Into the Night ~ Spells of the Eve

Into the Night ~ Spells of the Eve

A Samantha Pearl Halloween #newearthkitty

ΘHalloween & Moon Mystic IlluminationΘ


#happyhalloween #moonlore #mysticalmoon

*silent watcher *maker of magic *feline majesty


Into the Night

the Spells of the Eve

evening prayer ~ evening star ~ love affair~ shooting star

Moon & Pearl silent reflecting reservoir

Moon lore

open becomes the silvery orange lit drawer

Halloween candy store

witchy delight ~ sprites, fairies ~ play in the night

bats, goblins, warlocks ~ Netherworld, vampires too

Into the Night

the Spells of the Eve

outdoor ~ indoor ~ ever High Moon wisdom hats the worshiper

nature ~ teacher ~ nurturer

Her forever  portraiture

night garden ~ floral ~ encircling Her

spilling of the brew ~ glowing ~ feline pass through

Into the Night

the Spells of the Eve

open door ~ folklore ~ tricks & treats  ~ eclipse therefore

masks on ~ masks off ~ costume ~ midnight bloom

Into the Night

the Spells of the Eve

Her milky smile ~ gentle ~ all awhile

Jack~O~Lantern ~ orange ~ life dancer ~ positive changer

Moon flavor, grandeur, star gazer

 taking us into Her orbiting chamber ~ hallucinating ~ slipping in ~ receiving Her favor

Into the Night

the Spells of the Eve

Her heavenly body ~ celestial ~ dreamily I savor ~ tide waver

 primal player ~ immortality ~ eternity ~  silver light creator

moon weaver ~ magic maker ~ silent speaker

magical envisioning ~ wonderment ~ bewilderment

in close by taverns ~ children’s laughter ~ gives us answers

leaves falling ~ corn husks ~ stalks of wheat

characters in the street ~ celebration ~ revelations

Into the Night

Spells of the Eve

Blessings to all

this Halloween ~ Eve ~  silvery splendor receive


Happy Halloween 🙂

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Have a Blessed day 🙂

Miracles Happen!!! #stayaware

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Goddess Sekhmet ~ devotional hymn


Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet

Honorary Devotional Hymn

ΩPowerful One ∞ Divine Feminine Face of the SunΩ

#liongoddess #powerfulmother #ancientegypt #honorthegoddess

Invoke the Powerful Goddess Sekhmet at any time. Call upon Her for empowerment ∞ Call upon Her to remove all that impedes your evolution & status as an enlightened being ∞ Call upon Her for strength ∞ Call upon her to ignite fiery truth to blaze forth in your life ∞ Call upon her for healing ∞ Call upon Her as a resonator with lions & cats of all kinds ∞ Call upon Her if you are drawn to Her.

