Being in your Body: 7 easy steps

Being in Your Body *wholeness *wellness

ΞBeing in your BodyΞ

⇒Anchoring for Healing↵

7 easy steps!


ΞBeing in your bodyΞ ~ <anchoring and healing>

In this blog post I will share with you some tools in the toolbelt that have helped me unite and coordinate awareness within my body. You will feel less scattered and be more rooted in your being with greater awareness and for greater healing. With disciplined application and practice, these So simple techniques will become part of your daily conscious living.

We all know being out in nature, physically connecting with the Earth, and meditation are primo connectors to being in our body, however, I was guided to some techniques that I have begun to incorporate that will also help you to be more in tune with your body. These simple practices can be done from the comfort of your home. I will share with you some tips and practical applications that have helped me to become more present in my body. These are easy to do steps that anyone can implement. If you need some direction with being more centered within your body, then this blog post is for you and I will teach you what I have learned.


Lightkeepers ~ Balance ~ Being Anchored 

It is a delicate balance being consciously present in our body and not being attached to it. However we need to first be fully present in our body! Be anchored so you don’t drift!

Many lightkeepers with their keen sensitivity and heightened sense of knowing Earth is not their true home often have a tendency to “jump” out of their body. This is due to a knowing that the body is not our natural state and there can be a pulling to somehow try to regain the preferred and natural state of being pure spirit. This “jumping” out may have been going on for many years and is so automatic that one can be completely unaware of it, yet feel the discord of not being fully present in the body. So we need to correct this as our body is our vehicle to make great evolutionary leaps in our consciousness expansion. We need to be integrated with our body and anchored fully in it as we walk our ascension path. Unity will be experienced within our human vessel.

Do you find that you are often not in your body? That your awareness is typically somewhere else other than in your body? Feeling a bit scattered and all over the place with no anchoring point? Do you find your awareness tends to be more ethereal in nature and not so present on the physical plane?

Being present in my body has been an area I have had to focus on and bridge. Spontaneously in a meditation some super simple techniques came to me that do not require much time. They serve as an ally to remedy body conscious awareness which can be practiced daily in practically any space.

Benefits of Being in your body:

⊆ Better integration, assimilation. and anchoring of the Light

⊆ Greater healing can take place (mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical)

⊆ The clearing work (releasing the old) rewards become more evident and more space is allowed to bring in and maintain the Higher aspects of Self

⊄Greater clarity

⊄Cohesive mind, body, spirit wholeness and wellness

Being fully in your body may help reduce binge eating, open channels of abundance, and help open chakras for optimal functioning.

Follow the recommendations in this post to be more present in your body with less headspace reactionary responses and have a more centered peaceful demeanor.


Here I am sharing with you some things you can do on a daily basis to connect in more with your body for anchoring and healing in 7 easy steps.


Here are 7 steps to practice every day:

Start the day honoring yourself and being grounded in your body

Below are step by step actions I received to follow. They are beyond simple, however, with conscious intention to heal and ground they offer a profound influence. Anyone can practice these steps and it does not require much time to complete.

Do this practice before working out, before meditating, and before showering.

Do not have any jewelry on.

Items needed: a towel or yoga mat

  1. As close to awakening in the morning as possible sit on the floor (use a towel or yoga mat if desired). It is best to be partially dressed, a towel around you, or completely nude. While sitting on the floor cross your legs with your palms up on your thighs. Do not stand ~ sit on the floor preferably~ if you can’t sit on the floor then in a chair or on a sofa is fine. Do this before you shower and if you exercise in the morning do this before your exercise routine. It is best to be in silence ~ no tv or music on ~ have your phone and all devices in another space ~ tuning only into yourself. Stay warm in a quiet atmosphere. Be in a well lit room with as much natural light streaming in as possible.

2) Subtle conscious movements: begin with some light stretches and neck rolls. Do not work out (if you work out then follow after completing the grounding exercises) this is about conscious awareness coordinated with subtle body movements. Proceed with light massages beginning at the crown and slowly working your way down the body ~ crown, neck, chest, arms, back, hip and stomach regions, legs, and last at feet. Pay particular attention to body areas “asking” for more massage and gentle touching. As you relax and attune you will naturally stay at certain body areas longer than others. You will become aware of how very powerful your hands are and your sense of touch.

3) Eye contact: make eye contact with your body. Do not close your eyes. Really look ~ lovingly ~ at your body without judgement. On areas you don’t like stay observant and do not judge or label. Be in a place of complete acceptance. Fully surrender. Just experience.

4) Heart energy work: place both hands on your heart → within yourself speak to your body and tell your body truthfully in your own words how much you love it and thank it for being with you in this lifetime. Ask your body to let you know if it needs anything. Let your body know you are listening to it and that you will provide for its requests. Keep a notepad or journal ~ and pen handy to write what you hear and receive. Offer gratitude to your body and openly express this gratitude.

5) Sit in the stillness and quiet. Pull your focus in your body. Stay in this quiet space with inward direction as long as needed.

6) Now stand up and come off the towel or mat. Walk slowly around the space you are in with awareness drawn to your feet. With each slow conscious step focus on your feet and the movement of your feet. You will be surprised how aware you become of  the parts of your feet that move constituting each step and then each next step. Walk in a slow pace like manner. Whether you are in a small space or a large space walk back and forth ~ use the space completely from wall to wall and side to side. At first it will feel odd to walk with such deliberation in a slow even pace, however, you will become acclimated to it. Walk with continued slow conscious steps for several minutes while in total awareness of your feet. You will also be more aware of how your body moves in simple walking actions that are performed daily. Deep gratitude and admiration for the masterful design and functioning of your body will also become apparent. After your conscious walking is complete offer silent gratitude.

7) Last I recommend a shower or a bath. I have found it is best to practice this before a shower, however, if you shower first then it is best to get this practice in regardless. Getting in the shower (or bath) seals in this practice and offers a second wave of body conscious awareness. You will feel different after completing this practice and then showering as opposed to just getting in the shower. There is a distinct difference.


Guided Sessions:

If you feel you need more assistance with Being in Your Body then contact me for a one on one  Being in Your Body session.  I will address your specific concerns and needs to help you be more anchored within your physical vessel. You will experience more of the present moment, a sense of wholeness, and connect more with yourself, others, and the world around you. Being in Your Body individual sessions are a 20 minute online Zoom session.  

At the onset of the sessions I invite the Holy Spirit and Archangel Raphael to over light the session and to bless you with stabilizing your awareness within your body. Then we will address your personal area that your would like to become more whole and present in.  A $35.00 donation into my PayPal account covers the session. You select the day and time for the session.

Blessings! Love & Light always!

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⊕Blessings of Being more integrated within your body⊕

§Blessings of being more present in your daily life!

♥Blessings of wholeness and wellness♥

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