The 22nd Day ~ at the 22nd hour

^Samantha Pearl^ ~ **receiving Heavens Vision ~ the Vision of Christ** on the 22nd day 🙂


**The 22nd Day**

at the 22nd hour


Samantha Pearl #newearthkitty

◊Our beloved rescue kitty serving as our daily muse◊

Samantha Pearl often serves as a muse for my digital art and poems. Her extraordinary, uncanny, natural, and pure way of showing me to live as she lives. The moment, the truth, no veils, authentic, compassion, seeing with eyes of love, honoring of Self, carefree, detached yet loving, freedom, playful, the magical in plain sight, connection to nature, the knowing, and the visions.

Not just a companion ~ a wisdom keeper! Thank you Samantha Pearl!



The inspiration for this blog post, which came rather spontaneously, is centered around exchanging our current vision of our selves, our lives, our bodies, our minds, our living, our relations, our circumstances, our encounters, our world, all of creation, for another vision. Heavens vision. **The Vision of Christ**

A full surrendering: a committed letting go worries, cares, concerns, etc…in exchange for a better vision. For a heightened vision that serves our lives as they were truly meant to be, wrapped in wings of joy exalt.

The 22nd is a reference to the moment, today being the 22nd, yet it could be any moment, and yet it is this moment. A double digit making it more powerful, more real, more tangible, more here to experience. A master number so that we may master our selves.


Seeing with the eyes of heaven

Receiving the vision of heaven

Living out the vision of heaven

Here on Earth



I encourage you to look within and ascertain ~ discover, what perceptions are clouding your blue sky. I am doing this as well. Behind the clouds lay the infinite blue sky ~ the eternal sun  shining. Clouds are transient. What is real? Let’s find what is within us that has nothing to do with anything, yet we continue to hold on to ~ our clouds.

Laydown all weapons ~ our clouds.

Let’s let it go………really let it go.

The stillness, the quiet, the projection of a rainbow or two ~ of fertile green land, flowers that surround, the air immersed in savory magic, of harmony with Self and sisters and brothers, a peace saturated in our hearts and minds. a love glorified within that leads us continuously to our holy directive ~ our holy occasion again and again.

The life we desire and are meant to live reside within us and come to fruition when we let go of our clouds and take up our blue sky. Let’s let it all go……….and ride our winds of divine destiny.

The Divine watch, and wait, to see who might be so bold. Who might take a dare. Who might open to the True Self.

Blessings of no clouds!


Birds as metaphors and symbols

Often I use birds within my poems to serve as metaphors and symbols. So amazing are birds! I wrote a poem a while ago on being a bird called “Oh, To be a Bird.” Here is the link if you would like to read it:

Oh, To be a Bird!





**The 22nd Day**

at the 22nd hour



The 22nd day

at the 22nd hour

I visited the crow’s nest

to lay it all to rest

 all that was

so nothing was left

I looked up

 to be lifted

to be refreshed

for new definitions ~ new expressions

to receive a revelation

for new chapters highly blessed

I opened myself


with nothing to possess

carried on wings

of the goldcrest

king of the birds

I said

“clothe me

with you I am dressed”

Mother bird comes to

holding me close

glory upon Her breast

Father bird flies by


bringing me a gift

 of the eternal grand

the 22nd day

at the 22nd hour

I let it all fall

no walls

down ~ the uninstall

a halt to all that is false

crumbling like a tower

all was released

feathery ~ set free

bearing new eyes to see

in the 22nd hour

of the 22nd day

this is what

came my way

 golden rays rise

high tide jubilee

moving what is to be

dust turn to a new dawn

born inside of me

the waking

mounting for the taking

breaking of day

all becomes play

an heir to the vision

all becomes rewritten

a new star birthed

Heaven on Earth

just ask the goldcrest

and receive the invest

heaven’s seeing

a venture for the seeking

ride this

be amongst the foreseeing

without delay

this 22nd day

a holy encounter

at the 22nd hour



Blessings of the 22nd day!

Blessings of receiving Heavens vision!

**May all experience the Vision of Christ**

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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