Global Love ~ when the heart goes around

*Global Love* ~ when the hearts goes around

♥Global Love♥

♥when the heart goes around♥


⇒A world coming together⊗


∴Some personal reflections and observations on current global conditions∴

Covid ~19 has impacted all of humanity ~ one way or another.

My heart goes to those who are and have been grieving, to the families ~ friends ~ loved ones impacted, to all those playing a vital role in the forefront within the medical community ~ all those helping keep our lives supplied with necessities. My Highest heart salute for your bravery and commitment. Thank you!

Many of us have begun to treasure and be grateful for our basic necessities being met every day that were often so overlooked. Seeing ourselves, loved ones, our brothers and sisters, our world ~ through new eyes and an awakened heart.

Many of us have been going deeper within ourselves to align with the truth of our heart and our existence. Expanding our capacity for compassion, for love, for reaching out ~ footed on a more Universal perspective ~ a harmony of Oneness that can no longer be denied.

We are arising to the committed knowing and truth of a Universal thread connecting all of us ~ not just in talk but in walk ~ our hearts have been showing us how muddy and narrow our prior expressions and outlook was ~ we have been thwarted face to face to recognize and uphold a humanness that is the new platform from which we all stand. The Unity beneath the layers of illusion becoming clearer with each new breath, each new day, each new experience.

 Every day growing ~ rising Higher ~ new revelations to the left and to the right ~ bringing the light of love into our own lives ~ as the launchpad for actions, thought, speech, feelings, and integrating in God Oneness as the only standard of being toward ourselves and as our outward expressions. 

♥Love as the fluid landscape we share as humanity♥


“The LORD is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him.” Psalm 28:7


What was before

What is now

What is to come

is but One

When our hearts and minds perceive this

our destiny has come

When we are happier to leave

from where we have come

then Love has won


Can We Do It?

We must surrender to this love filled reservoir flowing within us that is our life force. That means really accessing our thoughts, emotions, why we do or don’t do things, why we respond in the ways that we do, etc… and assessing what needs rectifying, healing, and redirecting. Getting in touch with these shadowy figures, acknowledging them, and deciding that only a God centered way of Being serves our highest evolution. Asking the Divine for the corrected perspective and banishing the illusion of our miss perceptions. This is how we clear our vessel.

It is an intense process that requires bravery, commitment, and continual attention to oneself ~ however nothing could be more important to our own individual and collective evolution.  This is a process and journey I have been on literally on a daily basis for a while now. Although some days have been a darkened night personally speaking, I hold true to the moment it all becomes clear. The day that is the decided day ~ that makes this whole journey worthwhile as it is even now.

It is my hope that my blog posts serve as inspiration and upliftment to you in your life. 🙂

“Be in this world ~ but not of this world”

~ Jesus


A Soul Directed Life

Each dive within our own inner recesses brings us closer and closer ~  so that one day we meet ourselves as our pure, holy, and sacred Self. Where have you been we might ask to our Higher Self? Most poignantly our Higher Self asks the more astute question of where have we been. We have been engrossed in ego based actions, beliefs, thoughts, emotions that are the Great detour to our destiny. I know I have been consumed in this purification process ~ every everything within me from how I respond, think, feel, inner dialogue ~ you name it ~ is scrutinized as to its basis of origin and if it holds promise to my evolution or is a cast away. I have really discovered how habitual much of my reaction tendencies are ~ the best part is with this keen inner awareness I can easily assess if I need to take a higher route. It is easy to get caught into “okay enough already” ~ however from my experience it is all or nothing.

Master Jesus, and all the other Great Masters were Masters as all discordant energy within them was non existent. Only God within ~ Only God both personal and impersonal residing within. Therefore, all thoughts, feelings, actions, motivations, speech, etc… were immersed in an all blazing identity of the God Self within. We are fortunate we have so many great examples of those who have “mastered” this process and set the bar for us.

Who walks with us in our daily walk? Oh, if we really only knew. Guidance and assistance is always available. Shall we but just ask and the door be open. Be bold in your Divine communion and know who walks with you.  

All inner residue must be removed ~ our conscious will to examine and let go all that we carry within us that is of a non pure nature. The fact that it is not our true nature gives us great insight to who we really are. We grow more and more as we shed the old and walk a path anew. The process is individual and perhaps the road less taken ~ it requires constant review, stamina, trust, and honesty at deep levels ~ however, it leads us to the exalted state of enlightened living and being.

Our God centered way of living becomes paramount to every day existence. Enlivening this Self directed focus brings us closer and closer to purification and is of the Highest honor you can bestow upon yourself. It is a strong declaration that you love and care for yourself at your core. This daily core cleansing builds our foundation into a new life ~ a new life of peace, joy, and purposeful living.

WE begin to take note and honor what is truly important in life ~ the channel becomes clearer

How the gift of just breathing is a miracle in itself.

We have begun to reflect heavily at how we have been living, the state of our inner life, choices we have made, actions we have taken ~ in a sense a life review. WE then pick up the pieces of our lives and create a cohesive larger picture inclusive of how we can restructure our ways to be in sync with our Divine God nature and let the rest go.

