Sacred Pulsations ~ Inner Hearing :)

Sacred Pulsations

*Inner Hearing*

#gowithin #innerhearing #nature #trees #bountywithin #voicewithinstillness


Listening to the voice within the stillness

coming about through being the witness

experiencing a daily Christmas

a return to wholeness & fullness

nature provides such fitness

knowing your inner shining brilliance

interacting in the world with no distance

honoring the inner hearing & vision is Truth & realness

transcending any resistance

thus by reaching fulfillment

enlightenment, deliverance, grand enrichment

transition to ~ fruition to ~ spirit to

the voice within the stillness


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imagery & poetry by Leslie Sue Photography

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Have a blessed day!

Miracles Happen 🙂 ~ #stayaware

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Divine Feminine & Masculine Christ Consciousness

Mary Magdalene Divine Feminine Christ

Jesus Divine Masculine Christ

Divine Feminine & Masculine Christ

»a contemporary view»

Mary Magdalene representative of Divine Feminine Christ

Jesus representative of Divine Masculine Christ

→Wholeness within the form↵

balanced Divine Feminine Christ & Divine Masculine Christ

 #christconsciousness  #unionwithin #wholeness #sun&moon


Devotional hymn to balance Divine Feminine & Masculine within

Christ Consciousness Awakening hymn

                                                               _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

A daily pilgrimage within

for our evolution

*read a loud or silently

upon arising & retiring or whenever prompted

  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Turning within

in silent holy communion

reaching into the depths of my Being

in blessed retreat

I ask for the Divine Presence of the Great Central Sun

to bless me in this mastery & proficiency

I call forth my beautiful internal Moon of eternal Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness

I call forth my brilliant internal Sun of eternal Divine Masculine Christ Consciousness

to radiate & beam forth

saturate my awareness with your Cosmic Presence within me

attune me to your divine mystery, knowledge, & radiance

immerse me in your Light to reveal to me All of who I Am

drench me in your virtues, qualities, higher principles, & scales of balance

rain into all of my cells, fluids, organs, wash through me like a waterfall

show me the endless living waters that flow in Oneness

& my connectivity to this that we share

speak to me the Eternal truth of my Divinity

until I am in such balanced rapture within

my sun & moon ~ Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine ~ Holy Christ Light

now circulating warm & diamond burst frequencies of Central Sun Light

purifying all my chakras throughout my systems

sanctifying & unifying all aspects of Christ Consciousness within me

removing all discordant alliances between them & within

electrifying & awakening me to the Union held in harmonic bliss

Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness

 Divine Masculine Christ Consciousness

In reverence I summon  you forth in my awareness

in both symbolic & honorary worship

I weave together my inner sun & moon ~ dissolving polarities & take conscious breath to unite them into the wholeness

as they were originally designed to be

I paint the starry night within me ~ deep sapphire dance

the moon in mystical luminescence ~ pearl white aglow

the moon ~ the light within the dark

I paint the hot sun in afternoon smolder within me ~ circles of fire

the sun ~ lustrous giver of life ~ gleaming

casting your golden kiss through out my being

fusion of sun & moon ~ the awakening of my vision

broadening, glistening, consciousness expansion into exalted governing

breath taking ~ heavenly air

celestial surfacing

familiar, yet new

through this blending of sun moon sacred marriage

opposites unified within me ~ Wholeness ~ Oneness

Unity Consciousness ~ Christ Consciousness

Unconditional Love ~ Eternal Light ~ Magical Delight

Knowing I am within this fullness ~ not separate

I free myself & become fully empowered within my Being

seeing truly the inner workings & systematic loving cooperation of the sun & moon within me

