A Prayer for You ~ the Dharma Wheel

Lady of the Prayer Ray ~ ^praying for us^ ^the Earth^ ^all of Creation^

Praying hands symbolize obedience, submission, sincerity, repentance, veneration and respect in regard to one’s higher power. The exact meaning of praying hands varies depending on which religious tradition is considered.”

~ Wikipedia


‡A Prayer for You‡

⊗The Dharma Wheel⊗


ΞA prayer for you, me, us ~ all of humanity, the Earth, blessed animals, all of creation

to come throughΞ

⊗A peer into the wheel and its related symbolism⊗




Dharma. … In Hinduism, dharma signifies behaviors that are considered to be in accord with Ṛta, the order that makes life and universe possible, and includes duties, rights, laws, conduct, virtues and “right way of living”. In Buddhism, dharma means “cosmic law and order”, and is also applied to the teachings of Buddha.”

⊗The Wheel⊗

The “Wheel” as a symbol of the continuous movement of infinite energy and flow throughout the Universe, ourselves, the Earth ~ all of creation. The wheel of our individual lives, collective lives, and Universal Oneness.


A Prayer Wheel

A prayer wheel is a cylindrical wheel (Tibetan: འཁོར་ལོ།, Wylie: khor lo) on a spindle made from metal, wood, stone, leather or coarse cotton. Traditionally, a mantra is written in Newari language of Nepal, on the outside of the wheel.

According to the lineage texts on prayer wheels, prayer wheels are used to accumulate wisdom and merit (good karma) and to purify negativities (bad karma). In Buddhism, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas have created a variety of skillful means (upaya) to help bring practitioners ever closer to realizing enlightenment.

~ Wikipedia

Sound of prayer wheels fills Gyirong streets as Tibetan Buddhists mark Saga Dawa

♥May we all offer up sacred moments in heartfelt prayer♥


⊗The Dharma Wheel⊗

The Meaning of the Dharma Wheel

The Dharma Wheel



“Similar to the wheel of a cart that keeps revolving, it symbolizes the Buddha’s teaching as it continues to be spread widely and endlessly. The eight spokes of the wheel represent the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism, the most important Way of Practice.”

“The Eightfold Path consists of eight practices:

⇒right view

⇒right resolve

⇒right speech

⇒right conduct

⇒right livelihood

⇒right effort

⇒right mindfulness

and ⇒right samadhi (‘meditative absorption or union’). … The Noble Eightfold Path is one of the principal teachings of Theravada Buddhism, taught to lead to Arhatship.”


〈〉May we all rise to the perfected state of the Eightfold Path〈〉


To read more about the Dharma Wheel click on the link below

The Meaning of the Dharma Wheel 


Wheel in the Sky

Ezekiel saw the wheel
“Ezekiel saw the wheel; Way up in the middle of the air. Now Ezekiel saw the wheel in a wheel; Way in the middle of the air.”


“The appearance of the wheels and their workmanship was the color of beryl, and the four of them had the same likeness. And their appearance and their workmanship was like a wheel inside of a wheel . . .

And I looked, and behold, the four wheels were beside the cherubim . . . And their appearance was as one, the four of them, as if the wheel were in the midst of the wheel (Ezekiel 1:16, 10:9 – 10, HBFV)”


The Vision of Ezekiel Bury Bible, c. 1135


~ from www.biblestudy.org



Ezekiel and the Wheel symbolism


Ezekiel’s vision of the four wheels dramatically illustrates the omnipresence and omniscience of God. These wheels were associated with the “four living creatures” (Ezekiel 1:4), who were later described (Ezekiel 10:5, 20) as cherubim, angelic beings appointed as guardians of the holiness of God.

Each wheel was actually two in one, with one apparently set inside the other at right angles which enabled the “living creatures” to move in any direction instantly without having to turn, like a flash of lightning. These wheels had the appearance of chrysolite, which may have been a topaz or other semiprecious stone. The outer rim of the wheels was described as high and awesome with the outer edge of the rims inset with “eyes” (Ezekiel 1:14-18).

The Spirit of the living creatures was in the wheels (Ezekiel 1:20-21). As a result, the creatures were able to move any direction the wheels moved. Most biblical scholars hold to the idea that the Spirit of God gave direction to the wheels through direct knowledge of and access to the will of God. The mobility of the wheels suggests the omnipresence of God; the eyes, His omniscience; and the elevated position, His omnipotence.

This vision appeared to Ezekiel as a powerful imagery of movement and action demonstrating the characteristics of God’s divine nature. It presented God as being on a chariot-like throne, His glory both supreme and immanent, existing in and extending into all the created universe. As such, the whole revelation by God in this vision to Ezekiel, i.e., the cherubim, the chariot, the Spirit, and the wheels, emphasized their unity and coordination.

As terrifying as this vision was, it vividly displayed the majesty and glory of God (Ezekiel 1:28), who came to Ezekiel and the children of Israel in the midst of their Babylonian exile. It reminded them of His holiness and power as the Lord of all creation. The message was clear: though His people were in exile and their nation was about to be destroyed, God was still on the throne and able to handle every situation. The lesson for us today is that, through His marvelous providence, God moves in the affairs of all nations to work out His own unseen plan, always at work, intricately designed, never wrong, and never late (Romans 8:28).

~ www.gotquestions.org




Their deep faith saw them through the trials of slavery and then a century of Jim Crow repression. Finally, it emboldened them to leave the sanctuary of their churches and join the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in a quest, his “dream,” for their full freedom and equality.

Just when and how their ancestors broke with traditional African spirit practices and adopted Christianity has never been fully resolved. Now archaeologists in Maryland have announced the discovery of an intact set of objects that they interpret as religious symbols — traditional ones from Africa, mixed with what they believe to be a biblical image: a representation of Ezekiel’s Wheel.

No one had found this combination of religious artifacts before, said Mark P. Leone, a University of Maryland archaeologist who led the discovery team. “Christianity had not erased traditional African spirit practices,” he concluded. ”It had merged with them to form a potent blend that still thrives today.”

Article and view photo of items found by archaeologists



⊗The Wheel⊗

→Praying for others, the Earth, the animals ~ for all 

Praying for ourselves↵

≤Have you ever had someone pray for you? How blessed is that. It is so exhilarating and uplifting to know someone has taken sacred moments to uplift prayer requests on your behalf to the Divine. What a beautiful act of kindness and such a thoughtful measure

〈〉Thank you Lady of the Prayer Ray for continuously praying for us, our planet, our world〈〉

Prayer is an important part of our daily (or as much as possible) ritual, and evolution to bring ourselves to the tabernacle of the Holy. Prayer is one avenue to increase our connection to the Divine as well as our own Divinity. It is a beautiful way to honor and empower ourselves by expressing our pure voice in loving measure as well as learning more of who we are. We also create a cosmic lifeline of sorts and further open the doorway to the living blessedness of God.

♥Let us engage in prayer ~ from a earnest heart♥


I have crafted here a prayer specifically for you. It is my hope it brings much restoration, healing, Grace, Love, and Light to you.


The inspiration for this prayer and imagery is to highlight the value and power of prayer and to  also refresh ourselves with the Universal Oneness we all come from, are connected to, and will return to.

The absoluteness and universality we are all waking up to ~ to live this reality in our daily lives while having this Earth experience.

 Our Ascesnion ⇑ ⇓ A one on one encounter with our divine nature that spills out so that all we are acquainted with is this divine experience of who we are .

The Godship is recognized not only in Self (this positioning first) but in the beautiful trees, in one another, animals, rocks, etc…permeating the air, physical structures, nature ~ all of creation. All places and spaces imbued with a holy reverence ~ all life suffused with this sanctified perspective and direct experience.

The enshrined cord of magical weave within us, around us, through us, and through out all of creation connects us to the Universal Wholeness.