⇒Forgive yourself ~ Forgive others⇐ Receive and See the higher perspective

Many of us have been on this self realization path for a while. It ever deepening with the onset of Covid ~ 19 and various other climactic conditions. The inner awakening process ~ no sugar coating ~ can be very dark, heavy, and overwhelming ~ with literally NO where to go but within. One only looks to them self as the the result for their life’s circumstances. The darkness is not just a day, nor a week, nor a month, the process, is a process ~ this has at least been my experience. It has taken every ounce of inner fortitude to keep going at some points. Somehow, through Grace the push pushes through. I have come to deeply know, that the Blessings of the Divine have really been the only way I have gotten through. Yes, I have had to do the inner work, yet, truly, I know the Graciousness of the Divine ~ the Hand of Grace ~ has been my truest and deepest fuel to keep it going. I am Grateful to the Divine more than I can express.

My journey of diving deep within myself and going through this cleansing process has most often as of late ~ rather astonishingly ~ shown me how off many perspectives have been. How at the core all there really is is Love ~ that everything else is a falsehood even when it seems otherwise. It is at this point things get really exciting. It is as if a new door has opened. It has taken a while to get here, however, worth the steps taken.

The journey, like the infinite sky, continues on and on, taking us higher and higher the purer we become by releasing the outdated and  the old.

Blessings on your awakening path!

May new doors be open for you!




What do we really know?

What do we really know? How do you know you know? What if there is another truth? What if there are more truths? Are you sure you really know? We don’t really know ~ we just think we know. I don’t claim to know anything. Really. If I think I know then up goes the red flag, as I don’t really know. I believe this acknowledgement of not knowing actually opens the mind to the unbounded state of awareness that is the true home of our mind and heart. True knowing is found within ~ at our Source connection. In regard to my blog posts, poetry, devotionals, etc…I just ask the Holy Spirit ~ to please tell me what to write and I do my best to allow it to flow out. Sometimes words and themes come into my awareness and it feels so right that there is no need to ask as it is evident the Source from which it came. Thus, this “knowingness” ~ of what we know is only true dependent on from whence it has come. Ego stuff is not knowing, it is a hindrance to real knowing. So best to align with not knowing, unless of course you know.

What if all we think we know is not the reality ~ Okay this I know. Okay maybe not. Is there an underlying truth> what is it > do we even have to know? What’s to know? Who knows what? What is there to know? If you do know ~ does it really matter? There are too many levels to know ~ so nobody really knows because it just keeps going and going ~ deeper still runs deeper ~ it is infinite. How do I know ~ I don’t! Maybe we just give up this game and just relax. How about we will know what we need to know when we need to know. How about what you know and what I know in any given instance is the same and different at the same time and it’s all okay.

How about we let the Universe decide what we need to know.

What about all the book knowledge? All that book stuff may be just non stuff ~ just stuff stuffed into a book to read that contains non true stuff. Maybe some stuff in it to know ~ but what parts to know and not know? Who knows?  Perhaps we just take to flight like the birds ~ aligned with Blessed Nature ~ the birds know ~ they know when it is time for this and then time for that ~ they just know ~ so we agree to know it is in our best interest to be fully connected with Nature (within and without) as our truest Source of all that is. Then we will know ~ and yet that is bottomless ~ so just know that!


ΞBecoming Familiar with the UnfamiliarΞ

Within the larger picture we are all having to contend with getting use to the unknown and aiming to be friends with it. A new game piece added to the equation. We have been forced to look at life differently because it is different. Can we shake hands with the unfamiliar and be alright with it? Some people slip into this more comfortably then others. We all need to rise to the occasion in various capacities.  Life is showing us where we have fallen short by not moving forward in a productive evolutionary manner in certain area (s) of our individual and collective lives, and thus positioning us to heal and confront it. This runs so deep and touches each Soul differently. Are we taking the call? It’s like we are in a chess game ~ the only thing we can control is our responses we have both internally and externally and being responsible for ourselves ~ responsible for our next move (s) on the chess board ~ taking thoughtful steps ~ honoring our heart voice ~ honoring our Self ~ being willing to surrender ~ allowing ourselves to let go of stuff buried so deep that has come up to the surface so that we can see clearly what the heck we have been actually doing all this time.

What will life do? We don’t know? Are we ready? If we have been diligent with walking upon our evolutionary path then I believe we have a good shot. Is that even true ~ who knows. Is it worth it? Yes, I believe so ~ as we purify ourselves from the inside out we are undoubtedly moving into higher developmental stages. Are we getting more relaxed into releasing our small egoic self and turning to our God Self? Have we not seen the way the currents are flowing? We stand on the High dive ~ the only way out is to jump ~ to take that leap of faith ~ to say Yes to life ~ stomachs are queasy ~ the heart races ~ the mind cannot even fathom this ~ where do we go? Well, as it has been said, “we are going where we have never been before.” Yet, when enough of a percentage of enlightened conscious living has been established ~ in a peculiar way it will be stunningly familiar ~ this is what the animals have been trying to teach us. They know how to flow in the divine rivers of life ~ they honor it and live it moment to moment. Blessed be those that learn from our beloved animals we share the planet with.

