Samantha Pearl #moonpearl #symbolism Inter relationship of the Moon & Pearl *devotional

Samantha Pearl

◊Samantha Pearl◊ #newearthkitty

ξOur beloved rescue kitty serving once again as a beautiful museξ


A look into the symbolic inter relationship between the Moon & Pearl

ÕPearls of CreationÕ



♥First a lil’ purrstory on Samantha Pearl♥ #newearthkitty

⇒Samantha Pearl is the inspiration behind this post⇐

⇑Light from the Sun ⇓Powered by the Moon

If you are not familiar with how Samantha Pearl received her name ~ then please read here:

How did I get my name #samanthapearl 🙂

If you would like to find out more about her universe SP7U ~ then please read here:

My Universe SP7U #samanthapearl 🙂  


The Moon as a symbolic reference for the Divine Feminine ~ and the Sun a symbolic reference for the Divine Masculine ~ both of which we carry within us ~  our inner moon & inner sun ~ when balanced within elicit harmony for our awakened lives.

This post is centered on diving into the inter relationship between the Moon & the Pearl.

⊗Plus a poem honoring the Sacred Pearl⊗

∇ Divine Feminine∇

⊆Connecting with the Divine Feminine Within⊇

 #knowthyself #sovereignty

The Divine Feminine energy is considered the “source of all creation.” Which gives “rise” to the Divine Masculine energy.

The Magical Doorway

⊕The Holy & Sacred Divine Feminine⊕

When we tap into the divine feminine within us ~  a magical doorway opens to our Higher Selves allowing for greater truths, revelations, healing, and balance to be enlivened within us ~ knowing ourselves at our core essence ~ propelling us forward as we awaken to highly evolved enlightened beings.

The Journey of Self ~ Discovery

The journey of self ~ discovery is inherently our deepest desire ~ a driving force ~ our primary process ~ the divinity that we are as a living conscious truth and reality. We meet ourselves as the sanctified Source lovelight that we are. The realization and full on experience ~ of our sovereign absolute status.

As we become more familiar with our heart and Soul, through kinship and application of spirited methodologies that we resonate with ~ our considerations will result in synergistic unification ~ our consciousness aware of its perfected state as a absolute, infinite, creator God  ~  we become situated face to face with the reality of our existence beyond the Earthly plane but yet coinciding with it.

“Know Thyself” has been a central motif for eons on many platforms through out timelines across our planet. This is a powerful agent of transformation for us as we stand on higher ground in our conscious evolution ~ leading us to the Truth of who we are.

Honoring and inwardly networking with the  Divine Feminine energy  extends as a sacred bridge into Mother Earth ~ where the feminine energy lives, breathes, circulates, & expands into & through ~ that we tangibly experience and are connected to on a spiritual level.

The power of “giving birth” ~ to life ~ to infinite expressions ~ to ideas ~ to dreams ~ from conception to matter on the physical plane of existence are divine feminine properties.

Through direct communion with the divine feminine within us and knowing ourselves in the light that we are, serves as a catalyst to bring out more of our inner storehouse of what is wanting to be made known & experienced. This is akin to dreams coming true as we have set foot upon sacred  ground within our own knowing ~ this becomes the launch pad to release that which is within us desiring to manifest.

The Graceful Voice of the Divine Feminine

Explore ways that resonate to connect in with your divine feminine ~ for healing, love, nurturing, Grace, inner light,  and inner knowledge.

Our hearts are always speaking to us ~ the Divine Feminine voice is soft and a source of complete knowing. We must enter a state of silence to be in receivership of our divine guidance ~ ultimately through cultivation and continuous listening to our inner voice She becomes our steadfast companion directing us on our life journey ~ to the fulfillment of our human destiny.

Being out in nature, communing and honoring the Moon, holding a reverence for all of life are great ways to tap into the energies, benevolence, and loving vibrations the Divine Feminine.

For those that listen to the esteemed voice within ~ a great wisdom pearl is born.


∇ Divine Feminine∇

Divine kinship with Self

A Sacred Pearl is Born

Love yourself ~ as “”key” to personal growth, healing, balance, & peace


From the silky water depths beautiful Pearls are born. The creation of a Pearl is the result of irritation to the soft body of a mollusk. A grain of sand ~ or some type of irritant~ taking up residence on the soft inner body ~ the sea animal in turn soothes itself from this with layer after layer of nacre (an organic crystalline substance secreted by mollusks ~ resulting in an iridescent glow ~ aka mother-of-pearl). 

 We gain insight into the importance of attention to individualized self care. Just as the emerging ~ Pearl to be ~ unburdens itself from the appearance of a irritant ~ by saturating itself in nacre ~ nurturing itself continuously ~ as much as needed ~ as a calming  remedy & consoling act of self love ~ we to ~ as a responsibility to our own evolving ~ must take on the same properties of nurturing ourselves daily ~ softening & relaxing our inner nature. The end result ~ the beauty and perfection of the Pearl.

The Sacred Divine Feminine ~ as the Great Nurturer ~ one of Her many blessed divine qualities ~ leans us in this orientation to self directed loving gentile care ~ a  “peace offering” we offer to ourselves ~ the greatest act of kindness to oneself. No one can do it for you, it is a holy gift we give ourselves. We honor ourselves and deem ourselves worthy ~ we issue forth self love and care into all platforms of our life. We must offer it to our selves as the highest act of worship honoring the divinity that we are.

The Divine Mother ~ The Sacred Divine Feminine ~ will help us with this ~ as She wraps Her loving nurturing Wings of Grace around us.