℘The enduring ~ timeless ~ imperishable omnitude  we are the sum total of℘

The digital art is from a photo session with Maria Scozzari




This post is centered on standing in prayerful Love

Love of Self ~ humanity ~ the Earth ~ and all Her creation

Being a es·prit de corps (French for “spirit of the body” ~ meaning fellowship ~ a common loyalty shared) === recognizing the Truth of Spirit within and without.

≈Here to raise the flag of the Aquarian Age≈

To diligently continue (through self dedication, focus, inner sighting, and clearing) to manifest through conscious living God qualities and God virtues.

Aspiring to endless evolutionary heights ===  so that collectively we may fully stand and be a beacon of consecrated Light ~ ” of bread and wine”  ~ to be as and to represent the New Earth characteristics of 5D, universal unconditional love, and higher states of consciousness ~ further establishing ourselves in and as pure Creator Love and Light ~ fulfilling our divine purpose on Earth.

Integrated Wholeness with Source = Unconditional Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom, Abundance, Compassion, Wisdom


Let us summon Great Prayerful Light: into our lives, our bodies, our spirited endeavors, the Earth ~ upon all those we interact with ~ our loved ones, community (both location based as well as internet community) ~ anyone who comes across our path whether for a fleeting moment or  walk our journey with us. 


Prayer is a vehicle for self ~ care


Although it is wonderful to gift ourselves with what we resonate with that requires a monetary exchange, we often overlook the many free things we can also gift ourselves with. Especially that which is readily available in any given moment.

I created a post on this to serve as a reminder of what is always present as an option that can be a blessing to us on our Ascension ride ~ entitled “Ascension Tickets”

Click below if you would to view the Ascension Tickets


Ascension Tickets ~ Free Admission




⇒The Universe blesses and supports me always⇐

⇒I open my heart and full being to receive answered prayers from the Divine⇐

I open my heart to earnestly pray for others and all that calls to me

⇒I open my awareness and conscious living to the Universal thread of Oneness⇐

⇒I offer praise to the Divine⇐


Let us rekindle within ourselves the recalling of the Universal thread holding all together

Let us remember to be kind to others ~ as we know not what they have been through and what they are going through.

We all move about on our spirited path in our own unique ways. Let us honor all ~ supporting and uplifting others.

∴Bringing to Light the Light∴


◊Oneness ~ the Whole◊

℘The interconnected cosmic fabric of existence℘


℘The ripple effect℘

→Side lines for the front lines←

Your healing is my healing

My healing is your healing 

which becomes the healing of all ~ the whole


Your success is my success

My success is your success

which becomes the success of all ~ the whole


Your release of fear is my release of fear

My release of fear is your release of fear

which becomes the release of fear for all ~ the whole


Your awakening is my awakening

My awakening is your awakening

which becomes the awakening of the all ~ the whole



A prayer for you is a prayer for me

  A prayer for me is a prayer for you

We are divinely connected

Wishing you many an answered prayer


Let us love ourselves and love one another in fullness


“the divine in me greets the divine in you”

“the light in me sees the light in you”



‡A Prayer for You‡

⊗The Dharma Wheel⊗



A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

 before God

we bow and kneel

Holy Spirit reveal

like Ezekiel

behold the wheel

look to the sky

experience the Presence

God is my Lord ~ Adonai

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

may your eyes

see only your star of  truth

clear and bright

visions that brings insight ~ delight


your inner light

may your ears hear

with nothing impaired

 acute hearing

in all seasons

word  for word

all heard

the inner ear

open ~ healthy

divine whispers

 to hear

hear now

 choirs of angels

the voice of the Archangels

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

may your breath

be of life

with no fear of death

scents of musky rose and tuberose

floral fields and meadows

rows and rows

no shadows

the role you behold

so it goes


cinnamon and cloves

scents of Spring

fresh green

the veins of the Earth


  carried upon angel wings

Her oil of Anointing

 Holy Spirit

bless you

as nearest and dearest

lilacs taking you under

fragrances that wonder

may your lips be doused in sacred wine

of wisdom spoken

 your speech a love token

 like a flute

words of compassion

prose that uplifts

 the ripest of fruits

sweet nectar ~ the taste

upon your lips

may your heart be opened

as center

where you always enter

your exalted mentor

the heart

like ocean waves

guiding your way

may you wear the garment of truth

this your pursuit

hearken back to your youth

purity in bloom

nothing to prove

holding hands together ~ remember?

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

may your feet

  be on solid ground

content in your place

receiving abundant Grace

may your plate always be full

 your gratitude high

look to the sky

may you arise each morning

strong ~ to a birdsong

healthy in plenty

beautiful ~  like Botticelli

Venus ~ the birth

give rise

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

may you lay your head

at evenings peek

in a bed of peace



remember you are a masterpiece

the moon by your bedside

rest easy till sunrise

when you become alive

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

may the Sun be all around you

 a glow


  you, your splendor

that grows and grows

may the Moon

be your companion

offering revelations

as above so below

so that you know

you are complete

nothing removed

nor empty

you are plenty

live out your freedom

Graced from Her Universal Love beat

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

may your doubts be short lived

 your faith abound

may your smiles and laughter

ring in and through

each chapter

everything new

time removed

may you be your only answer

you, the master

honor all ~ the inner pastor

may abundance

be at your front and back door


blessing you

from shore to shore

be your authentic Self

remember the One Self

know thyself

may your heart

stream light to all that you meet

and may they return it

as you greet

may your hands create miracles

wonders that astound

glory ~ spellbound

may you be poised

 serenity, harmony, and bliss

always present ~ hail to the mighty gift

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

as the days pass

moments of focus

 the years confirmed

when all has been spoken

the ending approaching

may all be accomplished

 your dharma

 your purpose fulfilled

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

when days in the physical

becoming numbered and worn

when you draw your last breath

may you know there is nothing you missed

get ready


 eternities kiss

your Soul list finished

 time draws to a close

the end notes of a song

nothing was wrong

the winds will rush

 the trumpets will sound

angels sing

you into eternity now

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

the body begins to drop

your Soul escalation

up the stairs

angels carry

   you up there

light as air

you take one more stare

reflections aware

above all else

in God

in your God Self

you did know and trust

this was your vow

that you did allow

your life ~ the sacred cow

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

when the lights become dim

inward you go

the next Soul’s progression

farewell ~ the doorbell ~ nothing withheld

no death of depth be with you now

you were blessed

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

 a hallowed kiss

coming in

this was your begin

now your exit

the wheel has gone round

now the moment

to leave the Earthly ground

the journey

the sunset

in its final view

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

you have been your own savior

and taught others

to be in this favor

your time on Earth

you have been revered

as a beloved player

loving your neighbor

how you have been

 a living prayer

this will be declared

 beginning to end

approach now the ultimate transcend

the bridge lays before you

loved ones by your side

Great wings now unfold


rest and allow

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

“My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.”

And my heart responds, “Lord I am coming.”

a blessed Psalm

the Supreme return

 the Eternal One Presence

the One Love Essence


to the Divine Creator

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

Life thanks you

for your Presence

while on Earth and beyond

the pearl ~ the sun


the journey is done

no one else

could of done it

the way you have done

victory has won


for your home run

it is done

back now

to the stars

where you are from

A prayer for you

the dharma wheel

may your life be blessed


all your requests

look to the sky

experience the Presence

God is my Lord ~ Adonai

receive my daughter, my son

blessings now

from on High


^Blessings in your life from on High!^

Lady of the Prayer Ray is always praying for us!

Great Blessings of answered prayers!

♥May we all offer up sacred moments in heartfelt prayer♥

⊗May we be blessed with all the beauty of creation⊗

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day

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nine − = 2

*Girl Pink* ^the interlink^

*Girl Pink* the interlink between worlds

*Girl Pink’s * all knowing animal spirit companion

*Girl Pink* as baby pink

*Girl Pink’s* garden flower

*Girl Pink* honors the egg ~ as a symbol of the Divine Feminine, of life, resurrection, the awakening of nature.

