*Samantha Pearl* Moon Rising ~ Moon in Me #moonbrew Grace

Samantha Pearl  ⊕New Earth Kitty⊕

◊Our rescue kitty Samantha Pearl serving as a  beautiful muse◊ Pearl is a symbol of the Moon & she was named after the Moon Goddess. Often I correlate a blog post on the Moon with her◊ #blessourpets


⇑ Moon Rising ⇑

#fullmoon #moonwithin #lunarlight

Silver Charm

⇒Moon in Me⇐

⊗devotional to get in touch with our inner moon⊗

♥Moon brew Grace♥

Getting in touch with our inner moon ~ as She reflects back to us what needs to be cleared from our inner store house*  *as well as revealing to us our true essence *treasures within ~ so we may be fully illuminated 🙂

Moon Goddess ~ Splashing Her mystical Grace & drowning us in Her intoxicating silvery charm #moonbrew

             As we connect inwardly with our sacred moon inside us 🙂 #moonrising


Remember we must clear out to clear in.

The Moon (within us) serves as a reflection ~ lighting within us stale stagnant “stuff” that is required to clear ~ through  its recognition ~ surrendering ~ purging. The more we declutter within of all the old clampings ~ the more we make room within for the new to be enlivened & summoned forth. #outwiththeold #inwiththenew

We must do it ~ no one can do it for us. It is a gift we gift ourselves so that we may make room within/without for a life lived at our highest love light vibration as fully evolved enlightened beings.

Our inner moon & sun ~ that we all carry within us ~ our sacred divine feminine & masculine ~ work in consort with each other.

This relationship within us is gathered in greater symphonious levels as we acknowledge & take the “time” to go within & see what’s up with our inner moon & sun as much as possible. Leading to a more balanced life open to Grace.

This devotional is honoring our inner moon.

Let’s journey within to connect with our personal inner moon ~ our divine feminine within ~ gently summoning us & providing keys to “knowing thyself”


Let’s take quiet “time” to connect with our sacredness ~ the divinity that we were created as.

 This self honoring serves us greatly & is the richness of riches.

Moments away from the busyness of one level of life & a turning towards ~  a favored place in nature ~ a comfortable space within our dwelling ~ anywhere that feels right ~ is a integral aspect of creating balance, peace, unity ~ lifting us higher into our truth & holy light.

∴The downloads we receive during quiet inner attuning are beyond precious. This is where we get the highest guidance for our lives∴

Thank you for honoring & loving yourself 🙂 This is one of the greatest gifts we can offer to ourselves 🙂


⇑ Moon Rising ⇑

#fullmoon #moonwithin #lunarlight

Silver CharmMoon brew Grace

⇒Moon in Me⇐

⊗devotional to get in touch with our inner moon⊗

♥Moon brew Grace♥

Moon Rising

Moon in me ~ full uprising

blues greens white

shoreline reflected bright

Moon Rising

Moon in me ~ mesmerizing

high in the sky ~ catch Her before drawing nigh

mystify ~ private eye ~ see Her with your inner eye

She will clarify, beautify, hum a silent lullaby

give Her the eye

Moon in cats eye

Moon Rising

Moon in Me ~ synchronizing

She purifies to unify

stars & night drop by

I look within ~ heart lotus ~ glorify

silver spoon ~ honey moon ~ signature tune

Moon Rising

Moon in Me ~ supervising

She knows that She knows

full like the sacred rose ~ dressed up to undress & expose

Her intimacy presupposes you to consider

reconsider ~ the mirror ~ transmitter

Moon Rising

Moon in Me ~ advising

shadows transpose ~ enlightenment grows

silver lightning strikes ~ awakening ~ like dominoes

Moon Rising

Moon in Me  ~ inner reviving

arriving ~ moon diving

Hang on to Her ~ moon gliding

Moon Rising

Moon in Me ~ inner shining

insight ~ wisdom ~ nirvana

Aquarian Sadhana ~ belladonna

Moon Rising

Moon in Me ~ recognizing

Ma ~ donna ~ you wanna? ~ the end of karma

Moon Rising

Moon in Me ~ smiling

bring forth ~ henceforth ~ & so forth

Moon Rising

Moon in Me

gives birth

paradise ~ heaven on earth

 rise thy son ~ thy daughter ~ blessed be upon the earth

divine prophecy assert

Moon Rising

Moon in Me ~ Spirit Soul riding

Heaven & Earth presiding

combining, coinciding, uniting

Moon Rising

Moon in Me


Blessings of the full moon rising within 🙂

Moon brew Grace

Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a Blessed Day!!! 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Samantha Pearl Green #greenheart