Becoming fully balanced, I enter a new state of being

ignited by this alchemical fire ~ gold & silver romanced

Christ Consciousness ~ now awakened within ~  I rise to complete Oneness

in this field of eternal divine gifts

I now am greeted in showers of bliss ~ rippling in ecstatic states

my Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness representative as the moon

births within me wisdom, magical Grace, mystical experiences,

immortality, enlightenment, illumination

I observe her cycles not with the recognition of time

but rather to divine timing

where all is as it is ~ non linear ~  readiness when the fruit is ripe

 individual & planetary rhythms, intuitive powers, gentleness, receptivity, & prowess I now embody

when I see the moon with my physical eyes I acknowledge Her Divine Presence

within & without

my Divine Masculine Christ Consciousness representative of the sun

fortifies my life, ignites my life force, with the strength & power of millions of shining suns

the Universal Cosmic Mind I am now One with

I glow with exceptional radiance, gallantry & valor are steadfast companions

I am blessed with influence in my divine purpose

the Sun grants me vitality, vigor, & success upon all endeavors & all I touch

I rise & set with the Almighty brightness of my eternal sun

I allow its genius, clarity, & virtuoso to flow through me

when I see the sun with my physical eyes

I send light out & breath it back in ~ in reciprocal praise

my heart center flames bright in Unity Christ Consciousness

My Soul, My Soul, My Soul

I take fervent ritual in this Ascension state

my Soul core knowing & living

  I behold the sun & moon within me

now balanced in Cosmic Union ~ Christ Consciousness

day & night in a seamless current stream

my life now

my inner moon & sun in even distribution

upright & steady

I lay praise & adoration for this Divinity within me

now made manifest

my inner moon & inner sun I do glorify & exalt

poised in equilibrium

enchanted, entranced within this  course

 Union with Source



Blessings in your new awakening! You knowing yourself in the Light that you are 🙂

Wishing you many a prosperous journey………within & without 🙂



Thank you for viewing!!! Have a blessed day 🙂

Imagery & devotional hymn by Leslie Sue Photography 🙂

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Miracles Happen!!! #stayaware

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6 Responses to “Divine Feminine & Masculine Christ Consciousness”

  1. jonathan

    Wonderfully put..

  2. John

    Beautiful, and so rich.

  3. Angela Bowes

    Oh my, I’m left speechless, this hymn is so profound, so moving, so deeply heartfelt x
    Thank you so much for this incredibly beautiful sharing, I’m going to re-read this every day for a while to fully absorb & receive it’s blessing x So much love & gratitude to you x

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Samantha Pearl’s 4th Birthday #happypaws #bday #nyop

Samantha Pearl’s 4th Birthday

 🙂 May 1, 2018 Samantha Pearl turned “4” 🙂


#444 #solarreturn #4thbday #meow #celebrate

Samantha Pearl bday art





Celebration art piece above for Samantha Pearl turning 4 years old on May 1st 🙂 If you look closely you will see a series of 3 4’s embedded in her image! #444  #newearthkitty #cozmickitty #sofresh  #majickitty

Samantha Pearl advocates the new earth virtues & characteristics #goldenage

Ωcosmicunconditionallove Ωvegetarianveganlifestyle Ωhonoringtheanimals Ωblessingmotherearth Ωplaytime Ωloving&honoringurself Ωgoingwithin Ωmeditation Ωawakenwithin Ωdivinefeminine Ωease&flow Ωknowingurself Ωcosmicconsciousness Ωknowurdivinelight Ωchristlight Ωharmony Ωsoullight Ω5D+ Ωsun&moon ΩGrace Ωcentralsun Ωeternalawareness Ωbliss Ωtreats


Many many blessings now & always!!! #asabovesobelow


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From the Goddess


From the Goddess we are

& To the Goddess we return

∇ Sacred Light∇

within the primordial waters

The snake rising from the primordial waters as a symbol of both divinity & kundalini rising. In many ancient civilizations ~ the snake was considered & celebrated as a form of divinity ~ related to an exalted state of consciousness. We see this from across many lands ~ Minoan Civilization ~Ancient Egypt ~ India ~ Peru ( Inca Empire) ~ Mexico (Maya & Aztecs great civilizations) ~  often in visual imagery we find a snake accompanying sacred images.  As well as the Caduceus staff used as a symbol for medicine. The Goddess (although not exclusively) also is often correlated with the snake symbolizing great powers & authority.