≈Girl Pink≈ ~ ^the interlink^


⇒The inspiration behind this came about after showering and wrapping myself in pink towels with a mermaid motif. Literally the idea entered my awareness⇐


⊗Girl Pink is you⊗

⊗Girl Pink is me⊗

℘ Girl Pink is anyone who is cognizant of their weave in, of, and through cosmic energy

℘Girl Pink is anyone who is acutely aware of their sensitivity, intuition, and drawn to the mystical life


ℑGirl Pink is a character I created, who carries within her domain the grace and elegance,  the sweet side of life, the poetic romance ~ coupled with a lighter playful sideℑ

She is neither here nor there, but is universally present everywhere when the frequency of unconditional love, compassion, and stepping beyond limited confined bounds are tuned into.

She is respectively all of us, an innate part of us, when we choose to live and see how she does.

Girl Pink reminds us of the joyful frolicking nature of one’s being when we air to a friendly, approachable, warm, and trustful disposition ~ as we interact with ourselves, the world, and with our perceptions we place within and without.


℘Girl Pink offers a restorative aroma for both genders℘

If a male is inspired by his Girl Pink he leaves behind his linear mind to give it a rest and opens to a more relaxed set of feelings. Composed within them is a larger grandeur view of the world ~ his world. What he didn’t see or notice before becomes the daily plain sight. This wider angle view lends itself to a more welcoming nature in line with his dreams and aspirations. His heart opens him to a myriad of extraordinary revelations that the linear mind can’t conceive of. Contributing to his overall balance and sense of wholeness, not to mention new found excitement of life ~ his life.

If Girl Pink is ignited within the fiery hearth of the female, then she superlatively is joined up with the miraculous side of life. Her Divine Feminine in full swing. Taking her into moment after moment of heart drawing mystical potential, breathtaking beauty (namely hers), in wonder and gratitude for her new found lightness and jubilant spring like step and being. Emotional heaviness dissipates and her loving trusting nature is what she fully attunes to. Her innate wisdom is on par with her dearest desires ~ which takes her to new heights of knowing ~ landing her in realities she has dreamed of. She is open, trusting, allowing the Divine to sweep her off her feet.


≈Girl Pink≈ ~ ^the interlink^

Girl Pink

lives in between worlds

the bridge

 Heaven to Earth

Earth to Heaven

a 777

Holy Spirit procession

Girl Pink

see’s the world in color

and walks about in timeless wonder

Girl Pink

loves the touch of

silks, velvet, and lace patterns

many gowns from these

 her fashion

Girl Pink

see’s your aura

and knows what you are about

she can see through it all

have no doubt

Girl Pink

invites the Mother’s Presence

of the Universe

 in Her heart

this is the place to start

the One heart

Girl Pink

see’s the mermaids splashing about

she claps her hands and calls out

Girl Pink

hears your footsteps down the hallway

 feels your energy

moving the walkway

Girl Pink

stares off into the light

receiving information

about the formation

Girl Pink

follows no one’s footsteps

only the concert of her heart

these are the steps to success

this nexus ~ the access

wear this headdress

the garden be blessed

Girl Pink

can look into your eyes and tell

if you know the wizards way

it is in your walk ~ in your sway

Girl Pink

likes to keep it fresh and real

that’s the deal

Girl Pink

speaks to the animal spirits

that rise up into the room

listen ~ look

eyes and ears a bloom

cat eyes

the winning prize

Girl Pink

lights a candle at dusk

as a sign

that the light be our holy shrine

Girl Pink

runs out to greet the Sun

and communes with the Moon

a silver spoon

golden dragons

hypnotize to widened eyes

diamondize ~ adorn, enrich

add this to

your daily list

Girl Pink

will tell you what is realer than here

that is

if you have an open ear

Girl Pink

see’s the symbolism

and can’t help but laugh

see the design

on our behalf

laugh and laugh

Girl Pink

knows the deeper you go

the more you know

so she goes and goes

Girl Pink

welcomes the morning light

the Divine Mother’s Grace

 a blessing

across her face

Her Wings ~ breathing space

 She is the morning star

Her light rises to shine

so Her children can see

by Her Great Power

darkness eliminates

arise to sight

of unbarred inner gates

She is the evening star

ready to tuck her children into bed

rest ~ return to the Godhead

Girl Pink

prefers to be

out of doors

in doors

can be such a bore

Girl Pink

offers praise to the sacred egg

the powerful potential

existential ~ providential

bursting forth

possibilities monumental

Girl Pink


the weight of a feather

and the heart

must be balanced ~ all together

Girl Pink

honors originality

and detests the mold

be yourself ~ fivefold

Girl Pink

is empowered

 stands in her truth

honoring the wisdom tree

this her decree

Girl Pink

dances in the silence

 the song of the Soul

this ~ the whole

Girl Pink

is visionary

she won’t tell you how to do things

that is up to you

she stands by you

as you pursue

Girl Pink

drops the curtain

on fear ~ tattered beliefs ~ doubts that plague

all that is uncertain

is but a diversion

rally to her campaign

to raise the curtain

of the sermon of re ~ birthing

the insertion ~ the dispersion

of the unburdened

return to your core center

God Self while in person

Girl Pink

doesn’t mind standing alone

she stands her ground

she is found ~ all in her own

crowned to the known ~ the unkown

Girl Pink

notices the flowers

and listens to what they have to say

play! play! today and each day

Girl Pink

wants out


knows she’s in

Girl Pink

slows down to rush

this is a must ~ to adjust

to open to the light

that leaves the darkness to crush

Girl Pink

will get you higher than high

ladder included

if you are ready to climb

Girl Pink

allows all to fall into place

is the silent witness

even when things are out of place

Girl Pink

loves cozy and warm

she will tell you


the inflow

the outflow

just relax and enjoy the show

Girl Pink

is both me and you

get to know her

live in the empty space

that secures a view

to pass through ~ see through ~ and preview

 drink from her magical brew

for your new world view

dreams now in your field of view

out of true ~ give thanks

Girl Pink

will take you

to your advance

dreams ~ love, expanse

glance into her cauldron

here ~  the fires of good fortune

a waking life

deeper than profound

creation ~ you as creator

burgeoning ~ One

this is homeward bound

Girl Pink


all these miles


you have reached

universal heart mind body beat

presiding as One

so it is done

the final weave spun

Let us all

gather together

the sooner the better

Girl Pink

the interlink

in a moment’s wink

your Kingdom come

through Girl Pink

we all become

in the all ~ to the all ~ from the all

Girl Pink

Great Spirit embody

the know-er knows the One

is the One

our outcome


Blessings of Girl Pink!

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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U.S.A. ~ Song for Freedom *July 4th Celebration*


United States of America Flag ~ *the Eagle a symbol of FREEDOM

§United States of America§

∴Song for Freedom∴


℘July 4th Celebration℘

Happy Birthday!!!

◊United States of America◊


A celebration in the skies

A celebration across the land


We turn 243

From July 4, 1776 to July 4, 2019


Great Seal of the United States, Lady Liberty, the Eagle

Great Seal of the United States

Eye of Providence

Providence has approved of our undertakings

A new order of the Ages


 ◊Above all else◊

Above all else is a reference to that no matter what has transpired across our great land we are united

♥Above all else ~ we are a heartland united as one people, in covenant and adherence to the stars and stripes ~ standing in union for the preservation and freedom principles of the United States of America♥



♥ The U.S.A. is a  heartland of freedom ~ freedom lives as our heartland♥

We are sanctified as a land of freedom  

A land of inclusion ~ not exclusion

Freedom is our Truth

We are a guidepost for all to live in the state of freedom


Symbolism of Stars, Stripes, and Colors

“Thirteen stripes represent the original thirteen colonies that declared independence from England; fifty stars symbolize the current 50 United States. White signifies purity and innocence, red signifies valor and bravery; and blue signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice.” 
  Additional color representations of the flag of the United States of America. … “My red stripes proclaim the fearless courage and integrity of American men and women and the self-sacrifice and devotion of American mothers and daughters. My white stripes stand for liberty and equality for all. My blue is the blue of heaven, loyalty, and faith.”
Symbolism & Power of the Eagle
The eagle is most commonly associated with freedom
“The bald eagle was chosen June 20, 1782 as the emblem of the United States of America, because of its long life, great strength and majestic looks.”
“The eagle is the chief over all the winged creatures. The Eagle conveys the powers and messages of the spirit; it is our connection to the divine because it flies higher than any other bird”
” If the eagle has appeared, it bestows freedom and courage to look ahead. The eagle is symbolic of the importance of honesty and truthful principles.”

