Cat Nippin’ ` Cat Trippin’



Samantha Pearl ~ peacock high priestess. Lickin’ those lips after some catnip trippin’


⊕Cat Nippin’ ‘ Cat Trippin’⊕

ς Lip Lickin’ ς

↑ Taste buds kickin’ ↓



The inspiration behind this post is to just have a laugh, let down our hair, toss our cares to the wind, see the lighter brighter side of things, and take time to just laugh and be silly.

 I had to create a blog post and poem after much observation of Samantha Pearl “turning it out” while on a cat nip high and all the accompanying fun loving antics. Then ideas surfaced to incorporate a peacock feather and its symbolism, the 42 Laws of Ma’at and more….

What better than our pets to light the way towards a light heart, more fun, and taking the time to play and enjoy. If you have followed my blog posts than you know our beloved rescue kitty, Samantha Pearl, serves as not only a blessed teacher but also as a muse for many blog posts. 



Laugh our way through the “illusions”



Balance is key to living in universal cosmic order.

Take frequent dives into humor ~ see the funnier lighter side of your everyday life.

Be silly and childlike ~ remember when just about everything made you laugh! Explore this in ways that feel right to you as health conscious maintenance so you can release and let go ~ allow burdens to fall away as you see them for what they are ~ illusory. 

Watch comedians performing live or on video, watch a funny movie, Google funny jokes and see what comes up.



Famous Quotes:

Earth laughs in flowers. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Even the gods love jokes — Plato

God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh. — Voltaire



Φ I open to see the humor in everyday life

Φ I allow myself frequent belly laughs

Φ I live with a light heart, mind, and body



♥Samantha Pearl♥ #newearthkitty

If you have been following my blogs, then you may be familiar with our beloved rescue kitty, Samantha Pearl ~ who serves frequently as a muse for many blog posts. I refer to her as the #newearthkitty as she holds the ideals of a perfect new world infused with unconditional love, unity, peace, and Oneness. 

Here, I have Samantha Pearl adorned in peacock feathers. On our screened in patio we have a peacock feather which has been there several years that she often loves to play with. This helped tie the imagery and concept together. It was not a far stretch then to imagine her on a cat nip buzz swirling around in another world as a high priestess adorned in peacock attire.

Every now and then ~ typically a celebratory moment (and just to celebrate life itself) we give Samantha Pearl cat nip. Like most cats, she loves to rub on it, chew it, do a lil’ cat nip dance, and really get into it.

Peacock Symbolism:

“The peacock is a symbol of immortality because the ancients believed that the peacock had flesh that did not decay after death. … This symbol of immortality is also directly linked to Christ.”

“Peacocks relate symbolically to the following  ~ Vision, Royalty, Spirituality, Awakening, Guidance, Protection, & Watchfulness. In Greco-Roman mythology the Peacock tail has the “eyes” of the stars. In Hinduism, the Peacock is associated with Lakshmi who represents patience, kindness and luck.”

“It is believed that a peacock (sometimes a pair of peacocks) stands guard at the entrance to the Gates of Paradise. In Buddhist iconography, peacocks are symbols of wisdom.”


Honor the Animal Kingdom:

Please remember to be kind and loving to all the animals we walk and share the planet with. When possible, open your heart and home to a rescue pet (s), volunteer at an animal shelter, provide donations to animal shelters in the form of financial assistance and or donating in good condition “used”  home goods that they can use, such as towels, blankets, bowls, etc…

ΩBless the animals

ΩBless our pets

⇒Animals are sacred wisdom keepers that we owe much to↵


Ancient Kemetic Spiritual Life:

42 Laws of Ma’at

Within the wisdom teachings of  Ma’at ~ through her 42 Principles of living a Divine life ~ we see she has included “I will not mistreat animals.”

So, over 4,000 years ago, animals were valued and were not for humans to mistreat.


Beloved Ma’at:

Ma’at was both the Goddess and the personification of truth and justice. Her ostrich feather represents truth. Maat or Maʽat (Egyptian mꜣꜥt /ˈmuʀʕat/) refers to the ancient Egyptian concepts of truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice.”