Samantha Pearl *green heart*

Samantha Pearl Green≅ #newearthkitty

↔Through the Light of my Heart↔

♥green heart green light♥


The heart is our connection ~ to our life ~ to all life

The sacred regions of the heart speak to us ~ ∇the search ends  listening begins∇

 The terrain of the heart is our healing sanctuary, our gospel of truth, our Way ~ our reunion with wholeness

The healing, love, & compassion we receive from our heart is the healing, love, & compassion we offer to the world

Through continued heart reverence ~ we experience more of the fullness of life ~ of who we are ~ we become planted in our “knowingness”

The intelligence of the heart, when we acclimatize with its certainty, gives rise to a higher order of being & living



⇔ fragrant invigorating green heart light⇔




♥green energies within our heart♥

sending it out to bless our lives, our loved ones, the precious animals, all beings, our planet Earth


green heart *green light*greens of the earth*greens of the leaves*greens of the grass*healing greens*green eternal*forever green*forest green*sea green*eyes of green



I often frequent our rescue kitty, Samantha Pearl (-who rescued who is up for negotiation-) as a source of inspiration because we have much to learn from our blessed animals. Both domesticated & undomesticated. The wisdom & tender moments shared & expressed is beyond a gift. All animal lovers know this & regard animals as the wisdom keepers that they are.

Let’s allow the beloved animals we share the planet with to teach us, to guide us, to lead the way in a sense……….we must be aware, quiet, & still to receive & acknowledge the teachings they dispense & to be able to unravel the symbolic synchronizations. Big surprises in the form of revealings are rewards when we take time to notice & reflect on the teachings & meanings offered. 🙂

≈Blessings to a new world that only offers honor & respect to the animal kingdom≈

as we see through the light of our heart


↔Through the Light of my Heart↔

♥green heart ◊green light♥

Through the light of my heart I see myself

Through the light of my heart I see you

Through the light of my heart I see the world

Through the light of my heart I see beyond the physical

Through the light of my heart I see the worlds that swirl & dance

Through the light of my heart my mind takes rest

Through the light of my heart I am harmonic green

Through the light of my heart I am healed

Through the light of my heart I am whole & complete

Through the light of my heart all is calm & at peace

Through the light of my heart I know my Soul

Through the light of my heart I see the Eternal

Through the light of my heart I become One

Through the light of my heart I am the Light Divine

Through the light of my heart I see your Light Divine

Through the light of my heart I am the perfection

Through the light of my heart I see your perfection

Through the light of my heart I observe the world in its perfection

Through the light of my heart I enter the forever green

Through the light of my heart I am the Christ & Magdalene

Through the light of my heart all are kings & queens

Through the light of my heart green embers flame

Through the light of my heart I remain


⊕♥Blessings of our green heart light♥⊕

Thank you for viewing!!!!

Have a Blessed day 🙂 🙂

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Miracles Happen #stayaware

It’s A Visual Thing ~ Say It In Pictures!!! & Poetry 🙂 🙂

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Winter Lion Solstice 2018 ~ *Lion Solstice Grace

Winter Lion Solstice 2018

December 21, 2018

 ΩLion Solstice GraceΩ


♦ into the darkness which leads to the light ♦



*This original image is from a photo I took of one of the lions at the NYC Bronx Zoo this Summer 🙂 #nyclion #bronxzoo


We enter the winter solstice

shortest day of light of the year

the Northern Hemisphere leans farthest away from the sun during the winter solstice

creating the longest darkest night

we enter the dark abyss

the heavy darkness ~ the darkness that becomes the seeing ~ the darkness that takes away the darkness

we move through the darkness

to see what we can not see in the light

to traverse through the murky waters ~ where stale stagnant energy has resulted in paralysis

this energy summons the light within us

by moving us into & thrugh the darkness for regeneration

sparking tides of higher states of consciousness

  refreshment & graceful movement & flow

we become anew by virtue of this seeing

the darkness awakens the light

the light awakens the darkness

to see that all is light

 the inner lighthouse shines the way back to the shore

so that we are transformed

a spiritual celebration with matter


ΦWhy must we enter the darkness?……

the darkness clears the passage way to the opened door of our dearest wishes


the lands become still ~ quietude ~ colder weather ~ water freezes ~ stand stills ~ snow

trees become bare ~ vegetation takes a respite ~ stars are bright on a wintry night

motionless ~ silent ~ dark emptiness proclaims higher wisdom

the intelligence of nature guides us in like fashion

the earth prepares ~ so we prepare

 nature turns our attention within

to echo this symbolically ~ in sync

the animals also join this trajectory

even here in S Florida nature prompts us


⇒We move through the darkness…..