As we incorporate self love as a main ingredient in our daily life the hard edges of self imposed restrictions soften.

 We love ourselves and healing and wholeness are ours. The realms of potential lay open before us ~ murky waters become clear ~ shipping us to new shores that know life only as joyous, exuberant, and bountiful.

We were not sent here devoid of tools, techniques, and devices. Just the contrary ~ we must, however, be an active partaker ~ shedding all that is in our way so we may be on our Way.

May our life be a reflector of our Soul’s representation


Ω Moon Water PearlΩ

≈Born from the Waters≈

 #wisdom #divineflow #bornofspirit #healingwaters

The Moon δ The Water δ The Pearl ~ connectivity as a feminine symbol


    With the Moon’s gravitational force (& sun) upon the water ~ influencing the rhythms *high tide *low tide ~ cycles ~ a breathing ~ a flow ~ it makes sense that within the watery depths would emerge a beautiful physical form to behold that acts as a carrier of the properties & magnetic qualities associated with the mystical alluring Moon. That manifestation being a Pearl.


The Pearl 

Born in the Sacred Waters

Born of the Spirit

From the Blessed Womb

The Pearl holding both spiritual and earthly significance

One of the Great attributes of the Moon is “Wisdom” ~ divine inner knowing.

The Pearl also holds this wisdom energy. Wisdom as a transporter contained within itself of information vital to the path of the Soul to experience the higher divine realms, as a tool for enlightened conscious expansion ~ knowing thyself.

The beauty and fruit of wisdom.

  The spiritual gift of wisdom ~ “words of wisdom.”

The Greek word for wisdom is Sophia ~ female divinity. Her names, forms, & expressions infinite in nature. Her Wisdom as Source itself and as one self. Powerful beyond measure.


ÕPearl AttributesÕ

Some additional characteristics of the Pearl







Fresh water pearls symbolize purity, harmony and humility.




φOne Nation under Pearlφ

 One nation Under Pearl

One world under Pearl

One universe under Pearl


℘A poem honoring the Pearl℘

ÕPearls of CreationÕ



Pearls of Creation

 moon interstellar manifestation

traveled from the stars ~ birthed in the waterway

providing a gateway ~ moon day ~ yang expressway

intoxicate me high priestess of the seas

blessed euphoria ~ please

watery magical lunar Pearl

aqueous ~ saturated ~ bathed in holy dress

 we enter your mystical chamber

divine feminine reign ~ saintly pearls of rain

pearlescent ~ Chandra ~ light coming through

milky ~ Mother of Pearl ~ lustrous divine hue

 we become healed, reconciled ~ in your regenerating smile

re~ balance vibration ~ rhythmic undulations

calming reflection ~ centering elation

ebb & flow of life ~ cycles within cycles ~ buttering knife

soul migration ~ flirty rotation ~ immortality destination

balancer ~ dancer ~ Grace you flower

silvery white perfection ~ oceans meteor showers

regal ~ elegant ~ charismatic born

to thee I am drawn ~ adorn ~ reborn

waves encounter ~ nacreous armor ~ great charmer

Poema ~ “pearl of the deep seas” ~ I drown in your stirring mystery

opalescent ~ I begin to dream ~ arousing opaline

Soma dream state ~ Soma ritual ~ cosmic chalice I drink of

polished by nature ~ luminosity abounds

I can not but be kindled ~ amused ~ in awe of your heavenly crown

a sacred pearl ~ a divine pearl ~ a royal pearl

nurturing sultry rapturous ancestral jewel

how beautiful you are ~ shimmering white dove ~ mirror from above

sanctified honor ~ receptivity ~ worship I give to thee

pearl drops ~ water sounds ~ wisdom abounds

legend tells us ~ cultures convey

that when we bow our heads ~ your ancient wisdom comes to bay

gentle guiding force ~ silent communication your course

mystique ~ nature Herself ~ enchantment

illumination your embankment

Oh, creation pearl

lead us to our break through

Oh, pearls of creation

return us to our transcendent formation

through & through

lucky horse shoe ~ deja vu ~ wake us up brand new

One nation under Pearl

all in union, our salvation ~ in appreciation

Sacred Pearl

offerings of fullness of admiration

for you

Pearls of Creation


Heavenly blessings of the Pearl!!!

♥May you always be blessed with the love, harmony, & Grace of the Divine Feminine♥

Blessings of great wisdom, beauty, & illumination in your life

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a Blessed day!!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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When the Water Lilies Open ~ a dance for love* #loverspoem

*^When the Water Lilies Open^*

℘When the Water Lilies Open℘

∞Twin Soul Eternal Love∞

ΦA Dance for LoveΦ



♥♥Valentine’s Day is around the corner!

Let’s add some romance, love imagery, & poetry to the mixδ


*This image is from a wedding I photographed*



≈Water Lilies≈

Symbolism and information:

#symbolism #jewelsofthepond #nymphaea

Water lilies have a symbolic interconnection to rebirth & resurrection. Optimism also.

Further references include fertility, sexuality, & creation.

White water lilies in particular, have a partnership with peace, purity, pleasure, & spiritual enlightenment

*Many lilies close their flower eyes at night ~ to reopen at first morning light*

Blooming is typically Spring through Autumn. Tropical environments give rise to blooms through out the year


What happens when the water lilies open? Let’s find out……….