Hymn to the Goddess within the Primordial Waters

Deep within the primordial waters

in the blue green hypnotic waves

near the dolphins swimming

where the waters are stirring & filled with ancient cries

resides the Goddess

in her silent wisdom

outstretching her arms ~  commanding the waters near & far

Her watery mystical illumination ~  dreamy reflections dance with delight ~ powers through her sacred might

Her Presence echoing in primordial majesty  ~ resonance ~ Her heartbeat from the beginning of time

the waters hear & receive her ~ forwarding movements of her divine direction

birthing all ~ synchronizing ~ Her Voice full & reverberating

casting the light upwards ~ unwinding the serpent within

holding us & then unleashing us into states of eternal bliss

the moon overseeing ~ the sun ever present

silvery light ~ sparkling ~ gold light ~ fire light ~ anointing

baptismal clear sinking ~ sounds from the ether ~ silky & smooth

shaking off all residue ~ magical alchemy ~ cleansed

stillness deepens ~ water flowing into opened gateways ~ profound revelations

freedom soaring ~ shining from within so without ~ thunder in the sky ~ everything so bright

a new, a new, a new

fresh & crisp like the morning air ~ brilliant like the afternoon sun ~ star filled like the night sky

Touched by the Goddess

life is forever changed ~ the world within kicked open ~ Awakened

the truthfulness of ever lasting existence

the Divinity within ~ identified ~ realized ~ expanding in all directions

no boundaries ~  no matter ~ no illusions

Unified ~ Whole

knowing why the birds sing both day & night

 endless holy flight

The Goddess from within the primordial waters

continual birth showers ~ rising to the surface ~ ebb & flow upon Her sigh

bathed in Her All ~ Her Purity ~ Her Love ~ Her Grace

rejoice in the Goddess

when the serpent rises to play ~  becoming both texture & form

an exuberant storm

from which all will be reborn

From the Goddess we are

& to the Goddess we return



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Honoring the Moon As Goddess #moonwithin