“The Goddess Ma’at, in mythological terms, was the daughter of the Sun God Ra and the sister of the Air God Shu. Her husband, the Moon God, is known as Thoth”

“Ma’at ruled everything, which made her a very busy goddess. Every day she helped Ra to steer his boat across the sky, making a path for the sun. She was the partner of Thoth and the mother of the eight deities known as the Chief Gods and Goddesses of Hermopolis.”

⇒During the sacred days of Ancient Kemet ~ Egypt when one arose in the morning they would read Ma’at’s 42 principles stating with each one “I will not…” ~ and then while retiring during the evening would read them again stating “I did not…” Even today those that follow the Kemetic spiritual practices also follow these laws ~ Blessed Ma’at provides  practical, moral, and righteous laws of conduct that are applicable to all of us today←



Enter the World of a Catnip Buzz:

φAppropriate vid below to watch before reading Cat Nippin’ ‘ Cat Trippin’φ

∇flowerific ~ where all life is in bloom ~ in the magical garden∇



⇓Ready?……cat nip is now being served…⇓


⊕Cat Nippin’ ‘ Cat Trippin’⊕

ς Lip Lickin’ ς

↑ Taste buds kickin’ ↓


 got my lip’s lickin’

taste buds kickin’

took me a lil’ dip

cat nippin’

now goin’ on a crazy trip

got some pips in the mix

cats got the bag of tricks

doin’ a lil’ side steppin’

on a mission

 out passed the edging

magic to the magician

no conditions

 got my lip’s lickin’

taste buds kickin’

no mind guessin’

gettin’ a fixin’

ain’t no resistin’

light through the prism

in my Spirit ~ Holy vision

I’ll take another snippet ~ for the tippet

just some twitchin’ and sniffin’

my condition is slippin’

my lips are nippin’

I am just zippin’

goin’ over tippin’

 got my lip’s lickin’

taste buds kickin’

 some wiggin’ ~ some flippin’

 that sweet

cat nippin’ tippin’

I am totally trippin’

got me some lip smackin’

 tail waggin’

not  braggin’ ~ I am swaggin’

 got my lip’s lickin’

taste buds kickin’

no time for chattin’ ~ let’s get crackin’

this buzz has got me thinkin’

cats reign sippin’ with a eye a winkin’

gonna set myself free

olive tree ~ master key

gonna ascend ~ like Jesus ~ count to three

holy trinity ~ my divinity

 got my lip’s lickin’

taste buds kickin’

Goddess lives ~ where the cat is

Gonna be Brahmin high ~ Atman sky

so rad ~ never gonna die

 got my lip’s lickin’

taste buds kickin’

catchin’ ~ a cat thing

cat ching ~ cha ching

feelin’ like a queen

swing swing swing

eternal spring ~ on the upswing

 got my lip’s lickin’

taste buds kickin’

endorphins blastin’

rockin’ the scratchin’

cat nippin’ in action

lip dashin’

lip flashin’

lip lickin’

ying yang on a fling

thrashin’ ~ hash taggin’

 on the brink

no time to think

everything is passin’

things are just amassin’

flappin’ ~ lap slappin’

jammin’ spanin’

rappin’ to the hatchin’

 got my lip’s lickin’

taste buds kickin’

rub my belly

life’s a cherry

 this cat buzz

is gonna be lastin’

don’t wanna come down

gonna need a rebound

on the resound

 got my lip’s lickin’

taste buds kickin’

cat nippin’

cat trippin’

goin’ in for the chillin’

slippin’ into the dippin’

taken this ship shippin’

cat nippin’

cat trippin’

gonna send out some wishin’

with a whole lotta kissin’

all be livin’

with some dippin’

in the cat nippin’




◊♥◊ Blessings of many laughs on our journey…awakening with a smile and a giggle

∞May our hearts be light each day as we play and remember our innocence in the Kingdom of God∞

ΞMay we all be dippin’ in the cat nippin’

⇒ Blessings for our pets & all the animals we share the planet with

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Have a blessed day!

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