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⇒Mirror Affirmations⇐

⇑Empower Up⇑



The inspiration for this blog post is to offer a mirror practice that consists of positive affirmations to uplift and direct the awareness towards the truth of our existence ~ to the truth of our soul nature. This is in conjunction with simultaneously looking into a mirror and accessing and experiencing our divine power.

This is a practice that is highly effective to do first thing in the morning as well as any other time. I will outline the simple steps and some affirmations to use. Add your own affirmations and wording to suit your own specific makeup and areas that you want to heal, expand, and experience in your life.



I initially posted this in my Bridge to the Divine group on Facebook ~ a place for healing and awakening.

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Mirror Affirmations How To:

Mirror affirmations are a tool to connect in with your soul light and activate this presence in your awareness.

Procedure: While in front of the mirror (as close as possible) (no tv, music, etc…on) look deeply and straight on into your eyes. Do not look away. Connect in with yourself. Invite (say out loud or silently) your God Presence to be revealed and encountered. Stay looking deeply into your eyes with pauses of silence and just experience ~ this can be Very powerful. When you feel your own power do not be swayed, continue a few more times. We are connecting in with our Higher true Self as Spirit through our physical form without getting caught up in our form ~ yet honoring and blessing it. Next, while connecting and eye gazing say the following affirmations on the list below  ~ add to the list, and create ones that resonate with you.

You can also place your hands on your heart while practicing mirror affirmations and eye gazing.


This practice is a good tool to retrain all the negative thought patterns and beliefs the mind has succumbed to and replaced it with an honoring and resurrecting of the Divine Self. 


⇒Mirror Affirmations⇐

⇑Empower Up⇑


I am a being of divine light and love
I am a perfect creation of God
In no moment am I separated from God ~ In all moments I am connected to God
I allow my life to be directed by my Higher Self
My heart is open and connected to the One Cosmic heart
My mind is open and connected to the One Cosmic mind
I am adorable and beautiful
I love and honor myself
I see and feel my true Self and allow my divinity to flow through me
I am strong, healthy, and empowered
My beloved and I are One
I allow my gifts and talents to fully surface to bless my life and serve others
I allow love to replace my fears
Only love and God are real
I am grounded to Mother Gaia and surrender to her love, nurturing, and wisdom
My ego voice is silenced as I listen within to the truth of my soul and speak there of
I am the purity, abundance, and sacredness of God
I am God incarnate
I shine brilliantly like the sun and attune to the magic of the universe with the moon
I activate within my heart my Divine Presence to be made manifest in my consciousness and live through my form
I allow my physical form and consciousness to transform into the new way of being
There are many more affirmations that can be added. Add affirmations that are the positive reflection and victory of areas you would like to see and experience in your life. Let me know which ones you particularly resonated with and ones that you add. 

⇒May our mirror reflect back to us the truth of who we are⇐

ξBlessings of awakening and knowing fully your God Self!

∞May our vision be attuned to the Christ Vision∞

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Have a blessed day!

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