≥Sacred Blessings of Goddess Sekhmet≤


 Mother Sekhmet  ~ Potent One

Solar Deity ~ Lioness Goddess ~ Sun rays of powerful Light

Eternal Light ~ Creation Fire

nothing can escape ~ wild fire

The Sacred Flame ~ the Fire of God ~ Goddess

Mother Sekhmet  ~ Mother ~ since before time

Praise to the creative force

Praises to the Light that awakens the Soul

Awaken-er  ~ Shining Illuminated One

Heat of Truth ~ Burning ~ Victorious

Reveal to us our divinity ~ power within ~ our Soul bright

Flame that blossoms Self ~ authenticity ~ trust

She who is Powerful ~ showering ~ empowering

Sweetner of lips who speak Thy name

Divine Lover to Ptah

Protector of Ma’at

Remover of illusions ~ veil lifter

Generator ~ Reformer ~ Healer

 Divine physician ~ form changer ~ re arranger

 Kundalini igniter ~ breath of the desert winds ~ red linen

third eye ~ serpent fire ~ magnifier

bringer of Light to all lands

carnelian ~ orange ~ energy power before us

radiant Sun ~ filled with fire ~ attune to the flame

release ~ impurities dissolved in the flame ~ purifier ~ open flame

Dancer of maker

Taker of pain

eyes of the spiraling sun ~ searing ~ all becomes undone

intensity of the mid day sun ~ exceeding ~ red sealing

hot ~ smoldering ~ fire transformer

fierce huntress ~ destroyer of abomination

 Mother Sekhmet ~ Intriguing One

Spirit upon us

Warrior for justness & natural virtue ~ Golden chain ~ Upper Egypt reign

Walked & walks among us ~ royal lineage ~ authority

infuser of love ~ holder of truth ~ free us

Daughter of Ra ~ Divine Feminine face of the Sun

Eye of Ra ~ Royal Feminine counterpart

Mother Sekhmet

kick start ~ come apart ~ fresh start

holder of all parts ~ server to wholeness ~ the Whole One

Celebrator ~ rituals ~ life giver ~ Nile River

Creative impulse ~ bold action ~ attraction

Divine template ~ originator of the origins ~ pyramids

courage ~ righteousness ~ enlighten us

cats lay at your feet & are comforted by your Presence

leopards, dragons, lions ~ alliance

Protector of loved ones

Mighty Powerful One of the Neteru

Beautiful One of the Neteru

Before Thee I kneel & bow

sacred cow ~ Christ endow

Great Friend & sister of Bastet

Bringer of the Sacred Fire ~ infuser of the One Flame

Destroyer of ignorance ~ deliverance ~ vigorous

Mother Sekhmet ~ Prized One

Knocker on the door of injustice ~ restorer of Divine Order

Salutations & Honor  offered up to Thee

One of Distinction ~ Prestige ~ Sacred Holy One

Mother Sekhmet ~ Mother of Imagery

a wonder in ways of magic ~ galactic ~ fantastic

Enchanter of the Way ~ Justice hearsay ~ Sword play

 chamber coals of burning fire ~ all powers ~ prowler’s devoured

Mother Sekhmet ~ Esteemed One

Reverence for your benevolence ~ eminence

  gratefully we receive our golden inheritance


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Have a Blessed Day 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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NYC ~ moods of the city #skylineflavors

Root Beer Float

Blueberry Pancakes in the Morning

Lemon Lime

Orange Crush

NYC ~ moods of the city #skylineflavors

Root Beer Float ~ Lemon Lime ~ Blueberry Pancakes ~ Orange Crush

#hudsonriver #nycskyline #moodsofthecity #cityflavors

These images were taken this Summer while aboard the Circle Line

🙂 Flavorful city flavors 🙂 #nyc  #skylineflavors #moodsofthecity



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Magenta Garden ~ Unconditional Universal Love :)


⊗Magenta Garden⊗


Magenta = Unconditional Love & Acceptance

♥Fullest Expression of Divine Love♥

Harmony & Balance


Ω the alpha & the omega Ω

⊆the end & beginning of the light spectrum⊇

(above violet ~ & before red)

Creating a color loop ~ the completion into Oneness


I also feel that embedded within the word Magenta is both a female/male reference.  Contributing to a balance, completion, oneness of the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine within. As the first two letters “ma” often a reference to Maria ~ the Ma Ray ~ Ave Maria ~ Mother Mary ~ Divine Feminine ~~ while the next four letters are “gent” ~ a reference to a gentleman ~~  Divine Masculine. Poetry like words, often have deeper hidden meanings to be unlocked. 🙂


 ⊗Magenta Garden⊗

⇒Unconditional Universal Love⇐


I walked into a magenta garden

it was on the Earth ~ but not of the Earth

I realized this was my home ~ when I became unearthed

magenta garden ~ shining & refined

garden of harmony ~ maternally ~ paternally ~ absorbancy

magenta overflow ~ overthrow ~ in the flow

flourish ~ nourish ~ did you forget you are already perfect?