℘When the Water Lilies Open℘

∞Twin Soul Eternal Love∞

ΦA Dance for LoveΦ


When the water lilies open

flowing ~ floating

in unbroken devotion

the sun and moon

look for each other

to attract the One

so it may be done

the Spirit moves

to reunite

that which lives

never far away

within the heart

so come

know this

a lovers poem

When the water lilies open

the waters become filled

with a potent thrill

the water lilies signal

the moment is ripe

only the twin

is in sight

a lovers cup

two souls

 swept up

When the water lilies open

 watery sounds weave

the Divine breathes

abstract movements

carried through the breeze

When the water lilies open

you will hear

a magnetic aqueous chant

spontaneously you will dance

 an intoxicating fragrance

makes an advance

the scent in the air

you will feel elsewhere

she sees him

he sees her

the world fades

the heart opens

to love flames

When the water lilies open

 the lovers

become pulled


in magnetic trance

heaven sings

the One song

as lovers engage

in a twin soul dance

times says goodbye

the skies open wide

the lovers

bodies swaying

 in a hypnotic tide

watch the water lilies

legend tells us

when they are open

all unfolds

love is to behold

magnified in this

blooming aquatic plant

When the water lilies open

delicate beauty

 enlightenment supplant

 prolific master

 blending like Rembrandt

When the water lilies open

lovers become enamored



in mystical enchant

everything is gone

but this dance

two become the swan

new and repeated like each dawn

When the water lilies open

 lovers true fire amplifies

amber eyes alchemize

the holy

the sanctified

watch, be aware

when it’s your call

opened water lilies will grant

be thankful for this plant

When the water lilies open

true love is cast ~ exact ~ so vast

the lovers dance for this


at last

When the water lilies open

the ground shakes

the waters take shape


 a seductive waxy bloom

cast within this spell

the bride and groom

could be any day now

night or afternoon

 the water lilies open

for the lovers to awake

love to celebrate

 resurrection ~ a lover’s potion

from the sacred womb

spirit elixir rises in the air ~ the reception room ~ all consume

When the water lilies open

buoyancy ~ on the pond ~ magical beyond

afloat among the lily pad leaves

lovers dream and receive

When the water lilies open

lovers pair up at first glance ~ eternity takes a chance

a remembered encounter ~ loves power

When the water lilies open

a day becomes forever

infinity ~ such brilliancy

When the water lilies open

his hands go around her waist ~ electricity

holy trinity ~ in the proximity

  her hands on his arms ~ sacred synchrony

the lovers dance for life

a man takes a wife

When the water lilies open

lovers see each other

in the other worlds

 nothing to be learned

no concerns

 all becomes returned

When the water lilies open

the ordinary sparkles with divinity

the masculine and feminine

fit together

in perfect symmetry

a primal sigh

this becomes the theme

for song, poems, and imagery

When the water lilies open

the lovers begin their trance ~ played out in romance

  a forecast ~ not happenstance

a currency in circumstance

 super conductivity ~ chivalry ~ everything in synchronicity

When the water lilies open

lovers move in symphony

a graceful fluidity

When the water lilies open

 miles are spoken

twin flames matched ~ already chosen

When the water lilies open

a lovers poem ~ a kiss token ~ a spell woven

although One ~ though One

lover’s open ~ One body ~ like the ocean

   unite ~ a dance for love

  by the Grace

of the morning dove

re-newer of ~ heaven from above

there of ~ in Love

be loved ~ as One

When the water lilies open

get ready

for True Love




♥Happy Valentine’s Day!♥

Blessings of Twin Soul Union #4everlove 

Blessings of the water lilies being open!

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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Life’s Better With A Best Bud #petadoption

«Life’s Better With A Best Bud»

⇒Please adopt rescue pets⇐

#petsmakeahouseahome #petadoption #blesstheanimals


A friendly reminder to please consider pet adoption from your local (or otherwise) pet rescue agency. Together we can bless our animals we share the planet with.

Rescue pets make outstanding companions, family additions, and warm the heart as we share our journey together.

 When possible donate time and or financial resources to a favorite animal/pet facility. They always can use a helping hand on the premises as well as financial support to supply medical treatments, food, toys, supplies, blankets, etc….

 Prayers to end animal atrocities ~ so that all animals have a beautiful 4ever home and healthy fit bodies makes a Huge difference. Come up with your own prayer to bless the animals and send it out.

*Please consider a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle*

Your Gifts in loving service to our beloved animals ~ in any way that works for you ~ adds to a planet with happy safe healthy blessed animals.


Blessings for your pet (s) & All the animals!!!

May all rescue pets receive beautiful 4ever homes!

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a Blessed Day!

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Mystery @atthelake #angelinblue

Mystery @atthelake *^Angel in blue^*


℘Mystery @atthelake #angelinblue

⊕Angel at tree 28⊕



The Day of Now

An angel to help you find your way

As you cross the lake

to experience your new now day



An angel calling to you

come, receive

 the sphere of light I hold

I greet you

this day

come, behold



The tree behind the angel is from a photograph I took  from a visit to Battery Park, New York. Somehow that image was chosen and then I just added the other elements. What I love about the creative process, at least in my experience, is often it has its own trajectory. Best to just go with it. 



The inspiration for this blog post is multi ~ fold, however, primarily it is to serve as a reminder that we are the light and the journey back to Self Realization (crossing the “lake”) is our ultimate fulfillment while here on Earth. Although it seems like a journey, it is also not a journey. Mystery and truth meeting. 


Believe in Yourself ~ Serve Yourself:

The premise behind this imagery & poem is to believe without reservation ~ in yourself ~ your dreams ~ your potential.