℘Gratitude offered to Beloved Ascended Master St. Germain for his sponsorship to the United States of America℘

∴Ascended Master Saint Germain∴

◊Sponsor of the United States of America◊

Master of the Violet Flame, Chohan of the Seventh Ray

The ascended master Saint Germain is the chohan of the seventh ray and sponsor of the United States of America. He is a master alchemist of the sacred fire who comes bearing the gift of the violet flame of freedom for world transmutation.

Together with his twin flame, the ascended lady master Portia, the Goddess of Justice, he is the hierarch of the Aquarian age. He is the great sponsor of freedom’s flame, while Portia is the sponsor of the flame of justice and opportunity. The name Saint Germain comes from the Latin Sanctus Germanus, meaning simply “Holy Brother.”

As chohan, or lord, of the seventh ray, Saint Germain initiates our souls in the science and ritual of transmutation through the violet flame. Saint Germain and Portia deliver to the people of God the dispensation for the seventh age and the seventh ray—the violet ray of freedom, justice, mercy, alchemy and sacred ritual—a new life-wave, a new civilization, a new energy.

Read the full article by clicking on the link below on Saint Germain from The Summit Lighthouse

Saint Germain



§United States of America§

∴Song for Freedom∴

Song for Freedom


Independence Hall

Declaration of Independence and Constitution

adopted and signed there

Freedom ~ a free for All


a beacon ~ for all people

Eternal Freedom

Christ Light ~ all in all

red, white, and blue

through and through

a star for each state

our Nation ~ immanently Great

a sister ~ a brother

 carries weight

our land, the Earth

together ~ recover

in it altogether 

for better ~ whenever ~ whatever

any weather

Song for Freedom


Independence Hall

Freedom ~ a free for All

natural rights for humanity

we emancipate

liberation, sovereignty, opportunity

lays the foundation

birth right for all ~ our invitation

human rights our documentation

Song for Freedom


Independence Hall

Declaration of Independence and Constitution

adopted and signed there

Freedom ~ a free for All

we are inspiration

united as One


our freedom flame

from where we came

American flag flies

Eagle in the sky

Freedom rides high

we are leaders, innovators, pioneers of the way

equity, equality, autonomy

our policy ~ our ideology

remembering what we stand in allegiance for

eagle spirit soar!

the eagle ~ flies free 

protector ~ seeing eye ~ all knowing eye

 margin plays no role

opportunity is for all

A Song for Freedom


Independence Hall

Freedom ~ a free for all

United States ~ figure of eight

One nation of many states

An Armor of God ~ the breastplate of righteousness

by Justice

guiding us

all equal ~ equivalent

Freedom our covenant


God Eternal Light

Divine Entrust

A promise

bestowed upon us

in this agreement

we do trust

watching over us

A Song for Freedom


Freedom our impulse

within us

Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty Divine

Light the Way

Seven Rays of God

crowned ~ radiating from your head

torch of enlightenment

Liberty Enlightening the World

for all to see

Freedom our delivery

Song for Freedom


Independence Hall

Freedom ~ a free for all



◊Happy Birthday United States of America!!!

◊May GOD Always Bless Us

Many blessings to you 🙂

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Summer Solstice 2019 ~ Sun in my Heart *devotional

∴Summer Solstice 2019 ∴ June 21st

∴Celebrating the Light∴


⇑Rise and Shine⇔

We take the training wheels off 

ΔWe spread our Wings and FlyΔ


⇑The Summer Solstice symbolizes the Ascension⇑

During the Summer Solstice we celebrate the Sun ~ the Light.

An observance of what gives us life, of life, and our life

A profound remembrance of the enduring Light

We come out of incubation ~ like the pupa (transition stage of the butterfly before it emerges) and enter the stage of metamorphosis. A change over to our Light Self

We are given the opportunity to directly commune with our Light within ~ to synthesize our full potential and recognition of Christ Consciousness

The Solar Christ Light 

We receive a victorious calling to awaken

This sacred concurrence opens us to a responsive nature yielding in the direction of getting in touch with our solar body


The seasons and cycles of nature are the primary guiding energy governing our lives at their particular showing. They let us know the current predominate influences and point us in the direction of what will characterize our life at various intervals.

It is important we take note of these aspects and willfully move with them. Nature runs through us ~ so uniting with them is of great interest for us.

These interludes preside as the larger picture in all of our lives ~ while contained within it is our own individual lives.


⇔The Inner Journey↵

We connect with nature, which in turn gestures us to also reflect within our own personal journey.

 Investing in our life is investing within ~ investigatory probing within as a basis for where we are and where we would like to focus on going

Inquiring within ~ surveying our current spiritual promenade ~ is a truthful walk to knowing, owning ~ of our current circumstance (s) ~ which in turn provides insight into trustworthy measures to entertain ~  that lead to living purposeful lives established from divine direction

As we honor our own unique walk and become more familiar with the divine life cord weaving throughout life ~ we experience a great change over in our evolution

Direct communion with this tangible yet unseen force is an important kindling to obtain higher states of consciousness ~ thus, becoming more of who we truly are.


→This is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and marks the day when the sun is at its highest point in the sky for the year. We enter a new season ~ the Summer Solstice is commonly denoted as the first day of Summer←

In Latin, solstice means “sun standing still,” which references the sun’s place in the galaxy on this day.

  Since ancient times the Summer Solstice has been celebrated * Ancient civilizations revered the Sun ~ the source of life ~ governing power, light, energy, and warmth.

ΞCelebrate the LightΞ


∴Learning to connect with the Light within∴

◊We connect with the Light within to know ourselves, to heal ourselves, to advance as our highest completion during this lifetime, to surrender antiquated beliefs and acquire new life supporting ones, to know what is right for us, to know our next steps on our evolutionary path, to know the world as viewed from higher perspectives, to live out our destiny◊


∴Sun Solstice∴

⇒Sun in my Heart⇐


§Sun enlivening § rebirth our inner Sun§

ΔPrayer to the SunΔ


*Please light a candle if possible as we connect in with our Source*

*Let’s offer up loving gratitude for our planetary Sun, Great Central Sun, and the Sun in our heart*