so we germinate new seeds that blossom in due time


δThe darkness invites us …..

to breathe in

that which has never been breathed in before

to breathe out


to offer the key that unlocks our truth

to release the heavy chains ~ to become the soaring bird ~  up high ~ atop the mountain peak

the darkness makes way for the light

to know the only Way is the Way

we speak to our darkness ~ that knows only light

 the light calls to the darkness ~ to know it is light

to end the suffering

to being acquainted with the hidden no longer hidden

to know what is within you


⊂The edges of darkness recede & upon exiting we are exalted⊃

we lift thine eyes up ~ to the light

to see the light ~ to know we are the light

we bow down in holy servitude to the light

we remember that we are light

 we live in Freedom


⊗As the light dawns & shines brighter so does our holy knowing⊗

through the darkness we emerge victorious

like the lion

awake at night ~ awake through the darkness ~ awake when all are asleep

lunar light that meets up to dance with the solar light

a vibrant golden mane ~ golden light ~ golden crown

 the lion ~ a sacred symbol ~ goddess ~ god

the lion ~ solar symbol ~ majesty of divinity ~ kings & queens

the birth of the Light within us

strength ~ courage ~ power ~ might

walk with the lion this winter solstice

gain the lion’s

mastery of self




∴Winter Lion Solstice Blessings∴

May you emerge Victorious

Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a blessed day 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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* Christ Light Blessings* ~ birth^rebirth


◊Christ Light Blessings◊

Birth ∧ Rebirth

A baby as a symbol of birth ^ rebirth. The awakening within us ~ the birth within us ~ as the Christ Light that we are ~ as a rebirth tangibly experienced both in our conscious awareness & physical form as the Ultimate Gift

»An exploration ~ a series of expressions ~ based on the birth of the Christ Light»


∴Serving as a guiding reflector of what is taking place within ~ & across the board∴


While I was in art school, my painting professor would make mention his advocacy & encouragement of creating a “series” ~ various interpretations of a given subject matter as opposed to creating  just one interpretation.  Although at the time, I did not fully “get it” ~ I did however hold this in my store bank as I valued his wisdom.

I remember, also from art school, while in drawing class, all of us encircled around a apple on a pedestal ~ easels set up ~ drawing a apple for many consecutive hours. This intense focus ~ observing of this little ole’ apple provided Huge deeper significance. I walked away from my drawing class with such an enriching & appreciation of this apple ~ feeling like I new it like never before.

We all know what we give our attention to grows ~ this Season ~ & always ~ give yourself attention ~ go within ~ explore ~ there you will find your magic & all that you desire. Stay fixed on this as much as possible ~ relinquishing the habitual need to “find” it somewhere else.

Rolling right along…..most certainly it is beneficial to create a series of expressions contained in the one. This has implications on various levels, beyond the artistic. Since the outer “reality” really doesn’t exist, except as a direct reference point of our inner world ~ consciousness ~ this key frame holds great significance ~ to explore beyond one created ~ determined conclusion or expression. This produces a broadening ~ a broadening within of who we are, of the world we live in, of what truly matters, & most importantly what your truth is & to shine it. All will benefit from your personal growth ~ as all is interconnected whether perceived or not.

In similar comparison to friendships ~ the more you “hang out” ( “hang out” as symbolic of multiple expressions) with another the more you are privy to see ^ know^ experience various aspects of them (& vice versa) thus deepening & enriching the rapport. Or being in a museum in front of a great sculpture & you walk All around it ~ gaining new insights from the multi ~ fold views. Creating a series, opening up to an infinite array of potentials ~ helps us drop stagnate/old/limiting beliefs as we move closer to a unified reality known individually then spilling out into our outer life. Diving deeper into a given subject matter that brings joy offers many rewards ~ within thus without. As well as serving as a metaphor symbolically of going within our own individual nature to only come out with higher greater expressions of our existence & knowings.