♥To serve the “voice” that beats your heart ♥

Magic & Receiving

To be aware that magic lives in your receiving.

To lay open to magic around the corner ~ to magic in your corner ~~ let this be your transporter.

Let magic be the Wings you rally & set free 

Reinstituting the innocence and zest from our childhood into everyday trusting and magic!



In this post I have combined a resonance with the angelic kingdom and a reverence for the land of India. I have an eclectic nature so it works for me and I hope for you too.

It is my intention that this blog post will inspire you to hold onto your dearest dreams, believe in yourself,  cross the “lake” and rekindle an adoration to the mystical life!

I see with new eyes when I peer deeper than the surface value of anything. I hope you too will look at your life, surroundings, and the world in new and exciting ways! Where all becomes possible………



Cross over to the “lake”  (lake used as a symbol)

I chose a Indian Hindu reference, imagery, and video because I have a love, fascination, and admiration for the land, people, and culture of India ~ not to mention the supreme knowledge echoing within the land.

When I was 26 I learned transcendental meditation and a door opened of great interest and inquiry into the knowledge and sacredness of the Vedic Scriptures. I owe much to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the founder of transcendental meditation.  His multiple lectures on eternal truth, wisdom, and knowledge of higher states of consciousness have had a profound impact on me (and so many others). Maharishi’s  simple yet powerful daily meditation practice to bring the awareness to the still quiet transcendental field of pure consciousness for evolution and stress release has been a life saver.

The Vedas are the religious texts which inform the religion of Hinduism (also known as Sanatan Dharma meaning “Eternal Order” or “Eternal Path”). The term veda means “knowledge” in that they are thought to contain the fundamental knowledge relating to the underlying cause of, function of, and personal response to existence. They are considered among the oldest, if not the oldest, religious works in the world. They are commonly referred to as “scripture”, which is accurate in that they can be defined as holy writ concerning the nature of the Divine. Unlike the scriptures of other religions, however, the Vedas are not thought to have been revealed to a certain person or persons at a specific historical moment; they are believed to have always existed and were apprehended by sages in deep meditative states at some point prior to c. 1500 BCE but precisely when is unknown.


Hindu Temple on a Lake ~ South India (internet photo)

Lake symbolism

Apart from rivers and streams, lakes were an important source of food and water to many ancient communities. Lakes offered mystery and a tantalizing source of drama and adventure to the people with imagination as the life beneath the surface was invisible and not fully known. Hence, overtime a number of myths became associated with the water bodies.

A lake in Hinduism is not just a body of stagnant water, but manifestation of god. In the Bhagavadgita, Lord Krishna states that of the lakes he is the vast ocean. Lakes exist not only in the world of humans but also in the heaven of Indra and in the supreme heaven of Brahma or Vishnu or Shiva. The Kaushitaki Brahmana Upanishad mentions (1.4) the existence Lake Ara and Lake Vijara in the world of Brahma, which a liberated souls have to cross on their way to the immortal world. Lakes are also resting places for many gods such as Brahma, Saraswathi, Lakshmi, and several other gods and goddesses.

The placid waters of a lake represent tranquility, mystery, life, flowering of consciousness, purity, impurity, duality, and illusion. It is also a place where celestial nymphs often descend from heaven and take a bath. A lake may house water fairies, kind spirits as well demonic and evil spirits, besides serpents like Kaliya which Krishna slew. Lakes nourish life and take life. The lake also symbolizes existence with lotus flowers representing the souls that remain untouched by the impurities present.

Associated with every Hindu temple is a small water reservoir or a water tank (kovila) where devotees bathe before entering the temple. A lake may also act like a portal and open into another world to present a mystery or pose a challenge. In the Mahabharata the Pandavas were put to test by a Yaksha when they entered a lake that was filled with poison. To save them, Dharmaraja had to answer several questions. It was in a Lake that Bhima met the king of serpents and obtained boons from him. The lake was also the place where Duryodhana hid in the end when his brothers and his entire army was destroyed by Pandavas and he was left alone. Symbolically thus lakes represent life, consciousness, mind, tranquility, duality, illusion, impermanence, dream world, stagnation, impurity, divinity, abode, world, mystery, mother, nourisher, and spirit world



Watch this video to view magnificent Hindu Temples. *

Number #2 is on a lake*




In this journey

Cross the “lake”

*^ May we all cross over the lake

 receiving an unleashing

of unrestricted

magical blessings!




