Spring: On a January Morn #catchthebuzz

**Catch the buzz… ~~the cosmic bee~~

℘Spring: On a January Morn

∞bumble and hum in winged form

⊆Catch the Buzz




I hope everyone’s new year 2021 is starting off great!

Oh, what the morning can bring

The inspiration behind this poem and imagery happened exceptionally spontaneously on what seemed like a pretty typical Sunday morning. While viewing the morning sky and outdoor scene from our lanai doors, my eye was drawn to a bee close by buzzing around the plants just outside the door. Bee’s are generally more active during the warmer weather and summer months ~ even for South Florida. Okay, so perhaps not the most unusual of events, however, revelatory was the moment. It just was. In that instant I locked into something that wanted to get my attention and speak to me. I could feel it deeply and it just sort of happened.

Ordinary Changes

Sometimes the ordinary ~ or somewhat ordinary ~ becomes extraordinary when we zone into it and allow the meaning, symbolism, and or message to communicate to us. Often it is when we least expect it, seemingly coming out of nowhere when we are just going about our life. Hand crafted with great care and organized by the Divine for each of us are these ongoing daily “hello’s” from Spirit. When we stop to look, listen, and receive then on goes the switch and here comes a showering of inspiration, soul connection, and perhaps even a miracle or two!

Answers and inspiration right in front of us.

The bee turns out to be a cosmic bee buzzing out a message born out of the gracing of its presence. It really spoke to me and carried me on wings of inspiration on a cold (yes, even for S. Florida), pale, winter morning in the month January. Buzzes like Morse code tapped out a rhythm representing a bee to be viewed at an abstract level. Highly noted is the “promise of spring” and spring in all its symbolic references. It was a reminder to honor each moment, pay attention, cycles and changes of season, hold onto hope, and to be open to what wants to come through.



℘Spring: On a January Morn

∞bumble and hum in winged form

⊆Catch the Buzz

On a January morn

something new was to be born

kneeling to view the pale still sky

all seemed the same yet something new knocked at the core

in comes a breeze riding a chill

traveling from the opened lanai door

my eyes gazed down at the plant snuggled outside

I saw a bee

the bee spoke of spring

spring, could it be on a January morn?

the bee did its thing

buzzing around the plant to see what it might bring

I listened with my eyes

the scene spoke to me with nothing to hide

I listened with my heart ~ ear to the ground

without words the meaning came through

the bee to the plant

the rhythm, the rhyme, speaking out of time

the bee to pollinate the soul

a buzz ~ a humming what is whole

in quiet wonder I watched

the bee ~ here now at daybreak

the moment contained what is to awake

it all came together

like a destined handshake

   the way only the Maker can make

spring on a January morn

bumble and hum in winged form

though it be a winter sojourn

I take comfort to know

the bee, its message, its buzzing about

the Earth’s axis to tilt towards the sun is surely to sprout

the moment spelled it all out

spring on a January morn

bumble and hum in winged form

the wind changes direction

winter shakes off its haze

winter slumber opens its eyes to the infinite skies

  the old dies and the new positions itself to arise

the bee like a kite

free to fly, yet tied to a string made of honey

whirring and scuttle ~ here on Sunday

the buzz of the bee like laughter

 that rumbles and tumbles

catch the buzz to receive the answer

Oh, cosmic bee you have helped me to see

spring on a January morn

bumble and hum in winged form

behind Earth’s curtains the seers wait patiently

soon the earth Mother to reveal her fruit

who climbs the sacred tree and hears Krishna’s flute?

the queen bee, yes, your majesty!

spring on a January morn

bumble and hum in winged form

Oh, morning bee thank you for reminding me

first, new, laying down of thorns

the bee buzzes ~ no fooling around

so much realized on a January morn

gratitude and gifts

bumble and hum in winged form

how was I to know all this from paying preview to the sky?

from the sky, to the bee, to the plant

to what it revealed inside of me

Yes, come spring

on this January morn

the bee so perfect

the tears of the Sun God Ra

birth, death, resurrection

all goes according to plan

all becomes reborn

Yes, come spring

on this January morn


Blessings of the bee!

Blessings of many a magical morning!

Hold onto Spring and being reborn!

♥Blessings of inspiration and revelations!!

◊Happy Healthy 2021!

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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