During this Season of gift giving & receiving ~ there is no greater gift you can present yourself with ~ then the gift of inner exploration, reflection, in both honest & true ways. This gift grants you the opportunity to become more fully acquainted with yourself ~ “know thyself” ~ leading step by step into the molding & shaping of a highly evolved enlightened being. Making decisions, taking action, having thoughts, that serve both you & the planet in the highest light. It also, without a doubt, removes you from becoming involved in “drama” as it no longer has any interest as a resonating circumstance ~ most importantly one gains Empowerment as you become more & more aware that nothing “out there” really has a hold on you ~ nothing dictates to you how you feel ~ or what will or will not happen ~ no influence has a governing force ~ not the news, not the government ~ not the stock market ~ not the this or the that. This is because you have taken self responsibility ~ not allowing an outside governing energy to move you. You are your own determining factor ~ only looking to yourself for your reality ~ not playing the name game. I am not saying to not be informed ~ with  lots of love & compassion ~ but I am suggesting that the only real “thing” you need to be informed of is YOU 🙂 . This revealing of you provides the most substantial satisfaction ~ as it is the truth of your existence beyond anything else. Providing the Grace to live as the highest living light that you are ~ seeing with new eyes ~ listening with new ears ~ feeling with newness ~ knowing with clarity ~ having new personally fulfilling experiences ~ opening to higher dimensional reality as the reality. The greenest greens, the tastiest of fruits, the riches of richness, a life of joy without the incumbents of mainstream influence that may just be clouding your awareness. Move closer to your truth ~ to the magnificence of the magnificent ~ which  you are. Dare to experience this as the Grand Experience you are destined to live. 🙂

We all must “do” the inner work necessary to bring forth this freedom in our lives ~ the birthing, the rebirth, the full realization of the Divinity that resides within, that we purely are, that awaits  conscious connection, bestowing gifts along the Way ~ this is our liberating force.

What better subject matter than the Christ birth as an exploration ~ reflecting back the inner journey taking place.

Given that Home is truly found within ~ “Home for the Holidays” takes on a whole new meaning

∞To all those BRAVE enough to go within ~ taking self responsibility ~ on the journey of self discovery & illumination ~ May your life be filled with Grace ~ revelation after revelation ~ Filled with Divine Gifts as you gift yourself∞


Blessings of Holiday Grace

Thank you for reading!!! 🙂

Have a blessed day

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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In the Space of Winter ~ a time to prepare

∞In The Space of Winter∞

#samanthapearl #newearthkitty

⊗Winter⊗ ~  a time to go within ~ to prepare ~ for change

for what will be next in our lives

We grow ever closer with our Souls ~ receding into its unspoken magic

#pausereflect #pawsreflect

In The Space of Winter

In the space of winter

my soul takes refuge

silent river within, whisper, free thinker

When all is quiet ~ lunar reflect ~ hibernate ~ transfix

 a touch of cold on the finger tips

some land lay stripped ~ soon to be the winter solstice ~ sacred upon my lips

all becomes moved to go within

nestle inside the pine tree ~ seeing within ~ wherein

comply ~ submit ~ in Spring reappear ~ take ownership

In the space of winter

my soul takes refuge

the Earth, the animals, the people, the plants

a time to reflect, so still, I hear my heart beat

in sync ~ heart heat ~ sweet retreat

pre heat ~ time sheet ~ window seat

In the space of winter

my soul takes refuge

snow trance ~ winter circumstance ~ avalanche

frosty ~ wintry wind ~ bare tree branch

though the outer be cold ~ the hearts fire remains warm

advance ~ romance ~ at first glance ~ song & dance

the night chill ~ daytime sun spill ~ we become distilled

stand still ~ refill ~ good will

snow drift ~ pole shift ~ bestow gifts

decode ~ reload ~ know-er knows it ~ know~er becomes the known

In the space of winter

my soul takes refuge



Blessings of Winter Grace

Thank you for viewing!