Cross over the “lake” & gather your Wings in Mighty Flight




℘Mystery @atthelake #angelinblue


Mystery @atthelake


at the edge of the lake

in front of me

a beautiful angel in blue

asking me to partake

I shook my head to awake

shake shake shake

she said

cross the lake

times 3

take from me

my glowing sphere to shake

shake shake shake

the water with ripples ~ adorned in night glow

although it was wet it did not show

one foot then the other

across the lake I go

the lake water

a cast speller

onward I go

home ~ my inner dweller

the angel said

cross the lake

times 3

take from me

my glowing sphere to shake

shake shake shake


surface to waves

 deeper I go

head to toe

consciousness gain

everything rearranged

crossing the lake

a mystical exchange

the angel said

cross the lake

times 3

take from me

my glowing sphere to shake

shake shake shake

an angel right here

come closer she called

here, take  this

the light sphere

her left hand outstretched

come get it

the light sphere

it seemed like a door


I wanted it like never before

the angel said

cross the lake

times 3

take from me

my glowing sphere to shake

shake shake shake

on my way

I connect


a magical effect

the angels arm

remained outstretched

an eternal stir

propels me more and more

although not moving

I draw near

the lake

turned to stillness

the angel said

cross the lake

times 3

take from me

my glowing sphere to shake

shake shake shake

blue crystal clear

I become more awake

the angel began singing

soft sounds

the light sphere

she was giving

the angel said

cross the lake

times 3

take from me

my glowing sphere to shake

shake shake shake

mist brimming


the lake air

indigo and samphire blue

my only field of view

a revealing

the lake was speaking

be once, meet once, repeat once

legend holds

secrets told

cross the lake

times 3

take from me

my glowing sphere to shake

shake shake shake

now daybreak

light through the tree

a jubilee

the new moon above

the angel glowing in love

my feet touched the land

miracles now at hand

shake shake shake

I crossed the lake

I reached for the glowing sphere

in the angels left hand

she released it

suddenly a loud cheer

her wings flapping ~ fulfilled

all that is possible

is right here

I looked on with eyes revered

Truth, the Goddess, and the Universe appeared

the angel said

you have crossed the lake my dear

the times 3 has been revealed

all your dreams and more

unleashed now

into the atmosphere

they are realer than near

they will never disappear

 blessings now to you


the light sphere

is you

all becomes new

in thankfulness I turned away

 I blew a kiss

gratitude for showing me the way

a new day has risen

Christ light given

crossing the lake

was a chance I had to take

you too

go now

cross the lake

take up your glowing sphere

to shake shake shake

the light sphere is you

like magic

all becomes new

blessed be this new day

when all awake






Blessings of the Mystery @atthelake!

Blessings of crossing the lake ~ to living a magical life!

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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Bud to Bloom ~ *eyes of time*

The bud emerges from the nothingness

The bud receives powerful creator light

The bud is growing even if no evidence appears externally ~ it will blossom in its own way.

§Bud to Bloom§

⇔eyes of time⇔


→The Magical Transformation the flower goes through from bud to bloom⇔

⇒The analogous metamorphosis we also go through deep within our Soul from our bud state to full blooming⇐

∴The promise & blessing of staying the course∴

#childrenofthelight #wayshowers #keepersoftheflame

→In  the midst of varying circumstances where we desire progress to move faster ~ pearls of wisdom suggest we allow it to take its course ~ trusting and knowing in due season as directed by the Divine the bud will manifest into its full blossom↔


∇This is a splash of encouragement for all of us ~ the diligent Soul’s pioneering the way for the New Earth.  As the star children of Light ~ we are bravely traversing sacred ground as keepers of the eternal flame∇ Grace Be With us

δMay our steps be blessedδ


θThe *bud as a symbol of humanity’s path and our individual path of progression ~ that we are all on ~ into full embodiment of living as highly evolved beings. The *bloom* as the magical transformation of full blossoming from the bud state into our Divine sovereign status ~ individually & collectively ~ as Oneθ

ϖ Images are from our garden of hibiscus flowers ϖ

#eternalgarden #walkinthegarden #gardenofharmony


Whatever you may be growing and going through, it is my hope that this blog post may serve as confidence, support, and hope that you Will receive Victory ~ and to gather up inner strength and stamina to continue on ~ knowing that the Divine will dissipate all heartache, discomfort, and pain as the Great Divine Godhead see’s fit that moment to be. Let us trust and know that moment is just a step away ~ a breath away ~ it is here for us ~ let us rejoice in this knowing. Let’s awaken and rise to meet this Glory moment!


§A conversation with the ∞eyes of time∞

§Bud to Bloom§

Oh ∞eyes of time∞ ~ I am finished with the classroom

let alone the standing room

enter I must the master’s playroom

the journey so long ~ it has gone along

not so says ∞the eyes of time∞

not when you have eternity in mind

but the labor so much

just ask an expectant mother waiting for her baby to touch

can’t I speed up the time? ~ I am staying the course

I know I am Source ~ I don’t outsource

no says ∞the eyes of time∞

but the nighttime feels in overtime ~ how much more of a climb?

∞the eyes of time∞ just mimic the rhyme

but I do tell you ~ says ∞the eyes of time∞

you are far past mid course

though ~ let go of tomorrow ~ let the past be divorced

now is your force ~ this I endorse

I spin you, weave you, magically all nine

I open your shrine in due time

like the grapes on the vine

when all is aligned ~ no longer blind ~ fully shined

you may not know

you will know when you know

that your flow was to show that your bloom was enclosed

nothing removed ~ wouldn’t you know

remember this ~ from long ago

then you are at your plateau

bridge to Thoreau

from there you will grow ~ full know

rainbow ~ it is just but a window

Bud to Bloom

you will have risen from the tomb ~ born a new from the Sacred Womb

into the ∞eyes of time∞

you will look into mine

Bud to Bloom

Go, now enter

the eternal garden of mine

perfect ~ complete ~ design ~ divine

your full blooming

this I decree for you

in My due time

your wintertime will warm

with your life reborn

miracles and wonder

shall be your new platform

from bud to bloom

BEHOLD ~ come ~ let us hear the trumpet blow

look see it now ~ like anyhow


full blooming coming into focus

approach it

it awaits for you

see it within

now we begin

*The Full Blooming*

Blessings for our Full Blooming

May our walk be that of faith, trust, and knowing

May we allow the Great Divine to have our “time”

Thank you for viewing!!!!

