Every Man ~ Comes a time

Every Man ~ Comes a Time

ΞEvery ManΞ

Comes a time↵



Typically in my blog posts, I provide the inspiration behind each blog post to give my readers some preliminary information on the idea conception, development, and overall breath of the post, however, here I leave it up to each reader to interpret in whatever way feels right.



The Authentic Heart 

The more our hearts open the more our lives change. Our hearts, when we remember to listen, provide the sagest wisdom and peace eternal. Our heart openings are similar and yet different~ from person to person.  Our hearts unify, offering us collectively the same meeting place upon which to land. This meeting place speaks One language ~ the language of love anchored on holy ground .

May we all find ourselves lodged in this meeting place where our hearts speak and that’s all that matters.




The imagery for this blog post is a photo I took of a groom on his wedding day. During my wedding photography days I enjoyed photographing the groom and his groomsmen before the wedding ceremony (as well as the bride and her bridesmaids and family before her walk down the isle). Although often there was a zany buzz in the air before a wedding (tight schedules, wondering if the event trajectory was going to go as scheduled, accommodating for family and guests, the emotionality of it, etc…)  some of the best memories and real stuff goes on moments before the actual wedding ceremony begins. As a wedding photographer, it provided me a look into how both genders approach and occupy themselves during the wedding prep time. Each wedding so unique ~ always memorable 🙂 




ΞEvery ManΞ

Comes a time↵


In comes the heart

his attention drawing

the whispers

the reminders

of what has been calling

guards go down

what is real he wears as his crown

Every man comes a time

when he walks a new stride

his doubts fade like the outward tide

what rolls in is what has always been

now so clear

a love so real

his heart ~ the mirror

he sees the reflection

the direction his affection

all to his admit

his heart relationship

it follows him wherever he goes

 holding nothing back

the seed has been sown

the day becomes new

 he knows what he must do

Every man comes a time

when he walks a new stride

his doubts fade like the outward tide

what rolls in is what has always been

now so clear

a love so real

Every man comes a time

his heart his guide

true love at his side


Blessings for Every Man!

May all our hearts open more and more rendering our Truth to be known!

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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