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Celtic Goddess Brigid ~ the Exalted One *devotional hymn*

Goddess Brigid ~ fiery potent One with sacred farm animals

Goddess Brigid and presiding elements of fire and water

⊗Celtic Goddess Brigid⊗

 ◊Divine Feminine◊

∞the High One  ~ the Exalted One  ~ the Bright One∞

∇Celtic Mother Goddess ~ Fire Goddess∇

∴Sacred Flame∴

φFire Magicφ

                  Celtic Pantheon  ~ Ireland            

 ⇒Triple Goddess⇐

Goddess of Forge & Hearth   #celtic #irish #diety #gaelic

Goddess of Smithcraft ~ Poetry ~ Healing ~ Fertility

Wide ranging Patroness  ~ #domesticatedanimals #justice #peace #unity #childbirth


§The Magic of Brigid§


Season of Spring ~ Celebrated as Imbolc on February 1st

(sometimes celebrated February 2nd depending on the midway point from the winter solstice & spring equnox)

Blessed Imbolc ~ “in the belly of the Goddess”

Magical energy from the feminine attributes of the Goddess

*Imbolc ~ we begin to awaken from our Winter slumber ~ the belly of Mother Earth begins to wiggle & shake off the Winter ~ as the animals plants trees begin to rise again from a Winter dormancy ~ so do we begin again 🙂


*Through connecting with Imbolc we can recharge ourselves with the newness & freshness of the coming of Spring ~ we being to see signs everywhere ~ within ourselves ~ new growth emerging upon the Earth ~ birds singing this in song ~ life springs forth once again ~ magic in the hearts & in the air rekindling a new awakening ~ §The Magic of Brigid§


When to invoke Goddess Brigid

Invoke Goddess Brigid into your life when transformation is needed in any area of your life ~  where a new manifestation is desired. Peering into the symbolism of her many aspects we gain significant knowledge. For example Brigid presides over midwifery ~ this is also representative of a rebirth of the new within us ~ when the “old” is no longer integral to our evolution. Through her Sacred Flame our metamorphosis is birthed ~ her fiery flame burns & extinguishes that which needs to be disbanded from our core essence into sacred transfiguration. This fire aspect is also regarded as “Fire of Inspiration” as patroness of poetry. This divine spark of illumination  can also aid in creativity, innovation, originality ~ as Brigid will show you clever inventive approaches/ideas/methodologies to serve you in your endeavors.

Brigid is a Great Healer ~ call upon her for healing on any level (mental/emotional/spiritual/physical) ~ especially when looking for naturalistic herb plant based healing knowledge & direct impact for health. If you serve in the healing arts you may want to summon Brigid’s  healing energy magic as it transfers into patients, clients, etc…. Invoke Goddess Brigid as the Great Mother Goddess that she is ~ converse with her & share your thoughts & feelings with her & receive lightning wisdom & decoding.

You can focus in on developing & or further developing your magical gifts, abilities, & insights. Ask Brigid to assist you in getting to know yourself as your magical self.

With Brigid’s association with fertility & childbirth ~ you may connect in with Her for yourself or another in the physical domain of pregnancy ~ getting pregnant ~ healthy pregnancy ~ & childbirth blessings.

Brigid is also associated with the Earth & the element of water. Through out Ireland there are many sacred wells devoted to her. Water being a integral & vital element to both our bodies & the Earth. Some symbolic water references can be inclusive of concepts & ideas related to living water, sacred springs, flow of the divine, water as both nourishing & purifying ~ water can also represent the subconscious & heightened divine powers.


⊕Let’s begin our devotional to Beloved Goddess Brigid to invoke her Holy Presence⊕

λPrepare to receive Brigid’s sacred flame……..

*If possible light a candle in honor of Goddess Brigid and as a intensification of receiving & enlivening*


§Goddess Brigid§

Devotional Hymn

⊕Goddess Brigid ~ The Promise of Spring⊕

Heat of the Sun

Goddess Brigid

Heat of the Sacred Flame

Goddess Brigid

Heat of the fires within the Heart

Goddess Brigid

Fiery power ~ Solar Goddess ~ Beloved Brigid

Divine Goddess of sacred hands ~ the palms that crafted creation

Godess of healers, poets, smith

inspiration ~ creativity ~ pregnancy

hearth, forge, Celtic source

loved by many ~ legacy

Goddess Brigid

ignite my true One heart ~ open the pathway of my Illumined Self ~ clothe me with thine eyes of seeing

house me in your warmth & mystical power ~ remove all ignorance~ lift the veils that I may see my perfection

turn to ashes what thou see’s as unfit ~ holy light pierce all shadows ~ leave me only in my boundless light

may I be a faithful custodian of the keeper of your Holy Flame ~ a divine holder of your revered light