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse #bloodmoon

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

±Super Blood Moon±

*Lion image from Bronx Zoo when we visited this past Summer 🙂 #nyc #appleroar 🙂


Wow 🙂 Already 2019 is coming on full strong with many blessings from the heavenly realms Gracing humanity, animals, & our planet Earth. Okay, here comes some more……..

January 21, 2019 we have a power packed event

ΩFull Moon Lunar Eclipse Blood MoonΩ


In honor of this amazing cosmic event, I wanted to contribute with an art piece to commemorate this stellar occurrence.

I have just written a poem honoring the Moon entitled “Moon Rising” #mooninme

with our beloved rescue kitty continuously serving as a muse #samanthapearl 🙂

Here is the blog post link ~

Moon Rising #poem


*Wishing everyone many many many blessings of Grace & Miracles from the Divine*



Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a Blessed Day 🙂

Miracles Happen!!! #stayaware

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*Samantha Pearl* Moon Rising ~ Moon in Me #moonbrew Grace

Samantha Pearl  ⊕New Earth Kitty⊕

◊Our rescue kitty Samantha Pearl serving as a  beautiful muse◊ Pearl is a symbol of the Moon & she was named after the Moon Goddess. Often I correlate a blog post on the Moon with her◊ #blessourpets


⇑ Moon Rising ⇑

#fullmoon #moonwithin #lunarlight

Silver Charm

⇒Moon in Me⇐

⊗devotional to get in touch with our inner moon⊗

♥Moon brew Grace♥

Getting in touch with our inner moon ~ as She reflects back to us what needs to be cleared from our inner store house*  *as well as revealing to us our true essence *treasures within ~ so we may be fully illuminated 🙂

Moon Goddess ~ Splashing Her mystical Grace & drowning us in Her intoxicating silvery charm #moonbrew

             As we connect inwardly with our sacred moon inside us 🙂 #moonrising


Remember we must clear out to clear in.

The Moon (within us) serves as a reflection ~ lighting within us stale stagnant “stuff” that is required to clear ~ through  its recognition ~ surrendering ~ purging. The more we declutter within of all the old clampings ~ the more we make room within for the new to be enlivened & summoned forth. #outwiththeold #inwiththenew

We must do it ~ no one can do it for us. It is a gift we gift ourselves so that we may make room within/without for a life lived at our highest love light vibration as fully evolved enlightened beings.

Our inner moon & sun ~ that we all carry within us ~ our sacred divine feminine & masculine ~ work in consort with each other.

This relationship within us is gathered in greater symphonious levels as we acknowledge & take the “time” to go within & see what’s up with our inner moon & sun as much as possible. Leading to a more balanced life open to Grace.

This devotional is honoring our inner moon.

Let’s journey within to connect with our personal inner moon ~ our divine feminine within ~ gently summoning us & providing keys to “knowing thyself”


Let’s take quiet “time” to connect with our sacredness ~ the divinity that we were created as.

 This self honoring serves us greatly & is the richness of riches.

Moments away from the busyness of one level of life & a turning towards ~  a favored place in nature ~ a comfortable space within our dwelling ~ anywhere that feels right ~ is a integral aspect of creating balance, peace, unity ~ lifting us higher into our truth & holy light.

∴The downloads we receive during quiet inner attuning are beyond precious. This is where we get the highest guidance for our lives∴

Thank you for honoring & loving yourself 🙂 This is one of the greatest gifts we can offer to ourselves 🙂


⇑ Moon Rising ⇑

#fullmoon #moonwithin #lunarlight

Silver CharmMoon brew Grace

⇒Moon in Me⇐

⊗devotional to get in touch with our inner moon⊗

♥Moon brew Grace♥

Moon Rising

Moon in me ~ full uprising

blues greens white

shoreline reflected bright

Moon Rising

Moon in me ~ mesmerizing

high in the sky ~ catch Her before drawing nigh

mystify ~ private eye ~ see Her with your inner eye

She will clarify, beautify, hum a silent lullaby

give Her the eye

Moon in cats eye

Moon Rising

Moon in Me ~ synchronizing

She purifies to unify

stars & night drop by

I look within ~ heart lotus ~ glorify

silver spoon ~ honey moon ~ signature tune

Moon Rising

Moon in Me ~ supervising

She knows that She knows

full like the sacred rose ~ dressed up to undress & expose

Her intimacy presupposes you to consider

reconsider ~ the mirror ~ transmitter

Moon Rising

Moon in Me ~ advising

shadows transpose ~ enlightenment grows

silver lightning strikes ~ awakening ~ like dominoes

Moon Rising

Moon in Me  ~ inner reviving

arriving ~ moon diving

Hang on to Her ~ moon gliding

Moon Rising

Moon in Me ~ inner shining

insight ~ wisdom ~ nirvana

Aquarian Sadhana ~ belladonna

Moon Rising

Moon in Me ~ recognizing

Ma ~ donna ~ you wanna? ~ the end of karma

Moon Rising

Moon in Me ~ smiling

bring forth ~ henceforth ~ & so forth

Moon Rising

Moon in Me

gives birth

paradise ~ heaven on earth

 rise thy son ~ thy daughter ~ blessed be upon the earth

divine prophecy assert

Moon Rising

Moon in Me ~ Spirit Soul riding

Heaven & Earth presiding

combining, coinciding, uniting

Moon Rising

Moon in Me


Blessings of the full moon rising within 🙂

Moon brew Grace

Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a Blessed Day!!! 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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It’s A Visual Thing ~ Say It In Pictures!!! & Poetry 🙂 🙂