hanging like mistletoe ~ enter ~ bliss plateau

other worldly, you know ~ divine willow chateau

I was barefoot, in the sun & mist, euphoria kiss

“Be in the world ~ but not of the world” said the Christ

magenta illumination ~ can not put a price ~ sacred advice

parts red & blue ~ comprise your field of view ~ pass through

an agent of change ~ transformation

Magenta garden ~ angels in chorus, my cat is a Taurus

garden of mighty proportions ~ Eye of Horus

all was magenta ~ it was gorgeous ~ surrounding me ~ this fortress

I saw many others too ~ spread across the nations

foundations ~ stations ~ sharing magenta vibrations

magenta flowers ~ Mother Magenta

You spring like eternity ~ ever near me ~ I bow to Thee

Your walk is so airy, bird of paradise, entice

Mother Magenta ~ bride of brides ~ nothing divides ~ no sides

magenta garden ~ happiness ~ glee ~ birch tree

roses like crystals ~ orchids in rows

flirtation floral combinations ~ all in relation

Law of Oneness ~  in operation

union ~ fullness ~ completion affirmation

inflating my awareness ~ liberation ~ adoration vacation

non ~ conformist ~ transform it ~ reformist

detesting rules ~ so unruly

newly ~ truly ~ a lover of beauty

in my midst ~ honeycomb drift ~ swing shift ~ transfixed

creating my own path ~ magenta evening primrose ~ meadow land clothes

leave a footpath ~ others will follow in the aftermath

we are responsible ~ build it ~ create it ~ through our gifts

counting in fifths ~ pivotal ~ all shifts

inspired by beauty ~ all else is off duty

a reflector, reflecting, reflective ~ it’s no wonder

time but a number ~ move past it ~ to reach its outnumber

Oh, Magenta ~ if I add some white ~ you feel so right

you bright up the night ~ my eyes ~ magenta spotlight

magenta garden ~ wordlessly uniformity ~ certainly universally

gateway to initiation ~ other realms ~ cast your spell

magenta garden ~ all unite ~ humanities awakening expedite

come to the light ~ leading light ~ magenta garden reunite



◊Blessings of Magenta Love◊

Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a Blessed Day!!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Autumn Sun ~ Autumn Moon

Autumn Sun ~ Autumn Moon

🙂 Samantha Pearl 🙂


ξPath of the Autumn Sun ~ Autumn Moonξ



Autumn Sun ~ Autumn Moon

path of the Autumn Sun ~ Autumn Moon

Autumn Sun ~ a weaver has spun ~ all is already done

a bowed knee ~ decree ~ the number three

Autumn Moon ~ silver spoon ~ lights up the dunes

laughing ~ hiding ~ smiling

shining, inviting, rising

goldmine ~ moonmine ~ drink of the wine

I am but both ~ intertwined ~ the mystics dine

sacred number nine

change of season ~ holy light a beacon

carnation ~ celebration

 summer flowers give way ~ brown earth ~ spicy mirth

bloodline ~ feline ~ honey colored new earth

bronze star ~ aerial flight

spirit insight ~ alive ~ greater heights

path of the Autumn Sun ~ Autumn Moon

golden eternal fire dance ~ amber wind ushers in romance

silvery bells ~ magical shells ~ pearl water well

Autumn Sun luminous rays ~ glow ~ cooler though

 sparking yellow brownish resin light ~ coals burning bright

crops & fruits ~ pumpkin ~ acorn ~ squash ~ seduce

flag of truce, on the loose, transduce

divine cows graze ~ holy mother nectar milk ~ always

upraise, highway, nowadays

third season of the year ~ opaque ~ semi sheer

caramel colored sky ~ leaves of the cosmic tree ~ unleashed

leading up to the feast

Autumn Moon ~ new moon ~ hanging signalling in the sky

dragonfly ~ lotus fly ~ beautify

third eye ~ palace like Versailles

moon like whiskers white ~ mystical shine on me tonight

I heard you call me in the night ~ to awaken to the morning light

sprites ~ fairies ~ greet me in delight

wake up ~  the end of twilight ~ bright ~ excite ~ all is right

red orange yellow light ~ waves ~ like caves ~ airwaves

drawing me closer ~ release control

enigmatic light ~ keyhole

path of the Autumn Sun ~ Autumn Moon

 walking steps of magnetic cheer ~ purr roars ~ angels I did overhear

I could not be ~ anywhere else but here

all be gone ~ yet only Light appear

Autumn Sun ~ Autumn Moon

swing door ~ transfer ~ soft like velour

path of the Autumn Sun ~ Autumn Moon

go forth ~ all is answered for


Thank you for viewing!!!!

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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*In the Silence of the Land* ~ I Am

In the Silence of the Land

⊕I AM⊕

silent realms of existence

to be experienced & then create there from

#sacredheart #sacredmind

Nature as the Great Teacher & Healer

#innerplane #landscapewithin #withinself

day is night ~ night is day

all that exists & co~exists

#moonsunstarlight #silencewithin #flowingrivers

Land as a metaphor ~ *of freedom *of the promise *promised land *milk & honey *fruits of knowledge *wisdom *tree of life  *creation *levels *divine connection

As Above So Below


⊆ Experience your active worlds within (through the sacred silence within you) ~ *your magic *your truth *your opened door *your new eyes *your Grace *your joy *your potential ⊇



