Popsicle Blue

*^*^*when the skies are popsicle blue…

¶Popsicle Blue¶



The inspiration for this blog post is for us to enliven beautiful childhood memories………the sights, the smells, the colors, the sounds, the tastes, the people, places, and things that take us into that world where our steps were innocent and where wonder was in the forefront of almost everything.


ΞThe Magic of childhoodΞ

Rejuvenating those happy timeless childhood memories help us to slow down, to take it easy, to rekindle a feeling most of us desire to hold as a keepsake into our current lives.

The magical world we naturally entertained in our youth can be revived and incorporated within activities and perspectives we engage in now ~ swirling in our awareness, warming our heart, as it softens daily life and helps attune us to a fresh new relaxed way of moving and being about.


♥Where the heart goes…

Certain childhood memories stir a heat heart sun feeling ~ a wash of peace, of Awe, that all is well, and that we are completely taken care of.



⇑Popsicle Blue⇓

When the skies turn a certain blue, I am taken back to my days of youth. That world dances before me and a blessed over lighting echoes each memory. It’s a specific blue, it speaks magic, wonder, and a sense of reverence. I have likened it and called it popsicle blue. Willingly I intermingle into its captivating spell.

Nothing to do but laugh and have fun ~ remember! Popsicle blue reminds me this can be true even now. It’s a feeling we can bring into our responsibilities while offering ourselves a ease and flow. Have you ever noticed when you relax, laugh and are light hearted with a eagerness to “play” that new insights, ideas, solutions organically come into your awareness? We are actually attuning to a universal divine flow that we are opening up to so we will be guided as we let go of mind jabber. We can uncomplicate ourselves and move away from what we have habitually fallen into that ushers an unnatural state. Blessed is the child and the child like ~ and the innocent of heart, as they know a natural system of ease and Grace.



Close your eyes, quiet the mind, let everything go for a while….and recollect those tender childhood recalls that bring a smile across your face and in the heart. Reminisce and see what comes up ~  holidays and family gatherings, who were you and what were you like ~ what brought you immense joy?, what was your room like? ~  what did play represent for you? ~ what was a day like? Take it all in, cherish the memories that glow your heart! Experience the allure of childhood all over again!

May the wonderment of childhood fill our lives once again! 


¶Popsicle Blue¶


When the skies

are popsicle blue

memories recall

freedom days of youth

board games

cup cakes and pizza

a signature fondue

running free

in the yard

hide n’ seek

the streets

kick ball

neighborhood friends

we gather and play

until dusk

we stay


Mom calls us away

time to come in

the dinner table is dressed

we eat as a family

thankful and blessed

school in the morning

get a good nights rest


sneak around a little

just a little test

imagination so fruitful

no need to rest

cereal box, pop tarts

the way to start

rise to shine

the world is mine

popsicle blue

childhood in rhythm

nothing to do

pages just turn

born again anew

seasons blossom

good times

not forgotten

snow cones in Summer

candy canes in Winter

whether swimming or sledding

it was all for the winning

the pets that we had

the house I grew up in

the back patio

BBQs, July 4th, a wonderous breeze

 tall majestic trees


I am there

the observer

offers a prayer

memories fall

like the change of leaves

flowers in spring

dogwood pink blooms

like a carnival

and a swing

so much room

when the skies

are popsicle blue

no time exists

it is just is

with a chocolate kiss

Elvis and sideburns

my Dad did it too

long flowing hair

my Mom had it too

home and youth

comfort and Grace

when all was in place

when the skies

are popsicle blue

I take

walks around the block

when there was no

tick of the clock

Popsicle Blue

you are my heart

a child of innocence

 all was wide open

no differences

all was in synthesis

the sound of the ice cream truck

rolling on in

meant everything

we would rush

Good Humor

don’t worry

I will remember to brush

Oh that feeling

popsicle blue

the sky reminds me

it could be renewed

popsicle blue

when all is magical



smooth rowing

giggles and laughs

because we understood

the true meaning of living

a child

no agenda

just breathing

and giving

in a Eden

alive and speaking

I am going back


popsicle blue

wanna join me too?

popsicle blue

where the heart lives

drenched in youth


Blessings of  Popsicle Blue!===========

Blessings of living in the light of knowing true innocence!

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Have a blessed day!

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