Six Six~ Bag of Tricks

*^Samantha Pearl’s 6th birthday image*^

ςSix Sixς

∴Bag of Tricks∴

Ξbirthday number 6



♥Samantha Pearl #newearthkitty♥

⊗This post is in celebration of Samantha Pearl’s six birthday. Our beautiful rescue kitty!

Whoo ~ hoo!

⊆dedicated to all those who love animals and the pets that make our houses a home⊇



∇Six I tell you

∇A soul kiss

∇gonna be bliss

∇my birthday gift


Symbolism of the number six

Number 6 is a symbol of deep emotions and compassion as well. If you have seen number 6 somewhere, your guardian angel is trying to tell you that you are a very caring person. You give love to others and others give love back to you. For you most important is to live your life in love and harmony.

~ Wikipedia

Samantha Pearl was named after the moon (pearl ~ her second name).  Her first name, Samantha, was named after a beautiful soul with the gift of hearing the animals and has helped many animal owners on a multitude of levels who have come to her for her services spanning many decades. If you would like to find out more info on how she actually received her name, then take a visit here

How did Samantha Pearl get her name?



The Mothership has many literal meanings, symbolism, spiritual and cosmic aspects.

This post is dedicated to all those READY to get on board and who are on board.





ςSix Sixς

∴Bag of Tricks∴



Six Six

bag of tricks

in my birthday mix

gotta get me some kicks

this year gonna travel

on the Mothership

got my nails clipped

to the tip

for the trip

shaken’ my furry hip

goin’ on a air ship


to let Her rip

Six Six

bag of tricks

your gonna see

your gonna flip

the Mothership

wait till you see Her flying love ship

all you could ever want

straight from Her blessed heart

come aboard

Her spaceship

leave behind the ego trip ~ the guilt trip

Six Six

bag of tricks

Her celestial body

gonna light up the sky

ready everybody?

spacecraft flyin’ high

just stay calm

oh yeah She the bomb

royal palm ~ a psalm for Mom

Six Six

bag of tricks

star child

star kitty

gettin’ down to the nitty gritty

if you miss out

gonna be a pity

no need to buckle up

whassup ~ don’t interrupt

all systems a go

filler up

honey sweet lovin’ cup

Six Six

bag of tricks

been ready to ride for a while

gonna ride in style

oh, yeah the Mother Divine

gonna rock you pretty

this kitty’s gettin’ giddy

Six Six

bag of tricks

my birthday wish

ridin’ the Mothership

She gonna hit you up

take us to the top

Six Six

bag of tricks

funky feline divine


gonna ride the Mothership

Mother gonna turn us out

She’s the party line

everything gonna be just fine

Six Six

bag of tricks

my birthday list

me and mine

gonna leave it all behind

we goin’ sublime

Six Six

bag of tricks

my birthday dish

makin’ the switch

on the Mothership

no time to waste

blessed be the Grace

Six Six

bag of tricks

come on now

human race

get ready

we gonna live it up

on the Mothership

Six Six

bag of tricks

my birthday

packin’ up now

on my way

Six Six

bag of tricks

see you on the other side of now

chow purr

just now

my birthday meow

Six Six

bag of tricks

gettin’ my fix

aboard the Mothership

Six Six

bag of tricks

I leave you with this

my birthday kiss

Six Six

bag of tricks






ΩBlessings of gettin’ on board the MothershipΩ

⊗ Birthday blessings to all those born in the month of May⊗

∴Happy interstellar galactic travelling!

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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