→Hold onto your hat or let it go in the wind………⇔⇓⇑↵⇔

Hold steadfast to God ~ to the Supreme Source of All that is ~ however you name it. She’s got us! He’s blessing us! Hold onto your truth and what is right for you. Listen within and be guided. Allow for change as the constant, yet be rooted in the non changing One eternal existence. Be within yourself as much as possible. Encourage yourself and others. Be kind to yourself and others.Forgive yourself and forgive others. Be open to the higher perspective to see as the Divine see’s. Serve humanity with your unique gifts and talents to the world ~ we need you! If you are already doing this, kudos, perhaps you will be divinely asked to move in another direction, an offshoot of a current position you are in, or maybe in a completely different line of experience and knowledge. One thing is for sure ~ if we pay attention and take daily non~action (direct communion with our Higher Self via meditation, spiritual practices,etc..) and take action from a deep seated God Self stance, than we will be guided as to our next steps.

Here’s To Hats Off

If we all hold hands it doesn’t seem so scary to jump ~ but yet it is up to each one of us to take the dive. We can still hold hands (symbolically or literally) as it creates a universal bond of Unity ~ We stand together within the fabric of life as life in the Oneness that we all share ~ that we are all apart of. Oh, the sweet taste of Unity………





ς I flow with the Universe

ς I trust in the flow of the Universe

ς I am unwavering in my faith of the Universe

ς My thoughts, feelings, speech, and actions are aligned with the One Universal unbounded state


A tender send out

♥For those that have transitioned from Covid ~19 

♥For the families, loved ones, friends, co workers, neighbors that continue on…





many many

passing on

drawn ~ stillness becomes the swan

light be the dawn

be present

I wait upon

so much

my heart to bear

quiet becomes the air

I must be strong like you

come, the Lord’s prayer

love to you my sister ~ my brother

blessings ~ God speed

a mighty proceed

what has begun

what has become

one day we shall know

for now

I have fallen to my knees

I gather strength under a oak tree

God’s angels pour forth

take the lead

I pause for a moment

you keep me in the moment

lament,  feeling broken ~ the unspoken

nothing here

nothing to do

only to say

 I love you

One Cosmic Principal

Laws of the Universe


I have no answers

I have no theory

I open to the Divine

my hearing

a common share ~ our humanity

have we become  unawares?

my heart flows tears


a world unfastened

what be the news caption?

only my heart

can I share

all else is elsewhere

from you ~ to me

I have become more aware

together we sit

beside the winged chair

out of the blue ~ into the blue

what you went through

taken off guard

transitioning ~ are we listening?

who sayeth what is real?

The Lord knoweth

holder of the wheel

you are so brave

all that you gave

your breath not spared

your breath

through death

taught me

to honor my breath

your last breaths

 lay me bare

I breathe in honor of you ~ for you

thank you

through and  through

your heartbeat is mine too


we live in this truth

a new world view

your service an altarpiece

may you rest in peace

passing to everlasting

eternity now

peace walks in

the sacred cow

God’s love

be in the hour

May God bless you

 a heavenly shower

the body be free

 lift ~ be up

upon eagle’s wings

carry you

far and wide

  fly ~ shalom

the Soul’s home

Christ light shine

all be yours

holy and divine





♥Global Love♥

♥when the heart goes around♥

ΞThis is my personal take on our current world situation and how I process itΞ

Global Love

when the heart  goes around

all souls touched


round goes round

all of a sudden

open to the unbound

from here to there

becomes nowhere

yet, everywhere

it’s in the air

a savior to Self

know thyself

hearts shake hands

land to land

a collective strand

now to expand

hearts become One

the same ~ no name

the heart ~ to reclaim

Global Love

when the heart goes around

nobody could have predicted

what was to be unwound

an impact to all

a wake up call

tear down the walls

Covid ~19

on the wide screen

a crazy deadly virus

where is true love? 

go in between

find out what this means

all subjected to quarantine

practical protection

a mask, gloves, an anti bacterial rub

stay at a distance

no resistance

 pulled away to become closer

a new view

self examination

what have we been doing?

where have we been?

what are we to do?

to look through

for a breakthrough

a labyrinth 

waiving in the air

the journey to the center

then back out again

the inner ear, the hearing, the steering

each soul

to trust

to go within

to listen

to make their next move

all else removed

 this is what it is

God in the midst

no more dress rehearsal

this is Universal

complete the circle

this is it

Global Love

when the heart goes around

all or nothing

take all

it becomes something

Global Love

when the heart goes around

the heart has no mask, no gloves

it simply loves

if we can do this

we rise above

enough is enough

the Universe has called our bluff

not as a punishment

to make smooth the rough

let us count our blessings

let us become empty

let us freely love

allow the dove

to take up our heart

and show us how to love

then and only then

we take off the masks and gloves

Global Love

when the heart goes around

each soul to love

a love that loves

gives and receives

builds a bridge

that is enough

in love

show up




Blessings of Global Love for all everywhere!

Blessings of Global Love within you, your family, neighborhood, your surroundings, and in all your Ways

Thank you for viewing 🙂

Have a blessed day!

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