In the silence of the land I am

In the silence of the land my sacred heart I am

In the silence of the land my sacred mind I am

 the silence of the land blankets me

wings of holy light

midnight ~ daylight ~ building site

moon & sunlight ~ take flight ~ starlight ~ Galactic insight

 jaywalk ~ unblock ~ treasury stock ~ night hawk ~ shamrock

the path we walk

grass at my feet

a spot by the lake

we set up camp ~ retreat

my heart beat, your heart beat, the Earth’s heartbeat

All but One

sweet song surrenders my Soul

In the silence of the land my sacred heart I am

In the silence of the land my sacred mind I am

Spanish moss draping branches ~ magical feast

trees so old ~ knowledge manifold ~ trees wisdom unfold

high trees peer down ~ who might be there? ~ exchanging glances

reverence ~ the sight not distant ~ not rare

we sit calm

 silence & activity united

eternal ~ continuous

motion yet motionless

fluid streams ~ like veins ~ nothing else remains

 passages passing ~ then renew

  accessing deeper ~ mighty magic ~ pure manifest

In the silence of the land my sacred heart I am

In the silence of the land my sacred mind I am

breeze floats by ~ Her charm in the air

 birds fly by ~ endless high

warm sun ~ gentle sigh

dissolution of time ~ after time ~ dying to no time

In the silence of the land I am

the peace ~ the calm

circulates within ~ the inner landscape of mine

moon, sun, inner star gaze, day & night

appear all at once

only in you do I trust

In the silence of the land I am

You speak to me

I listen

there is no balance ~ but the balance within thee

 stillness treasures ~ the land, we, me, so free

In the silence of the land I am

In the silence of the land my sacred heart I am

In the silence of the land my sacred mind I am

In the silence of the land I am



Blessings of the stillness within 🙂 ~ then create 🙂 co ~ create 🙂

Thank you for viewing!!!!

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Why your Ascension matters #ascensionmatters

∞Why your Ascension Matters∞

Eyes Wide Open Within

*the journey inward*

≈Higher States of Consciousness ~ being aware ~ awake ~ fully realized≈

#knowthyself #deepeningawareness #trust #magic #truth #lightwithin


Your Ascension Matters ~ this is because YOU matter. Your Voice matters, Your Light matters, Your Gifts & Talents matter, Your Brilliance matters, Your Contribution matters, Your Vision matters, Your Divinity matters.

All of this & more will be lifted, experienced, & released at higher expressions, with more joy, & blessings as you go within yourself & tap into the truth of your presence.

Knowing yourself as the divine co~creator source that you are ~  at your deepest actuality ~ beyond any beliefs ~ beyond any preconceived prior fellowship~ is the most significant personal acquisition & generous bestowal you can present to yourself & humanity.

Coming to terms with the innate you ~ a sacred assembly ~ a reunion of sorts with yourself  ~ the Light within ~ within all ~ & allowing this holy encounter to rise ~ will open inner eyes to a myriad of absoluteness & possibilities you did not recognize before hand. Your God seed Self igniting & sparking truths, sensibilities, & divine grace for both yourself & the planet. This worthy adventure is the grandest self offering & legacy you can grant to your evolution & that of our planet. This sacred inner exploration is unsurpassed in every way. This is the calibrating with the untouchable you ~ the pure emanation of Source Consciousness ~ Christ Consciousness ~ unfiltered ~ divine ~ spirit filled………..Soul Light connection. What could be above this?

The singular most important course of perseverance you can take is the journey within. Layer by layer ~ revealing ~ bringing to light~ divulging ~ proclaiming ~ anointing ~ is the Highest responsibility to Self. It demonstrates an honoring of your Self, who you are, a love & care for yourself that is beyond the physical (while including the physical). This inquiry within, is a Gift you give yourself, it brings you Gifts unexpected ~ this is because you took the plunge to love yourself enough to devote sacred time to  move into symmetry & orderliness with your awareness ~ advancing in time to higher states ~ this is your sole purpose beyond anything else. The unraveling & manifesting of who you truly are ~ is procedural ~ a process unique to you ~ which fortifies you  & blesses you. The path of awakening  is the most extraordinary walk you will take. The way ~ your unique individualized way ~ is gradually made clear ~ step by step ~ as you evolve ~ as you go within. You emerge triumphant with each probe, study, inquest, & inner investigation. This is because you are being re~acquainted with your Soul. You & your Soul in deep communion & Oneness. This is you. Your divine destiny, full bliss & joy, is made manifest through this joining consciously ~ this mingling ~ this synthesis ~ this absorption & team up with your Soul. This provision rewards you, bestows favor upon you ~ as trust replaces fear. This doesn’t mean you never go through things ~ but a new acquisition of trust in yourself, your Soul, the Universe takes up residence. Your Soul knows what must take place, taking you on the fastest trajectory to your world to come ~ faster than you could design or know how to accomplish it.