Maternal ~ Mother Goddess ~ Goddess Brigid

cover me in your eternal glow

flashes bright ~ glistening shafts

Your Mighty blaze ~ surround me

Your Holy Breath ~ birthed ~ re birthed ~ in my breath

renew ~ resurrection

polished & radiant like the Sun of Sun’s

enter in thee solar flare

everlasting vigor, beauty, & health

Heat of the Sun

Goddess Brigid

Heat of the Sacred Flame

Goddess Brigid

Heat of the fires within the Heart

Goddess Brigid

Fiery power ~ Solar Goddess ~ Beloved Brigid

Eternal is thou nature

my head bowed in Goddess fervor ~ my unwavering love

bestow mercy and favor ~ greater and greater

Spring ~ I hear it in the Earth’s murmur

raise us ~ birthed out of labor

new growth ~ plants trees flowers

I rejoice and savoir

Your luster glow~ reflection ~ rays of incandescent light

Encase me ~ sustained creative endeavor ~ blessed is nature

light upon light ~ day upon day

through the night ~ I invite

transmitting Heaven’s excite as light

Spring~ the hour cometh ~ we reunite

rays of fiery passion ~ sparkles of glaring sheen

Soul awakened ~ no edges ~ no time ~ no boundaries

a thousand dreams ~ a mountain stream

the land speaks ~ Spring released

flow like rivers through my vessel

pouring out a continued renaissance

 Spring knocks ~ Earth proped ~ winter drops

farm animals flock ~ new crops

success assured ~ living words

written ~ spoken ~ abiding in enduring light

If the night or day be cold

Goddess Brigid ~ The Promise of Spring

 Spring revival in my heart~ forever shine

echoed in the Earth’s birth

again then like Zen ~ all say amen

Heat of the Sun

Goddess Brigid

Heat of the Sacred Flame

Goddess Brigid

Heat of the fires within the Heart

Goddess Brigid

Fiery power ~ Solar Goddess ~ Goddess Brigid

rooster ~ awaken-er as the rising sun ~ lamb ~ Christ marriage

Beloved Goddess Brigid

the tenderness of the heart & sweetness in the air

Church of the Oak ~ Kildare

sacred circle ~ unbroken ~ a poem

Thank you sisters of Kildare

the church where ~ built there

Brigid’s flame ~ maintained

Beloved Goddess Brigid

sacred flame ~ come burn bright

as we speak your immortal name

praise to proclaim ~ inflame ~ bless us to excel

ignite ~ kindle ~ the way

watery well ~ wishing well

  living waters ~ drowning in your spell

ever lasting ~ enduring ~ nourishing ~ sustaining

Heat of the Sun

Goddess Brigid

Heat of the Sacred Flame

Goddess Brigid

Heat of the fires within the Heart

Goddess Brigid

Fiery power ~ Solar Goddess ~ Goddess Brigid

If the night or day be cold

Goddess Brigid ~ The Promise of Spring

in this we do trust

Goddess Brigid

enterance into your admittance

Christ within appearance

our coexistance

If the night or day be cold

Goddess Brigid

the promise of Spring to behold


ζHonor and Praise to Goddess Brigidζ

May we all receive many Blessings  from Goddess Brigid !!!

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a Blessed Day!!! 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Roswell ~ 4ever home

Roswell ~ 4ever home

🙂 Friends of Samantha Pearl 🙂

#blesstheanimals #4everhome #bringhomethefur

θPlease help Roswell find his 4ever homeθ


ROSWELL IS STILL ALONE AND WAITING.  There has been no interest, and he is starting to get depressed. He cries to get out of the room he’s in and to be in the house with humans, but cannot due to other pets.  He is dreaming of being in a home to have people to love. Please help make his Thanksgiving wish come through. He is truly one of the most amazing, affectionate kitties ever! Someone is going to be extremely lucky to find this boy.  Please contact Lori 954-661-0666, jenkins_lori@bellsouth.net for more info or a meet n great.

Roswell is a wonderful young kitty dreaming of a home, sweet home.  He is totally vetted and healthy, and is the typical loving, affectionate orange kitty with a delightful personality.  His ideal home would be one with a secure sun porch, patio, or lanai for him to be able to experience a bit of the outdoors while still being safe.  While he would prefer to be indoors with his humans, he clearly enjoys watching the outside world.  Due to his bad experiences as a kitten being dumped on the rough streets of Miami, he wants to be the only cat and would prefer no dogs as well.  Whatever happened to him out there caused him to lose an eye, but he has forgiven all and doesn’t realize he only has one eye.  It’s probably best if you don’t tell him, since he is obviously proud of his seriously handsome good looks.

