Reddington ~ Pet Adoption #4everhome #catsunited

*Reddington* ^art for pet adoption^

Reddington ~ Pet Adoption

#4everhome #catsunited

South Florida Area


≅Meet beautiful Reddington. He is ready to receive his 4ever home! Here is some information on this sweet boy≅

 For more information or to meet Reddington call, text, or email Lori 954-661-0666,  


This precious boy is a truly an amazing kitty.  He is confident, kind, and loving toward humans, dogs, and other cats.  He grooms and loves on all the kitties he encounters.  He loves attention and wants to be close to you. He still likes to play but not as much as catching some sunrays while taking a cat nap.  He is a gentle cat who will be a wonderful addition to any home.  He would do fine in either an active or a quiet home and with kids of any age, dogs, and/or other cats. 

Reddington is estimated to be three to five years old and has been completely vetted and up to date on vaccines and has had a recent full panel of perfect bloodwork and a nice dental to send him along to his forever home.  He is simply a Beautiful Soul and anyone blessed with his presence will be happy.

Reddington has a bit of a travel anxiety and when in a crate in a vehicle will pant and salivate.  We have kept him in the front seat with us in a crate where he sees us during trips to the vet.  Once he gets home and settled, he is fine.  We don’t know what happened to him to cause him to have this travel anxiety or claustrophobia.  If this does not resolve he needs be in a home where he won’t need to travel much.  He will be adopted locally to a home in the South Florida area. 

For more information or to meet Reddington call, text, or email Lori 954-661-0666, 

∴Blessings for all our precious animals to secure loving 4ever homes∴


Blessings for Reddington!

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