ΞSeptember Interlude ⇔Passing Through⇔

ΞSeptember InterludeΞ

⇔Passing Through⇔


September Interlude: the onset of Autumn





September always ushers in a churning within where the tides change. The summer sun fades rearing its head a few more times, yet giving way to the autumn sun that peeks here and there of its coming presence. A passage of time that feels very transitory ~ neither this nor that. A passing though of one door to leave the past behind and enter anew.

The inspiration for this blog post is to connect in deeply with the whispers, nudging, transference of energy experienced when tapping into September. A symbol of motion moving yet being ever still.

A changing of the guards as the tide begins to sing an Autumn tune. A favorite time of year!

September is a once again ~ a once more into what is to be and shows it signs for all eyes to see.



Latin septem- meaning “seven,” is the ninth month of the year.

What does September mean?

According to the original Roman republican calendar, September was the seventh month of the year rather than the ninth. The Roman calendar was only 10 months long and included the following months: Martius, Aprilis, Maius, Junius, Quintilis, Sextilis, September, October, November, and December.

The last six months were assigned names according to their ordinal numbers. Quintilis is the fifth month, Sextilis is the sixth month, and so on. September, as you can see, was the seventh month.



Autumn is feminine from the Latin word autumnus meaning fall

She gives all to all



Homemade GIF above is from a compilation of various digital art works I created

The digital art work in the center is from a photo session with Maria Scozarri and the bottom one is from an engagement photo session.




Songs about September: Music for the Season


Earth, Wind, and Fire: September

 Neil Diamond: September morn

Willie Nelson: September Song

James Taylor: September Grass


ΞSeptember InterludeΞ

⇔Passing Through⇔


“..a spiced saffron sun ~ melts and rolls into the ether ~  rising to signal the changing of the seasons”



ΞSeptember InterludeΞ

⇔Passing Through⇔


September Interlude

Passing through

the summer song fades

the last remnants turn to shade

a new season now to come into

early morning across the lake

dipped in the sunlight dew

thoughts and impressions turn to becoming an autumn view

first the churn begins from within

each time this year again and again

September’s breath warm like flannel soft ~ inviting too

it’s a waiting, an anticipating, a moving through

reflection sets it as the heart reviews

September Interlude

Passing through

the veil becomes thin

soon equal day and night

September’s blessing of eternal light

 heaven remembered

hear it in the children’s laughter

listen to the children for they know the life after

this is September we now have entered

 amber glow shimmers in the body down through each toe

  a dab of vanilla on my wrist

oatmeal on the stove

all about our cozy sacred cove

a life cycle ~ a biology

nothing comes, yet everything goes

gather what is in the fields, soon all will pass

September Interlude

Passing through

reds oranges and yellows dance in gold mystical delight

leaves with painted on colors

holy prepared on deciduous trees

gentle yet known

riding on a slightly cooler breeze

maples and birches begin to cast off to the September skies

all must turn and be reborn

the eyes of the soul become baptized

deciduous people take to the moment

shedding all the old to reinvent

be ever near Holy Spirit ~ giver of the atonement

September Interlude

Passing through

a spiced saffron sun

melts and rolls into the ether

 rising to signal the changing of the seasons

transitory ~ times sweeps to eternity anchored in God’s glory

rows of pumpkin stretch beyond my mind

fruits become ripened in misty twine

the winds gather in crackling magic

sprinkled on the earth ecstatic

breathe in the blossom and the enigmatic

September Interlude

Passing through

garnering and gathering

crops ripe for the picking

fields of corn and hearty stews

 tastes of caramel treats kiss the lips

root vegetables, grains, and seasonal fruit

come to the surface to meet and greet

the harvest reaping where sowers collect

alongside the harvest bright full moon

silvery light swings motioning direct

 the pandit chants a Chandra swoon

stardust travels bringing the bride to the groom

everything arranged in advance

under the stars shall we dance?

September Interlude

Passing through

moments become still

listen, attune, trust ~ all is turning

 hand harvesting

stretches across the lands

the lamb of God ~ Christ

fullness, completion, the resurrection

altar to the ram

I am all that I am

a new beginning, a new path

walk with September

at Her center remember

pass through

gather, assemble, and get together

September advances with new treasure



⊕Autumn Prelude⊕

“…in a lover’s heart autumn enchants ~ darlings hold each other forever in a trance.”


⊕Autumn Prelude⊕


Autumn sighs brings a new surprise

nature’s valley transcends

newness for those that go within

the golden honey sun

Holy Spirit all in one

sync to autumn’s step

  leaves rustle trail out a path

follow to enter where the unknown becomes the math

no doubt miracles will be shown

God’s grace shower from Thy throne

the path be aware note you are not alone

true sight be open with Christ knowing

through cedar and spark

 unicorns make themselves known

beside apple orchards lush with taste divine

banjo mountain music apple cider all around

cloves all spice cinnamon dance

in a lover’s heart autumn enchants

darlings hold each other forever in a trance

seasonal blessings thankful and sweet

the humblebee and abundance the harvest reap

 the bighorn sheep lay at the master’s feet

autumn’s winds move to favor

sisters and brothers knock without waver

open the door ~ look down!

God’s above now below

autumn manna windswept

bounty arrives at the doorstep



⊕May September blessings be upon us to illuminate, awaken, and heal!⊕

§Blessings of the Autumn winds and harvest moon to shine abundance, plenty, joy, and peace into our lives!

♥Blessings of wholeness and wellness♥

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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