Honoring the Moon

as Goddess

the moon within

The Moon Goddess ~ the Divine Feminine

aspect within us

that holds the sacred mystical reflected light

feminine clarity insight

the light of the goddess magic within

in all her majesty ~ sacred sexuality ~ pageantry

Her totality ~ universality ~ sensuality

open to her blessed silvery magnetic light ~ silver bells ring

we begin

Oh, when She sings ~ the pleasure it brings

moon gloss ~ lips like angel wings ~ illumination springs

swinging from star to star~ milk bar

rising star ~  setting star ~ movie star

celestial metallic tones ~ She is never far

omnipresent radar

cosmic moon-dust

She spills forth from her alchemy jar

diamond intuitive sparkles

twinkle glamour glow

kiss like mistletoe

healing, love, compassion, Grace

 wisdom vibration ~ upon all nations

new to new ~ 29.5 ~ earth revive

  soft sheen ~ gentle ~ swan dive

moon contemplate ~ relaxed gait ~ love from her breastplate

the rushing sound of the wind in the trees ~ the seas ~ her velvet sough

eyes like a doe ~ hypnotized in her flow

she moves in silent repeated patterned rhythm

tempo & pulse ~ sound ~ inner vision

mysterious dilation

  white silver sheen ~ ancient chorus ~ 9fold Goddess

jewels behold

fragrant flowers unfold

new heights ~ eternity

Moon Mother Goddess ~ maternity

hanging in the night sky ~ lullaby

inner moon ~ amplify ~ mystify ~ beautify

unify ~ minds eye ~ supply ~ stand by

morning night glory ~ sacred story

 wondrous cycles she exhibits ~ poised ~ elegant

coexistence ~ path of least resistance

she is the ultimate observer

seeing all ~ nurturer ~ in honor therefore

 night surfer ~ find favor in Her

Moon Goddess ~ flawless ~ exotic

exquisite bodice

solar lite Goddess

circulatory ~ circuits ~ denoting cycles

inventory laboratory

inner knowledge depository

seen & unseen is her territory

insight ~ inner light ~ enlightenment rising

illusion ~ opposites ~  waning

fading yet unfading

transitory yet enduring

 cosmic existence  ~ process unfolding

 Mother Ray, Hail Mary, womb of creation ~ praise

oceanic, elation sensation, lunation

hermetical call, waterfall, windfall

carry Her within you

& She will carry you through

  See Her in you

Moon Goddess

out of the blue ~ your break through



Often I pull the drapes back at night

from above my bed

& see the moon through my window

communing with her & inviting her in

going within myself I know her deeper

sultry silvery stillness

she dances & sings the creation song

white pearl fire light streaming in my window

the sacred pearl in the sky

diamond & round clear prismatic light shimmers

all my bodies in unison with her undulations

I feel the tide moving in & out

kissing her, kissing the shore line, kissing me, kissing the earth

mermaid splash, faerie laugh, moon bath

in full balance & harmony

with her partner the Sun ~ Unified

sometimes I even sleep with the drapes open above my bed

& dream soft with the moon glow upon my face

shifting colors in the room

 pearl moonlight dancing through my window

pearls around my neck

she commands the elements

even the animals wake a sleepy eye

dragonfly’s circle with transparent wings

gathering the winds from far & wide

patterned breathing

whispering a balmy breeze

the palm trees sway to her majestic vibration

tropical flowers & fruits ~ receive her milky nectar

spirit worlds, planetary consciousness, & individual consciousness

travel, meet, & ride her glorious light

white, blue, orange & yellow rays

beauty weaving, in & out, back & forth

glistening on all reflective property & substance

ruling the night sky ~ holy presence

watery emotion within

she lives inside, within, all thoughts, all perceptions

she lights the Way, she illuminates

she throws light from the inside out

moonlight in my eyes

adorn, embellish, ornamental design

the doors swing open

she meets with us tonight



Thank you for viewing!!! 🙂

Imagery & poetry text by Leslie Sue Photo 🙂 🙂

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Have a Blessed Day 🙂 Miracles Happen! #stayaware

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Samantha Pearl #greenpastures #evergreen

◊Samantha Pearl◊ #newearthkitty

⌈Our beloved rescue kitty serving as a beautiful muse⌉

⊕Green Pastures⊕

⊥In Thee I rest⊥

#greenpastures #evergreen #restwithin


*A poem for deep relaxation*

entering a inner space of becoming #evergreen

Nirvana #allover



Green Pastures

In thee I rest

I request, suggest, Sunday’s best

In the eternal evergreen ~ ever dream ~ breathing machine

sacred Heaven’s Queen

reign supreme ~ 360 degrees

 resting ~ nesting ~ green figurine

seven teen ~ seven lean

centerpiece ~ velvet green

Green Pastures

In thee I rest

Christed sheen ~ green intervene

in between ~ Mary Magdalene ~ bathing serene

armrest, mother’s breast, green blessed

 treasure chest

the green spaces

knowledge base ~ Queen Anne’s lace ~ showcase

rich & fertile

my emerald isle ~ Lily of the Nile ~ nautical mile

Green Pastures

I rest in Thee

here I plant my tree ~ fruit tree ~ you give to me

greenland sea ~ rest like afternoon tea ~ carefree a guarantee

eternity I see ~ times three ~ laugh with glee

Green Pastures

In thee I rest

 whispering whispers ~ I draw from thee well

bethel ~ liberty bell ~ primary cell

I thirst no more ~ fully quenched

drenched ~ entrenched ~ no expense

Green Pastures

In thee I rest

all is pristine ~ May Queen ~ holy becomes seen

Green Pastures

In thee I rest

 suspending ~ suspension

 time bender ~ sublime ~ infinity chimes

ascended master’s scene ~ green divine ~ prime ~ green climb

I carve out my space

the space to be

forever free, color green, set up the screen

the lines of a vase, Grace, birthplace

even place is common place ~ face to face ~ embrace any place

first place ~ watering place ~ memory trace

Green Pastures

In thee I rest

dreaming, receiving, melting into the absolute

players I hear of the flute ~ in silence I take root

this is my commute ~ follow suit

Green Pastures

In thee I rest

star fruit ~ transmute ~ resolute

transcending ~ I go & you come to me ~ green shelter

we meet in the center

sweet presenter, surrender, mender

together, I render ~ splendor

Green Pastures

In thee I rest

 evergreen rapture ~ I gather ~ passers pass over

green sea takeover ~ 4 leaf clover ~ composure ~ occur over

evergreen aroma

spillover ~ changeover ~ moreover

green exposure ~ super nova ~ inclosure

Green Pastures

In thee I rest

Jehovah ~ composer ~ I reach closure

ambrosia pagoda

Magdala ~ Allah ~ vehicle merkaba

Green Pastures

In thee I rest

open woodland Impala

Brahma ~ Nirvana

I am complete

evergreen window seat

Sadhana ~ Lakshmi ~ Rama

rest upon

green cinerama

 Ananda ~  within my green Madonna

Green Pastures

In thee I rest


Blessings of Green Pastures!!! #evergreen

Thank you for reading & viewing 🙂

Have a Blessed Day!!!!

