Perfect Pain ~ the light of the dark

Dark night of the soul ~ Darkness sets in…

Coming through….into full bloom 🙂


∝Perfect Pain∝




The inspiration behind this blog post is to encourage anyone who has experienced the dark night of the soul ~ or will ~ to feel as sense of encouragement and that you are not alone in your journey.


The Healing

How does one even explain this? Not sure. I am certainly not an expert on the subject, however, I can share my journey in the event it may be helpful to you or someone you know. I have put into words via a poem the closest I am able to pick up and describe what my experience into the darkness was like. Although the purification process is only complete when it is complete, there does seem to be for some a designated amount of time where darkness precipitates as a companion.

Darkness becomes highlighted so that one may face their shadow self. The shadow self is all that lays within ones consciousness that is not the Light and truth of ones own nature, yet seems to dictate ones beliefs, actions, speech ~ all areas of life and presides as a dominant force killing and covering up the life force energy. It is all the emotions, thoughts, behavioral habits, judgements of self and others, pretty much anything ego based. What needs to be rectified wholly is brought to the light of ones awareness so that it is healed, cleansed, and released.

It takes a lot to acknowledge them, sit with them ~ as they belong to your greatest fears. It hits you at the core and this is why it is you facing you. It has a personal aspect tailored to what each of us need to heal within , however, I have seen that a common across the board aspect is that it feels beyond alone, as one feels a complete absence of God ~ that is not possible but on the experiential level it sure does.

I hadn’t planned on blogging again on this topic as last February I blogged about it and shared my personal experience. However, I felt guided to present this.

Be Encouraged

I hope this will serve as encouragement to anyone that is either seemingly forced to face or chooses to face darkness deep within them so it may be resolved in the truth of the light.

Before I “suddenly” experienced my depth into the dark abyss, I “happened” to read someone posting on the dark night of the soul and  commenting on what great strength of fortitude it took to stand and say “I made it through the other side.” I thought wow she must have been through a lot as her words were so powerful. Now I understand.

Collective Evolution

Perhaps, most of us, one day, sooner or later ~ will journey into the depths of our being to bring great healing and light to dark aspects within us that have accumulated over many lifetimes. This darkness, left unhealed, are the areas in our life we feel stuck, stagnant, and  walk in miss steps over and over until they are faced. These blockages promote sadness, depression, anger, rage, disempowerment, etc….all the incorrect perceptions and behaviors that inhibit how we truly desire to live our lives. The darkness is like clouds hiding the sun. The sun within us.

If you have gone through this then you know exactly what I mean. Each situation is varied and different, however, some elements remain consistent. If you are going through this, feel free to reach out to me and I will be happy to help you in whatever way I can. It ain’t pretty and it ain’t fun and it will take all of who you are to make it through. You will! You alone must do it, no one can do it for you ~ futile to even try ~ and this becomes highly apparent. It seems to be a “natural” part of our evolution to bring us to the next level where we can, once facing all it presents, live a life closer to that which we always dreamed of.

Blessings of clearing out the darkness and living in the Light!

Blessings of Awakening!



∝Perfect Pain∝


Perfect Pain

the catalyst for change

dark night of the soul

get through

become whole

one late August day

when all seemed right

all changed

in a moment

caught in plight

darkness came knocking

on my door that day

that stayed and stayed

darker than night


like a theif in the night

I was stripped

everything ripped

Perfect Pain

the catalyst for change

dark night of the soul

get through

become whole

when the pain set in

nothing mattered anymore

nothing else existed

a blanket of darkness

a head swimming

a body laying still

everything going nowhere

scared beyond scared

I left the world for a while

months of going within

holding onto nothing

healing on a prayer and a whim

nothing in the world was the same

I was going under


not knowing how to swim

Perfect Pain

the catalyst for change

dark night of the soul

get through

become whole

no words, no company, no world

knew what I was going through

how do you explain

not knowing if your living or dying

not sure of anything

no thoughts coming through

all was blank, distorted

only darkness to face

Perfect Pain

dark night of the soul

darkness on the table

I am dying

all is unstable

only stillness within

held any ground with me

this was all I craved

and any peace before me

I went away for a while

thrown into a fiery pit

to face myself

in the dark

month after month

crawling for air

all was upside down

how could I repair?

No God resort

darkness too thick to come forth

just me

living blind

hoping to see

all changed

that late August day

all was gone

vacant inside of me

all that was known

became the unknown

completely alone

no light would shine

even the day was dark too

all became far away

nothing else remained

except my pain

I couldn’t even speak

all was shattered

there was no center

everything scattered

change became the master

Perfect Pain

dark night of the soul

my life so rearranged

dying each day

all I could do

was somehow get through

now more than a year later

I must contribute to say

holy I looked

into the inner face

nearer now

to walk with my heart

given a fresh start

though the Divine seemed nowhere to be found

behind the scenes

they watched and blessed me all around

Perfect Pain

brought me to my knees

this was the change

to help me see

what lay inside of me

Perfect Pain

I don’t need you anymore

now I live

my life

closer to the wordless heart

that beats and lives

within the circle

that never departs

Perfect Pain

your day is done

I have been taken


from the wake


to be awake


Blessings of  Healing!

Blessings of living in your light!

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Have a blessed day!

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