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The Ascension Path ~ Grace, Harmony, Self Care & more!!! 🙂


What do we have at no cost? ⊗that is always available⊗ ~ that can’t be bought?

⊂An exploration into, & perhaps a reminder for us, of what we all have ~ if we choose it ~ that requires no monetary exchange, requires going no where, requires nothing at all from us ~ that divinely offers itself to use freely if we so choose ~ that we in turn offer to ourselves.⊃

↔A couple of “things” surface that we have immediate & constant access to in any & all moments. 🙂 Let’s take a look at some…….↔

∴I placed some of my images into a admit one ticket with a single word to refer back to what we can experience if we open ourselves up to it.∴

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⇒ Ascension Tickets⇐

↔Free Admission↔


Divine Mother Grace

Through the sacred blessing of the Divine Mother we have opportunity for Grace. No matter what we are experiencing ~ we can certainly open ourselves up to the truly Amazing Grace offered freely to us. We can ask for Grace pertaining to any arena in our life & in general to our lives & our loved ones.

I placed this one first as I believe that through this magical Grace all is possible ~ this is our transforming power ~ in the ability to receive it. In a simple humble request (s) just ask our Beloved Divine Mother to please bestow Her Holy Grace upon you & any area (s) you would like. Yes, so simple, yet we overlook it. Of course, take divine action as you feel inwardly directed, however, as a setting the stage, offer up this divine opening within yourself first ~ then proceed in action as you are guided.

This is a powerful tool we have at our aid in all moments.


Unity Consciousness

An essential quality we can coordinate with to maintain homeostasis, is to place harmony in a prominent position in our awareness.

There are many breathing techniques available to bring forth ~ restore ~ harmony within our systems ~ just remembering to breathe is of great utility, while focusing on our heart & being grateful for all our blessings. Even recounting one area of gratefulness several times repeated provides great benefit into regaining ~ maintaining harmony. It pulls us back to our center ~ while we observe a greater amount of reduced stress. So taking a breather both literally & figuratively ~ so go out in nature, look at an image that reflects back to you beauty & love, Google funny jokes or watch something funny as a harmony device.

Come up with your own ways that serve you to ensure harmony at the highest levels as much as possible.


Clear the cobwebs

Always speak your truth. Most importantly within. Offer up truth to yourself ~ to see clearly ~ to recognize ~ to acknowledge. No charades No cover ups ~ just the truth of how you feel ~ without judgement. Just like the way a mechanic looks under a hood to see what’s up with a vehicle ~ no right no wrong ~ just a peer inside to see what’s happening. We gain great insight into ourselves through this inner truth probing ~ as well as being able to move forward with greater clarity ~ making better choices ~ while relating to the “world” in a more truthful light ~ the truth that is in accordance with our heart & souls. Again, no right, no wrong.

Being truthful to others, in kind & loving ways is a self honoring. Give yourself space to speak your truth, & allow others to have their truth. Yours is yours ~ theirs is theirs ~ let it be. But you must first know your truth ~ so always go within yourself first for blessed guidance.

Your inner lighthouse lights the way…



Have faith ~ in yourself, in others, the world, the universe, your life………

Maintain a stance that says “Yes” to life ~ a holding ground within that resides as a constant assurance that all is well ~ irrespective of external conditions. When we have faith we relax more, enjoy more, & walk lighter. We have a inner knowing that there is So Much more than meets the physical eyes ~ & we hold trust in this as a universal truth ~ for us ~ for all. Again, take action as prompted within you when it arises, however, with adopting faith as your steadfast companion ~ you air to the enlightened you making high level choices in blessed co creation.

Most importantly have faith in yourself ~ never put yourself down or compare yourself. Hold yourself in the magnificent light that you are ~ know your contributions & gifts are valued, needed, & are part of your sacred composition.

You are perfect & complete just as you are 🙂


Divine Communion

What’s up says our inner voice ~ often we hear it & ignore it or don’t hear it at all amidst the mind chatter. Best we answer the call.

Create holy ground in quiet servitude in the form of prayer ~ an active principle where we “speak” with our Divine Self ~ our True Self. On any & all topics, areas, etc…that are dear to our hearts, that are on our hearts, that speak to our hearts. Our Divine Self LOVES when we commune ~  a beautiful flow is created ~ the Oneness that we are as our divinity  🙂 plus our Divine Self is always attuned & listening anyway ~ so make the most of this heavenly connection & connect in. Just like speaking with a best friend ~ however, in this case, truly your best friend.

Share your thoughts, feelings, concerns, ideas, etc…anything with this higher aspect of you. Automatic results include but are not limited to ~ a sense of release, solace, oneness, hope, allegiance, & more!!! 🙂


  Bread & butter of thought, speech, & action

When we strip ourselves down to our core essence ~ what is there? Unconditional Love.

◊Divinity is unconditional love◊

Why don’t we love ourselves unconditionally? We are loved unconditionally by the Divine ~ by our Divine Self. Why do we place unnecessary pressure on ourselves ~ to be more like this ~ to be less of that ~ to have this ~ to have that. Can’t we just pause for a moment ~ & acknowledge the unconditional love that loves us dearly & that is us. Can we give ourselves a break? Can we love ourselves enough to know we are enough? Such sweet surrender……

Don’t be so hard on yourself ~ let up on yourself ~ give yourself breathing room. You are doing great 🙂 #chillax

We all know that we can only offer what we offer to ourselves ~ we gift ourselves first ~ unconditionally love yourself ~ fully ~ completely ~ with all that you are as the pure worthy virtuous Soul that you are.

Offer this to yourself daily as needed 🙂


Celebrate YOU

Place yourself in the greatness & illustriousness that you are. Walk in dignity, nobility, & majesty. And offer this to All life.

What magic will flow………


Quiet on the Set

Have a listen…

What do you hear? Birds singing, cars going by, the beating of your heart………

When we take precious time to actually listen ~ within ourselves first ~ tremendous insight is brought to the surface. Not to mention ideas, creativity, solutions, answers, etc…..Our divine nature ~ in the form of an inner quietude ~ is a well spring of knowledge & information. It surpasses the rational mind by a long shot in its efficiency & speed at resolution, knowing, how to proceed, etc…all that is required is to set aside some time for receptivity ~ calming tranquil waters that express & articulate the most wondrous gifts of inspiration & sageness. Wisdom for our living ~ practical & spiritual 🙂

The more we take conscious liveliness to hear our inner voice ~ the more natural & johnny~on~the~spot it becomes. We hear it, know it, receive it, & follow in suit ~ grateful for this enthroned inner present.

Clear as a bell we become. The rewards are endless…


Love Yourself

It is our responsibility to ourselves ~ on our evolutionary path ~ to issue loving care towards ourselves. Not expecting it from anyone ~ we gift ourselves ~ as the basis for all love.

This is both inwardly with thoughts of love & compassion ~ as well as outwardly taking care of our bodies ~ & nurturing our dreams ~ our passions. We heal our wounds in holy self devotion as we cleanse & remove them with a surplus of our mending love.

Self care is at the forefront of  growth & transformation. Follow through with self care daily.

See if any area of your life ~ mental ~ emotional ~ physical ~ spiritual needs some TLC. Often one area is needing some balance ~ apply attentive loving care. Be generous with self care ~ value yourself enough to pamper ~ indulge yourself in heartfelt considerate & benevolent ways.

Administer appreciation & affection for yourself as yourself


Blessings of All that is yours!!! 🙂

Grace upon your Ascension path!

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!!!

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