Kitty Paw Swipes

<Kitty Paw Swipes>

♥Samantha Pearl #newearthkitty♥

Our Beloved rescue kitty Samantha Pearl serving as a muse

Photos of Samantha Pearl were taken while she was on top of our armoire with them kitty paws!


As the Summer months approach and shine bright, we can stretch out our wings and live a lil’ more, relax a lil’ more, laugh a lil’ more, have fun a lil’ more, let loose a lil’ more…

ΩBlessings to enjoy all the wonderful gifts wrapped up in the Summer SeasonΩ

May your Summer days be filled with endless joy…



↔A fun poem about kitty paw swipes↔

℘Blessings for the loving affectionate kitty paw swipes℘



<Kitty Paw Swipes>



kitty paw swipes

like a roll of the dice

it could be a like or dislike

rapid fire swatting swipes

it’s like an automatic device

kitty paw swipes

are very precise

an exercise in

a feline right

it happens so fast

with so many types

best to get out of the way

so you don’t pay the price

kitty paw swipes

sometimes ignite great fright

as they can slice to great heights

kitty paw swipes

are just part of life

true a great day

is when kitty paw swipes are slight

I have some advice

when we open our hearts

together ascending like kites

then kitty paw swipes

become gentle with delight

kitty paw swipes

also invite

so next time your around

kitty paw swipes

offer love and light

this will suffice

and watch

kitty paw swipes melt like ice

love and light

will entice

kitty paw swipes

to lay rest

and only unite




θGreat Blessings in your life as we enter the Summer Seasonθ

ζMay kitty paw swipes be ones of gentle uniteζ

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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