* Focus on your heart chakra and the Sun within it*

*Let us be reborn like the Sun*


∴Sun Solstice∴

⇒Sun in my Heart⇐

Sun in my Heart

giving off light ~ giver of life

Great Solar Star

come, let us re~start

flame of continuous light

my Source of influence

 bold  and blazing

your light breathtaking ~ commanding

thank you ~ my inner sanctum

a feast before me ~ my banquet

keeper of ancient mysteries

open my heart petals

and reveal yourself to me

Sun in my Heart

giving off light ~ giver of life

Great Solar Star

how you enchant me

in a space of playful raising

bathing, praising, raving

make me like thee ~ so carefree

filled with glee

wielding life and light everywhere

you come out of nowhere

revered God Head

your office so High

Regal Divine

light so blinding ~ spellbinding

light on the trees

light through the breeze

I am brought to my knees

golden tabernacle

house of the eternal One center

beautify, strengthen, and prosper

magnify please for me

Sun in my Heart

giving off light ~ giver of life

Great Solar Star

help me to ascend ~ transcend

to be more than

brilliant yellow Sun ~ my conscious Self

lead me to my Higher Self

Sun in my Heart

giving off light ~ giver of life

may my daily pilgrimage

be in the holy place

of your keep sake

Oh Great One

  the in dweller of all Suns

prayerfully coordinate me

to your energy

moving inward and outward

your extrasensory

 the cycles of my life

sun synergy

Sun in my Heart

giving off light ~ giver of life

blessed ancient alchemy symbol

awaken-er,  fully awakened, awaken to

you are triple

waves of light, ripple ~ shooting like a missle

harness my awakening consciousness

in the shrine of your glittering light

reveal my perfection to me

I lay humbled by your sight

Sun in my Heart

giving off light ~ giver of life

kingship of heart firelight


to the queenship

of your delight

 sacred wisdom knowledge

illuminating light

all my life has led me

to this moment

unlock within me the knowing

the bestowing ~ the crowning

fly me up to the birds

so I know my Soul’s rising

on wings spiraling in flight

the sky ~ my Soul

the truth extolled

burn brightly in my eyes

so I may see clear

all that underlies

be the warmth and glow I emit

and dance through my finger tips

tap me on the shoulder

when I need to turn away

and go a new way

light the ground of my footsteps

so I may always be in shadow-less light

may the window before me

always be saturated in Sun ~ heaven’s light

Sun in my Heart

giving off light ~ giver of life

may the new soaring solar me

  my solar body ~ my all

embody ~ the Almighty

may I always hear your golden whisper

bless me with Inanna’s qualities

thank you Dumuzid for such properties

may the freshness of each new moment

be  unbroken

may I rise again and again

only to partake in the best of champagne

may your multi colored  flames

heal me  through and through

may my lips taste the sweet nectar you shine

abundance, prosperity be mine

may I relax in the receiving

the magicians light ~ wielding, weaving, only believing

may I sway to your flow

knowing there is nowhere to go

may your sultry musk scent

arouse the fires of passion within me

sweltering, sizzling with my twin

may my center of union

know no detour

may my way of living

be that only of truth

Sun in my Heart

giving off light ~ giver of life

teach me of your ancient ways

like back in the land of the Kemetic days

may the ethereal smoke of your smolder

the Divine Fires

purify my heart ~ the beholder

Sun in my Heart

giving off light ~ giver of life

may all Soul’s

encounter, be awakened, be whole

Soul to Soul

may your ray of heat

be the wave maker

so we are

One with our Creator

Sun in my Heart

giving off light ~ giver of life

Oh, Great Sun

my enthroned Allie

may my life be sweetened ~ luscious ~ candied

I thank you

Oh, Great Sun

for these wishes spun

Sun in my heart

overflowing, expanding

with you

never ending


Summer Solstice Blessings & Grace!!!

May the Great Sun shine in all areas of our lives 🙂

Have a blessed day

Thank you for viewing!

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Miracles Happen #stayaware

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Kitty Paw Swipes

<Kitty Paw Swipes>

♥Samantha Pearl #newearthkitty♥

Our Beloved rescue kitty Samantha Pearl serving as a muse


As the Summer months approach and shine bright, we can stretch out our wings and live a lil’ more, relax a lil’ more, laugh a lil’ more, have fun a lil’ more, let loose a lil’ more…

ΩBlessings to enjoy all the wonderful gifts wrapped up in the Summer SeasonΩ

May your Summer days be filled with endless joy…


↔A fun poem about kitty paw swipes↔

℘Blessings for the loving affectionate kitty paw swipes℘



<Kitty Paw Swipes>



kitty paw swipes

like a roll of the dice

it could be a like or dislike

rapid fire swatting swipes

it’s like an automatic device

kitty paw swipes

are very precise

an exercise in

a feline right

it happens so fast

with so many types

best to get out of the way

so you don’t pay the price

kitty paw swipes

sometimes ignite great fright

as they can slice to great heights

kitty paw swipes

are just part of life

true a great day

is when kitty paw swipes are slight

I have some advice

when we open our hearts

together ascending like kites

then kitty paw swipes

become gentle with delight

kitty paw swipes

also invite

so next time your around

kitty paw swipes

offer love and light

this will suffice

and watch

kitty paw swipes melt like ice

love and light

will entice

kitty paw swipes

to lay rest

and only unite




θGreat Blessings in your life as we enter the Summer Seasonθ

ζMay kitty paw swipes be ones of gentle uniteζ

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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Just like that ~ if not now #comeintobeing

“Silence is the communion of a conscious soul with itself. If the soul attend for a moment to its own infinity, then and there is silence…” Henry David Thoreau

Oh, to dream…..to dream *Field of Poppies*

*Mother Mary calls to me….*

*Selfie with my beloved rescue kitty ^Samantha Pearl^

Steve playing his electric guitar

Samantha Pearl and the mystical Light

*Divine Feminine receiving…*

^Transcending Limitations^

Exuberant storm ~ centered

*The Magic of Her Ways*

^Love as One^

Bridge to Dreams made manifest

χJust Like thatχ

⊗If not now⊗

ΣWhen it comes into being∑


⇑Dreams come into existence⇓

φthe appearance

φthe materialization

φ it turns up

φ it comes about

φ The Light φ


≈We occupy & envision our most cherished dreams ~ while taking ownership of our current lives ~ coupled with a rising knowing that in its own Way , in some universal timing the sacred winds will breathe mighty favor upon them≈

⊗This poem is about what can come about, through our deep centered unwavering belief. 

⊗As we make noteworthy, & place daily significance to be in accord with our exalted heart, mind, & spirit.

∴Offering encouragement & upliftment for all ~ especially those on the path of Ascension ~ knowing that our journey will lead us to the ultimate life that we can experience. We move forward ~ day to day ~ following the course of our heart, enriching & balancing our lives as more & more Creator Light becomes us as we realize we are this. Finding inspiration within us, motivating ourselves to stay the course, sacred firelight feeding our life flame into full completion of our destiny.

◊We stay centered in our center ~ daily offering thanksgiving, dedication to lives walking in the Light ~ positioning ourselves in our truth, yielding to the voice of the heart, taking steps in wonderment & marvel, being our own solution, moving in the ebb & flow of our dharma, affording ourselves the gift of self love, & leaving a trail of Light Eternal◊

ςSometimes you have to move away from something to get closer to itς

ΦSimultaneously ~ in lively playfulness ~ we entertain the fulfillment of our destiny ~ the ordinance of our boundlessness ~ our  purposeful consecrated lives lived in the totality of our crowning divinity ~ the luminescence of Light ~ Unity ~ Christ Consciousness. Engaging in a unconstrained & unconfined disposition so as to allow for the maturation of its blooming ~ fortified with a pleasurable rousing ~ a bubbling frenzy ~ of the wildness of dreams taking shape. We delight in it ~ yet relax in it. Moving closer can actually be a distancingΦ

◊We marvel in the mystery of it & the mystery & of our day to day lives◊

ζAlong the Way we make note of the Grace, the treasures, the gifts already present in our lives & offer gratitude. Then ~  in some out of the way Way ~ like a sudden bolt of momentous lightningζ

◊in the blink of an eye

◊the arranged becomes arranged

  ◊manifestation of our dreams…

◊the physical emergence ~ ~ the serendipity ~~  of  a world & life long desired ~ makes an appearance ~ ~ the profusion of Blessings poured into our lives

→Knowing but not knowing↔ we don’t know when or how…but we do know←

ΩThe journey will complete itself in the Way it was designed ~ our part is to live our lives in balance, consideration, & complete the necessary endeavors of purification so that we match & march in the wholeness of our sovereign provenance ~ honoring our life & all lifeΩ


⊗Since manifestation has a birthing quality to it ~ we can also submit attention to, further develop, & deepen our interpersonal connection with the Divine Mother. This “partnership” blesses us ~ integration towards wholeness ~ the flowering & transformation as we progress on our collective & individual paths into higher states of consciousness & conscious living. I have written several devotionals to the Divine Mother on my blog that you can read as a divination tool as you develop your own kindred spirited relationship with the Divine⊗

