources to a favorite animal/pet facility. They always can use a helping hand on the premises as well as financial support to supply medical treatments, food, toys, supplies, blankets, etc….

 Prayers to end animal atrocities ~ so that all animals have a beautiful 4ever home and healthy fit bodies makes a Huge difference. Come up with your own prayer to bless the animals and send it out.

*Please consider a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle*

Your Gifts in loving service to our beloved animals ~ in any way that works for you ~ adds to a planet with happy safe healthy blessed animals.


Blessings for your pet (s) & All the animals!!!

May all rescue pets receive beautiful 4ever homes!

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a Blessed Day!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Mystery @atthelake #angelinblue


℘Mystery @atthelake #angelinblue

⊕Angel at tree 28⊕


The premise behind this imagery & poem is to believe without reservation ~ in yourself ~ your dreams ~ your potential.

♥To serve the “voice” that beats your heart ♥

To be aware that magic lives in your receiving. It may be receiving from another, in a book, in a glance, in a spontaneous surfacing of an idea, in the pursuing of a long awaited “to do” ~ in anything 🙂

To lay open to magic around the corner ~ to magic in your corner ~~ let this be your transporter.

Let magic be the Wings you rally & set free ~ cross over to the “lake” ~ & in this journey & setting free may your primary power be in the unleashing of unrestricted magical blessings


Cross over the “lake” & gather your Wings in Mighty Flight


℘Mystery @atthelake #angelinblue


Mystery @atthelake

standing at the edge of the lake

a beautiful blue angel asking me to partake

I shook my head to awake

she said

cross the lake ~ times 3 ~ take from me my glowing sphere to shake

the water was ripply ~ with night glow ~ although it was wet it did not show

daybreak light in the distance ~ the new moon above

I made it over to the other side ~ the beautiful blue angel greeted me in love

I reached for the glowing sphere ~ she released it ~ 3 doves appeared

she said

you now have within you mysteries to peer ~ they are realer than near ~ they will never disappear

they will bring you much cheer ~ as they appear ~ blessings now to you all here

in thankfulness I turned away ~ gratitude for her showing me the way

I begin right now today




Blessings of the Mystery @atthelake 🙂

Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Bud to Bloom ~ *eyes of time*

The bud emerges from the nothingness

The bud receives powerful creator light

The bud is growing even if no evidence appears externally ~ it will blossom in its own way.

§Bud to Bloom§

⇔eyes of time⇔


→The Magical Transformation the flower goes through from bud to bloom⇔

⇒The analogous metamorphosis we also go through deep within our Soul from our bud state to full blooming⇐

∴The promise & blessing of staying the course∴

#childrenofthelight #wayshowers #keepersoftheflame

→In  the midst of varying circumstances where we desire progress to move faster ~ pearls of wisdom suggest we allow it to take its course ~ trusting and knowing in due season as directed by the Divine the bud will manifest into its full blossom↔


∇This is a splash of encouragement for all of us ~ the diligent Soul’s pioneering the way for the New Earth.  As the star children of Light ~ we are bravely traversing sacred ground as keepers of the eternal flame∇ Grace Be With us

δMay our steps be blessedδ


θThe *bud as a symbol of humanity’s path and our individual path of progression ~ that we are all on ~ into full embodiment of living as highly evolved beings. The *bloom* as the magical transformation of full blossoming from the bud state into our Divine sovereign status ~ individually & collectively ~ as Oneθ

ϖ Images are from our garden of hibiscus flowers ϖ

#eternalgarden #walkinthegarden #gardenofharmony


Whatever you may be growing and going through, it is my hope that this blog post may serve as confidence, support, and hope that you Will receive Victory ~ and to gather up inner strength and stamina to continue on ~ knowing that the Divine will dissipate all heartache, discomfort, and pain as the Great Divine Godhead see’s fit that moment to be. Let us trust and know that moment is just a step away ~ a breath away ~ it is here for us ~ let us rejoice in this knowing. Let’s awaken and rise to meet this Glory moment!


§A conversation with the ∞eyes of time∞

§Bud to Bloom§

Oh ∞eyes of time∞ ~ I am finished with the classroom

let alone the standing room

enter I must the master’s playroom

the journey so long ~ it has gone along

not so says ∞the eyes of time∞

not when you have eternity in mind

but the labor so much

just ask an expectant mother waiting for her baby to touch

can’t I speed up the time? ~ I am staying the course

I know I am Source ~ I don’t outsource

no says ∞the eyes of time∞

but the nighttime feels in overtime ~ how much more of a climb?

∞the eyes of time∞ just mimic the rhyme

but I do tell you ~ says ∞the eyes of time∞

you are far past mid course

though ~ let go of tomorrow ~ let the past be divorced

now is your force ~ this I endorse

I spin you, weave you, magically all nine

I open your shrine in due time

like the grapes on the vine

when all is aligned ~ no longer blind ~ fully shined

you may not know

you will know when you know

that your flow was to show that your bloom was enclosed

nothing removed ~ wouldn’t you know

remember this ~ from long ago

then you are at your plateau

bridge to Thoreau

from there you will grow ~ full know

rainbow ~ it is just but a window

Bud to Bloom

you will have risen from the tomb ~ born a new from the Sacred Womb

into the ∞eyes of time∞

you will look into mine

Bud to Bloom

Go, now enter

the eternal garden of mine

perfect ~ complete ~ design ~ divine

your full blooming

this I decree for you

in My due time

your wintertime will warm

with your life reborn

miracles and wonder

shall be your new platform

from bud to bloom

BEHOLD ~ come ~ let us hear the trumpet blow

look see it now ~ like anyhow


full blooming coming into focus

approach it

it awaits for you

see it within

now we begin

*The Full Blooming*

Blessings for our Full Blooming

May our walk be that of faith, trust, and knowing

May we allow the Great Divine to have our “time”

Thank you for viewing!!!!

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse #bloodmoon

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

±Super Blood Moon±

*Lion image from Bronx Zoo when we visited this past Summer 🙂 #nyc #appleroar 🙂


Wow 🙂 Already 2019 is coming on full strong with many blessings from the heavenly realms Gracing humanity, animals, & our planet Earth. Okay, here comes some more……..

January 21, 2019 we have a power packed event

ΩFull Moon Lunar Eclipse Blood MoonΩ


In honor of this amazing cosmic event, I wanted to contribute with an art piece to commemorate this stellar occurrence.

I have just written a poem honoring the Moon entitled “Moon Rising” #mooninme

with our beloved rescue kitty continuously serving as a muse #samanthapearl 🙂

Here is the blog post link ~

Moon Rising #poem


*Wishing everyone many many many blessings of Grace & Miracles from the Divine*



Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

Miracles Happen!!! #stayaware

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Leslie Sue Photography website 🙂

It’s A Visual Thing ~ Say It In Pictures!!! & Poetry 🙂 🙂




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