Allow yourself to be re~acquainted with your Divine Self ~ dismiss any & all external “realities”  ~ many of which have only served to further remove you from your sacred truth ~ that exists within ~ that is you ~ that is the truth of your existence ~ beyond physical manifestation ~ teachings ~ & commonly held beliefs. Dare to explore, being surprised & delighted, & blessed, while at varying intervals & degrees the Magnificence of Who You Are is revealed to you ~ in conscious recognition & appreciation. More & more realizations on many levels will become apparent to you ~ often rather spontaneously.

Your sacred journey will be exclusive to you ~ perfect for you. You will feel so much on deep levels. Remember to be kind & offer up tenderheartedness towards yourself as you progress on your Ascension path. The love of Self you offer to yourself is primary ~ this will spill over & out into the presentation you exhibit to others, animals, & the Earth. Take note of your transformations ~ as you experience the exalted states that surface as a direct result of readying yourself within. This is why it must start with you, your willingness, to go within, as this serves as the platform for all else. Opening to the true life within you, will grant you the truth of life here on Earth.

🙂 In adoration for your bravery ~ to allow veils to be lifted ~ as you maintain eyes wide open within 🙂

Bountiful Blessings on your awakening within!!!


Thank you for viewing!!!!

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Birth of the New Earth


Birth of the New Earth

∇birthing of the New Earth∇

∞Divine Mother Consecration∞

Gift from the Divine Feminine

*The New Earth rising*

#newearth #goldenage #ageofAquarius


New Earth Creation

waves of holy initiation

ecstatic elation

union through wholeness

vessels have been well prepared

move forward in boldness ~ Soul’s voice the hostess

starry nights & day spring aired

twin souls paired

Divine Mother blessing upon the Earth

Her child birth ~ giving birth ~ rebirth

Now New Earth

Perched upon the new moon

dilation, creation, Her Love Light filtration

  bestowed upon Her ~ ancient myrrh, whirling spheres

we are yours, Divine Mother, remembered fragrances occur

shifts & transfers

dressings, addressing ~ She delivers Divine Earth Blessing

placenta life force ~ point source

She summons waves of Bliss

contractions ~ transactions ~ interactions ~ attractions

unearthing a magical opportune ~ angels in tune ~ full moon

with a boone, love wrapped cocoon, She ushers in a spirit filled tycoon

Earth like a egg cracked open ~ New Earth honeymoon

just begining ~ like a new bride & bridegroom

Her decree & sign ~ arise ~ signaling New Earth’s Surprise

omnipotent glee

through her Grace we have been set free

Her starry eyes ~ belly full & rich

the Sacred Womb ~ delivers its consecrated wish

delight in wonder

singing song of praise

our love lamp flame ~ sacred light workers ~ we have divinely raised

New Earth declared

its descent ~ ascent ~ nothing can prevent

Light of this dawn ~ joy like dolphin extent

humanity’s ascent ~ field event ~ eternal represent

Seeing it here ~ seeing it there

all upon the Earth

our answered prayer

bounty & beauty abound

take up & wear your blessed crown

tears no more ~ yet it be for the come down

Eternal playground ~ awakened in our hearts

calm winds through us ~ peace master of charts

New Earth now starts ~ no parts ~ by heart ~ fresh start

divine reminder ~ blueprint is clear

New Earth now appears!!!