∇Here is a devotional to the Divine Mother∇

*In the Arms of the Divine Mother*

∇Here is a devotional to honoring the Moon as Goddess∇

Honoring the Moon As Goddess ~ emotional body restoration #moonwithin




χJust Like thatχ

⊗If not now⊗

ΣWhen it comes into being∑


After sunset

when the stillness meets the soul

the heart lotus creation spins

the universe inside alive where no thoughts arise

here the altar

the I AM alone shines

the Divine asks who knows me as their own?

to those that answer and cognize

the unseen Mystic comes out to play

Her Way ~ without delay

a charismatic hypnotic attraction

contraction ~ She births ~ in heart heat passion

everlasting ~ beyond the bounds of the imagined ~ unfastened

to Her satisfaction ~ Her sanction

Magical ~ She directs the actions

the four winds envelope all directions

flight filled wings ~ a well spring

a powerful zephyr ~ expressed ~ rapture ~ abreast

fields of the land ~ the atmosphere

to be blessed ~ angels appear

the Soul lays open

 the Christ Light unveiling

primordial sounds ~ Garden of Eden prevailing ~ detailing

She Divine outflows ~ sacred rose ~ wind rose

circling, circulating, breathing

leading out again the inner breath ~ divine releasing

weaving ~ what the magician knows

thus & so

Just like that

If not now

in the wink of God’s eye

to be made below

 the final curtain

the blue birds cries signify

in such a Way

as follows

the tree of life

the true life ~ true to life ~ true love ritualized

immortality ~ a new modality

song birds in the fertile flowering tree

Just like that

If not now

now the new Light

as it was before

from the Mother’s womb ~ marriage with the bridegroom

Her sun intimately risen ~ morning glory ~ perfumed

through & through

Her allowance everywhere ~ become ~ into

new view ~ in view

Just like that

If not now

encircled by the fanlight circle

it has completed itself ~ to oneself ~ the non-self

eternal ~ the internal ~ the external

the ending of the journal

return to universal ~ both maternal & paternal

  hallowed garden ~ flourishing

petal to the rose ~ all potential

She composes and bestows

Just like that

If not now

Earth to infinity ~ blessing upon humanity

here eventually ~ the Light ~ our new nationality

Just like that

If not now

a new reality ~ multi dimensional ~ liberality

the uncommon now our commonality

a world and Self that has united

we have become knighted ~ enlightened

we walk like the Ascended Masters ~ undivided

all becomes answered ~ all is provided

out of our alchemy ~ all areas victorious

Age of Aquarius ~ we are lighthouses of the Glorious

 our destiny ~ the scent of euphoria

honey & milk, the feel of silk

Just like that

If not now

endow ~ Blessed Giving Light ~ here & now

from the deep silence, the sacred cow

we empty ourselves, we bow to thee All know how

Just like that

If not now


Blessings of “Just like that” in your life

Thank you for reading

Have a blessed day!!!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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High Five ~ get high on five #celebratorymoments

🙂 Samantha Pearl 🙂 My 5th birthday

🙂 Samantha Pearl 🙂 Animal & Human as One = Equal


∨ High Five∨

ζGet High on Fiveζ

∴When we High Five someone it is always in accordance to a celebratory moment. Something exciting has or is happening ~ a cause to celebrate.  We connect in this by high “fiving” each other as a commemorative act recognizing the significant event, day, moment, etc…∴

⇑Let’s get high on five⇑


♥Samantha Pearl♥

§The inspiration behind this post is our beloved “rescue” kitty Samantha Pearl’s  birthday ~ turning 5 on May 1st, 2019§

ξHere is a post link on receiving the #moonbrew magic of the Moon Goddess, in my Samantha Pearl #newearthkitty blog categoryξ

∇A Pearl is a symbol of the Moon & Samantha Pearl was named after the Moon Goddess∇

Samantha Pearl Moon Rising ~ Moon in Me #moonbrew Grace


Spiritual significance of 5: 

ξ a sign of major changes to come

ξ changes have already started happening, or there are more to come in the next few days, or weeks.

The Number 5 & humanity:

ξThe number 5 is often also attributed as the number of humanity.

ξHuman beings have five fingers, five toes, five appendages (including the head), five senses, and five major systems of the body.


“The meaning of 555. The number 5 is a powerful number in many forms of divine reading. 5 represents freedom, exploration, travel, and change. 555 is a triple of the number 5 indicating which amplifies its power. 555 indicates that a change is coming.”

Some additional associations of the number 5:

ξ a symbol of love and marriage since ancient times

ξ Loyalty

 “5 symbolizes God’s grace, goodness and favor toward humans and is mentioned 318 times in Scripture. Five is the number of grace, and multiplied by itself, which is 25, is ‘grace upon grace’ (John 1:16). The Ten Commandments contains two sets of 5 commandments. The first five commandments are related to our treatment and relationship with God, and the last five concern our relationship with others humans”


Some other interesting information on 5: (Hinduism ~ Wikipedia)

  • The god Shiva has five faces and his Mantra is also called Panchakshari (Five Worded) mantra.
  • The goddess Saraswati, goddess of knowledge and intellectual is associated with Panchami or number 5.
  • There are five elements in this universe: Dharti, Agni, Jal, Vayu evam Akash (Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space respectively).
  • The most sacred tree in Hinduism has 5 leaves in every leaf stunt.
  • Most of the flowers have 5 petals in them.



∨ High Five∨

ζGet High on Fiveζ



High Five

 Get high on five

just to stay alive ~ revive

 dive into five ~ into overdrive

 five multiply ~ swan dive ~ power dive

arrived in five ~ crown ~ renowned

 Get high on five ~ five nines ~ five a plus sign

five pointed star ~ a super star

Dr. Five counts in fives ~ inner eye ~ medicine jar

five angels sing ~ star chamber ~ five the remainder

shooting star ~ blessed reservoir ~ a savoir

five by five ~ five takes favor ~ melody maker

High Five

 Get high on five

take five ~ ninety five ~ heaven arise

hang five ~ gimme five ~ five supplies

garden wise ~ edge wise ~ forty five

High Five  

Get high on five

actualize ~ harmonize ~ lionize

five likewise ~ a field of butterflies ~ divine baptize

five prize ~ call in your guides ~ synchronize

High Five

Get high on five

five elements ~ intelligence ~ magnetic resonance

five senses ~ residence ~ return to Genesis

High Five

Get high on five

five & dime ~ half a dime ~ fifty five

we five, us five ~ five unify

High Five

Get high on five

five a day ~ five leafed ~ five feast

five fold ~ five gold ~ five behold

five memorize ~ magnetize ~ maximize

High Five

Get high on five

pentagon ~ five sides ~ circle inside

five released ~ five increase

High Five

Get high on five

 five a celebration ~ transformation ~ new generation

across the nations ~ Aquarious innovations

everyday High on Five ~ Five for High

Five apply ~ five five five ~ so when you see it ~ recognize

High on Five ~ Five wings of Grace

five a surprise ~ cats eyes

 five this month of May ~ five my birthday ~ mayday

five the lioness ~ royal highness

High Five

Get High on five

Five the sunrise ~ freedom to fly ~ five a sky high

all days ~ holy day ~ holiday

High Five

Get High on Five

twenty to five ~ twenty past five ~ any five

set your worries aside & Get high on Five






Blessings of High Five 🙂

Thank you for viewing!!!

Have a blessed day 🙂

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Stripped Down ~ when all that is left is *Gratitude*

Gratitude for the Light


Gratitude as prayerful reverence ~ Maria from a recent photo session


Gratitude for the Divine

⇓Stripped Down⇓

ζWhen all that is left is *Gratitude*


Gratitude expands our energy. It opens a door ~ a magical door

Gratitude serves our hearts and we become privy to many truths in our life that prior to were overlooked

Gratitude can offer us a peace and a thankfulness that overflows…




⇒Our lives take a turn ~ when we turn to Gratitude⇐



This post presents the well known topic of Gratitude. Being Grateful for all things ~ the big and the small. Things personal to us and things common to all life.