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Samantha Pearl Green #greenheart

Samantha Pearl *green heart*

Samantha Pearl Green≅ #newearthkitty

↔Through the Light of my Heart↔

♥green heart green light♥


The heart is our connection ~ to our life ~ to all life

The sacred regions of the heart speak to us ~ ∇the search ends  listening begins∇

 The terrain of the heart is our healing sanctuary, our gospel of truth, our Way ~ our reunion with wholeness

The healing, love, & compassion we receive from our heart is the healing, love, & compassion we offer to the world

Through continued heart reverence ~ we experience more of the fullness of life ~ of who we are ~ we become planted in our “knowingness”

The intelligence of the heart, when we acclimatize with its certainty, gives rise to a higher order of being & living



⇔ fragrant invigorating green heart light⇔




♥green energies within our heart♥

sending it out to bless our lives, our loved ones, the precious animals, all beings, our planet Earth


green heart *green light*greens of the earth*greens of the leaves*greens of the grass*healing greens*green eternal*forever green*forest green*sea green*eyes of green



I often frequent our rescue kitty, Samantha Pearl (-who rescued who is up for negotiation-) as a source of inspiration because we have much to learn from our blessed animals. Both domesticated & undomesticated. The wisdom & tender moments shared & expressed is beyond a gift. All animal lovers know this & regard animals as the wisdom keepers that they are.

Let’s allow the beloved animals we share the planet with to teach us, to guide us, to lead the way in a sense……….we must be aware, quiet, & still to receive & acknowledge the teachings they dispense & to be able to unravel the symbolic synchronizations. Big surprises in the form of revealings are rewards when we take time to notice & reflect on the teachings & meanings offered. 🙂

≈Blessings to a new world that only offers honor & respect to the animal kingdom≈

as we see through the light of our heart


↔Through the Light of my Heart↔

♥green heart ◊green light♥

Through the light of my heart I see myself

Through the light of my heart I see you

Through the light of my heart I see the world

Through the light of my heart I see beyond the physical

Through the light of my heart I see the worlds that swirl & dance

Through the light of my heart my mind takes rest

Through the light of my heart I am harmonic green

Through the light of my heart I am healed

Through the light of my heart I am whole & complete

Through the light of my heart all is calm & at peace

Through the light of my heart I know my Soul

Through the light of my heart I see the Eternal

Through the light of my heart I become One

Through the light of my heart I am the Light Divine

Through the light of my heart I see your Light Divine

Through the light of my heart I am the perfection

Through the light of my heart I see your perfection

Through the light of my heart I observe the world in its perfection

Through the light of my heart I enter the forever green

Through the light of my heart I am the Christ & Magdalene

Through the light of my heart all are kings & queens

Through the light of my heart green embers flame

Through the light of my heart I remain


⊕♥Blessings of our green heart light♥⊕

Thank you for viewing!!!!

Have a Blessed day 🙂 🙂

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Miracles Happen #stayaware

It’s A Visual Thing ~ Say It In Pictures!!! & Poetry 🙂 🙂

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Winter Lion Solstice 2018 ~ *Lion Solstice Grace

Winter Lion Solstice 2018

December 21, 2018

 ΩLion Solstice GraceΩ


♦ into the darkness which leads to the light ♦



*This original image is from a photo I took of one of the lions at the NYC Bronx Zoo this Summer 🙂 #nyclion #bronxzoo


We enter the winter solstice

shortest day of light of the year

the Northern Hemisphere leans farthest away from the sun during the winter solstice

creating the longest darkest night

we enter the dark abyss

the heavy darkness ~ the darkness that becomes the seeing ~ the darkness that takes away the darkness

we move through the darkness

to see what we can not see in the light

to traverse through the murky waters ~ where stale stagnant energy has resulted in paralysis

this energy summons the light within us

by moving us into & thrugh the darkness for regeneration

sparking tides of higher states of consciousness

  refreshment & graceful movement & flow

we become anew by virtue of this seeing

the darkness awakens the light

the light awakens the darkness

to see that all is light

 the inner lighthouse shines the way back to the shore

so that we are transformed

a spiritual celebration with matter


ΦWhy must we enter the darkness?……

the darkness clears the passage way to the opened door of our dearest wishes


the lands become still ~ quietude ~ colder weather ~ water freezes ~ stand stills ~ snow

trees become bare ~ vegetation takes a respite ~ stars are bright on a wintry night

motionless ~ silent ~ dark emptiness proclaims higher wisdom

the intelligence of nature guides us in like fashion

the earth prepares ~ so we prepare

 nature turns our attention within

to echo this symbolically ~ in sync

the animals also join this trajectory

even here in S Florida nature prompts us


⇒We move through the darkness…..

so we germinate new seeds that blossom in due time


δThe darkness invites us …..

to breathe in

that which has never been breathed in before

to breathe out


to offer the key that unlocks our truth

to release the heavy chains ~ to become the soaring bird ~  up high ~ atop the mountain peak

the darkness makes way for the light

to know the only Way is the Way

we speak to our darkness ~ that knows only light

 the light calls to the darkness ~ to know it is light

to end the suffering

to being acquainted with the hidden no longer hidden

to know what is within you


⊂The edges of darkness recede & upon exiting we are exalted⊃

we lift thine eyes up ~ to the light

to see the light ~ to know we are the light

we bow down in holy servitude to the light

we remember that we are light

 we live in Freedom


⊗As the light dawns & shines brighter so does our holy knowing⊗

through the darkness we emerge victorious

like the lion

awake at night ~ awake through the darkness ~ awake when all are asleep

lunar light that meets up to dance with the solar light

a vibrant golden mane ~ golden light ~ golden crown

 the lion ~ a sacred symbol ~ goddess ~ god

the lion ~ solar symbol ~ majesty of divinity ~ kings & queens

the birth of the Light within us

strength ~ courage ~ power ~ might

walk with the lion this winter solstice

gain the lion’s

mastery of self




∴Winter Lion Solstice Blessings∴

May you emerge Victorious

Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a blessed day 🙂

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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* Christ Light Blessings* ~ birth^rebirth


