^Morning Song^ ~ +A Chance to Touch the Sun+

∝Morning Song∝

◊A Chance to Touch the Sun◊



The inspiration for this poem initially came about during the most recent late Spring and Summer months where the morning sun would blaze in my bedroom window. Literally the sun would be directly full on outside my bedroom window (not at an angle) and sweetly yet strongly would wake me up with light pouring in the room and upon my face. When I would stretch out my hand to greet the sun it was as if it was closer than close. A chance to touch the sun.

For some hours the bedroom and my office editing space directly across the hallway in similar positioning, would also be filled with a magical warm sunlight ambience. Rainbows danced and scattered on the walls from my crystals hanging from the window blinds. It was so amazing and breathtaking I would just sit in there and savor. Additionally I had been listening to a good bit of country music (which I like very much) and the poems word structure and feeling felt like a country song. With all the global occurrences with the pandemic and such, I felt these glorious mornings were a sweet refuge into the  attunement with nature singing a song of transcendence. Everything was so beautiful and magnetic in its intoxicating effect, that I felt “yeah, everything is going to be alright.”


These golden rich mornings dancing upon the trees, the land, on the peaceful lake my bedroom window looks out upon often with visiting Great White Herons, the birds in flight, the mother duck and her 5 babies, the brilliant lit infinite sky, the feel in the air, the silence speaking, the stillness of the first awakenings, ~  stirred within me glimpses of a vision to be ~ a Earth that we all dream possible and real ~ where Heaven is the blessed garden we walk upon ~ the promised land of Thy will be done. The Earth indistinguishable from the eternal realms of Heaven.


Each day closer and closer to touch the Sun

Through daily meditation and other spiritual practices we create our heaven within our own consciousness ~ within our own processing as our self responsibility ~ within our Self. A process that requires devotion, commitment, and a unrelenting drive to open and keep open the door of truth. This is our frame of reference within us that we cultivate daily. This is the song we sing within so that we will experience the divine providence reigning. The ultimate Oneness. The unified vision of Christ as Heaven on Earth ~ the song of songs.

May we all bridge paradise within and unite with Heaven as the highest place ~ the holiest place integrated and established as the wholeness of life on Earth. 



Blessed are the dreamers for they sing a song realer than the real ~ for the dreamers and the believers know of a world beyond this one ~ that will one day become this One. 

May the Light and Love of Heaven open us to a day now come.



∝Morning Song∝

◊A Chance to Touch the Sun◊

Good morning Light

Sun so bright

my day is going to be alright

good morning paradise

a nod and a wink

nothing to think

Good morning Light

Sun so bright

my day is going to be alright

sun above the tallest palm

sacred morning song

victory in front of us

Christ Love within us

Master Jesus

thank you for being with us

Mother Father God

Love Light thy rod

graceful Mother Earth

let us raise a voice

protect and honor you

our choice

Good morning Light

Sun so bright

my day is going to be alright

I look at my loves face

my heart races

everything in place

everywhere God to embrace

Good morning Light

Sun so bright

my day is going to be alright

morning spice

all the day a glow

nowhere to go

morning is heaven

seven times seven

for the telling

first light

all sits right

morning song

I have waited so long

Good morning Light

Sun so bright

my day is going to be alright

eternity is here

nothing to fear

my body rises

sunshine surprises

the sun


a new awareness

on the horizon

nothing going to divide us

Good morning Light

Sun so bright

my day is going to be alright

the sun

first thing

all awakens

this day comes

a celebration

when the morning is gone

I’ll be back around

to sing


morning song




Blessings of the Morning Song!

May each morning be a fresh start of joy, peace, an abundance of life, and lovelight eternal!

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Have a blessed day!

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