Being Grateful for the air we breathe ~ for the birds that sing ~ for our human vessel ~ for the meals we have ~ for the flower in our garden or that we walk by ~ for those in our life we feel connected to ~ for each other as the family of humanity, for our life and life in general…..

Being Grateful  for Mother Earth who supplies for us, nourishes and nurtures us, for Her Great Beauty…


Gratitude may not always be our first conscious choice, however, with diligence and patience with ourselves, it will become in the forefront of how we relate to our self, our activities, interactions, and overall appreciation for life itself.


Gratitude transforms and reforms


Go 360

First we can look around

at our own lives and see what we are grateful for.

⇒We know it all begins within us so this is our starting point.

We can take a good panoramic look around ~ ~ ~ clearly seeing the gifts around us that we can truly be grateful for.


Once we maintain consistency being in a state of Gratitude for all the “thanks givings” in our individual lives ~ we then slip into thankfulness as an outward expression to those around us, appreciation to the stranger who extended themselves, recognition and acknowledgement for gifts that come our way in a myriad of fashions ~ and all that we experience.



⇓Stripped Down⇓ 

∴Getting to the core of just plain being Grateful for all the blessings in our life∴




^This post is a concentration on being Grateful. Fully stripped of everything ~ getting to our core essence ~ and connecting into Gratitude in the highest^

We lay hands of Gratitude upon our lives and all we touch

As a by product of our heart felt Gratitude with solemn dedication ~ we see more and more in our life to be Grateful for.

A mystical reflector appears washed with the Gratitude we have paid homage

Dressed in Gratitude ~ the Blessed



Gratitude the Beatitude℘


The deliverer ~ the delivery ~ what is our receptivity?

Gratitude ~ The rhythm and algorithm

Wisdom precision in repetition

Gratitude for our heartbeat ~ universal beat ~ celestial beat ~ the drivers seat




⇓Stripped Down⇓

ζWhen all that is left is *Gratitude*


Divine Gratitude

sets the order

 a magnitude

 a open border

a harbor

where seas are calmer

Gratitude anchors

  a converter

dispelling disorder

  mirrored to the extent

of what we represent

a mystical movement

leading to events

an effect that can not be bent

freedom floods

Spirit comes

the atmosphere

melts in love

a view from above

Gratitude is reciprocal

miracles can be typical

Gratitude the longitude ~ East & West manifest

Gratitude in latitude ~ North & South expressed

All directions


worn about the chest

 Gratitude the prelude

to be first

drink this when of thirst

none will find a desert

first things first

In Gratitude

truth is made privy

open becomes the lily


a stay

a wave

the first and last to pray

pure becomes the walkway

ancient teachings 

evolution solutions ~ conclusion 

Gratitude ~ the amplitude

for higher altitude

Gratitude ~ the defender

to surrender


the attender for splendor ~ the mender

Gratitude reveals ~ heals

  going around

like a prayer wheel

Gratitude the advisor ~ wiser

a holy stabilizer


our bodies ~ Great Spirit indwelling

yourself, myself, himself, herself

One Self

hearts a fire with Gratitude 

the desired attire

Gratitude the Way ~ today ~ always

Earth, Fire, Air, Water

the elements ~ our teachers ~ natures preachers

In Gratitude we become receivers

animal, tree, sun, moon ~ holy altar

 Rock of Gibraltar

Mother, Father, daughter, brother, son, sister ~ Gratitude offered

Magna Mater ~ Maia ~ Mother Goddess ~ Gratitude revere

El Shaddai ~ Abba ~ Yahweh ~ Gratitude sincere

Gratitude the venture ~ the treasure

 all weather

Gratitude the recognition 

musicians and magicians

the composition

the connection

the blessed passage

overcome any challenge

Gratitude upon the lips

an instant fix

the shaman

and the mystics

bag of tricks

grounded in Gratitude

watch what will vanish

ready to paint a new canvas

bow to Gratitude

the movement


   it speaks in the garden

blooms certain

it has purpose

 the sermon

the virgin

Universal ~ Eternal 

it can be verbal or non~verbal

either way

it brings us full circle

Gratitude an opportunity ~ community

sanctity for humanity

Gratitude the measure ~ together

uncensored ~ altogether

In Gratitude

laugh, play, wrap each other

powerful as thunder

yet soft as a feather

let Gratitude be the rudder

row row row!

reach the shore

Gratitude the opened door

Gratitude is a Christ kiss

a taste of bliss

 Gratitude when released

 is peace

so speaketh the heart beat

In Gratitude

we become the lover

we become the wonder

nothing to cover

In Gratitude

we stand together

kneel together

dance and dwell together

In Gratitude

we come together

Earth becomes Heaven

no weapons, no aggression

In Gratitude

we become 

our hearts

no loose parts

a living expression

closer comes our Ascension

Gratitude becomes our walk

becoming God exalt



♥May we all remember Gratitude  in our daily lives and allow Gratitude to remind us of the preciousness of life, the Divine, ourselves, one another, and  the Earth ~ including the flora and fauna

Blessings of Gratitude!

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Honoring the Moon As Goddess ~ emotional body restoration #moonwithin

⊗Honoring the Moon⊗

◊as Goddess◊

Restoration of the Emotional Body


⊥Balancing our emotional body through collaboration with the Moon Goddess⊥ 

Set yourself Free


ζThe Moon Goddess is our allyζ

Our sacred confidant

It is important we take holy repose to honor the Moon Goddess as She is a part of us. We are actually honoring this sacred aspect of our selves.



The balancing of our inner moon ~ emotional body ~ as well as our inner sun ~ mental body ~ is in part what each of us are here to harmonize with. I have a devotional blog post to balance the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine within. Here, the focus is on the Moon ~ Moon Goddess ~ the inner moon Goddess ~ opening to this alliance within. She is our remedy ~ our illumination ~ our healing salve ~ the gateway ~ for our emotional stability.


∨The Moon Goddess Light shows us the areas needed to be cleansed, acknowledged, & liberated∨

Revelations Light the Way

Our emotional & mental states, when in full balance are the initial path that lead us into higher states of consciousness. Our inner child becomes whole ~ the character of our emotional body is healed, content, & happy. The emotional body is open & receptive ~ leading to compatibility with our dreams ~ doors open to a life of blessedness & rapture. 

The character of our mental body (balancing our inner sun) when in equilibrium, becomes a reservoir of stillness & tranquility ~ clarity ~ doors open to co creation with the Universal Higher Mind.

The combined Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine in coherent domain is crucial to our well being & is our union Freedom. Then, our Soul voice, our exalted being, takes on its prestigious esteemed position as a governing force in our life. All the clutter & disorder has been cleared out ~ the ways our inner child had run become aged ~ inactive.

This inner “work” must be accomplished through our inward measures ~ no one can do it for us ~ we decide to mend, heal, & restore ~ inner life becomes our prominent meeting place ~ as we return to our divinity. 

We venture into this territory in our own unique way.

The Universe backs us up & knows the split second we enter this terrain ~ as well as our continuation upon this spirit filled path ~ much Grace is offered to us. 

We become re ~ established with our true nature ~ solidarity of & in spirit 

The final victory ~ once complete ~ our emotional & mental bodies assembled in holy matrimony ~ a holy marriage within. An all powerful event ~ mastery achieved.  A major leap in our evolution ~ responsive ~ vigilant ~ converged with the All of who we truly are.

This reestablishment is tied into our divine purpose ~ as well as each of us having our own specialized divine purpose while living on Earth.