◊Christ Light Blessings◊

Birth ∧ Rebirth

A baby as a symbol of birth ^ rebirth. The awakening within us ~ the birth within us ~ as the Christ Light that we are ~ as a rebirth tangibly experienced both in our conscious awareness & physical form as the Ultimate Gift

»An exploration ~ a series of expressions ~ based on the birth of the Christ Light»


∴Serving as a guiding reflector of what is taking place within ~ & across the board∴


While I was in art school, my painting professor would make mention his advocacy & encouragement of creating a “series” ~ various interpretations of a given subject matter as opposed to creating  just one interpretation.  Although at the time, I did not fully “get it” ~ I did however hold this in my store bank as I valued his wisdom.

I remember, also from art school, while in drawing class, all of us encircled around a apple on a pedestal ~ easels set up ~ drawing a apple for many consecutive hours. This intense focus ~ observing of this little ole’ apple provided Huge deeper significance. I walked away from my drawing class with such an enriching & appreciation of this apple ~ feeling like I new it like never before.

We all know what we give our attention to grows ~ this Season ~ & always ~ give yourself attention ~ go within ~ explore ~ there you will find your magic & all that you desire. Stay fixed on this as much as possible ~ relinquishing the habitual need to “find” it somewhere else.

Rolling right along…..most certainly it is beneficial to create a series of expressions contained in the one. This has implications on various levels, beyond the artistic. Since the outer “reality” really doesn’t exist, except as a direct reference point of our inner world ~ consciousness ~ this key frame holds great significance ~ to explore beyond one created ~ determined conclusion or expression. This produces a broadening ~ a broadening within of who we are, of the world we live in, of what truly matters, & most importantly what your truth is & to shine it. All will benefit from your personal growth ~ as all is interconnected whether perceived or not.

In similar comparison to friendships ~ the more you “hang out” ( “hang out” as symbolic of multiple expressions) with another the more you are privy to see ^ know^ experience various aspects of them (& vice versa) thus deepening & enriching the rapport. Or being in a museum in front of a great sculpture & you walk All around it ~ gaining new insights from the multi ~ fold views. Creating a series, opening up to an infinite array of potentials ~ helps us drop stagnate/old/limiting beliefs as we move closer to a unified reality known individually then spilling out into our outer life. Diving deeper into a given subject matter that brings joy offers many rewards ~ within thus without. As well as serving as a metaphor symbolically of going within our own individual nature to only come out with higher greater expressions of our existence & knowings.

During this Season of gift giving & receiving ~ there is no greater gift you can present yourself with ~ then the gift of inner exploration, reflection, in both honest & true ways. This gift grants you the opportunity to become more fully acquainted with yourself ~ “know thyself” ~ leading step by step into the molding & shaping of a highly evolved enlightened being. Making decisions, taking action, having thoughts, that serve both you & the planet in the highest light. It also, without a doubt, removes you from becoming involved in “drama” as it no longer has any interest as a resonating circumstance ~ most importantly one gains Empowerment as you become more & more aware that nothing “out there” really has a hold on you ~ nothing dictates to you how you feel ~ or what will or will not happen ~ no influence has a governing force ~ not the news, not the government ~ not the stock market ~ not the this or the that. This is because you have taken self responsibility ~ not allowing an outside governing energy to move you. You are your own determining factor ~ only looking to yourself for your reality ~ not playing the name game. I am not saying to not be informed ~ with  lots of love & compassion ~ but I am suggesting that the only real “thing” you need to be informed of is YOU 🙂 . This revealing of you provides the most substantial satisfaction ~ as it is the truth of your existence beyond anything else. Providing the Grace to live as the highest living light that you are ~ seeing with new eyes ~ listening with new ears ~ feeling with newness ~ knowing with clarity ~ having new personally fulfilling experiences ~ opening to higher dimensional reality as the reality. The greenest greens, the tastiest of fruits, the riches of richness, a life of joy without the incumbents of mainstream influence that may just be clouding your awareness. Move closer to your truth ~ to the magnificence of the magnificent ~ which  you are. Dare to experience this as the Grand Experience you are destined to live. 🙂

We all must “do” the inner work necessary to bring forth this freedom in our lives ~ the birthing, the rebirth, the full realization of the Divinity that resides within, that we purely are, that awaits  conscious connection, bestowing gifts along the Way ~ this is our liberating force.

What better subject matter than the Christ birth as an exploration ~ reflecting back the inner journey taking place.

Given that Home is truly found within ~ “Home for the Holidays” takes on a whole new meaning

∞To all those BRAVE enough to go within ~ taking self responsibility ~ on the journey of self discovery & illumination ~ May your life be filled with Grace ~ revelation after revelation ~ Filled with Divine Gifts as you gift yourself∞


Blessings of Holiday Grace

Thank you for reading!!! 🙂

Have a blessed day

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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