*Blessings of the Sacred Light Gracing as the New Earth*

Blessings upon our continued awakening ~ witnessing the birth of the New Earth



Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a Blessed day 🙂

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Samantha Pearl

Samantha Pearl #newearthkitty

Golden pearls #goldenage

*Some practical advice*

∞ take time to relax, rest, & regenerate ~ as part of loving yourself

∞ meditate daily & experience your Heaven on Earth within

∞ adopt pets & support animal rescue agencies

∞ incorporate a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle

∞ be kind to yourself & others

∞ live in your heart

∞ let the sun shine on you

∞ spend time in nature

∞ answer only to yourself ~ your God Self

∞ tap into the LOVE frequency

∞ vibrate to harmony

∞ remember we are all ONE

∞ take time to laugh & experience joy

∞ be childlike

∞ trust

∞ honor your inner Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine

∞ honor the moon & sun

∞ conscious breathing

∞ complete the inner “work” necessary in order to live fully as your Brilliant Higher Self

∞ be Grateful

∞ create beauty & take note of beauty

∞ follow your passions

∞ lighten up ~ don’t take things too seriously

∞ seek balance

∞ commune with the Divine

∞ knock on the door of the Divine

∞ receive ~ know you are worthy

∞ accept yourself & others

∞ know thyself

∞ honor & be in sync with the cycles of nature

∞ bless the Earth

∞ bless your food

∞ send out good thoughts



Thank you for viewing!!!!

Have a Blessed Day!!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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144,000 friends #soulfamily

 144,000 friends

#soulfamily #lightworkers #ascension

New Earth  ~ fully awakened Being of Light

7th Golden Age

∞A triumphant salute∞

from across the globe ~ across the nations ~ across the stars

 144,000 friends ~ we continue on the only path we know

waking up to the Light within ~ the Light without

ignited spark ~ celestial hallmark

 144,000 friends

healers ~ healing

teachers ~ teaching

writers ~ writing

beings ~ just being

connected ~ connecting

transmutes ~ transmutation

transforming ~ transformation

galactic star light threads weaving ~ linking ~ joining

journeys within~ home landscape wherein

 144,000 friends

mystical initiations ~ sacred teachings ~ ancient rites enlivened

individual self ~ higher self ~ cosmic self

conscious awareness ~ divine spirit ~ holy spirit

Law of One

alchemical marriage ~ solar lunar blend synthesis

Sun days ~ Moon days

self God identity ~ marriage of our soul

 144,000 friends

non-physical ~ physical ~ matter ~ non – matter

what matters

multi ~ dimensional ~  all aspects rolled into One ~ limitless

 Union, for our Union, for all in Union

 light workers ~ anchors of light ~ Soul Family

star children of light

measureless ~ infinite ~ universal bright

 aligning to our our divine perfection ~ alchemical resurrection

Source perfection ~ recollection

   All live in their true divine perfection

 144,000 friends

Christ Light awakening ~ peacefully ~ Christ Light frequencies

illuminated ~ enlightened ~ soul embodiment

first phase ~ first wave ~ azure days

surplus, purpose, earnest

  rebirth ~ Divine child surface

 144,000 friends

sealed with a bond

keepers of the eternal flame

name of the game

a recognition ~ for each other

sister ~ brother ~ another

out of time ~ into time ~ before time

one time, anytime, full time, life time

it’s a wonder

  wings ~ signed & contracted in Heaven ~ fly the sacred wind

designed ~ assigned ~ outlined

blooming & blossoming

we celebrate each remembrance

 144,000 friends

we walk the path the Master’s walked

we knock, unlock, never stay at the dock

acknowledgement, humility, reverence

Christ Consciousness full expression

individual & planetary Ascension

we know the Way ~ we make the Way ~ we are the Way

we honor each Way

 144,000 friends

star seeds, light Beings, from here, from there, from everywhere

we are prepared, inner-ware, outerwear

other worlds, other dimensions, incarnated now

purposeful ~ holding the vision ~ releasing the vision as we become the vision

precision ~ provision ~ envision

the inevitable shift upon humanity

we experience & take up our sword first

cloud burst, dispersed, heart-first

 144,00 friends

 the pillars, the sign posts, the map makers

 self discovery & self realization

 we pass through all the gateways

at this time, for this appointed time, removed from time

we follow in the foot steps of the Great Ones

praise, gaze, amaze, always, doorways

 144,000 friends

a salute, homage, welcoming

our call, our song, commencement, celebration

vibrating columns of air ~ angels choir ~ trumpet fanfare

elation ~ carnations ~ liberation

sky rays white opalescent light ~ molten amber colors dance

doorsteps ~ accept ~ star born soul event

  the stairway ~ advance ~ golden romance

ascend the steps

the final portal


sparkle, transported, full circle


Heaven on Earth


Blessings on your awakening path 🙂

Art imagery & soul fam salute by Leslie Sue Photo 🙂

TY for viewing!!!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

Have a Blessed Day!!! 🙂

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