Roswell is less than a year old and has a lot of spunk.  While he loves to play and run around, he loves, loves, loves human attention.  He will hop on your lap and ask for love until he falls asleep.  He can be a talker at times and loves to wander the house looking for you to say hello and see if you want to play or snuggle.  He is by far one of the sweetest, loving kitties around and the individual or family that adopts him will have constant entertainment and love from this Super Special Orange One-Eyed Kitty.

Please help Roswell find his place in this world.  He has been through a lot in his short life, and is very eager to seal the deal on a permanent loving home.  He is very lonely in his current foster situation.  Although safe and cared for, he spends most all of his long days and nights totally alone.  Please cross post this precious boy to all your friends and contacts, and ask them to do the same.  You just never know who might be looking for the perfect orange kitty named Roswell.  Transport can be arranged for the perfect home.  Thank you very much for helping him!!  If you would like more information or to meet Roswell please call, text, or email Lori at 954-661-0666, jenkins_lori@bellsouth.net



Thank you for viewing!!!

Blessings for All the animals!!!!

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Into the Night ~ Spells of the Eve

ξInto the Night ~ Spells of the Eveξ

⊗A Samantha Pearl Halloween #newearthkitty⊗

Samantha Pearl ~ our rescue kitty ~ serving often as a muse to go deeper within ourselves and nature ~ making inter related connections  on a experiential level as tools to evolve and “know ourselves.”

ΘHalloween & Moon Mystic IlluminationΘ


#happyhalloween #moonlore #mysticalmoon

*silent watcher *maker of magic *feline majesty


Into the Night

the Spells of the Eve

evening prayer ~ evening star ~ love affair~ shooting star

Moon & Pearl silent reflecting reservoir

Moon lore

open becomes the silvery orange lit drawer

Halloween candy store

witchy delight ~ sprites, fairies ~ play in the night

bats, goblins, warlocks ~ Netherworld, vampires too

Into the Night

the Spells of the Eve

outdoor ~ indoor ~ ever High Moon wisdom hats the worshiper

nature ~ teacher ~ nurturer

Her forever  portraiture

night garden ~ floral ~ encircling Her

spilling of the brew ~ glowing ~ feline pass through

Into the Night

the Spells of the Eve

open door ~ folklore ~ tricks & treats  ~ eclipse therefore

masks on ~ masks off ~ costume ~ midnight bloom

Into the Night

the Spells of the Eve

Her milky smile ~ gentle ~ all awhile

Jack~O~Lantern ~ orange ~ life dancer ~ positive changer

Moon flavor, grandeur, star gazer

 taking us into Her orbiting chamber ~ hallucinating ~ slipping in ~ receiving Her favor

Into the Night

the Spells of the Eve

Her heavenly body ~ celestial ~ dreamily I savor ~ tide waver

 primal player ~ immortality ~ eternity ~  silver light creator

moon weaver ~ magic maker ~ silent speaker

magical envisioning ~ wonderment ~ bewilderment

in close by taverns ~ children’s laughter ~ gives us answers

leaves falling ~ corn husks ~ stalks of wheat

characters in the street ~ celebration ~ revelations

Into the Night

Spells of the Eve

Blessings to all

this Halloween ~ Eve ~  Silvery Splendor Receive


October Blessings!

*^Silvery Splendor Receive*^

May we all be blessed as the *silent watcher with *feline majesty ~ the *magic maker

Happy Halloween 🙂

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Have a Blessed day 🙂

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Goddess Sekhmet ~ Lioness Goddess *devotional hymn

*Goddess Sekhmet*

*Goddess Sekhmet*

ΩEgyptian Goddess SekhmetΩ

ÖEye of ReÖ

Honorary Devotional Hymn

ΩPowerful One ∞ Divine Feminine Face of the SunΩ


#liongoddess #powerfulmother #ancientegypt #honorthegoddess


Invoke the Powerful Goddess Sekhmet at any time. Call upon Her for empowerment ∞ Call upon Her to remove all that impedes your evolution and status as an enlightened being ∞ Call upon Her for strength ∞ Call upon her to ignite fiery truth to blaze forth in your life ∞ Call upon her for healing ∞ She is a divine protector of women and children ∞ Call upon Her as a resonator with lions and cats of all kinds ∞


*Goddess Sekhmet* 2 statues at the Egyptian Museum of Berlin

≥Sacred Blessings of Goddess Sekhmet≤


 To assist in bringing in the fiery Divine Light energy of Goddess Sekhment, please light a candle if possible.