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Miracles Happen!!! #stayaware

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Eternal Sun Within :) #christlight #shine #awaken

Internal Sun Awakening

Sacred Path of Light Divine

Field of Light

The Eternal Sun Within

The Christ Light Rising Within


*alignment with our inner sun ~ devotional*

*as within ~ so without*

#knowyourself #gowithin #brilliance #divinity #innersun


This devotional is aimed to evoke conscious awareness & attuning to our inner sun that lives within us all. Irrespective of gender, we all hold within our Sacred Feminine & Masculine. Balancing these inner aspects is of paramount priority in life as this balance mitigates much distress. First we must align & take conscious note of our inner sun ( & our inner moon) ~ as we open up new portals of self discovery, equilibrium, & balance. The other side of the scale to pay conscious honor & invoking is our Divine Feminine ~ which I will be creating additional devotionals soon. Bringing into Oneness our Divine Feminine & Masculine is an integral part of our evolution as fully enlightened Beings.

The Christ Light encompasses the full balance & integration of our Divine Christ Feminine & Masculine within us. It is a inner completion that takes place when the scales of balance are in perfect alignment. We must go within ~ do the “work” ~ in order to achieve this Holy accomplishment. The “work” manifests in self realization as a fully awake conscious Christ Light Being. Aim to come to full resolution of feminine & masculine inner qualities that await conscious recognition & finalization into Wholeness.

As this is practiced daily (or as much as possible) you will be amazed at many new revelations that surface. Such as areas within you that you become identified with that are higher aspects of your divinity ~  other areas of greater expansion ~ being in sync with & aware of nature & Her cycles, cosmic cycles, individual cycles, & self observant of attributes you hold that were always there but pop into your conscious awareness as they become enlivened. Some internal areas that emerge that are not in light cohesion will be present for your acknowledging & then letting go. Impurities must be discarded & dislodged so room is made for our true Light to take up full residence step by step.

Truly the path of self awakening is a Sacred Holy experience, that is the Soul’s Way. We each experience our awakening in our own unique way that is just perfect & tailor~made for what we resonate with deeply. Listen to & answer only to your inner Soul voice that is always guiding & speaking to you. 🙂

Be Blessed in your journey of  Christ Light coherence & unfolding………………..

Either prior to or after reading ~ sit quietly reflecting within ~ experiencing within