Devotional Poem

The Moon Goddess ~ the Divine Feminine

aspect within us

that holds the sacred mystical reflected light

feminine clarity insight

the light of the Goddess

Shakti ~ enchantress ~ high priestess within

Supreme Mother being

universal power ~ surreal reality ~ alchemy

in all Her majesty ~ sacred sexuality ~ pageantry

Her totality ~ universality ~ sensuality

devotees rhapsody

open to Her blessed silvery magnetic light 

lunar worshiping ~ silver bells ring ~ nocturnal magic wellspring

we begin

Oh, when She sings ~ the pleasure it brings

moon gloss ~ lips like angel wings ~ illumination springs

swinging from star to star~ milk bar

rising star ~  setting star ~ movie star

celestial metallic tones ~ She is never far

omnipresent radar

cosmic moon-dust

She spills forth from her alchemy jar

diamond intuitive sparkles

open become the curtains ~ all will know

 maternal sheltering gospel ~ a new novel

Moon Goddess ~  matriarchal garden ~ grow to overflow

twinkle glamour glow

kiss like mistletoe

healing, love, compassion, Grace

 wisdom vibration ~ upon all nations

new to new ~ 29.5 ~ Earth revive

  soft sheen ~ gentle ~ swan dive

moon contemplate ~ relaxed gait ~ love from her breastplate

the rushing sound of the wind in the trees ~ the seas ~ her velvet sough

eyes like a doe ~ hypnotized in her flow

she moves in silent repeated patterned rhythm

tempo & pulse ~ sound ~ inner vision

mysterious dilation

  white silver sheen ~ ancient chorus ~ 9fold Goddess

jewels behold

fragrant flowers unfold

new heights ~ eternity

Moon Mother Goddess ~ maternity

hanging in the night sky ~ lullaby

inner moon ~ amplify ~ mystify ~ beautify

unify ~ minds eye ~ supply ~ stand by

morning night glory ~ sacred story

 wondrous cycles she exhibits ~ poised ~ elegant

coexistence ~ path of least resistance

she is the ultimate observer

seeing all ~ nurturer ~ in honor therefore

 night surfer ~ find favor in Her

Moon Goddess ~ flawless ~ exotic

exquisite bodice

solar lite Goddess

circulatory ~ circuits ~ denoting cycles

inventory laboratory

inner knowledge depository

seen & unseen is her territory

insight ~ inner light ~ enlightenment rising

illusion ~ opposites ~ waning ~ fading

divination ~ transformation ~ restoration

  the immaculate enduring, waxing ~ uplifting

 cosmic existence  ~ process unfolding

 Mother Ray ~ womb of creation ~ praise

oceanic, elation sensation, lunation

hermetical call, waterfall, windfall

carry Her within you

& She will carry you through

  See Her in you

Moon Goddess

out of the blue ~ your break through


Moments Moon Side #commune

Often I pull the drapes back at night

from above my bed

& see the moon through my window

communing with her & inviting her in

going within myself I know her deeper

sultry silvery stillness

she dances & sings the creation song

white pearl fire light streaming in my window

the sacred pearl in the sky

diamond & round clear prismatic light shimmers

all my bodies in unison with her undulations

I feel the tide moving in & out

kissing her, kissing the shore line, kissing me, kissing the Earth

mermaid splash, faerie laugh, moon bath

in full balance & harmony

with her partner the Sun ~ Unified

sometimes I even sleep with the drapes open above my bed

& dream soft with the moon glow upon my face

shifting colors in the room

 pearl moonlight dancing through my window

pearls around my neck

she commands the elements

even the animals wake a sleepy eye

dragonfly’s circle with transparent wings

gathering the winds from far & wide

patterned breathing

whispering a balmy breeze

the palm trees sway to her majestic vibration

tropical flowers & fruits ~ receive her milky nectar

spirit worlds, planetary consciousness, & individual consciousness

travel, meet, & ride her glorious light

white, blue, orange & yellow rays

beauty weaving, in & out, back & forth

glistening on all reflective property & substance

ruling the night sky ~ holy presence

watery emotion

she lives inside ~ within

she lights the Way, she illuminates

she throws light from the inside out

moonlight in my eyes

adorn, embellish, ornamental design

the doors swing open

Moon Goddess meets with us tonight


Blessings of the Moon Goddess

Grace for assimilating balance within the emotional body

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Have a Blessed Day 🙂 Miracles Happen! #stayaware

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Unoccupied Space ~ centrally located

The Unseen becomes Seen
Space Out to be Spaced In
Spaces In Between

Unoccupied Space ~ centrally located

An exploration & peer into what lays in between

Enter a New World

#emptyyourself #spaceout #renew

*unrealize what you have realized *realize what you have not realized

It is in our Highest Soul evolution to participate, if we choose to, to adopt a new objective ~ a more advanced interaction within ourselves ~ thus spilling out into our physical life. The premise that all true growth is an inner tempering & metamorphosis ~ the butterfly journeys in its own transformational turnover from egg, larve (caterpillar), pupa (chrysalis), and then into its magical wings of flight 🙂 We obtain a conversion ~ into higher states of consciousness ~ as we clear out, space out, & make latitude for a progressive orientation of how we take note of what we are seeing, observing, & realizing.

Take on a conscious attentiveness by surveying & experiencing what lays in between. 🙂


What lays in between is a super charged range & play of inter dimensional possibilities ~ just waiting its bud to bloom fruition in our lives as soon as we position ourselves within it

Void Awareness

The Buddha Awakens

The inter connected awareness of All things through entering a non space that consists of All ~ inclusive of things as things as well as non things



*Dominion of All

*holding it All together *belonging to All as One *containing the All ~ that we are interconnected to

#goinbetween #midway #inthemidstof


Nothing In ~ Nothing Out

Everything In ~ Everything Out

Emptiness Nothingness #circles

The Dalai Lama describes “emptiness” in his book on the Heart Sutra “the true nature of things and events”
The Heart Sutra says, “all phenomena in their own-being are empty.”

Emptiness can be recognized as Unoccupied Space


circuling around

Our beautiful rescue kitty Samantha Pearl serving as a muse #newearthkitty

Animals in particular have a natural way of straddling awareness of being in between while simultaneously relating to the physical world. So, our rescue kitty is most appropo as an illustrative example of how we can also be like this 🙂 #animalwisdom

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“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi



⊕This poem is about going into the intermediary ~ the center-most point⊕

The relationship of things as non things #essence

φOpen a gateway within to what lays in between. Not here, Not there ~ than where? What is in between is the unseen ~ perhaps not visibly seen, but undeniably present ~ the thread ~ the interlace  ~ the composer ~ the perpetuation of all life Φ

The opened door is in between #dropin

⇒Being connected to things by interacting with them in between⇐


◊Portico to “out of nothing” is everything◊

“Bodhi is a Sanskrit word. … The Buddhist concept of Bodhi is spiritual awakening and freedom from the cycle of life. Bodhi is also the name of the sacred ficus tree  under which Lord Buddha sat and obtained his enlightenment”



σUnoccupied Space ~ centrally locatedσ

⊕Spaces Inbetween⊕


before it is day ~ before it is night

the transition point is the Bodhi’s delight

the unseen & seen unite 

sacred ficus tree Lord Buddha

sat within ~ supra ~ the unexplored explored

heads bowed ~ new worlds ahold ~ Brahma unfold

a playing field where all is revealed

seals unsealed ~ dreams become real

the center is gold ~ for eons foretold

a fusion ~ the circle’s conclusion ~ evolution

 no black  ~ no white ~ no day ~ no night

holy union ~ holy communion ~ reunion

dawn & dusk meet ~ in between ~ all becomes a wide screen

move into the midway sight

make this your sacrament ~ within the seam ~ flowing rivers Supreme

 tantra ~ a mantra ~ hosanna ~ manna

the intermediate ~ the answer

universal point ~ focal point ~ turning point

the innermost ~ where eternity is at most 

utmost ~ observation post ~ the holy ghost

the transition from day to night

the midpoint ~ the anoint ~ vantage point

the nothing is the cognition ~ the everything the recognition

just ask the magician ~ it is this submission ~ the condition

occupy the unoccupied ~ with a watchful eye ~ worldly wise amplified

the day surrenders to the night

the night surrenders to the day

take note ~ who might ~ you might

 in the center unite


Magical Blessings of awakening to the nothingness of everything & everything as the nothingness!!! #unified

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a Blessed Day!

Miracles Happen #stayaware

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