*Let us honor the Holy Land of Ancient Kemet ~ Egypt as great originators of Divine Truth ~ great contributors to world civilization. Shaping the modern world: ~ laying the foundation for moral ways of living ~ codes of enlightenment ~ writing ~ literature ~ art ~ society ~ gender equality ~ technological advancement ~ government ~ medicine ~ architecture ~ faith and worship*


Let us open to the Blessed Grace of Goddess Sekhmet ~ Powerful Sun Goddess


ΩEgyptian Goddess SekhmetΩ

ÖEye of ReÖ

Mother Sekhmet  ~ Potent One

Solar Deity ~ Lioness Goddess ~ Sun rays of powerful Light

Eternal Light ~ Creation Fire

nothing can escape ~ wild fire

The Sacred Flame ~ the Fire of God ~ Goddess

Mother Sekhmet  ~ Mother ~ since before time

Praise to the creative force

Praises to the Light that awakens the Soul

Awaken-er  ~ Shining Illuminated One

Heat of Truth ~ Burning ~ Victorious

Reveal to us our divinity ~ power within ~ our Soul bright

Flame that blossoms Self ~ authenticity ~ trust

She who is Powerful ~ showering ~ empowering

Sweetner of lips who speak Thy name

Divine Lover to Ptah

Protector of Ma’at

Remover of illusions ~ veil lifter

Generator ~ Reformer ~ Healer

 Divine physician ~ form changer ~ re arranger

 Kundalini igniter ~ breath of the desert winds ~ red linen

third eye ~ serpent fire ~ magnifier

bringer of Light to all lands

carnelian ~ orange ~ energy power before us

radiant Sun ~ filled with fire ~ attune to the flame

release ~ impurities dissolved in the flame ~ purifier ~ open flame

Dancer of maker

Taker of pain

eyes of the spiraling sun ~ searing ~ all becomes undone

intensity of the mid day sun ~ exceeding ~ red sealing

hot ~ smoldering ~ fire transformer

fierce huntress ~ destroyer of abomination

 Mother Sekhmet ~ Intriguing One

Spirit upon us

Warrior for justness & natural virtue ~ Golden chain ~ Upper Egypt reign

Walked & walks among us ~ royal lineage ~ authority

infuser of love ~ holder of truth ~ free us

Daughter of Ra ~ Divine Feminine face of the Sun

Eye of Ra ~ Royal Feminine counterpart

Mother Sekhmet

kick start ~ come apart ~ fresh start

holder of all parts ~ server to wholeness ~ the Whole One

Celebrator ~ rituals ~ life giver ~ Nile River

Creative impulse ~ bold action ~ attraction

Divine template ~ originator of the origins ~ pyramids

courage ~ righteousness ~ enlighten us

cats lay at your feet & are comforted by your Presence

leopards, dragons, lions ~ alliance

Protector of loved ones

Mighty Powerful One of the Neteru

Beautiful One of the Neteru

Before Thee I kneel & bow

sacred cow ~ Christ endow

Great Friend & sister of Bastet

Bringer of the Sacred Fire ~ infuser of the One Flame

Destroyer of ignorance ~ deliverance ~ vigorous

Mother Sekhmet ~ Prized One

Knocker on the door of injustice ~ restorer of Divine Order

Salutations & Honor  offered up to Thee

One of Distinction ~ Prestige ~ Sacred Holy One

Mother Sekhmet ~ Mother of Imagery

a wonder in ways of magic ~ galactic ~ fantastic

Enchanter of the Way ~ Justice hearsay ~ Sword play

 chamber coals of burning fire ~ all powers ~ prowler’s devoured

Mother Sekhmet ~ Esteemed One

Reverence for your benevolence ~ eminence

  gratefully we receive our golden inheritance


May Goddess Sekhmet richly bless you

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Have a Blessed Day 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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NYC ~ moods of the city #skylineflavors

Root Beer Float

Blueberry Pancakes in the Morning

Lemon Lime

Orange Crush

NYC ~ moods of the city #skylineflavors

Root Beer Float ~ Lemon Lime ~ Blueberry Pancakes ~ Orange Crush

#hudsonriver #nycskyline #moodsofthecity #cityflavors

These images were taken this Summer while aboard the Circle Line

🙂 Flavorful city flavors 🙂 #nyc  #skylineflavors #moodsofthecity



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