your brilliant sun held deep within you




Ever Present ~ Ever Glorious ~ Ever Shining

the Sun deep within All

The Holy Christ Light

 Sun ~ Divine Masculine virtues & attributes

in full balance with the beauty & harmony

of the Divine Feminine within

the living substance of our shared divinity

 Sacred Light

let us all ~ awaken fully to the flame of eternal light

that resides in us all

summon it ~ call it forth consciously ~ it is always listening

it is the aspect of us that never dies ~ that is the bliss of bliss

it is our own self responsibility to awaken to this Heaven Within

no one can do it for you

it is the Best Gift you can give yourself! 🙂

feeling this brilliance within you ~ the Truth of who you are

a holy landing of remembering

the warmth shines within you

the knocking of the door of your sacred heart

opening its petals as the flowers in the field open to the Creator

your voice, your awareness, your desire

crash like waves

the inner sun ~ the heart ~ the energetic force

sustaining life ~ breath upon breath

forever present ~ the time is now

ripe with the fruits of knowing

honoring your sun within ~ empowerment ~ strength

light of light ~ knowing ~ seeing ~ clarity

for each of us ~ in our own unique unfolding

symbols, dreams, higher thoughts & inspiration, breathing, heart awareness,

lifting waves like birds in flight

go within & experience

your inner brilliant  Sun ~ Christ Light

the Holy Light within ~ the Sacred Magic within ~ the Highest of the High

the scents ~ the flavors ~ the colors

inner landscape ~ brilliance & warmth

exalting ~ higher mind ~ Universal Mind

light pouring in ~ light pouring out

arranged especially to your liking

thus go within, & unlock the anointing

that blossoms you ~ that blesses you

that provides for each tree, flower, plant, & blade of grass in the garden

know your freedom

   step by step ~ each moment ~ a strike of lightning within you

amazing moments ~ insights ~ waves ~ treasures

 rivers of unending supply

the heart showers the one that goes within

exploring, unraveling, waking to new eyes

Allow your true nature

to show you the Way ~ yielding to its Divine Wisdom ~ Divine Love ~ Holy Light

 open an eye to what you may be led to

 sings & resonates within you

your Freedom within

inner sun ~ inner glory

Divine Masculine balanced, whole, realized

   the Light within ~ the Heaven on Earth that you are


Light from the inside out

*Blessings on your path to Awakening*


Thank you for reading & viewing!!!

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Have a blessed day!!! 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

It’s A Visual Thing ~ Say It In Pictures!!! & Poetry 🙂 🙂

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:) Living in Joy :)

🙂 Living in Joy 🙂

*Joy as a Season for all Time*

#bliss #joyinallmoments


Engaging in your passion (s)

in areas that you are guided in joy to traverse in

are indications you are connecting with your Higher Self at a deep level

the whispers, directions, hints, ~ all watching & waiting to see if you will follow through

when you quiet the mind chatter of the this & the that of excuses precluding you

that have no established truth

& turn to a potential of unlimited possibilities

you will reap the rewards of increased joy

that filters & circulates within you & into all that you encounter

like sandpaper smoothing a surface

the more you actualize steps towards moments of joy

whatever that means to you

more & more joy  will spill out & into your awareness ~ like a waterfall in continuous flow & supply

it need not be big steps ~ or it could be

allow joy

to touch your hands ~ to dance with you ~ to awaken you to more joy yet untold

demonstrate some trust, give yourself permission

allow joy to speak to you ~ guiding you to your magical destiny

*joy *joy*joy


Thank you for reading & viewing today!!!

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Have a blessed day!!

Miracles happen #stayaware

It’s A Visual Thing ~ Say It In Pictures!!! & Poetry 🙂 🙂



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Samantha Fish & kittycat Bo :)

Samantha Fish & Bo


~ musicians & their beloved pets #kittycatbo

Although I admire Samantha Fish’s musicianship ~ singing, guitar playing, & performance style ~ I was particularly responsive to this image of her & her beloved kitty cat Bo ~ as opposed to an image of her on stage performing. Although I did not take this image, I created all the art imagery on it.

I have seen her perform once thus far locally at the Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton, Florida. I love her no nonsense approach & versatility in playing. She has a great stage persona. After the performance I was so excited to have a lil’ personal chat with her & a quick pic 🙂 You can find the pic of both of us from the show on my home page. Samantha is very down to earth & has a wonderful in person presence about her 🙂

I will def catch the next show when she is in town!!!


Thank you for viewing!!!

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Samantha Pearl #newearthkitty 🙂 🙂

Have a blessed day!!!

Miracles happen #stayaware

It’s A Visual Thing ~ Say It In Pictures!!! & Poetry 🙂 🙂

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Violet Alchemy ~ Receiving

Violet Alchemy


trans-formative ~ violet flame~ regeneration

ceremony of purification


Drinking from the waters

of alchemical rivers

summoning wave after wave

of the violet sacred fire

a fire of bright eternal light

consuming & removing all impurities held within

 fueled & transported ~ a divination of the Divine

a shamanic gift ~ the receiver of thee

one enters a purification of mind ~ body ~ spirit

clear it ~ more clearance

the deeper one can receive this magical fire

the further the cleansing & awakening to the renewal

a new garment worn, but on the inside, that catapults the outer

for liberation, releasing, letting go

a tool provided, given, a transcendent baptism

when the desire is stronger to purify then it is to remain the same

All are free to invoke this Holy Violet Fire

the call is answered ~ appearing whenever it is summoned

bulldozing the Way ~ so the path lay smooth & uncluttered

powers ~ be aware ~ of its mighty force

transmutation ~ transformation ~ transfiguration

bring then, peace within thee

 cleansing mind nonsense, energetic discord, all blockages removed to access the In Dweller

breathing like  new

surely, it will be

 bathing in the alchemy pool

refreshed ~ pure ~ alive ~ new


receive, receive, receive………………………….


Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a Blessed Day!!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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