Bridge to the Divine ~ Healing Sessions

Bridge to the Divine ~ Healing! 🙂

Bridge to the Divine

⊕Healing Sessions⊕

♥Holy Spirit Directed♥


Love and Light Greetings

Bridge to the Divine healing sessions:

I have been guided to offer energetic healing services to those that are interested. Healing in any form ~ *physical, *mental, *emotional…*spiritual. You decide the healing area. I myself have also been on a healing journey. I am at a point where I have been led to share some gifts.

Here is some info on the healing sessions that I provide ~ they last ½ hour and are scheduled typically via Zoom conferencing (other video conferencing calls are available). Around 10~15 minutes of the session I go into a meditation prayer invoking the Divine for you to bring focused energy on the area of healing you have requested ~ the remaining time you can ask me questions.

I serve only as a  Bridge to the Divine and receive the energetic vibration and word of the Holy Spirit serving as a conduit for the healing.



I was very happy with Leslie Sue‘ s Process and result. Her connection and access to the Masters was such a pleasure to experience indeed ,thank you! ~ regards LM

I would like to thank you Leslie for a wonderful amazing session you offered. I was just more curious to see if such a session was meaningful and to my delight, I was amazed by a very relatable guidance that came through and many thanks for all the love and light!! ~ SD


To sign up for a Bridge to the Divine healing session please make a donation to my PayPal account and contact me via email to schedule an appointment.

Email contact:

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Reach out to me via email if you have any questions regarding the Bridge to the Divine healing sessions.

Blessings and Healing!

Love, Leslie Sue


Blessings of Great Healing!

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